New body culture, tattoo, smart drugs, future fabrics in fashion and a fast reality check on body art, tattoo, yoga, meditation and mind sports

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A reality check and new body culture …

A reality check and new body culture
The world around us seems sometimes totally out of control, our lack of ability to catch it and being here and now is difficult. Naturally we come to a point where we feel loose of control and everything feels as a giant chaotic state. We stop and drop out. The capability to grip disappears. Most people drop out of fashion, music, film or digital trends at one point. We tune out and our kids tune in, soon they are also turning out. Their kids continue this merry goes round in a faster and faster way than before. Not unlike the wheel of life and death, (Dharma wheel) this cycle goes on and every time we believe that we see, hear or feel as everything never have been done before. But this, but this is far from the truth. And how many parents have not shaken their heads while the youngest turns up the volume to 11. Parents who scream out; turn of that noise off, you call it music? Its dam noise”, forgetting that they heard the same thing from their parents.
Where is the borderline between young, old, hippies or punks?
The difference between young and old, hippies or punk, local or global culture get mixed and melt different cultural elements together. We are more adaptable than ever, like chameleons we change, adopt and paste into every situation we face, anywhere at any time. Walking global media units receives, sending and sort out information faster and faster. This is a highly dangerous development, everybody needs to disconnect from time to time, but try to take away from whomever the mobile phone and laptop for a week, you will after a day or two see a pale, uncomfortable and highly restless person. If the mobile phone was the modern cigarette Smartphones are the new Heroin, you get highly addicted, but not the same abstinent physical illness.
About a week ago day on the tram this young, drunk and homeless boy sit next to me and talk to everyone and he screams out that he did not understand much about it all. I replied as I sat next to him that it was good to hear because I do not understand anything as well.
What do I know?
I was thinking what do I really know? And I got this lost feeling that everything happening around me is unreal. One see and read all the news about education, terror, war, friends, social media, jobs not jobs, the terrorists in Afghanistan the war in Iraq, Steak or Sushi for dinner, red or blue, Athens or Rome, Facebook or Twitter, blog or web site? And then I just get dizzy. There are so many choices. When I start thinking like this I feel that I am totally losing the grip into the big chaos that surrounds me.

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  • 1. boards by kenneth @ buddha jeans™the future is now mega trends towards 2020By kenneth @ ftmResearch & buddha jeans™
  • 2. ftmRes each • design manual & label /packaging• kenneth lyngaas founder of design by (mark farrow @ farrow ftmresearch, buddha jeans and design) and kenneth lyngaas (levi lyngaas ftm publishing strauss europe middle east & africa)• head of trend research levi strauss project lead europe, middle east & africa 1997 – • founder of pro rib boats, disco brand 2001 entertainment, lyngaas publishing &• responsible for mega trends research buddha jeans company 2000 levi strauss, middle east & africa • the future is now & research will be• project lead new packaging and published march 2012 , digital format label system levi strauss 2000 global . • kenneth lyngaas will be avaliable for recycled denim paper labels, denim mega trend creative workshops from paper, business cards, 15th of february – april
  • 3. concept cars green & sustainable product design a mega trend
  • 4. research & sources*• Research by kenneth lyngaas & krish pawar research interviews & dialogs • special interviews varner retail with leading people across branches group, l’oreal, acombe, and industries. inspectorate legislation office• Innovators, politicians, scientists, norway, architects, brand managers, creative, • snøhetta architects, lucy seven tattoo thinkers, economics studios, elexia training & spa group,• LinkedIn special forums - twitter, slide • oslo west, studies of religions oslo share, Facebook – Google – yahoo universities, vg digital national answers, you tube, tree hugger, newspaper, brand republic, telenor Wikipedia, blogs & internet mobile division,• databases - books, magazines & • levi strauss europe co, karma tashi statistics national sources (various ling buddhist community, gandhi sources), trend forecasting foundation and wgsn companies & agencies
  • 5. planet fear – a reality check - creates security industries private guards - security systems – private soliders
  • 6. r es ear ch foundati on mega trend research 2000 – 2005 Levi’s Strauss Europe, Middle East & Africa the key trends we predicted was: a reaction towards big brand exploitation of global resources & workers brand - logo overload a growing concern of the world health sustainable thinking less is more
  • 7. what ar e mega tr ends ? a major movement or shift in cultural behavior that influence different subjects around us. includingcommunication, retail, music, media, art and fashion. it’s not a fad but last for a longer period of time 3 – 10 years
  • 8. r eal i ty checkwe are i nter - connected Mc luhan electric world
  • 9. mc l uhan on the futur e«a friend said the future is the future present. if you really arecurious about the future, just study the present. only thosewho have learned to perceive the present can predict thefuture. they need only predict what has already happened bybeing the first to see trough pattern recognition. for the futureis the future present»
  • 10. chaos theor yther e i s s i mpl y a need to br eak out
  • 11. extract chaoss i mpl i ci ty
  • 12. what i s happeni ng i n the wor l d?
  • 13. a wor l d i n r api d change from local to global thinkingmodern communication technology makes it possible to be everywhere at any time
  • 14. r api dl y gr owi ng mega ci ti esmexico city – los angeles - shanghai - bankok – tokyo london – manila – delhi – lagos – new york 22 mega polis in 2ooo 50% of the world population lived in cities in 2025 increase to 5 billion people (two thirds of them in poor countries )
  • 15. enter tai nment over l oadi n ever y as pect of our cul tur e i t’s no l onger cul tur al events i t’s enter tai nment events fr om mus eums to r eal i ty tv
  • 16. m u s e u m s = e n t e r ta i n m e n t
  • 17. enter tai nment over l oad ai r por t = mal l + chur ch = mal l + g o ve r n m e n t = s h o p p i n g + edu cati on = s h o ppi ng + mus eum = s hoppi ng + mi l i tar y = s h oppi ng + l ei s u r e acti vi ty = s h o ppi ng + va c a ti o n = s h o p p i n g = en ter tai n ment o ver l o ad
  • 18. ter r or i s m r el i gi on confl i ctsl ack of cul tur al under s tandi ng power of the bl ack gol d oi l
  • 19. violence & rape decline but + 650.000 rape per. year (world)* 1,2 pr minute robbery (us) 14,5 sec burglary (us) stolen car every 31 minute (us)but the danger signals is from less educated and drop outs – increasing
  • 20. fi nance cr i s i sUS A wo r s t cas e s cen ar i o co s t o f the fi nance cr i s i s 7 . 0 0 0 bi l l i o n $ do l l ar s co mpar e to tal co s t war i n I r aq 3 0 0 0 bi l l i o n s $ *
  • 21. gl obal war mi ngclimate changing is the defining issue of our age all companies have responsibility to take action
  • 22. lack of spiritualitypeople all over the world are seeking for a new truth and reality,there is a move away from tradition and superstitious religions.they are perceived as old fashion, rigid and non-problem seeking.the eastern religions and in particular Buddhism is perceived«positive, nonviolence» alternative religion.we see this clearly in the increase of mind driven and inner bodysports as yoga and meditation
  • 23. ethni c confl i ctss mal l er ethni c confl i cts al l over the wor l d
  • 24. rise in life espectancy we l i ve l o n ger a s teady r i s e fr o m th e 6 0 ’s an ti agi n g dr u gs r epl acem e n t o f o r gansawar en e s s o f l i fes ty l e di s eas es better dr u gs l o wer death r ate at bi r th l es s h eavy ph y s i cal wo r k
  • 25. wor k i s no l onger l ocated• modern communication technology makes it possible• global education and university standards• people study abroad• increase in global business• global brand find less costly solutions to place service as call center etc.
