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Taedtech   3 tools for writing
Taedtech   3 tools for writing
Taedtech   3 tools for writing
Taedtech   3 tools for writing
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Taedtech 3 tools for writing


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Published in: Design, Technology, Education
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  • 1. A - CollaborationB - Citation managementC - Assessment with Comment banks Screen capturing / screencasting____________________A - CollaborationProblems • 1 - how to promote more frequent writing, revision and review by students • 2 - how to monitor students in the writing process • 3 - how to invite higher rates of student Looking for a way to • more effeciently / effectively model writing process • invite students to actively participate in realizing a model of the writing process • improve accountabiliy of students in following / realizing all steps of the writing process (brainstorming, idea, outline, first draft, revision, final draft) • provide student feedback at a time convenient to you • promote more frequent peer review / sharing / modellingSolution - collaborative writing - real time, onlineTools? Google docs ACTIVITY • explore these examples • • observe - what is happening here? • • observe - what is happening here? Etherpads ACTIVITY • explore these examples • • observe - what is this? why? • • observe - what is this? why?Discuss possible applications of these tools for writing • discuss this example • model writing process with an incomplete outline • headings • question • brainstorm • research / collect information • list in point form • sort in point form • create an outline • create a first draft
  • 2. • create a final draft ACTIVITY • go to this etherpad - • work collaboratively on the following question • how could you realize collaborative writing with your students - your ideas • brainstorm • possible topics for students to work on together • basic / beginner students • intermediate students • advanced students______________B - Citation managementProblems • 1 - students fail to fully understand the importance of proper citation work as a means to avoid being accused of plagiarism • 2 - students have difficulty in accurately formatting and completing entry of all required information on resources that they choose to cite • 3 - it is time consuming for both student and teacher • for the student • to learn, understand the importance of, and to accurately realize • for the teacher • to teach, support and ensure correct format when under time pressuresSolution - use of citation management tools • • benefits? • citation fields are fully and clearly give to students to ensure full completion • final formatting is done by the tool • can be more easily supported by teacherDemonstration of basics with Zotero • for demonstration purposes - identify a topic to research - (citation management?) • create a collection • create entries manually • create entries automatically (i.e. Amazon, online databases) • set up the formatting of references automatically (i.e. MLA, APA) • insert into a Word documentdiscuss more advanced options • plugin into MS Word • for intext citation work • facilitates sharing citations with students (import / export function) • collaborative research workideas for introduction to students
  • 3. • graduated introduction to "a" citation management tool • Step 1 - initially invite students to • import citations that you have authored • use these citations in their research • insert these citations in their list of references then.. • Step 2 - invite students to "add" to this pre-authored list with a web based resource (introduce other resource types later on) then.. • Step 3 - invite students to "create" their ownknown issues • continuity • teacher introduces it in one course.. another teacher uses still another program in another course; student retention / support suffers ... promotes abandonment • need for Department wide agreement on format (APA, MLA), tool (Zotero, Mendeley), introduction (which course, to what degree?), support resources (screencasts, Library) • important to understand the limitations of each tool • (i.e. Zotero requires users to use Firefox as their browser)______________C - Screen capturing / screencastingProblems • 1 - students have difficulty learning how to perform basic functions / sequences on the computer • 2 - students have difficulty remembering how to perform basic functions / sequences on the computer • 3 - teachers have scarce time in class to teach students new or basic computer based functions and thus rule out using internet based tools that could be usefulSolution - produce videos that show how to realize setup, use of a computer based function • • the attraction? • free • easy to produce (for students as well as teachers) • easy to share (via email, blog, website, Edmodo, Twitter, Facebook) • reusable • available to students 24/7 - when needed • multimodal - audio / video • thus opening up new possibilities • student authored "help" videos • invites script writing • motivates by being an authentic & relevent activity • my favourite tool? • Screenr •
  • 4. ACTIVITY • explore these examples • • observe - what is this? how is it useful? • • observe - what is this? how is it useful? • • observe - what is this? how is it useful?ACTIVITY • realize your own Screencast with Screenr • • post your screencast link here so that it can be shared with othersknown issues • dependency on the Cloud • if network / internet access is poor or unavailable .. these resources are typically not available • work around? download them • free ... for now!!!! • may not always be free • limitations on time • 5 minutes