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The ICIS Top 100 The ICIS Top 100 Document Transcript

  • TOP 100 chemical disTribuTOrs Gareth JJ Burgess We unveil the much- 33 CommeNtAries NACD celebrates milestones NACD oN soliD grouND 46 The NACD enters its fifth decade with a anticipated listing of the 35 FECC: Bright future for the supply chain growing member base, international influence 37 ASSOCIQUIM members gain share and a program of assertive advocacy founded world’s top chemical 39 CACD operate lean and safe on Responsible Distribution distributors – a critical link m&A goes up A geAr Nexeo Ceo iNterview in the supply chain. Plus, 41 Asia remains a key focus for future deals 49 David Bradley, CEO of the former Ashland Distribution business, outlines plans to see commentaries from the among the global giants, but one company is already moving in focus on fundamentals versus M&A major association heads, a perspective from Asia, and AsiA sees slowDowN iCis top 100 Distributors 45 Asia’s chemical distributors see a 50 The global listing of the ICIS Top 100 the latest news in M&A. slowdown in demand but are optimistic on Chemical Distributors, including tables with sales by geography long-term opportunities in the region July 18-31, 2011 | ICIS Chemical Business | 31ICB_180711_031 31 13/7/11 18:28:50
  • CMYCMMYCYMYK ICB_180711_032 32 13/07/2011 09:51:17
  • TOP 100 chemical disTribuTOrs nacD hits milestones The National Association of Chemical Distributors celebrates its 40th anniversary – and the 20th anniversary of Responsible Distribution chRis jahn pResiDeNt, NACD Responsible Distribution sets NACD mem- T bers apart because of independent third-party his is a momentous year for the Na- verification. We know Responsible Distribu- tional Association of Chemical Dis- tion works – we see it every day. NACD’s most tributors (NACD) and its nearly 400 recent Membership & Safety Report illustrates member companies and affiliates. We the positive impact that Responsible Distribu- are celebrating the 40th anniversary of NACD tion has for the supply chain. and the 20th anniversary of our premier In 2010, our members collectively drove health, safety, security and environmental more than 154m miles – equivalent to driving program, Responsible Distribution. to the moon and back every day. Our safety Through NACD, chemical distributors have rating is twice as good as that of all industries learned much from each other and have dedi- combined. Our members continue to improve cated themselves to continuously improve year after year. Responsible Distribution has their operations. Congratulations to all of our members and been the cornerstone of the Responsible Distribution has been the cor- affiliates on 20 years of advancing steward- industry’s progress for 20 nerstone of the industry’s progress over the ship through Responsible Distribution and 40 past 20 years. These members should be rec- years of creating value for the industry. ■ years. Members should be ognized for performance improvement in For more information about the NACD and recognized for performance every phase of chemical storage, handling, transportation and disposal. Responsible Distribution, visit the associa- tion’s website improvement in every phase July 18-31, 2011 | ICIS Chemical Business | 33ICB_180711_033 33 13/7/11 16:22:16
  • ICB_180711_034 34 13/07/2011 09:51:47
  • TOP 100 chemical disTribuTOrs Bright future for tors. We expect this to lead to an increase of the total market. The EU’s Reach and CLP regulations will maintain a starring role, making them a top pri- the supply chain ority for FECC. Our efforts remain to ensure that our members have all the necessary informa- tion available and to constantly improve the communication flow with leading institutions. FECC and its members are already preparing to The steady worldwide recovery in the chemical meet the 2013 registration deadline. We encour- age the industry to start working now. To sup- industry is testimony to the importance of distributors port our members in this process, we are under- taking various communication actions, as well Uta Jensen-Korte FECC trends such as consolidation as working closely with other associations for D and distributors providing the benefit of the complete supply chain. istribution plays a crucial part in the more value-added services FECC and its members work closely togeth- chemical supply chain. As an or- to continue. This is a result er with evolution and innovation in mind. We ganization committed to promote of the sustained preference continue to align our efforts to offer tailored the chemical distribution industry of producers to outsource, solutions for the chemical distribution indus- and foster cooperation within the sector, the and therefore demand, new try, like the Responsible Care Programme, our European Association of Chemical Distribu- services from the distribu- flagship on safety and sustainability. We be- tors (FECC) strives to become the opinion lieve that this subject will become increasing- maker of our industry. “We expect… consolidation ly important for the whole chemical industry, The chemical distribution industry has which is why its promotion remains one of seen a steady recovery from the worldwide and… providing more value- our