Pinterest 101


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An overview of Pinterest, why it has become so popular and examples of who is using it.

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Pinterest 101

  1. 1. The What, Why and How July 2012
  2. 2. What is Pinterest?“A content sharing service that allowsmembers to "pin" images, videos and otherobjects to their pinboard.”- Pinterest
  3. 3. What is Pinterest?“The latest craze in social media – the chic newvisually stimulating social sharing site is quicklyjoining the likes of Facebook, Twitter andStumbleUpon.”- Jeff Bullas,
  4. 4. What is Pinterest?"A fun reminder of the clothes I will neverafford/fit into, the home decor I will neverafford/fit into our small house, the recipes andcrafts I am too lazy to ever make, the sayings Iwasnt clever enough to think of my own, thephotos I wish I had taken but didnt."
  5. 5. Pinterest reached 10M (U.S.) monthly uniques faster than any standalone site…. EVER
  6. 6. The New, Shiny Toy
  7. 7. Women Rule!30% Female 70% Male
  8. 8. Let’s Get Started – 1, 2,31. Ask for an invitation2. Create a Pinterest profile.3. Link a Twitter account and upload a branded logo4. Follow other people with the same "interests" as your brand5. Create boards6. Pin, pin, pin
  9. 9. Get the Browser Add-On
  10. 10. Place it on Website or Blog
  11. 11. Use an iPhone
  12. 12. What to Pin, What to Pin?
  13. 13. How to PinStep#1: Select Image
  14. 14. Step #2After clicking on “Pin It” button in browser or Website,images will appear. Select the one you want to appear.
  15. 15. Step 3:Click on “Pin This”
  16. 16. Step 5:Pick the board for it appear, write a short descriptionand, if you want, also post it to Twitter
  17. 17. What’s in it for PR and Marketers?
  18. 18. The Power of Referrals
  19. 19. “This is big”- TechCrunch, March 8, 2012
  20. 20. Links, Baby!Every pin links back to a Website. The moresomething is pinned or repinned, the bigger thepotential for referral traffic.
  21. 21. The Power of Referrals
  22. 22. Everyone’s Climbing on the Bandwagon
  23. 23. Engagement• More than 80% of all pins are re-pins, which shows Pinterest’s viral potential.• Comments and likes on your pins show fans are engaged and invite others to join in the conversation about your content.
  24. 24. Aninfographic is pinned
  25. 25. And then thishappens …..
  26. 26. Contests
  27. 27. • Best Pinboard Users create a pin board; brands select the best one.• Most likes/repins
Entrants create pinboards and specific images for users to like and/or re-pin. Winner(s) based on the amount of likes/re-pins they receive.• Sweepstakes Entries
Random winners drawn from a pool on entries. People can enter the sweepstakes by repining an image and/or following a brand on Pinterest.
  28. 28. Metrics• Pinterest currently doesn’t provide analytics or metrics• You can track referrals using a service such as Google Analytics
  29. 29. New Analytics Services Are Coming
  30. 30. Repinly
  31. 31. Pinerly
  32. 32. PinReach
  33. 33. How Does Pinterest Make Money?
  34. 34. Revenue Could Also Come From…• Advertising through branded campaigns, outbound links and traditional ads.• Ecommerce partners for affiliate links
• Selling goods and services to users (e.g. virtual goods, printed collections, premium tools)
• Selling user data/analytics
  35. 35. Copyright
  36. 36. • TOS updated to remove Pinterest’s right to sell a user’s content.• It also released simpler tools for people to report alleged copyright or trademark infringements.
  37. 37. No Pinterest for You! Websites can block people from pinningtheir content by inserting a small piece of code provided by Pinterest
  38. 38. No Pinterest for You!
  39. 39. Copyright1. Try to pin original content2. If you pin something, make sure there’s a link to the original Web site so the owner gets referral traffic3. If you get a DMCA Take Down Notice, comply…immediately.
  40. 40. Thanks! Mark Evans Principal, ME Consulting Twitter: @markevansThis Week in Canadian Startups