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Vanpool - I85 Express Lanes Presentation

  1. 1. I-85 Express Lanes Overview Presentation August 2011
  2. 2. The Road Ahead Congestion Reduction Demonstration Project I-85 Express Lanes Project Overview Peach Pass Schedule Questions2
  3. 3. Congestion Reduction Demonstration Project• Converts 16 miles of existing Current I-85 Conditions HOV lanes to Express Lanes• $182 million project includes a $110 million federal government grant• Expands transit service in the corridor• Combination of occupancy requirement and tolling to manage traffic demand 3
  4. 4. Regional Transit Enhancements• $122 million of potential transit investments – Doubles Xpress service in the I- 85 Corridor – Supports Xpress facilities throughout the region – 21 new Xpress coaches, support for more in the future if needed• $60 million in roadside investments4
  5. 5. Express Lanes Project Overview • I-85 Express Lanes Project converts approximately 16 miles of existing High Occupancy Vehicle (HOV) lanes to Express Lanes or High Occupancy Toll Lanes (HOT) on I- 85 from Chamblee Tucker Road to Old Peachtree Road. • Designed to reduce traffic congestion on general purpose lanes and provide more reliable trip times to users. • Express Lanes open this summer and will be available 24/75
  6. 6. Types of Express Lane Users Toll-Exempt Tolled Prohibited• Transit • Single drivers • Trucks• 3 or more person carpools • 2 person carpools with more• Motorcycles than 6• Alternative Fuel Vehicles wheels(AFV)* and/or 2• On-call emergency vehicles axles * AFV Vehicles must have the proper license plate (does not include hybrids) 6
  7. 7. Dynamic Pricing• Express Lane tolls will fluctuate Estimated Weekday Average based on congestion levels Toll Rate Opening Year 2011• Toll price will rise as congestion increases• Toll rates are $0.10 to $0.90 per 27% mile. For a 6-7 mile trip tolls could Non-Tolled 7% range from $0.60 to nearly $6.00 64% $5.00 - $10.00 Less than $5.00 per trip depending on congestion• Estimated over 90% of customers will pay less than $5.00 or no toll at all 2% $10.00 - $15.00 7
  8. 8. Innovative Solutions8
  9. 9. Express Lane Signage9
  10. 10. Peach Pass• A small, thin electronic sticker that adheres to a vehicle’s windshield• Tolls are automatically deducted from your Peach Pass account (no toll booths); except for toll exempt accounts• Can be used on the I-85 Express Lanes when they open and GA 400 today• All I-85 Express Lane users need to register for a Peach Pass• Authorized* vanpools owners/providers must register their vehicles/fleet for an account (not drivers)*Authorized vanpools are vanpools that are contracted or registered with the GeorgiaRegional Transportation Authority (GRTA).10
  11. 11. Rules of the RoadViolations:• Crossing the double solid white line• Using the Express Lanes without a Peach Pass/Cruise Card transponderPenalties:• Occupancy - vehicle does not meet the appropriate number of occupants for toll-free access • Does not apply to Authorized vanpools with a registered corporate toll-exempt account• SRTA toll violation = $25 + toll amount• May also be issued citation by law enforcement 11
  12. 12. GO!12
  13. 13. GO! Billboards up now on I-8513
  14. 14. GO! Hispanic Community Asian Community Cinco de Mayo @ Plaza The China Tribune Fiesta14
  15. 15. Where do I get a Peach Pass?15
  16. 16. Where do I get a Peach Pass?For Personal Toll Account registrations: • Online – • By Phone – 1-855-PCH-PASS (724-7277) • 2 Department of Driver Services Locations (Now Open) • Hurricane Shoals Road • Beaver Ruin Road • Walk-Up Center at SRTA, 47 Trinity Avenue, Ground FloorToll-Exempt Accounts must be opened via phone or in person 16
  17. 17. Upcoming Public Outreach Events• Asian Festival (July 23 & 24)• WSB Radio “GO” Mobile Tour (July 25th – Aug. 12)• Mall Outreach - Discover Mills, Gwinnett Place, Mall of Georgia (August)• GA Limousine Association (Aug. 16)• Rotary Club of Gwinnett Mosaic (Aug. 16)• Gwinnett Partnership Summit (Augu. 26)• El Patron (radio) Chamba Hispanic Outreach Event (Aug. 28)• V103 For Sisters Only (Sept. 17 & 18)• Duluth Festival (Sept. 24) 17
  18. 18. Schedule Sept. 2010: June/July 2011: Project Peach Pass Construction Registration Began begins March 2011: Sept. 2011: Public I-85 Express Education Lanes Open Campaign Starts18
  19. 19. QUESTIONS? www.PeachPass.com19