main priorities. ■ economic downturn, and we expect it to con- added services to continue” We are proud to have a large portion of our tinue – a testimony to the importance of dis- Uta Jensen-Korte members in this year’s list. To learn more tributors within the supply chain. We expect Director general, FECC about our association, visit We’ve Got Great Chemistry… Established in 2000, the Chemical Distribution Network (CDN) Member Benefits • Lower chemical costs through CDN purchase programs is a $1.2 Billion U.S. chemical distributor network consortium • Access to new global chemical suppliers and product lines Our goal is to reduce the cost of doing business for our • Competitive advantage in the global chemical marketplace • Leveraged and shared operations and logistics capabilities members while at the same time driving value and efficiency • Shared best practices in Ops, EH & S, Admin and IT for our strategic and preferred global supply partners. • Low cost global supply channel for your customers • Collaborative global network of chemical distributors and suppliers • Supportive organizational culture comprised of distributors like you Supplier Benefits • Access into $1.2 Billion of U.S. market share and customer base • Efficient single point of contact into $1.0 Billion of chemical spend • Alternate supply chain model providing a collaborative environment with distributors and end customers Great • • Preferred status over competing suppliers Shared and leveraged assets reduce our supplier’s Chemistry for logistics cost to market For more information on becoming a CDN member or Commerce preferred supplier contact Chris Coates at 630.778.2073 or e-mail: pur0811_ChemDistNet_2.indd 1 July 18-31, 2011 | ICIS Chemical Business |AM 10/22/2008 9:43:37 35ICB_180711_035 35 13/7/11 16:34:21
  • ICB_180711_036 36 13/07/2011 09:52:15
  • TOP 100 chemical disTribuTOrs ASSoCIQUIm members gain share The Brazilian Association of Chemical and Petrochemical Distributors sees its members increase market share as they invest and commit to quality RUbEnS mEdRAno training, aiming to improve serv- president, associquim ices to their partners. I The resulting improvements n a country of continental di- and better productivity led to an mensions such as Brazil, dis- increase in the demand for distri- tribution is of paramount im- bution services from chemical portance to small and manufacturers in Brazil. medium-sized end-users across Our share in the movement of the country. products traded through distribu- We are recognized and desired tion channels went by supply chain players for from 5–6% in multiple services provided by dis- 2003 to about tributors, such as transportation, 11% in 2010, blending, repacking, storage and with total sales post-sales technical assistance, as in reaching ap- well as moving many products to proximately fragmented markets. $5.5bn (€3.9bn). In 2002, Brazil’s distribution sector offered a demonstration of The resulting commitment, maturity and re- sponsibility in the areas of envi- improvements and ronmental health, safety and se- productivity gains curity performance by joining led to an increase in PRODIR (Responsible Distribu- tion Process) and the TPV (third- the demand for party verification) established distribution services by ASSOCIQUIM (Brazilian Association of Chemical and Petrochemical Distributors.) But when you compare Brazil’s chemical distributor market share HIGH-QUALITY SERVICES to those of its counterparts in the With PRODIR, which complies US and Europe, there is still plen- with social and environmental ty of room to grow. responsibility codes and stand- Our next challenge is industry ards practiced in the US and Ca- consolidation, which has been nadian markets, Brazilian distri- strong in the North American and bution companies are proud to be European markets. In Brazil this is able to offer services which have just starting to take place. We ex- the same internationally recog- pect it will involve the distribution nized, high-quality standards. sector in 2011 and 2012, and in the Chemical distributors have years to follow. ■ also invested in terminals, ex- For more on Brazil’s chemical panded sites and new laborato- distribution association, visit ries. They have also expanded July 18-31, 2011 | ICIS Chemical Business | 37ICB_180711_037 37 13/7/11 17:43:33
  • An industry leader since 1846. Every day, The Performance Products Group of Church & Dwight upholds a global reputation as the trusted name in bicarbonates. Recognized for its celebrated quality and purity, the renowned Arm & Hammer® brand provides solutions to markets worldwide. Church & Dwight.Trusted brand. Proven performance. www.ahperformance.comICB_180711_038 38 13/07/2011 09:52:44
