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  1. 1. "The People's Solution" A Comprehensive Plan for the Restoration of Lake Champlain
  2. 2. As we all know, the health of Lake Champlain's waters has been compromised.
  3. 3. The most visible sign of this change in health and composition lies in the overwhelming growth of algae. This algeal growth inhibits the health of many aquatic species.
  4. 4. The biggest factor in the over abundance of algea stems from the presence of elevated levels of both phosphorus and nitrogen.
  5. 5. Largest Contributors of Phosphorus and Nitrogen Point Sources: Water Nonpoint Sources: Treatment, Industrial Agriculture, Roadway Runoff, Discharge Lawns, Developed Land
  6. 6. Where Do These Substances Come From? At one point it was thought that point sources were the biggest contributers to the elevated levels of these chemicals. Now research suggests that, certainly in part to prior regulation, point sources are not the largest contributor's. In fact, research suggests that nearly 90% of the current phosphorus and nitrogen introduction is a result of nonpoint sources. This poses a new type of problem. Regulating industry is, in many ways, far more feasible than regulating individual's. This is because there are less of them, and they're already regulated on many of their practices. The question now is, how do we get the people on-board.
  7. 7. A Plan of Action At this time the general public has very little knowledge about their own contribution to this dire situation. It has long been believed that Industry was to blame. A new brand of regulation must be devised. As part of this regulation agenda much of the focus should be toward incintives. This is a way to coax public into action without wasting resources on enforcement. By bringing not just the issue but the causes behind it into the public eye we can create a broader support base for our solution.
  8. 8. Recomendations Implement education in local schools in attempt to create a generation of environmental stewards. Implement property tax incintives for using permeable pavements, reducing errosion, and installing rain-water management and preservation of natural areas. Create new regulations for agricultural pursuits including livestock yard runoff, sediment control and fertilizer phosphorus levels. Organize a public awareness group which can also raise funds for incintive programs which would offer rebates on the purchase of low or no phosphorus containing detergents and fertilizers.
  9. 9. The residents surrounding Lake Champlain know its beauty. They also understand that maintaining its beauty comes with an economic reward. The worth of their property and their quality of life hangs on their willingness to preserve this area. All they need is to know how best to serve their home.