117 of the Leading Digital Marketing Tools


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A look at some of the leading online tools that digital marketers can use to drive their activities and programs.

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117 of the Leading Digital Marketing Tools

  1. 1. 117  of  the  Best  Digital   Marke3ng  Tools   By  Mark  Evans,  ME  Consul3ng                                    
  2. 2. About  Mark  Evans   M a r k   E v a n s   i s   t h e   p r i n c i p a l   w i t h   ME   Consul7ng,   which   works   with   startups   and   entrepreneurs   looking   to   jump-­‐start   their  marke7ng  efforts.   Mark’s   strength   is   delivering   “founda7onal”   services:   core   messaging   and   brand   posi7oning,  marke7ng  strategies  and  content   marke7ng/crea7on.     Mark   writes   a   popular   blog   and   a   weekly   newsleGer,   This   Week   in   Canadian   Startups.   He’s   also   a   co-­‐founder   of   mesh,   Canada’s   leading  digital  conference.  
  3. 3. The  Tools  The  117  marke7ng  tools  –  many  of  them  I’ve  used  –  should  give  you  a  taste  of  what’s  out  there  so  you  can  do  digital  marke7ng  differently  or  beGer.  The  guide  is  divided  into  different  sec7ons,  although  some  tools  fall  into  several  categories.  
  4. 4. Index  5.  Marke7ng  Automa7on   90.  Polls  &  Surveys  11.  Email  marke7ng   94.  Website  Building  20.  SEO   100.  Website    Op7miza7on  30.  Social  media   110.  Web  Analy7cs  46.  TwiGer   116.  Design  57.  Facebook   122.  Videos  62.  Pinterest  70.  Social  Influence   126  Infographics  75.  Presenta7ons   131.  Media/Blogger  Rela7ons  80.  Customer  Service   137.  Other  stuff    
  5. 5. Marke3ng  Automa3on  
  6. 6. HubSpot  An  inbound  marke7ng  plaborm  that  powers  SEO,  lead  genera7on,  email,  lead  management  and  social  media.    
  7. 7. Marketo  Marketo   provides   a   complete   marke7ng   automa7on   socware   solu7on  that   is   powerful   and   easy   to   use   for   fast-­‐growing   small   companies   and  global  enterprises.  
  8. 8. InfusionsoE  Infusionsoc   is   an   all-­‐in-­‐one   sales   and   marke7ng   socware   for   small  businesses.   It   offers   CRM,   email   marke7ng,   marke7ng   automa7on  and  e-­‐commerce  for  businesses  with  less  than  25  employees.    
  9. 9. Eloqua  Eloqua  helps  clients  accelerate  revenue  growth  via  marke7ng  automa7on  and  revenue   performance   management.   The   company   offers   business   insight   to  inform  marke7ng  and  sales  decisions  today  that  drive  revenue  growth.  
  10. 10. Qualaroo  
  11. 11. Email  Marke3ng  
  12. 12. MailChimp  One  of  the  leading  email  newsleGer  services.  There  are  free  and  paid  versions,  and  it  comes  with  pre-­‐design  templates  to  get  you  going.  
  13. 13. AWeber  AWebers  email  marke7ng  tools  make  it  easy  to  build  an  email  list  and   stay  in  touch  with  prospects.  
  14. 14. Campayn  An   easy   to   use   email   marke7ng   solu7on   to   design,   send  and   share   email   newsleGers,   manage   contacts,   track  results  and  grow  your  business.  
  15. 15. Constant  Contact  Constant   Contacts   email   marke7ng,   social   media   marke7ng   and   event  marke7ng   tools   help   small   businesses   and   organiza7ons   find   new  customers,  drive  repeat  business,  and  generate  referrals.  
  16. 16. Mad  Mimi  Mad   Mimi   specializes   in   email   marke7ng   socware   for  small  businesses  shops,  non-­‐profits,  and  more.    