  • TOP 100 chemical disTribuTOrs cacD’s members operate lean, safe The Canadian Association of Chemical Distributors sees In these times, more than members rebound with efficient and reliable operations ever, Responsibility matters … in all the activities that chemical distributors perform cathy campbell The CACD has 47 member companies with exeCutive DireCtor, CACD 162 sites across the country and 76 global sup- T plier partners. CACD members do business with he chemical distribution sector is inte- more than 10,000 customers and have been suc- Matters through stewardship, communication, gral to the Canadian chemical industry. cessful in these economic times because they education, partnerships and safety in all the ac- The Canadian Association of Chemical have always run their businesses with a “lean” tivities that chemical distributors perform – Distributors (CACD’s) members repre- mentality. This is evident with employment whether it is on the road, in the community, in sent almost 15% of Canada’s chemical market. numbers at 92% of what they were in 2009. the lab, in the environment or in the business. Through the CACD’s Responsible Distribu- While personnel has been reduced, ship- CACD is proud of the success of its members, tion program, customers and suppliers are ments have increased and sales have remained many of which are highlighted in the ICIS Top given consistent product quality, regulatory at almost the same levels. Distributors are will- 100 Chemical Distributors listing. ■ compliance, risk prevention programs, well- ing to work harder to meet customer and sup- Please contact the CACD office at 905-844- established packaging and logistics standards, plier needs. 9140 for information or visit our emergency awareness and cost savings. In these times, more than ever, Responsibility website at Omya - Your reliable partner for chemical specialties distribution - Worldwide • Among Europe‘s top 10 chemicals distributors committed to growth • Long-term commitment and continuous development • Local understanding, central support • Value-driven technical sales • Financially strong Omya offers versatile solutions beyond calcium carbonate – from raw materials to intermediates and chemical specialties for virtually any application. Our major markets are the paper, plastics, paint/coatings/adhesives indus- tries as well as construction, environment, agriculture, food and pharma. Our global distribution network allows for one-stop-shopping of our products and our partners’ chemicals. Profit from our expertise and our extensive technical support. With our strong focus on innovation, we meet your requirements of today and tomorrow. Omya International AG | P.O. Box 335 | CH-4665 Oftringen | Switzerland | July 18-31, 2011 | ICIS Chemical Business | 39ICB_180711_039 39 13/7/11 17:07:40
  • IN BRAZIL, ASSOCIQUIM AND ITS MEMBERS DISTRIBUTE MUCH MORE THAN CHEMICALS AND PETROCHEMICALS. More than representing Brazilian chemicals and petrochemicals distributors, Associquim works hard to improve quality and productivity of its members and KPZ[YPI[L ILULÄ[Z MVY [OL ^OVSL ZVJPL[` PU HYLHZ VM LU]PYVUTLU[ OLHS[O HUK safety performances. TURNOVER MARKET OF US$5,5 BILLIONS/YEAR ASSOCIQUIM represents the Brazilian companies that process, formulate, blend, re-package, storage, transport and trade chemical and petrochemical products for industrial consumers. PRODIR - RESPONSIBLE DISTRIBUTION - 10 YEARS OF SUCCESS IN BRAZIL In 2002, ASSOCIQUIM launched PRODIR - RESPONSIBLE DISTRIBUTION on behalf of its members. Brazilian distributors are able to provide to their customers services with responsibility and high quality standards. EBDQUIM – AN EVENT TO PROMOTE THE BRAZILIAN DISTRIBUTION SECTOR It’s a biennial event which gather the most important players from the Brazilian market with participants and speakers from all around the world to create, share and spread knowledge. The EBDQUIM is a unique opportunity to be up-to-date with what’s happening, the trends, forecasts and expectations, get in touch with senior executives in Brazil and DEURDG ðQG VXSSOLHUV DQG FXVWRPHUV JHQHUDWLQJ QHZ EXVLQHVV DQG VWUHQJWKHQ existing relationships. 6th EBDQUIM - March 14th - 16th, 2012 - Praia do Forte - Bahia - Brazil Visit website: 40 13/07/2011 09:53:12
  • TOP 100 chemical disTribuTOrs brenntag’s fidler on m&a strategy “We have a well-defined M&A strategy that concentrates on the expanding markets of Asia Pacific and latin America but will also include Europe, north America and pos- sibly the Middle East and Africa. We have communicated to the capital markets that our acquisition plan includes a spend of more or less €200m–250m/year [$282m–352m/year] out of free cash flow for the next several years, with a focus on geography, industry expertise, product portfolio and cultural fit. We have a pretty good track record, with 94 acquisitions Rex Features globally since 1991 and 30 since 2007.” m&a goes ranking last year, with over $90m in sales. Head-to-head with Brenntag in the M&A race is US-headquartered Univar, which this year has bought France-based distributor Quaron, as well as a Turkish chemical up a gear distributor. Late last year, it bought US dis- tributor Basic Chemical Solutions, which had sales of almost $900m. Univar has made it clear it is also looking for acquisitions in China. Other global play- ers, such as Europe’s Azelis and IMCD and US group Nexeo Solutions (formerly Ash- Asia remains a key focus for future deals among the land Distribution), are also likely to be look- ing in the nascent Asian distribution market global giants but one company is already moving in for growth opportunities. As Guenther Eberhard, consultant at Swit- zerland-based DistriConsult, points out, will beacham london distributor focused on food ingredients, coat- these companies – with the exception of M ings