  • 26. ener gy s i tuati on i n the wor l d l ack of non- r enewabl e s our ces of ener gy
  • 27. bi o technol ogy biotechnology is a field of applied biology that involves the use of living organisms and bioprocesses in engineering, technology, medicine and other purposes.
  • 28. nano technology will change the world as we know it.slowly the world will never be the same 1,3 billion €european community investment 2010 market value + 1 trillion €9 folded investment in less than 8 years nano tube nanometre = size of a nail grows in one second
  • 29. i nfor mati on over l oad we are constant media, liberating every thing
  • 30. the new language fast media develops use of symbols and icons.we are now developing a brand new written languagethis language use much higher grade of symbols , signs and logos, because the way we perceive and sort visual objects are much faster than the written word
  • 31. the reality check gives us a few answers the reality check give us the foundation to predict certain directions that makes an impact and influence in our lives. the main question: how are the consumer affected by these happenings and directions? how does the new consumer look like? the new business, opportunities and treats?
  • 32. boards by kenneth @ buddha jeans™new body culture c h a p t e r o n e t h e f u t u r e i s now mega trends towards 2020 By kenneth @ ftmResearch & buddha jeans™
  • 33. mega trends what now?The reality checks give us the foundation to predictcertain directions that makes an impact and makean influence in our lives.The main question:how are the consumer affected bythese happenings and directions?how does the new consumer look like?the new business, opportunities and treats?
  • 34. the gr een movement ar e gai ni ng i ncr edi bl egr owth and l ead to a new s us tai nabl e wor l d or der . gr een thi nk i ng i s not onl y a par t of a mega tr end i s a new way of l i vi ng mega tr end the s us tai nabl e new wor l d or der
  • 35. mega-trends from long term to fads Product level product group level brand level mega trend reality check
  • 36. to understand the model a merge of technology, social values, politics,problems, possibilities and threats create a dynamicmap the field where the lines cross over the next circle indicates often new eras of business opportunities
  • 37. new business concepts evolves where the circles connect concepts evolve global warming g Sustainable product design gthe gr een n Bio – nano – wave digi - mania
  • 38. the s ol uti onconcept cars green & sustainable product design a mega trend
  • 39. content new body cultureintroduction Smart drugsinner & outer flow anti-aging drugsbody art & tattoo Future of make upthe inner fashion research and make upnew fabrics in fashion future sportsthe way we eat inner training future medicine yoga meditationsmart drugs job & educationbiological drugs summary biological drugs
  • 40. the new body culture
  • 41. the new body cul tur e • still the body is a spiritual• body culture is in fact very place that needs to be taken important, in every aspect. care of.• we use the body to get the • its our home, an expression most out of life. as the human of who we are; from the inner lifespan increase we need to we establish a certain style & keep it shape. fashion that reflect us.• we have new medicine, • from body art trough fashion surgery, implants, electronic as an extended depot. our devices that help us in daily skin is a blank canvas ready life. to be explored.
