Learn Your First Swimming Lesson at Buckleraquatics


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To overcome the fear of water by learning how to swim and enjoy different strokes.  Buckler Aquatics (www.buckleraquatics.com) trained professionals will help to remove the discomfort that you feel in water.
Help your children to conquer water fear, may be the swimming training bring out a new talent in them. 

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Learn Your First Swimming Lesson at Buckleraquatics

  1. 1. Buckler Aquatics Swim for life….Life-Saving Swimming Lessons for Kids andChildren Great News: Great News: Buckler Aquatics has been voted with the BEST Swim School in Greater Toronto Buckler Aquatics has been voted with the BEST Swim School in Greater Toronto Area (GTA) by readers of City Parents Magazine. Area (GTA) by readers of City Parents Magazine.
  2. 2. Parents & ChildrenLearn together the art of swimming
  3. 3. Where will you swim with your kid in 2012?
  4. 4. Our Program Highlights• Buckler Aquatics specializes in the Buckler Method of swimming instruction of babies (6 months minimum age) and in Red Cross and higher lifesaving levels up to Bronze Cross, for children of all ages. We believe the combination of these two programs and the unique Buckler Aquatics teaching techniques best prepare our swimmers for safe enjoyment in and around a water environment.• Buckler swimmers are taught individually in small groups at their appropriate swimming level, not at their age level. This allows each instructor to monitor the individual child and encourage them to progress through the various levels at a rate that is comfortable to them.
  5. 5. For For Children AdultsEvery week you can If your kid is belowexperience the joy of kindergarten age thenspending time together with Buckler Aquatics swimyour child and have some fun lessons can be an excellentwith learning. Anuninterrupted one-to-one time opportunity for qualitythat you can look forward bonding timeevery week.
  6. 6. Learn All Swimming Strokes Be a Competent Swimmer
  7. 7. Creative SwimmingWe polish & bring out your talent
  8. 8. No Water FearStart up with normal healthcheck upto reduce the water fear orany health problemBook a lesson with BucklerAquatics experienced trainersThey will provide you with yourcomplete report and let youknow the key areas to workupon.Very powerful training forpeople who take Swimmingas their Career, forSportsmen or Athletes
  9. 9. Contact Us• We will help you to put a full stop on your water fearing thoughts & action.• So contact: E-mail: info@buckleraquatics.com “North York” Address: “Mississauga” Address 562 McNicoll Ave. 5200 Dixie Rd. North York, ON M2H 2E1 Mississauga, ON L4W 1E4 (416) 499-0151 ext. 221 (416) 499-0151 ext. 222 “Scarborough” Address 500 Coronation Dr. Scarborough, ON M1E 4V7 (416) 499-0151 ext. 223
  10. 10. Registration Benefits with Best Swim school in GTA• You will get a professional trainer• Meet the water life• Watchful eye on your child, baby or kid• Correct the wrong swim actions• chance to work on any old or new habits that are creeping into your strokes• Practice on your favorite strokes• Learn new skills depending on your requirement & talent• Fun with learning