  17. 17. SendGrid  SendGrid   solves   the   challenge   of   email   delivery   by   delivering   emails   for  companies.   SendGrid   eliminates   the   complexity   of   sending   email,   saving   7me  and  money,  while  providing  reliable  delivery  to  the  inbox.    
  18. 18. Userfox  Userfox   helps   companies   improve   user   reten7on   through  welcome,  inac7vity  and  custom  trigger  based  emails.        
  19. 19. ContactMonkey  ContactMonkey   is   a   smart   email   tracking   tool   for   Outlook   and  Gmail   that   helps   sales   people   iden7fy   their   best   prospects   and  close  more  deals.  
  20. 20. SEOMoz  SEOmoz   offers   SEO   socware,   provides   a   robust   link  intelligence   API,   and   hosts   the   webs   most   vibrant   SEO  community.  
  21. 21. gShiE  gShic’s  SEO  socware  helps  SEO  agencies  and  in-­‐house  marke7ng  teams   more   efficiently   and   effec7vely   monitor   and   report   on  SEO  metrics  data.  
  22. 22. HitTail  HitTail   helps   bloggers   and   webmasters   maximize   their   search   engine  op7miza7on   and   marke7ng   campaigns   to   extend   their   reach   and   develop   new  revenue  streams.  
  23. 23. WooRank  Evalua7ng   Web   sites   based   on   50   criteria   in   an   automated   fashion,   WooRank   is  service   designed   to   let   website   publishers   and   marketers   evaluate   the   SEO-­‐friendliness  and  other  aspects  of  their  Web  sites  on  the  fly.    
  24. 24. NinjaName  NameNinja  is  a  domain  brainstorming  tool  that  can  help  discover  domain  names  based  on  what  people  are  actually  searching  for.  
  25. 25. SpyFu  Spyfu  let  you  search  for  any  domain  and  see  every  place  theyve  shown  up   on   Google:   every   keyword   theyve   bought   on   Adwords,   every  organic  rank,  and  every  ad  varia7on  in  the  past  six  years.  
  26. 26. MixRank  MixRank   is   a   spy   tool   for   contextual   and   display   ads   that   lets   you   see   exactly  where  your  compe7tors  are  buying  traffic  and  which  ad  copy  is  performing  best  for  them  across  over  93,000  Google  display  network  publishers.      
  27. 27. Panabee  For   domain   names,   Panabee   focus   on   brainstorming.   It   acts   as   a  brainstorming   partner.   It   automates   tedious   tasks,   finds   terms,  transla7ng  words  and  searches  for  app  name  availability.    
  28. 28. Trada  If  need  a  sophis7cated  paid  search  service  without  the  cost  and  complica7on  of  an  in-­‐house  team,  Trada  gives  you  access  to  a  community  of  paid  search  experts  who  do  the  daily  work  of  campaign  setup,  build  out,  research  and  op7miza7on.    
  29. 29. Sysomos  One  of  the  leading  social  media  monitoring  and  analy7cs  tools.  It  offers  two  products:  Sysomos  (monitoring/analy7cs)  and  MAP  (monitoring)  
  30. 30. HootSuite  With  HootSuite,  you  can  manage  mul7ple  TwiGer  and  social  media  profiles  (e.g.  Foursquare,  Facebook),  add  mul7ple  editors,  pre-­‐schedule  tweets,  and  measure   your   success.   HootSuite   lets   you   manage   your   en7re   TwiGer   and  social  media  experience  from  one  easy-­‐to-­‐use  interface.  
  31. 31. Radian6  Now   part   of   Salesforce.com,   Radian6   offers   social   media  monitoring,  engaging  and  sharing  tools.  
  32. 32. socialmen3on  Social   Men7on   is   a   real-­‐7me   social   media   search   and   analysis  plaborm   that   aggregates   user   generated   content   from   across   the  universe  into  a  single  stream  of  informa7on.      