  • 42. new body culture• we look at the body differs from the south to the north. north has a • the mind is no longer the electric rugged and close to nature center for the world of mind, but behavior, also organic center.• while the south has a sensual • this is interesting, because it body and gender. opens for a whole new world of chemical, bio, brain food, Nano,• in the east it’s holistic smart drugs.• while in the west energetic and fit
  • 43. natur e & nude l ook
  • 44. the inner & outer flowthe buddha observed that basic experience does not divide into inner and outer; rather the inner flows into the outer and the outer flows into the is only by some cartesian method of systematicdoubt that an inner world of ideas and perceptions is separated from an outer world of physical things
  • 45. body ex pos ur e i n our envi r onment i n changes public space tribe space family inner space
  • 46. camelon – sex stylish - genderless body exposure in situation depending our environment alone or with others adapt – formal- sex• we adapt chameleon type of impress – uniform fashion as we meet more leadership new people in less time than ever• Juxtaposes of styles in tribes makes us extremly style acceptance – follow adaptive impress – provoke• The modern society get less experiment - style family oriented as more people live in single housholds for a longer time• Our friends style influence and get more important than accptance – provoke ever please – situation• Gender changeability dependent• We dress more alike even we say that we are individual genderless – comfort experiment – try new
  • 47. Inner – outer -body fashionbody – mind – spirit overweight – lifestyle – classtemplate to explore tattoo – symbols – abstract –ageless – anti age retro meaning - complex –altering drugs- skin care true art intelligence upgradeincrease of body form - softwaremodifications body upgrades smart drugs gene doping –gender changeability replaceable genesanorexia – bulimia – surgery precision – design –control of body mass engineering new renaissance man
  • 48. the new renaissance human template explore design ageless anti engineering age body gene doping upgrade newintelligence renaissance genger upgrade human changeability control body tattoo fashion mass tattoo lifestyle symbols art management
  • 49. new r enai s s ance human
  • 50. tattoo goes ar t
  • 51. tattoo fas hi on s ymbol s• the i nner meani ng and the s o ci o l o gy appr o ach• l ack o f mo der n s o ci ety cer emo n i es• s tatemen t i n cl u de a r i te tatto o –• fo r ever - n e s s – pai n – bel o n gi n g• bel o ngi n g as a r es u l t o f po pu l ar i ty• bel o ngi n g a fas h i o n vi ewpo i n t• no t s tandi ng o u t o f the cr o wd• accepted i n th e s o ci ety• cu l tu r al devi an c e
  • 52. tr ends l ar ger tattoos
  • 53. fas hi on tattoo• increase in popularity – a wave of today bodily fashion • increase popularity amongst girls• first wave of modern tattoo 1900 - • trends are larger tattoos – story of a signal of belonging – symbol - belonging- enemy or friend protection - reminder of position - (boat type) & travels (japan) • growing body fashion culture• 2nd wave 60’s with the movie • iconic celebrities as David easy rider, - biker culture Beckham makes tattoos more acceptable in society• motorcycle clubs - state a belonging to a tribe • tv programs as miami inc.
  • 54. new fabrics in fashion grow able garments transformable programable clothes garments programableeco cotton new fabrics garments programable nano clothing garments spray on clothing
  • 55. programable garments• digital devices – Bluetooth – cameras – plastic pads – i pads charges batteries - plug ins keyboards - helmets• rec digital inside garment – around – in fabrics• recognize & identify wearer – military purposes• Embedded video• open doors contact networks• thieves protection• take pulse – measure blood-pressure recognize & identify wearer military purposes
  • 56. programable garments
  • 57. s pr ay on cl othi ng r e m o ve a b l e – s h a p e s t a y s s a m e – n e w u s e a b l eappl i es to the n ak ed bo dy , n o n - wo ven fabr i cs hy br i d thi nk er s fr om di ffer ent r es ear ch ( MI T ) , cos meti cs compani es acr os s medi cal s ector
  • 58. gr ow abl e gar ments• removable – shape stays same – new useable synthesis of biological systems can make it possible to design fabrics and materials.• copy & past elements in nature for example between a spider & silkworm and grow the version (tissue engineering)• silkworm = stronger than steel cable, twice as elastic• spider silk cloth gene of a breathable, ultra-thin, light, don’t tear and elastic makes it perfect for sportswear, protective clothes and surgical implants• living bacteria – cultivates and grow multiply• create waterproof, self-cleaning & odor remover material• grown in bio reactors not unlike farming, grow fast• environmental friendly – less water, not destroy nature, animals and break down without chemicals
  • 59. gr ow abl e gar ments
  • 60. nano technologies in fabrics • the most innovative and future oriented product that will be created • this technology makes it possible repair themselves after scratches • the nano technology will be able to transform the molecular structure to make the clothes hard, soft, stretchy or stiff • no need to iron, reduce temperature of washing and even unnecessary • we do not really know how this wills affect fashion in the future
  • 61. nano technol ogi esi n fabr i cs
  • 62. s us tai nabl e and tr ans for mabl e cl othes• will increase significantly the next years• recycle – up cycle – rework - redo – remake reconstruct• swap and rent clothes• lack of natural resources and fabrics makes 2nd hand big business in the future• multi functional clothes and objects, transfer objects• intelligent conducting polymers used to change size, form• garments that combines technology, tracksuits that uses batteries to keep athletes warm to avoid injuries etc.
