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General presentation given to the employees of Starr Aviation on 6.7.2012 about the benefits of commute options in the Buckhead sub-market of Atlanta.

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BATMA - General Presentation

  1. 1. What We Do• Work to: • Improve mobility • Improve accessibility • Improve air quality
  2. 2. Who We Do It WithOver 60 businessesOver 20 property management firmsOver 3,000 commuters (YOU!)
  3. 3. Why We Do It• Save money – We have one of the most expensive commutes in the country – We spend 22% of our income on gas and car• Save time – Takes me 11 min to get to work. – Takes me 1 hour and 11 min to get home.• Save your health – Air intake – Stress – Obesity
  4. 4. How We Do It• Educate commuters on Clean Commute options• Provide incentives to encourage Clean Commuting• Provide Last -mile commute connectivity• Provide tools to commuters and employers• Provide awareness
  5. 5. Clean Commute?Telework CWW
  6. 6. Carpool• I can’t… • I work in a small office… • No one lives near me… • I have to go places before/after work… • I have kids and what if they get sick? • My schedule is inconsistent • I don’t have time to find a ride
  7. 7. Vanpool• An arrangement by which a group of 7 – 15 people commute to work in a van leased by a 3rd party provider• Vanpools operate like mini-transit services & run on a set schedule• Have a flat fare of $75 - $90 - $100 The price includes gas, insurance and maintenance.
  8. 8. Transit
  9. 9. Bike / Walk •Bikes are allowed on MARTA and the buc •Discounted Confident City Cycling classes taught by the Atlanta Bicycle Coalition•Health Baby, Health!•Better in Groups
  10. 10. Telework•Working at home or anotherlocation on full or part time•Most employees teleworkonly once or twice per week•Completely eliminates airpollution and traffic congestion•Essential for emergencybusiness continuity plans
  11. 11. Condensed Work Week Normal = Boss says “why?” 8 hrs/day x 5 days/wk • Save energy at work How about… • Save space at work CWW = • Workers more 10 hrs/day x 4 days/wk productive at home CWW = • Additional Bandwidth9 hrs/day x 4 days/2 wks • Can walk the dog Or some combination… instead of doing work
  12. 12. Incentives • Cash for Commuters First Timers • Carpoolers, Vanpoolers, Walkers, Bikers, Teleworkers and Transit Users $3/Day • Earn $3/day up to $100. Log on to track commute •Commuter Rewards Clean Commuters •Log your commute on and get put in drawing to win $25 Visa Gift Card $25/Month Drawing •The more you log, the more you win. 1/10 chance to win •CarpoolCarpools of 2 or More •Carpoolers automatically receive $20, 40, and $60 gas cards •Log at least 30 trips (15 round trips) on $20, $40, $60/Month Vanpool Subsidies •Vanpool Subsidy •Covers half of expenses. Full cost can be $200 or more$75, $90, $100/Month •Includes van and maintenance costs
  13. 13. Last Mile Connectivity A fast, frequent and FREE way to make tracks around Buckhead.New Route and Schedule July 1st!
  14. 14. Tom Bastek – Outreach Manager 404-842-2689