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We are the official Agency for copyright Cartoon characters from Japan (Doraemon, Naruto, etc) and US (Mickey Mouse, Ben10, etc). We have more than 15 years experiences handling Right Characters for many Consumer Goods products in Japan and this year we start to expand our service into Indonesia.

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TG Rights Studio Jakarta

  1. 1. Credentials
  2. 2. We are the official Agency for copyright Cartoon characters from Japan (Doraemon, Naruto, etc) and US (MickeyMouse, Ben10, etc). We have more than 15 years experiences handling Right Characters for many Consumer Goodsproducts in Japan and this year we start to expand our service into Indonesia. Original Comic Event Character Sales Promotion
  3. 3. What is Copyrights CARTOON Promotion?Mainly using Japanese anime characters, promote company products and shops for a short period of time(3-6 months) and launch campaigns including give-away gifts and other events.○ Collect & Win a Prize Campaign for Consumers○ In-store Events○ On-package Printing○ OthersAllows use of anime characters on TV, magazines, in-store signs, posters, online ads, andmore.Advantages of using CARTOON Promotion Product differentiation benefit Increase Sales ・New consumer ・Gets Attention ・Expand Consumer ・Revitalization of Store ・Campaign ・able to use on many things, such as TV, ・Targeted (present, point) Newspaper, Poster, POP.. ・New kinds of Promotion ・Familiarity ・Easy to Understand
  4. 4. NoticeThere is a possibility that could not get permission to use the characters.Negotiate needs at least for a week. Design Supervision required at least 10days.Basically, TG rights Studio do design and manufacture are outstanding.Structure1. Matchmaker- Suggest the most suitable/appealing character for the company2. Producer - Offer interesting promotion/advertisement ideas using anime3. Coordinator - Obtain the official approval of the anime copyright and use the anime in promotional activities Company Company Copyright: Holder A ・Promotion ・Negotiation Planning Company ・ Collecting ・Create Anime Information List Company Copyright: Holder B ・Obtain Approval ・Design ・Design material supervision Company ・Manufacture ・Conclusion of a Copyright: Holder C contract Company ・Provides Company Design materialProgress Character Negotiation Obtain Conclusion Offer Design Announce Launch with of a contract Design Manufacture ment / Selection Approval Supervision Copyright Holder image Advertise Promotion
  5. 5. US CARTOON characters MICKEY MOUSE DISNEY PRINCESS For over 80 years, Mickey Mouse has delighted and Disney Princess provides everything a girl needs to inspired generations of Disney fans. No other celebrate the fantasy stage of her childhood during character - classic or contemporary – occupies a every moment of every day – and enables mom to similar space in the hearts and minds of people from introduce girls to a brand she trusts and stories she around the world. knows. Each Disney Princess character has a unique story that empowers girls to imagine and live their very own fairy tales. DISNEY BABY CARS The joy and laughter you have always imagined Disneys powerhouse boys franchise, Cars, connects sharing with your little one are yours with Disney the world of cars and boys, satisfying their need for baby. Adorable little friends, stories and art take baby speed, friendship, and humor. Great characters, a adventures of imagination and discovery every day. wealth of new content and regularly refreshed design programs provide all the tools for extending storytelling and product lines. WINNIE THE POOH STITCH Winnie the Pooh is a beloved character around the Since his introduction to an international audience in world. With a rich, storytelling heritage, Winnie the Disney„s animated feature Lilo and Stitch in 2002. Pooh represents friendship, simple joys and the Stitch the cute and mischievous alien has continued curious yet gentle nature of a childs imagination. to endure himself to audiences around the world. Its popularity has spawned a rich comprehensive range of products for the tween/teen market as well as inspired a TV series on Disney Channel with excellent ratings and following.
  6. 6. US CARTOON characters DISNEY FAIRIES BEN 10™ Disney Fairies, set in a world full of Pixie Dust magic Ben Tennyson, a 10-year-old boy on a seemingly focusing on true friendship and nature, allow girls to endless summer vacation, discovers the existence of transition between the "fantasy" stage of their alien forms after a meteor crash. With his cousin childhood into a more "real-world" centric lifestyle Gwen Tennyson and Grandpa Max by his side, and through a collection of characters and stories that the help of his extraordinary watch, the Omnitrix, Ben reflect their lives.! has the ability to turn into ten different superheroes to fight all the evil aliens and save the world before you count to ten. TOY STORY GENERATOR REX™ Toy Story is an action-adventure brand standout Rex is a 15-year-old boys, he likes cars, girls, music, among a less wholesome and more violent sports… Unlike most 15-year-old boys, he can make his fists the size of boulders, sprout a jet pack out of his back competitive set, fulfilling the ultimate fantasy of toys and turn his legs into a lightning-fast motorcycle. These coming to life as your best friends. Toy Story is all talents are extremely useful to Providence, a global about Adventure, Friendship, Humor and Imagination organization chartered to fight mutant aliens knows as and problem-solving through teamwork. Evos. Rex is under their care, and hes also their ultimate weapon. But on top of his powers and his importance to Providence and the world, he just wants to be a normal teenager. DISNEY NIGHTMAREBEFORE THOMAS & FRIENDS™ CHRISTMAS Thomas & Friends™ invites children to enter a world of imagination through the tracks of a train and the words of a story. Starting out as a father‟s creation This 1993 stop motion musical fantasy film by multi- for his son, Thomas the Tank Engine teaches children award winning director Tim Burton, re-issued in valuable life lessons about friendship, discovery and Disney Digital 3D format in 2006 is a critical success cooperation. Today, families in more than 145 that lends itself well to products development angled countries enjoy fun and adventure with Thomas and for the teen and young adult market around the world. his engine friends!