  33. 33. MarketMeSuite  MarketMeSuite   is   a   social   media   management   dashboard   for   small-­‐   and  mid-­‐   sized   businesses   that   lets   businesses   manage   and   monitor   their  social   media   presence,   find   targeted   leads   and   build   engagement   with  new  and  exis7ng  customers.    
  34. 34. SourceMetrics  Source  Metrics  is  a  social  marke7ng  op7miza7on  and  analy7cs  plaborm.  We  help   customers   generate   more   leads,   make   more   sales   and   increase   the   ROI  of  their  social  marke7ng  campaigns.  
  35. 35. Argyle  Social  Argyle   Socware   is   an   online   social   media   marke7ng   solu7on   that   lets  marketers   more   effec7vely   manage   and   measure   marke7ng   campaigns  on  social  networks  such  as  Facebook,  TwiGer  and  LinkedIn.  
  36. 36. Crowdbooster  Crowdbooster   helps   businesses   measure   and   op7mize   their   social  media  marke7ng  on  Facebook  and  TwiGer.  
  37. 37. SocialOomph  SocialOomph.com   is   a   service   that   provides   free   and   paid  produc7vity  enhancement  services  for  social  media  users.  
  38. 38. Engagio  A   Gmail-­‐like   produc7vity   tool   that   manages   all   of   your   digital  conversa7ons   –   TwiGer,   Facebook,   Google+,   Tumblr,   Foursquare,  LinkedIn,  Disqus  and  Hacker  News.    
  39. 39. Wildfire  Wildfires   Social   Marke7ng   Suite   combines   best-­‐of-­‐breed   social   promo7on  and   adver7sing   socware,   robust   mobile   and   desktop   page   management,  messaging  and  sophis7cated  real-­‐7me  analy7cs  in  a  complete  plaborm.    
  40. 40. Gremlm  Gremln.com   is   a   social   media   marke7ng   toolkit   that   helps   to   maximize   your   social  media  impact  and  measures  results,  lepng  you  see  what’s  working,  what  isn’t,  and  how  your  customers  are  interac7ng  with  your  brand.  
  41. 41. StruVa  StruGa’s   connects   brands   with   their   target   consumers   through   powerful  social   promo7ons.   Its   do-­‐it-­‐yourself   tools   allow   agencies,   brands   and  developers   to   easily   create   and   manage   interac7ve   contests   and  sweepstakes.    Read  more:  hGp://www.crunchbase.com/company/struGa-­‐2#ixzz2Ky95SlEL    Follow  us:  @crunchbase  on  TwiGer  |  crunchbase  on  Facebook  
  42. 42. Elevate  Elevate  is  a  user-­‐friendly  and  automated  plaborm  that  lets  brands  and  agencies   engage   and   build   rela7onships   with   internal   and   external  brand  advocates.  
  43. 43. Influi3ve  Influi7ve  helps  companies  mobilize  their  customer  advocates  to  provide  more  referral  leads,  reference  calls  and  social  media  advocacy.  
  44. 44. ManageFliVer  ManageFliGer   helps   businesses   monitor   and   maintain   their   TwiGer  accounts.   ManageFliGer   lets   you   professionally   building   your  followers,   op7mizes   when   you   tweet,   engages   with   your   audience,  and  provides  numerous  sta7s7cs.    
  45. 45. Social  Bro  SocialBro  lets  you  gain  an  in-­‐depth  understanding  of  your  TwiGer  community  by  allowing  you  to  search  for  specific  criteria  within  it.  
  46. 46. Tweepi  Tweepi   lets   you   manage   your   TwiGer   account,   flush  unfollowers,   reciprocate,   clean   inac7ves,   force   people   to  unfollow  you  and  follow  new  people.  
  47. 47. Commun.it  Commun.it   is   a   community   management   tool   for   TwiGer   that   makes   a  difference   by   improving   how   you   build   rela7onships   and   discover   leads   on  TwiGer.  
  48. 48. TwiVerCounter  TwiGer   Counter   provides   sta7s7cs   of   TwiGer   usage   and   tracks   more  than   80   million   users.   It   offers   Pro   TwiGer   Stats   for   more  powerful  sta7s7cs  and  sells  featured  spots  on  its  website  to  people  who  want  to  gain  more  followers.      
  49. 49. Followerwonk  Followerwonk  helps  you  explore  and  grow  your  social  graph.  
  50. 50. ReFollow    Refollow  lets  users  to  follow  and  unfollow  other  TwiGer  accounts  with  ease.    
  51. 51. Twylah    Twylah   helps   you   capture,   shape   and   share   your   brand   messages   in   the   quickest,  easiest  and  most  effec7ve  way  possible.  
  52. 52. TweetReach  Need  to  measure  the  reach  of  your  brand,  marke7ng  campaign  or  event  on  TwiGer?   Agencies,   marketers,   event   producers,   and   publicists   use  TweetReach  to  measure  the  impact  of  their  TwiGer  campaigns.      
  53. 53. TweetGrader  TwiVer   Grader   is   a   free   tool   that   allows   you   to   check   the   power   of  your   TwiVer   profile   compared   to   millions   of   other   users   that   have  been  graded.    
  54. 54. Booshaka  Booshaka  gives  you  insight  into  the  who,  what,  when,  where  and  how  of  your  community  engagement.  It  helps  to  understand  your  engaged   fans   and   followers   so   you   can   develop   the   best   social  marke7ng  strategy.  
  55. 55. LikeAlzyer  LikeAlyer   is   an   analysis   tool   that   provides   recommenda7ons  and  feedback  on  how  a  company  is  doing  on  Facebook  based  on  presence,  dialogue,  ac7on  and  informa7on.      
  56. 56. PageLever  PageLever   designs   and   creates   data-­‐driven   tools   that   help   brands   and  marke7ng   agencies   op7mize   their   presence   on   Facebook   for   the   news  feed.  
  57. 57. PageModo  Pagemodo   is   a   tool   for   crea7ng   Facebook   Fan   Pages.   It   let   you   make   a  custom  Fan  Page  design  and  market  your  small  business  on  Facebook.  
  58. 58. Pinterest  Pinterest   is   a   virtual   pinboard   that   lets   you   organize   and   share   all   the  beau7ful  things  you  find  on  the  web.    
  59. 59. Pinaly3cs  Pinaly7cs   is   a   social   media   tool   to   help   you   find,   track   and   evaluate  content  and  interac7ons  on  Pinterest  and  the  wider  social  web.  
  60. 60. Repinly  Repinly  gives  users  insight  into  the  most  popular  content  on  Pinterest,  including  boards  and  individual  pins  
  61. 61. Pinfluencer  Pinfluencer  is  an  advanced  Pinterest  analy7cs  service  that  makes  it  easy  to  iden7fy   and   connect   with   influen7al   brand   advocates   and   get   ac7onable  insights.  
  62. 62. Reachli  Reachli   is   an   analy7cs   tool   that   offers   the   ability   of   measuring   the   click-­‐throughs,  likes  and  repins  for  campaigns.      
  63. 63. Pinpuff  Pinpuff  lets  you  measure  how  popular  you  are  on  Pinterest,  as  well  as  the  value  of  each  of  your  pins    
  64. 64. PinReach  PinReach  helps  to  measure  your  Pinterest  influence,  as  well  as  analy7cs  that  lets  you  see  your  total  pins,  repins,  likes  and  followers.  
  65. 65. Social  Influence  
  66. 66. Klout  Klout     provides   social   media   analy7cs   to   measure   a   users   influence   across   their  social   network.   The   analysis   is   done   on   data   taken   from   sites   such   as   TwiGer   and  Facebook,   and   measures   the   size   of   a   persons   network,   the   content   created,   and  how  other  people  interact  with  that  content.    
  67. 67. Appinions  Appinions   is   an   opinion-­‐based   influence   marke7ng   plaborm   that  lets   agencies   and   brands   iden7fy,   analyze,   engage,   monitor   and  measure  relevant  influencers.      