and personal care. with sales of about Nexeo – are all well established in Europe ergers and acquisitions activity in €220m ($315m). and would find it difficult to make a major chemical distribution is acceler- acquisition at home without running into ating, as the sector recovers well brenntag StrengthenS PreSence competition problems with the authorities. from the downturn and players The move reinforced the Brenntag’s push into European purchases are more likely to be look to expand both geographically and in specialties, and strengthened its presence in small or in market areas where there is still terms of filling in product gaps. the region. little consolidation. In Specialty chemicals, Asia remains a key focus for future growth, “A strong facility presence by Zhong Yung the potential for triggering supplier conflicts although much activity in the first half of the in the key economic regions of Tianjin, could also be a limiting factor. year has still been focused on Europe and Shanghai and Guangzhou and a diversified Nexeo, however, could still do a large North America. customer, product and supplier base, along chemical deal in Europe as its strength there In the race for global growth, one company with last year’s acquisition of EAC, gives our is mainly in polymers, says Eberhard. Also, has been making big inroads into Asia, par- Asia Pacific team a perfect platform for long- the company’s owner, US private equity ticularly China, in the past 12 months. That term sustainable growth in China, as well as group TPG, would have the capacity to carry company is Germany’s Brenntag. all of South and Southeast Asia,” says Bill out such investments. On June 6, the company made its debut Fidler, CEO at Brenntag North America. with a deal to take a 51% stake in Chinese “We will continue to explore additional ac- grOwing rOle fOr mid-Size PlayerS distributor Zhong Yung Chemical. quisition candidates in this high-growth Eberhard expects mid-sized players with sales The deal is due to close during the third area.” Brenntag also continues to expand its of €100m–€600m to play a bigger role in Eu- quarter of 2011, with the remaining 49% core European and North American markets. ropean M&A. “These companies are ‘cash- share to be taken up in 2016. Zhong Yung On May 30, it bought out US distributor rich’ after running a tight ship during the dif- is expected to have sales of around $370m G.S. Robins to boost its presence in the ficult times and a very good 2010,” he says. (€529m) in 2011. food and beverage, and water treatment “They are now looking for ways to foster In July 2010, Brenntag bought EAC Indus- chemicals sectors. G.S. Robins was number growth and enlarging their footprint. I expect trial Ingredients, a major Southeast Asian 70 in our ICIS Top 100 Chemical Distributors them to play a more prominent role in the ❯❯ July 18-31, 2011 | ICIS Chemical Business | 41ICB_180711_041-042 41 13/7/11 16:17:12
  • TOP 100 chemical disTribuTOrs CHeMiCAl DiSTribuTion DeAlS in THe firST HAlf of 2011 Date Acquirer Target Country Sales Seller Status Comments Jan 3, 2011 PVS Nolwood Young Chemical US n/a Owners completed Regional distributor in Winsburg, Chemicals Ohio; size around $30m (est.) Jan 10, 2011 Azelis Finkochem Russia n/d Al Metalchem completed Jan 10, 2011 Brenntag Luwatek Germany n/d Owners completed Asset deal for sales activities and product inventory Jan 10, 2011 Hawkins Vertex Chemical US $39m Owners (Michael announced Asset deal H. Mosio & family) Jan 11, 2011 Kem Quaron France France €110m Bencis completed Kem AG is a 50:50 JV of Overlack (estimated) and Stockmeier Jan 18, 2011 Univar Eral-Protek Turkey n/d Owners completed Jan 21, 2011 Institutional Brenntag Germany €7.47bn Brachem completed 7m shares at €71.50 per share; investors Acquisition free float now 64%; total number of shares outstanding is 51.5m Jan 24, 2011 Hannover Biesterfeld Vermögens- Germany around €800m completed Silent participation (mezzanine Finanz Group verwaltung capital) Feb 6, 2011 quantiQ Unipar Comercial Quimica Brazil n/d completed Feb 16, 2011 Tennants Tessenderlo Fine UK n/d (sale price Tessenderlo completed Acquirer is the parent company of Consolidated Chemicals (Leek/UK) £17m) Tennants Distribution Feb 23, 2011 Azelis S&D Group UK n/d S&D Group announced Mar 7, 2011 Melrob Chemiplus Japan n/d completed Mar 31, Feedway Spin-off from Azelis (MBO) Belgium n/d Azelis completed 2011 Europe Apr 9, 2011 Omya UNASA Spain €35m LyondellBasell completed and Ticona (JV) May 30, Brenntag G.S. Robins US $96m Owners completed Regional distributor with 2011 headquarters in St. Louis Jun 9, 2011 Brenntag Zhong Yung China €225m Owners announced 51% deal closing Q3 2011; (International) Chemical remaining 49% targeted for 2016 Jun 14, 2011 Safic-Alcan Interplast Turkey €12m Management completed Majority share; management to (Owners) remain as minority shareholders SOURCE: DistriConsult Q&A ❯❯ next round of consolidation, when it fi- DKSH on M&A: MArio PreiSSler nally arrives,” he adds. “At the moment, their issue is more the lack of willing sellers.” How much further M&A is How well developed is chemi- Eberhard says some of the recent M&A likely in distribution? cal distribution in Asia and deals clearly carried a premium for the strate- Basically, in all