  7. 7. JAPAN CARTOON characters Doraemon Hello Kitty NARUTO Dragon Ball Is the story of Naruto, an Follows the adventures of Goku Is an earless robotic cat, who Is a fictional character produced adolescent ninja who exploring the world in search of travels back in time from the by the Japanese company constantly searches for the seven mystical orbs known 22nd century to aid a Sanrio. She is portrayed as a recognition and dreams to as the Dragon Balls. Highly schoolboy, Nobita Nobi. One female white Japanese bobtail become the Hokage, the leader popular in various countries of the most popular anime cat with a red bow. The and the strongest of all. Naruto and was arguably one of the from 1973. character is a staple of the CUTE is one of the best selling manga most influential in greatly segment of Japanese popular of all time having sold more boosting the popularity of culture. than 113 million copies in Japanese animation in Western Japan. culture. Super Mario Detective Conan Pocket Monster Ultraman Is a platform video game Follows the adventures of Is about a boy named Satoshi Follows the adventures of Goku developed by Nintendo. For over Shinichi Kudo, a prodigious with his friend, Pikachu, exploring the world in search of 20 years, Super Mario was the young detective who was travelling the world to catch new the seven mystical orbs known best-selling video game of all time inadvertently transformed into a Pokémon, battling trainers, and as the Dragon Balls. Highly until 2009, has sold more than 40 child, named Conan, after being thwarting the attempts of criminal popular in various countries million copies worldwide. poisoned, also solving the vast organizations. “Pocket Monster” and was arguably one of the myriad of cases that he still broadcast s in more than most influential in greatly encounters. In JP TV anime 74countryies. boosting the popularity of ranking, Conan often ranked in Japanese animation in Western the top six. culture. One Piece Crayon Shinchan Anpanman Kamen Rider Is about the adventures of Luffy, Follows the adventures of 5- Is a symbol of justices. He Is a weekly science fiction who gains elastic year-old Shinnosuke and his always fights with Baikinman story, debuted as a tokusatsu abilities,explores the ocean in family, neighbors, and friends and helps the people of the television series from 1971. The search of the worlds ultimate and is set in Kasukabe, Saitama town.In 2009, Anpanman cultural impact of the series in treasure known as the One Piece Japan. The TV Animation will became the verified Guinness Japan resulted in naming two and to become the next Pirate. mark its 20th anniversary in World Record Holder for the minor planets in honor of the One Piece is currently ranked as 2012. highest number of characters series the best-selling series of all time in an animated franchise in manga history. Astro Boy Chibi Maruko-chan Obake no Q-taro Hatsune Miku Is the first, most popular Depicts the simple, Is about an obake, Qtaro who Is a singing synthesizer Japanese television series that everyday life of a little girl lives with the Ōhara family, is a application with a cute female embodied the aesthetic that later nicknamed Maruko in mischief-maker who likes to fly persona as the second became familiar worldwide as suburban late-seventies around scaring people and Vocaloid to be sold, was the anime. It originated as a manga in Japan. 2010/1 marks its stealing food, though he is No.1 selling software in 1952 by Osamu Tezuka, revered in 20th anniversary as a TV deathly afraid of dogs. The 2007.Mikus popularity has been Japan as the "God of Manga." animation series. story is formulaic, focusosed used in different franchise, such on the antics of Qtaro and his as, figure, CD, game, comics friends. and so on.
  8. 8. CONTACT US: Budi Suhendrio Hiroko Kobayashie: e: m: 0817-89-7379 m: 087-886-433-710 INDONESIA OFFICE: PT. TG Rights Studio Jakarta City Lofts Sudirman 18th Floor #1829 JL. KH. Mas Mansyur 121, Jakarta 10220 Indonesia TEL/FAX: (021) 2555-8687 HEAD OFFICE: TG Rights,Ltd. QUETCOURT HARAJUKU 3-59-4 Sendagata,Shibuya,Tokyo,Jappan. TEL:(+81)-03-5412-0412 FAX:(+81)-03-5412-0413 WEB: