Review of Tacfit Commando a bodyweight only workout system


Published on TACFIT Commando is a portable bodyweight exercise program that uses intense, fast paced circuits, tactically-specific movements, and a training wave that synchs up with the body’s natural energy and recovery patterns. It only takes 20 minutes to complete a workout, yet each session is packed with an intensity level most athletes don’t tap in an hour. With three levels of difficulty (beginner to advanced) and three one-month programs for each level, TACFIT Commando contains 9 full months of exercise progressions. It’s the ideal portable fitness solution for busy people on the go. You can do TACFIT Commando in your home gym, office, hotel room, backyard or living room.

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Review of Tacfit Commando a bodyweight only workout system

  1. 1. ==== ====For a free video demonstration of tacfit check out ====The workouts which are taught in the Tacfit Commando program are vastly different from thosewhich most people do in the gym. In fact, its one of the main appeals of the program. After all,there are plenty of gym fitness plans that cater to people who want to lose weight or build muscle.Tacfit workouts are different. I want to tell you some of the main difference points in this article:Skill and not looksTacfit Commando was born from the workouts that Scott Sonnon, the creator of the plan uses totrain very special type of people all over the world. Sonnon works with soldiers, bodyguards,martial arts fighters. These are people who need to be physically able, not just look fit. This meansthat the entire goal of Tacfit Commando is different from that of other fitness plans.While you usually work to look better in the gym, with Tacfit workouts you work to improve yourphysical skill. You work to become better and stronger, just like a soldier needs to be fitter to dohis job.You will change how you look, of course. It happens as part of the process. However, its not themain thing and your workouts reflect that.Bodyweight exercisesSince Tacfit Commando workouts are supposed to train soldiers to work better in the field, theyneed to simulate that condition. I doubt that you will find barbells and dumbbells in the field so youshould train with your bodyweight alone. This is exactly the way Scott Sonnon created hisworkouts. All of the exercises are bodyweight exercises. You dont need any sort of fitnessequipment to follow this plan. All you need is to have the willingness to work hard at it. Thats all.The fact that these workouts are equipment free says very little about their intensity. You will haveto work very hard to stick to this plan. These are workouts that challenge your body in new ways.Be ready for that.Full body movementWhile many fitness plans and workout routines focus on exercises that target one muscle group ortwo at the most, the workouts in Tacfit train your body in complex movements which you simplywont see in any gym workout. This trains your body to be able to work in multi-directionalmovements and settings, develops your muscles in new ways and builds agility and strength.In these ways, the Tacfit workouts are special.
  2. 2. For more about Tacfit Commando read this Tacfit Commando review.Rick Kenzie is a fitness writer.Article Source: ====For a free video demonstration of tacfit check out ====