  68. 68. Kred  Kred  measures  influence  and  outreach  in  your  online  communi7es  in  real  7me.    
  69. 69. PeerIndex  PeerIndex   offers   social   media   based   on   footprints   from   the   major  social   media   services.   It   helps   social   media   contributors   assess   and  score  their  influence  and  benefit  from  the  social  capital  they’ve  built.    
  70. 70. Presenta3ons  
  71. 71. Sliderocket  SlideRocket  offers  presenta7on  socware  that  allows  you  to  easily  create  and  deliver  presenta7ons  with  quan7fiable  results.    
  72. 72. Slideshare  SlideShare  is  the  world’s  largest  community  for  sharing  presenta7ons  and  documents.  
  73. 73. Prezi  Prezi   is   a   web-­‐based   presenta7on   applica7on   and   storytelling   tool   that   uses   a   single  canvas  instead  of  tradi7onal  slides.    
  74. 74. Speaker  Deck  Speaker  Deck  lets  you  share  presenta7ons  online.  Simply  upload  your  slides  as  a  PDF,  and   we’ll   turn   them   into   a   beau7ful   online   experience.   View   them   on  SpeakerDeck.com,  or  share  them  on  any  Website  with  an  embed  code.  
  75. 75. Olark  Olark  is  a  live  chat  applica7on  you  can  place  on  your  website  to  help  you  sell  more  and  provide  great  customer  service,  too.    A  simple  1,2,  3  process  can  quickly  have  up  you  and  chapng  live  with  your  site’s  visitors.    
  76. 76. Groove  GrooveHQ  makes  customer  service  support  socware  products  for  growing  businesses.  You  can  try  its  livechat  or  helpdesk  support  applica7ons  free.    
  77. 77. Get  Sa3sfac3on  Get   Sa7sfac7on   is   the   leading   customer   engagement   plaborm   that  helps   companies   build   beGer   rela7onships   with   their   customers   and  prospects    
  78. 78. ZenDesk  Zendesk  is  web  based  customer  service  socware  used  by  over  20,000  companies  world-­‐wide.  It  features  an  elegant  support  7cket  system.  
  79. 79. desk  Desk   builds   tools   that   help   small   businesses   deliver   amazing   customer   service.   Desks  products  emphasize  social  networking,  flexible  pricing,  powerful  agent  tools,  and  web-­‐based  self-­‐service.  
  80. 80. Taurus.io  Taurus.io  lets  you  set  up  product  tour  for  your  web  applica7on  in  15  minutes    
  81. 81. WalkMe  WalkMe   lets   Website   owners   and   app   developers   easily   overlay   mul7ple   interac7ve  on-­‐screen  Walk-­‐Thrus,  that  help  users  to  quickly  and  simply  complete  even  the  most  complex  tasks.  
  82. 82. GoInstant  GoInstant’s  co-­‐browsing  technology  lets  mul7ple  people  browse  the  web  together  on  desktop  and  mobile,  so  that  you  can  solve  customer  problems  on  any  device.  
  83. 83. Join.me  Join.me   combines   instant   screen   sharing   and   powerful   mee7ng   tools   in   an   app  that  anyone  can  use  to  present,  train,  demo  or  concept.  
  84. 84. Polls  &  Surveys  
  85. 85. Wufoo  Wufoos   form   builder   helps   you   create   online   web   forms.   Use   its  Web   form   creator   to   power   your   contact   forms,   online   surveys,  and  event  registra7ons.  
  86. 86. Polldaddy  PollDaddy   provides   polling   and   survey   widgets   for   blogs,   websites   and   social  networking   sites.   Users   can   create   simple   polls   and   surveys,   and   Polldaddy   will  generate  the  widget  code  for  them  to  post  the  poll  or  survey  on  their  site.    
  87. 87. Toluna  Toluna  is  the  easiest  way  to  ask  and  answer  ques7ons  and  get  rewarded  for  sharing  your  opinions.  