  • 63. s econd hand cl othes wi l l i ncr eas e bus i nes sand be good bus i nes s
  • 64. new dr ugs & mak e up anti - aging drugs & cosmetics what we smart eat drugs new body culture llifestyle drugs or relatedcosmetics drugs nude & make up natural trends look
  • 65. anti aging drugs • to activate the ability to keep the skin• research on non-organically that too younger for a much longer. the expensive or impossible to make development in this era happens fast naturally • womans in their late forties will still have• A two directional trend one towards the same skin as in their twenties when the natural and the other trend the skin get activated and preserved towards advanced bio technology early• modern make up are getting closer • in the future we will take our daily and closer to what the large drug needed hybrid drugs and the effect will companies make and the products cure and make you look good at the come now under the medical law same time
  • 66. the nude look• a trend driven from natural plant extracts, truly organic, natural and with less packaging• use pigment in the skin to reflect the natural light and makes the skin adapt natural tone whatever light setting• the skin should therefore look as natural possible• packaging that can be recycled, trade fair or look and feel more «green» than the product is• products that represents a clean or nude look• key words as natural, clean, pure, organic, sustainable
  • 67. smart drugs the key to top jobs?• It’s a coming trend as the overload of information makes• Huge companies headhunt for future jobs candidates in• Early university studies, this increase pressure on• Student to perform better• US studies approx. 25% of health student had taken neuron- enhancing drugs (2010) Modafinil• To combat fatigue – top university students pay until• 20.000 £ a year• Ritalin trigger dopamine – without ADHD makes the students alert & awake• Increase motivation of studying, no memory loss, and no sleep
  • 68. our l i fes tyl e i s deathl y • 1 in 3 dies from a heart disease • 1 in 7 dies from cancer • 1 in 23 dies from stroke • Almost 60% of the deaths in 1990’s • were related to lifestyle diseases
  • 69. l i fes tyl er el ated dr ugs
  • 70. a heal thi er di et• the trend is towards a healthier • global resources as water and land alternative uses 10 more space to grow meat than vegetables (India moves from• people are more aware of the risk vegetal to meat based diet, simply involved with unhealthy diets and not enough land to produce) alternatives. • almost all major fast-food chains have• governments from treatment to an alternative menu who gives a preventions. better and more healthy option• better and right food is a part of the • women’s in general eats healthier and green & sustainable lifestyle trend influence household
  • 71. Illegal drugs ( chapter escapism) the chapter escapism subject to be found in the chapter escapism
  • 72. s por ts and wor k out*• increase sport and activities related to body & mind increase • holistic and eastern oriented sports and activity increases tai• we choose to work out the inner chi, qigong, kung Fu body than the outer body. • less focus on outer body training• as a reaction to negative stress ( reality check) • less popular individual driven sport activities• yoga & meditation in many different styles and differentiations • woman in sports higher valued in media and increase salaries and• increase of activities in teams and bonuses together in classes *sport and activites as yoga and meditation chapter the 20th century hippie the new consumer
  • 73. increase body & mind sport
  • 74. relevant work and education in this sector
  • 75. Contact me th e fu tu r e i s n o wk en n eth l y n gaas fo u n der £ cr eati ve di r ecto r ftmr es ear c h & bu ddh a j ean s ™ mo bi l e + 4 7 4 7 2 4 7 8 0 3 mai l : k en n eth @b u ddh aj ean s . co m bl o g: bu ddh aj ean s . co m