Transforming the Philippine Talent Value Proposition into a Competitive Advantage


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The Philippines has one of the most attractive talent profiles in the world. One of Smarter Philippines' priorities is to translate that talent value proposition into an enduring competitive advantage.

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Transforming the Philippine Talent Value Proposition into a Competitive Advantage

  1. 1. Philippine Society of IT Educators 16th National Convention Feb. 27-March 1, 2014 Crowne Legacy Hotel, Baguio City Alejandro P. Melchor III Smarter Philippines Program Director Dept. of Science & Technology
  2. 2. Philippines has one of the world’s top profiles for talent • Abundant labor force of 39+ million • 460,000+ college graduates per year • 3,000+ CPAs • English proficiency & other languages • Affinity with Western Culture • Customer service orientation • Highly trainable • Cost effective • High level of commitment and loyalty With our competitive talent profile it made Philippines Ranked as the 2nd top Destination for IT - BPO Outsourcing for 2014 outsourcing-hubs-tholons Source: CHED 2010, CIA World Factbook 2010: NSO 2011
  3. 3. DOST has 3 Multinational Technology Partners for Smarter People; we are looking for other partners
  4. 4. Developing 21st Century Global Knowledge Professionals In the 21st century workplace, most repetitive functions will be automated. Employers will demand Global Knowledge Professionals–those with creative abilities to synthesize information, solve problems, and be innovative. The Philippines requires Global Knowledge Professionals, including: • ICT-certified Scientists, Engineers and IT professionals • Service Scientists • Data Scientists • Technopreneurs Developing the 21st Century Filipino Global Knowledge Professional Service scientists are Global Knowledge Professionals who are able to understand complex service systems (such as education, government, the airline industry, or managing a manfacturing plant), and generate and manage innovation.
  5. 5. Why are Knowledge Professionals Important? • Knowledge workers tend to be closely aligned with the organization’s growth prospects. • Knowledge workers in management invent new strategies. • Knowledge workers in R&D and engineering create new products. • Knowledge workers in marketing package products and services in ways that appeal to customers. • Without knowledge workers, there would be no new products and services, and no growth. Source: Tom Brokaw
  6. 6. Service scientists are T-Shaped Global Knowledge Professionals, who are both broad and deep 25 BusinessandManagement ScienceandEngineering EconomicsandSocialSciences MathandOperationsResearch ComputerScience&Info.Systems IndustrialandSystemsEngineering BusinessAnthropology OrganizationalChange&Learning Interdisciplinary deep problem-solvers who can collaborate with specialists from a wide range of disciplines to create service science innovations.
  7. 7. Service Scientists are able to understand complex service systems, spot opportunities for innovation, and assess which will produce the most value. Innovation Landscape for the Airline Industry—a complex service system Source: The Power of Innovation, VHA, Inc.
  8. 8. Worldwide demand for Global Knowledge Professionals with deep analytical skills…Information Scientists New McKinsey Global Institute Report May 2011 _data/pdfs/MGI_big_data_exec_summary.pdf “The United States alone faces a shortage of 140,000 to 190,000 people with analytical and managerial expertise and 1.5 million managers and analysts with the skills to understand and make decisions based on the study of big data (exhibit).”
  9. 9. NO TALK, ALL ACTION. LAUNCH A STARTUP IN 54 HOURS. Award-winning Filipino startups launched at Startup Weekend include: Online platform to help Startups find mentors, resources, funding TESTCOVERY. Online platform to help developers find users to test apps before production Online app to tell you when it’s almost your turn in line. Endorsed and funded by DOST’s ICT Office:
  10. 10. GRAND PRIZE: • 3-month immersion in Silicon Valley • Introduction to at least 5 top-tier VCs and angel investors in Silicon Valley • Participation in Silicon Valley Entrepreneurship Academy Filipino success stories include: AYANNAH. Mobile & Web provider of digital commerce, payment & media services PAYROLL HERO. Provider of payroll, time & attendance tracking solutions PicLyf. Social picture blog. Endorsed and funded by DOST’s ICT Office:
  11. 11. Filipinos with competencies/life-skills and enabled/ capacitated to access and pursue employment, entrepreneurial, and other economic opportunities Offer free specialized science secondary education for PSHS Widen availability of and access to S&T undergraduate and graduate scholarships Develop cost-effective ICT- enabled skills enhancement modules and skills assessment tools Science-based knowledge and tools that will enable the agriculture sector to raise global competitiveness Equip MSMEs with innovative, cost effective and appropriate technologies to be globally competitive Make PH a global leader in Information Technology Target: a critical mass of Filipino Global Knowledge Professionals by 2016 “A challenge to ensure excellence and to produce competitive talents through globally competitive Education”
  12. 12. Several suggested next steps 1. Visit the Smarter Philippines Website 2. Understand the Smarter Philippines Program 3. Connect with your local DOST Regional Director 4. Understand the Smarter People Program (see next slide)
  13. 13. Alejandro P. Melchor III Smarter Philippines Program Director Department of Science & Technology Alejandro “Bud” Melchor