  88. 88. Website  Building  
  89. 89. Wix  Wix   is   a   free   HTML5   publishing   plaborm   that   helps   you   design   and   create  beau7ful  websites  with  just  a  few  clicks.    
  90. 90. SquareSpace  Squarespace  is  an  online  content  management  system  that  features    a  website  builder,  blogging  plaborm  and  hos7ng  service.      
  91. 91. Readyportal  ReadyPortal   is   a   high   performance   CMS   engine   focused   on   making  the  implementa7on  and  content  publica7on  easy.  
  92. 92. ThemeForest  ThemeForest   is   a   community   of   developers   that   sells   templates   that  you  can  use  to  build  a  web  site    
  93. 93. WordPress  WordPress  is  a  free,  Web-­‐based  socware  program  that  anyone  can  use  to  build  and  maintain  a  website  or  blog.  
  94. 94. Website  Op3miza3on  
  95. 95. Lander  Lander  is  a  powerful  online  tool  to  create  landing  pages.  You  can  build  pages  for  PPC,  Social  Media  or  Email  Marke7ng  Campaigns,  A/B  test  them,  and  more    
  96. 96. Unbounce  Unbounce   lets   marketers   build,   publish   and   test   landing   pages   without   IT   or  socware.  A/B  tes7ng  and  lead  gen  make  it  a  powerful  marke7ng  tool.    
  97. 97. KickoffLabs  KickoffLabs  lets  you  create  landing  pages,  online  forms  and  do  email  marke7ng.  
  98. 98. PageDo  PageDo  is  an  online  service  for  building  and  tes7ng  highly  effec7ve  landing  pages  for  marke7ng,  adver7sing  and  social  media  campaigns.  
  99. 99. Fold  Tester  Folder   Tester   can   answer   the   ques7ons   about   where   your   sites   content  will   show   up   on   different   Web   browsers.   Based   on   data   gathered   from  millions  of  Internet  users,  Folder  Tester  will  help  you  lay  out  content.    
  100. 100. Op3mizely  Op7mizely   offers   a   range   of   website   analy7cs   services   for   A/B   and   mul7variate  tes7ng  purposes.    
  101. 101. Wingify  Wingify  combines  analy7cs,  segmenta7on,  tes7ng  and  targe7ng  in  a    common   plaborm.   Built   for   businesses   that   really   care   about  op7miza7on.  
  102. 102. CrazyEgg  Crazy  Egg  is  great  at  tracking  clicks  on  ads  like  AdSense.  You  can  track  where  on   the   ad   people   click,   and   test   ads   in   different   posi7ons   and   of   different  designs  
  103. 103. MixPanel  Mixpanel  is  an  advanced  analy7cs  service  that  helps  improve  web  and  mobile  applica7ons  by  tracking  how  users  interact  and  engage  with  them.    
  104. 104. Web  Analy3cs  
  105. 105. Google  Analy3cs  Aimed   at   marketers,   Google   Analy7cs   generates   detailed  sta7s7cs   a   Website’s   traffic   and   traffic   sources   and  measures  conversions  and  sales.    
  106. 106. Woopra  Woopra   is   a   leading   real-­‐7me   web   analy7cs   and   targeted   customer  engagement  service.  
  107. 107. ChartBeat  Chartbeat   is   real-­‐7me   data   for   front-­‐line   doers.   It   gives   you   real-­‐7me  informa7on  about  your  site  in  an  instantly  geGable  way.    
  108. 108. Mint  Mint   is   an   extensible,   self-­‐hosted   web   site   analy7cs   program.   Its   interface   is   an  exercise   in   simplicity.   Visits,   referrers,   popular   pages   and   searches   can   all   be  taken  in  at  a  glance  on  Mints  flexible  dashboard.    
  109. 109. Clicky  Clicky   is   a   real   7me   web   analy7cs   service   that   lets   you   see   your   stats   about   the  traffic  to  your  Web  site.    
  110. 110. Design  
  111. 111. 99designs  99designs  is  the  worlds  leading  design  contest  marketplace,  powered  by  a  massive  community  of  designers  and  business  owners.  