world regions, it Latin America? gic value of their respective transactions. is still very fragmented. Most producers like to com- High earnings before interest, tax, deprecia- Consolidation has been going bine direct market access with tion and amortization (EBITDA) multiples on but there is still a lot of a distribution channel for small of 10 to 11 may not be applicable to smaller room for further M&A activity. and medium-sized customers. deals, he says. This is no different from one Across the world, there is no end in sight to Which regions are particularly region to the other. Asia and the growth possibilites from M&A, says Bren- ripe for further M&A? Preissler is global head, Latin America are still more ntag’s Fidler. Market shares of leading dis- business unit performance fragmented in terms of the “Chemical distribution continues to be tributors are rather small even in materials at DKSH chemical distribution market, highly fragmented, although less so in the US. developed regions like Europe. with only one real regional play- Brenntag is the market leader globally, with a Asia and Europe show now and fair chance in the future. In er in each of the two regions. 7% market share, and the top three have will show increasing M&A activ- order to be successful in the slightly over 15%,” he says. “In the US, the ity as more market participants market, you have to have On your own M&A strategy, top three have more than 43%. With more try to build a regional presence. strong local/regional knowl- where are you looking? than 10,000 distributors globally, there is no edge. On the other hand, a DKSH is combining strong or- limit for consolidation on the horizon.” ■ Is the global model still valid, global presence offers the pos- ganic growth with add-on ac- Additional reporting by Joseph Chang in or is it be better to be a sibility to work closely with glo- quisitions in the regions where New York strong regional player? bal business partners and to we are active. This is today Both business models stand a realize internal synergies. primarily Asia and Europe. ■ Read Paul Hodges’ Chemicals & the Economy blog 42 | ICIS Chemical Business | July 18-31, 2011 www.icis.comICB_180711_041-042 42 13/7/11 17:53:15
  • 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 Identify  the company that answers these questions: Across: 1) Founded in 1858 2) 158 offices in 79 countries 3) Dedicated customer service staff 4) Long-standing global relationships 5) Global raw material powerhouse Down: 2) Serves broad spectrum of industries including personal care, H I & I, paint & coatings, water treatment 3) Certified: GMP, ISF, FCD, ISO 9001:2008, USP, Kosher, FDA 4) Warehouses located throughout the United States 6) Offers competitive pricing on high quality raw material 7) Sourcing authority for solvents, plastics & specialized ingredients Tampa FL • 813-972-5959 • www.ChemDot.comICB_180711_043 43 13/07/2011 09:53:40Marubeni_Blackboard_Ad.indd 1 6/30/11 10:08 AM
  • Wherever you need us ... ... we’ll find a way! We cater for your needs: 51 local bases - at home all over the world. Biesterfeld Plastic Europe’s leading distributor for plastics Biesterfeld Spezialchemie Biesterfeld AG Top distributor for specialty chemicals Ferdinandstrasse 41 20095 Hamburg, Germany in Central Europe Tel.: + 49 40 32008 - 0 Fax: + 49 40 32008 - 340 Biesterfeld International Worldwide successful trade in commodities and specialtiesICB_180711_044 44 13/07/2011 09:54:53
  • TOP 100 chemical disTribuTOrs “The consumption pattern is slowing – customers do not want to keep stocks and are postponing purchases” m. POnnuSwami Chairman and managing director, Pure Chemicals Pure Chemicals expects to record 35–40% growth in sales and 25–30% growth in vol- umes in its fiscal year ending March 31, 2012. Pure Chemicals plans to add new locations to its distribution infrastructure in India and grow exports to neighboring countries, as well as Africa. It is also working on opening sub- sidiaries in Australia, China and Singapore. “Last year, we added phenol and acetone to our portfolio, and we have started importing Rex Features acetic acid. We are also focusing on specialty chemicals in segments such as coatings and asia distributors inks, plastics, agro chemicals and polyurethane [PU] additives,” Ponnuswami explains. The company is also exploring toll manufacturing of specialty chemicals in India. see slowdown SEEKinG GrEEn ChEmS Thailand-based Union Petrochemical, which distributes products from US-based energy and chemical major ExxonMobil and Thai- land-based energy and chemical group PTT Asia’s chemical sellers see slowing consumption in the Chemical, is looking to move into environ- near term, but express optimism for long-term growth mentally friendly solvents and chemicals. “Our technical team is educating customers [on these products] and creating demand. We are also looking at expanding in other South- malini hariharan MuMbAi China is seeing a similar trend. Chau Tak Vui, east Asian countries such as Vietnam and the C managing director of McKinn International, Philippines,” says Perajed Suwannapasri, as- hina’s battle against inflation has led points out: “China has slowed down in the sec- sistant managing director of Union Petro- the government to progressively ond