NPD - AAPEX 2012 Outlook Survey Highlights


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NPD - AAPEX 2012 Outlook Survey Highlights

  1. 1. AUTOMOTIVEThe NPD Group’s Aftermarket Consumer Outlook StudyA Look into 2012 Use the eye dropper to capture type setWhat can the aftermarket expect from consumers in 2012? The NPD Group’s 2012 Among consumers planning on buying a new or used car Use the eye dropper to capture type setAftermarket Consumer Outlook Study provides a first glimpse into consumer Use the eye dropper to capture type set Will Purchase a More Fuel Efficientattitudes and anticipates behaviorsFont for legend for aftermarket spending in the coming Vehicle in the Coming36% Year 26%year. Here are a few highlights about what we expect to see in 2012 based on Font for legend 36% Font for legend Font for chart values 36%the study results. 26% 26% Font for chart values Font for chart values Font for x-axis of chart 2010 2011New Vehicle PurchaseNew car purchase intentions Font for x-axis of chart year’s. Consumers remain are similar to chart last Font for x-axis title 2010 2011 Font for of 2010 2011primarily focused on maintaining and repairing their existing vehicles. This trend Font Fontpost-recession era, and it will continue Fontfor title Source: The NPD Group/has benefited the aftermarket in for title —title the for subhead Consumer Outlook Survey 2012to do so. Among those whoFontfor title — or used cars this year, 36 percent will buy new subhead Font for title —subheadsay they will be more fuel-efficient than their current vehicles. This is up 10 20% Planning to Spend Morepercentage points versus last year, thanks to higher fuel prices. 20% 20% 10%9%Driving Patterns 7% 10%9% 6%Through July 2011, the Department of Transportation shows miles driven 10%9% 4% 3% 3% 3% 3% 3% 7% 7% 6%declined 1.2 percent for the year. The two main factors influencing this trend, 6% 4% 4% 3% 3% 3% 3% 3% 3% 3% 3% 3% 3% Gasoline MotorOil Oil Tires Tires Repairs Parts Parts Additives Wash/Wax Accessories Antifreeze Wheels Air Freshenershigh gasoline prices and high unemployment, likely will continue to suppress MotorMotor Gasoline Oil Tires Repairs Parts Additives Wash/Wax Accessories Antifreeze Wheels Air Freshenersmiles driven. In the Consumer Outlook Survey, 39 percent said they are driving Gasoline Repairs Additives Wash/Wax Accessories Antifreeze Wheels Air Freshenersless than they were a year ago. This is a significant increase from 2011, but it isnot yet back to 2008 levels. It is important to note that miles driven never fullyrecovered from those 2008 declines. Source: The NPD Group/ Consumer Outlook Survey 2012Repair Spending ExpectationsAfter deferring spending in 2008 and early 2009, consumers have spent heavily I Purchase the the product that hason repairing aging vehicles over the past two years. This year, the survey shows the highest quality and lasts longest, even if it costs a little morea significant increase in the percentage who do not plan to spend on repairs inthe coming year (58 percent). While still below the 2008 level of 60 percent, this 40% 31%number raises the possibility that consumers may slip back into a deferral mindset. 40% 40% 23% 19% 18% 31% 23% 19%DIFM Channel Shift 18%Consumers who anticipate making repairs in the coming year are likely to Parts Parts Maintenance Products Appearance and Accessories Additives Gasolinepresent a growth opportunity for independent repair shops and tire stores. Maintenance and Accessories Products Appearance Additives GasolineThese outlet types have seen increases in the percentage of consumers whosay they will rely on them for vehicle service, while car dealers have seenpercentages drop. Source: The NPD Group/ Consumer Outlook Survey 2012
  2. 2. AUTOMOTIVE OFFICE SUPPLIESOil Change Interval Continues to Lengthen About The NPD Group, Inc.Consumers are tracking their mileage or months between oil changes by window The NPD Group is the leading provider ofstickers (57 percent), car service vehicle indicator lights (10 percent), or on their reliable and comprehensive consumerown (31 percent). Regardless of method, the average interval between oil and retail information for a wide rangechanges keeps increasing gradually. In the Consumer Outlook Survey, consumers of industries. Today, more than 1,800reported changing their oil on average every 4,058 miles or 5.1 months. manufacturers, retailers, and service companies rely on NPD to help themSpending Intentions for Key CategoriesConsumers today are more certain about spending for 2012, whether drive critical business decisions at theindicating they would spend more or less next year than they did this year. global, national, and local market levels.This decisiveness stems from greater awareness of spending more on needed NPD helps our clients to identify newparts, maintenance, and repair and greater determination to spend less on business opportunities and guide productdiscretionary items. development, marketing, sales, merchan- dising, and other functions. InformationAttribute Importance is available for the following industryToday’s consumer is looking for value in a difficult economy, but value is not sectors: automotive, beauty, entertain-being determined solely by low price. Quality was the only attribute measured in ment, fashion, food, home and office,the survey that saw an increase in importance. Forty-five percent of consumerssaid a product “made with quality materials” was very important — a four sports, technology, wireless,percent increase since 2009. It is not surprising then that more consumers toys, and video games. For moreindicated that in many key categories, they’d be willing to pay more for a information, visit product that lasts longer.Industry ExpertiseThe NPD Group is the premium provider of consumer and retail informationfor the North American automotive aftermarket, petroleum marketing, andconvenience retailing industries. NPD expertise and data provide industry leaderswith essential market information to assist in making more effective businessdecisions. NPD is uniquely qualified to help marketers apply information toaddress key marketplace issues from multiple perspectives, based on more than20 years of experience in these industries.NPD’s diverse portfolio of services includes consumer panel tracking andnational and Store Level retail point-of-sale (POS) tracking. Specifically, NPDinformation supports benchmarking, competitive analysis, assortment andproduct planning, and identification of new channel opportunities.Learn more.For more information about The NPD Group’s products and services for the automotiveaftermarket industry, please contact your NPD account representative, callCharles Camaroto at 866-444-1411, or email