  112. 112. CrowdSpring  crowdSPRING   is   a   leading   marketplace   for   custom   logo   design,   web  design,  graphic  design,  industrial  design  and  wri7ng  services  
  113. 113. Folyo  Folyo   helps   startups   find   great   designers   by   connec7ng   them   with   a   curated   list   of  talented  freelancers  –  folyo.me    
  114. 114. DesignCrowd  DesignCrowd   is   an   online   marketplace   providing   logo,   website,   print  and   graphic   design   services   by   providing   access   to   freelance   graphic  designers  and  design  studios  around  the  world.    
  115. 115. Verify  Verify  (verifyapp.com)  lets  you  test  screenshots  of  your  design  work  to  gain  valuable  insights   on   your   users   expecta7ons   and   reac7ons   to   your   apps   and   websites   before  wri7ng  a  single  line  of  code.    
  116. 116. Videos  
  117. 117. VideoHive  
  118. 118. Wooshii  Wooshii  is  a  plaborm  that  connects  the  creators  of  rich  media,  (e.g.  video,  anima7on),   with   buyers   looking   for   low   cost,   effec7ve   and   increasingly  relevant  forms  of  marke7ng.    
  119. 119. PowToon  PowToon  is  user  friendly  and  intui7ve  presenta7on  socware  that  lets  someone  with  no  technical  or  design  skills  create  engaging  professional  “look  and  feel”  animated  presenta7ons.    
  120. 120. Infographics  
  121. 121. Visual.ly  Like   infographics   and   data   visualiza7on?   Visual.ly   is   the   worlds  largest  community  of  infographics  and  data  visualiza7on.    
  122. 122. Piktochart  Piktochart   is   a   one-­‐stop   shop   for   building,   designing   and   customizing  visually  aGrac7ve  infographics    
  123. 123. Easel.ly  One   of   the   easiest   tools   on   the   Web   to   create   infographics,   using   a  “drag-­‐and-­‐drop”   approach   that   leverage   a   number   of   variety   of  themes.    
  124. 124. Infogr.am  Infogr.am   is   an   informa7on   graphic   designing   tool   that   offers   chart   building  capabili7es.   New   users   can   explore   a   list   of   unique   informa7onal   graphics  from  the  infogr.am  homepage.    
  125. 125. Media/Blogger  Rela3ons  
  126. 126. LaunchRock  LaunchRock   is   a   free   web-­‐based   service   that   helps   you   set   up   a   social   "launching  soon"  pages  in  minutes,  share  your  page  and  start  gathering  emails    
  127. 127. Pressit  PressiG,   a   user-­‐friendly   social   media   news   release   service   that   lets   you  quickly  create,  publish  and  share  your  news  online.    
  128. 128. PitchEngine  PitchEngine   is   the   premier   content   crea7on   tool   for   publishing  beau7ful  marke7ng  messages  to  the  web  and  mobile    
  129. 129. PR.com  PR.com   lets   companies   promote   literally   everything   about   their  business  in  a  one  stop  shop  business  marketplace.    
  130. 130. GroupHigh  GroupHigh   provides   socware   that   helps   public   rela7ons,   SEO,   and   social   media  professionals  reach  out  to  bloggers.  
  131. 131. Marke3ng  Grader  Marke7ng  Grader  (formerly  Website  Grader)  is  a  free  tool  that  measures  and  analyzes  all  of  your  marke7ng  efforts  and  gives  ac7onable  advice  on  how  to  improve.    
  132. 132. LeanCanvas  Capture  your  business  model  in  a  portable  1-­‐page  diagram.  The  Lean.  Canvas  is  the  perfect  format  for  brainstorming  possible  business  models.  
  133. 133. Personapp  A  tool  to  create  lightweight,  informal  personas  for  new  projects  that  engages  clients  by  visualizing  their  audiences  -­‐  -­‐  hGp://personapp.spookstudio.com/