quarter, which has affected demand for chemical. The company is targeting 15–20% tighten its monetary policy, an ac- chemicals. The second half of this year is not volume growth in 2011. tion mirrored in India. South Korea promising.” McKinn International is a $30m India-based chemical distributor Ram Cha- has lowered its growth forecast, again on infla- chemical distribution company with expertise ran is also focusing on environmentally tion concerns, while the other Asian power- in sourcing specialty chemicals from China. friendly materials, including products such as house – Japan – has yet to recover from a dev- McKinn’s products include acetates, acrylates, recycled rubber. The company is a distributor astating earthquake and tsunami in March. glycols, polymers, solvents and oleochemicals. of synthetic rubber, plastics and specialty The impact has been slowing growth chemicals across the country. throughout the region, according to Asian riSinG COSTS Companies increasingly understand the chemical distributors. Companies are focus- Additionally, Chinese production costs are on value and economics of recycled material, ing on long-term growth opportunities by ex- the rise. “Export competitiveness has been af- Kaushik Palicha, executive partner of the panding into new products and regions. fected in certain products – domestic logistics Rs1.45bn company, points out. Ram Charan “Due to volatility in basic chemicals, cus- costs are increasing and moving product from expects sales to grow by 20% in 2011–2012. tomers do not want to keep stocks and are factory to port can be quite costly. Currency ap- Palicha is optimistic that a slowdown seen in postponing purchases,” says M. Ponnuswami, preciation is also a problem,” Tak Vui added. sectors such as automotive in India will be short- chairman and managing director of Pure Despite these concerns, China remains an im- lived. Manufacturing should pick up in July as Chemicals, an India-based distributor that had portant sourcing point because of its strengths, companies gear up for sales during the festive Indian rupees (Rs) 12.5bn ($281m) in sales in especially in the area of research and develop- season in the fourth quarter, he says, adding that the fiscal year ended March 31, 2011. ment, which enables local companies to con- opportunities to expand will multiply in the Pure Chemicals distributes commodity tinuously launch new products in the fine and coming years as global chemical manufacturers chemicals such as alcohols and ethers, gly- speciality chemical segments. Despite a chal- look to expand their presence in Asia. ■ cols, acrylates, aromatics, amines, solvents lenging 2011, chemical distributors are optimis- Read Malini Hariharan and John Richardson’s and titanium dioxide, as well as a number of tic that the region’s long-term prospects will en- Asian Chemical Connections blog www.icis. specialty chemicals. able them to withstand any economic turmoil. com/blogs/asian-chemical-connections July 18-31, 2011 | ICIS Chemical Business | 45ICB_180711_045 45 13/7/11 16:12:10
  • TOP 100 chemical disTribuTOrs NACD builds to the industry,” says Jahn. “Our members have done an even better job of educating congress on the importance of dealing with this issue.” Issued in 2006, CFATS would have expired on a solid in 2009, but Congress granted two one-year renewals. NACD is now hoping for a renewal of seven years or more to provide longer- term regulatory certainty. A House Commit- tee approved a seven-year extension (HR-908) foundation in May, but the Senate bill, S.473, which moved out of committee late last month, would provide only a three-year extension. For TSCA, Jahn says, the way forward is unclear. “Senator [Frank] Lautenberg of New Jersey has introduced a bill into Senate, S.847, but NACD enters its fifth decade with a growing we’re opposed to that for a variety of reasons. member base, international influence and a program The bottom line is, we’re still looking for common sense federal reform. We would like of assertive advocacy founded on the credibility of a solid federal standard based on sound sci- ence that weighs both the danger of a chemi- Responsible Distribution cal and the risk of exposure.” The last item, railroad transportation, is a CLAY BOSWELL NEW YORK almost every congressional district, so we sore subject for the chemical industry. N have broad reach, and we’re able to have some “I’ve visited over 100 members in the five ow in its 40th year, the US-based Na- influence with folks when we need to.” years that I’ve been at NACD,” says Jahn, tional Association of Chemical Dis- Most members will have had scant experi- “and exactly one has been satisfied with their tributors (NACD) is stronger than ever ence of the political process, so NACD has rail service.” Two-thirds of the chemical in- and enlisting new members attracted developed tools to help them participate ef- dustry is served by a single carrier, a monopo- by the organization’s energetic representation, fectively. For example, members can down- ly situation that results in poor service and high standards and expanding service offering. load a 20-page advocacy toolkit unreasonable costs, he explains. “We are looking to grow,” says Chris Jahn, that outlines the key issues, ex- “So we’re supporting two bills – one that NACD president. NACD’s membership, whit- plains how to contact Members would repeal the antitrust exemption that tled away in recent years by industry consoli- of Congress, suggests ways to railroads enjoy, and a second that would re- dation, is on the rise again and at the highest involve employees, and intro- form the way the Surface Transportation level in a decade: 261 distributor members and duces a suite of web-based re- Board regulates the railroads. The goal is to 140 affiliate members, 401 in total, of which 40 sources that NACD members create more competition.” joined in the last year. The two bills – S.49, the Railroad Antitrust Jahn credits the result to NACD’s commit- “We are always looking Enforcement Act of 2011 and S.158, the Sur- ment to advocacy, Responsible Distribution face Transportation Board Reauthorization and membership value. for new opportunities to Act of 2011 – were introduced to the Senate provide additional benefits in January and have moved out of committee, ACTIVATING THE GRASS ROOTS to our members” Jahn says. “But we would really like to see Advocacy has always been fundamental to more momentum in the House,” he adds. CHRIS JAHN NACD’s mission, of course, but the associa- President, NACD tion has multiplied its effectiveness by solicit- A VALUABLE BRAND ing the active participation of members. Responsible Distribution, the NACD’s envi- “NACD members have never been more en- can use to keep informed and respond quickly ronmental, health, safety and security man- gaged and more effective on federal legislation to legislative developments. agement system, contributes heavily to the than at any other time in our history,” Jahn The toolkit also describes an innovative impact of the association’s advocacy efforts. says. “It’s the involvement of our members in Site-Visit Program, through which NACD staff Adopted in 1991 as the Responsible Distribu- the process – grassroots advocacy.” help members arrange, prepare for and con- tion Process, it has been a requirement of The strategy is particularly appropriate for duct facility tours for Members of Congress. NACD membership since 1998. chemical distribution, a fragmented, geo- The payoff for these efforts is a fair hearing Third-party document and site verification graphically diverse industry largely com- when issues affecting chemical distributors maximize Responsible Distribution’s credi- prised of small businesses, none of which, come before the legislature. bility, but industry shorthand for the program alone, could marshall the kind of resources This year, the agenda is topped by has tended conversely to minimize its visibil- like those available to multibillion dollar extension of the Chemical Facility Anti- ity. NACD recently addressed the problem chemical manufacturers. Terrorism Standards (CFATS), reform of the with a rebranding. “Our members are not, on average, big com- Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA) and re- “Everyone called it RDP, but if you weren’t panies,” Jahn observes. “On the other hand, form of railroad regulation. “We’ve got a lot of a chemical distributor, you didn’t know NACD members have over 1,500 facilities momentum behind moving forward on what that meant,” Jahn explains. across the country. We have a presence in chemical security in a way that will be helpful “To remove that obstacle, particularly for 46 | ICIS Chemical Business | July 18-31, 2011 www.icis.comICB_180711_046-047 46 13/7/11 15:47:09
  • TOP 100 chemical disTribuTOrs all of our stakeholders in government, both ent laws and different business processes,” as warehousers, recyclers and carriers, and on the Hill and in the agencies, we decided to he explains. “But we are saying that certain even companies that do not handle chemi- call the program what it is – not RDP, not RD, fundamentals should apply, such as third- cals, such as insurers, to engage more closely but Responsible Distribution.” party verification. Third-party verification is with the association and its members. The rebranding was rolled out last August, the linchpin.” While NACD programs such as these along with a new NACD logo and a facelift for NACD aims to extend Responsible create new venues for interaction, others pro- the association’s website and magazine. Distribution’s influence not only around the vide access to expertise that might otherwise “We’ve got brand equity in Responsible Dis- world, but also throughout the chemical be unaffordable. tribution,” Jahn says. “It means something.” supply chain. For example, a program announced in Jahn would like to extend that brand equity March helps members achieve regulatory beyond the shores of the US. “We’ve got brand equity in compliance. A memorandum of understanding signed Based on partnerships with four consult- last December by NACD, the Brazilian Asso- Responsible Distribution. ing firms, it offers members discounted con- ciation of Chemical Distributors (ASSOCIQ- It means something” sultations, detailed compliance information, UIM) and the Canadian Association of Chem- CHRIS JAHN training sessions and webinars, and regular ical Distributors (CACD) is a first step. President, NACD updates on changing requirements. “Our hope is that it will serve as a stepping A program still under consideration would stone for greater international recognition of commission market research to give mem- Responsible Distribution by chemical manu- Last year, for example, the association bers a clearer view of developments in the facturers, customers and governments,” he signed an agreement with the US-based Na- market place. As always, membership value says. “We’re talking to other associations in tional Tank Truck Carriers (NTTC) to solidify will determine whether an initiative leaves the Americas, Europe and Asia about joining and extend the existing relationship, the ulti- the drawing board, Jahn points out. our effort, and I’m cautiously optimistic that mate objective being to improve quality, safe- “We are always looking for new opportuni- we will see progress in that area.” ty and business processes. ties to provide additional benefits to our The objective would not be to export an The association’s affiliate programs fulfill a members,” he says. ■ exact replica of the NACD program, he points similar function by inviting suppliers and Read more industry news and get the latest out. “We won’t be telling other countries how producers not qualified for membership, international chemical prices direct to you. to do things – different countries have differ- service providers that handle chemicals such Visit TRU S T & R ESPEC T OUR RELATIONSHIPS ARE BUILT ON IT. T H E R E I S A R E A S O N we have excellent customer WE STRIVE TO BE YOUR PREFERRED SUPPLIER OF: relationships, and that we’re the preferred choice of our customers and principals. For over 40 years, we’ve > Urethane Chemicals been delivering excellence in our markets with a highly > Specialty Resins qualified technical sales force and superior service to the > Pigments biggest names in chemical manufacturing. Trust and > Fillers respect are earned with our customers and principals, > Specialty Additives creating lasting partnerships with just the right ‘mix.’ > Flame Retardants > Anti-Corrosives > Surfactants Headquarters: 4155 Manchester Avenue, St. Louis, MO 63110 - Tel: 800-272-4929 Offices in: Atlanta, GA; Chicago, IL; Cincinnati, OH; Flemington, NJ; Kansas City, MO; Memphis, TN; St. Louis, MO July 18-31, 2011 | ICIS Chemical Business | 47ICB_180711_046-047 47 13/7/11 15:47:16
  • ICB_180711_048 48 13/07/2011 09:56:41
  • TOP 100 chemical disTribuTOrs Nexeo to focus on fundamentals New CEO David Bradley seeks to first enhance the value proposition of the former Ashland Distribution as a stand-alone company jOsEpH CHANg nEw yOrk Partners – both of which have 42.5% stakes, N with the rest owned by management and ewly independent US-based chemi- other investors. cal distributor Nexeo Solutions will first focus on developing its business M&A ON THE BACK BURNER model and proposition, rather than While M&A will initially be on the back burn- on mergers and acquisitions (M&A). er in terms of focus for Nexeo, Bradley did not “We are very excited to be a stand-alone rule out deals altogether. “If we saw an oppor- company focused exclusively on distribution, tunity where we could make a cash-flow ac- and will spend 100% of our time, talent and cretive acquisition that would be a good fit, resources on getting our value proposition we would give it our full consideration,” Bra- right – using service as a differentiator,” says dley says. “The reality is that we have a great CEO David Bradley in an interview with ICIS. core platform we can leverage right now. We “We will first focus on developing this differ- want to leverage our strong supplier relation- entiated model, before undertaking major ships to build up our market presence.” M&A.” However, he calls M&A a “very inefficient, Nexeo Solutions launched on April 1, after low-yield process. Even with all the merger the former Ashland Distribution business was activity in the global chemical distribution acquired by global private equity firm TPG space, the top three distributors only have Capital for $979m (€685m). The company op- about 15% of the market,” he notes. erates in three markets – chemicals, plastics Meanwhile, potential consolidation in the “We will spend 100% of our and composites. petrochemical industry could provide oppor- In 2010, it generated sales of $3.4bn, mak- tunities for chemical distributors. time on getting our value ing it the world’s third-largest chemical dis- “Whenever there is consolidation among proposition right – using tributor. Chemical sales represented 46% of suppliers, distributors can pick up accounts service as a differentiator” total revenue, with the rest in plastics and to service, as companies seek efficiencies in dAvid BRAdlEy composites. All chemical sales were in North service as their customer base widens,” says CEO, Nexeo Solutions America, while plastics and composite sales Bradley. “We see the next five years as an ex- were in North America and Europe. citing time in this business, as we see growth Being an independent company owned by in emerging markets and companies seek the private equity serves as an advantage, notes most efficient channels to market.” Bradley. “Private equity has the appetite to invest in diffERENTiATiON a growing business that generates cash flow. A key element of its business model will be As part of a larger company in the last five differentiating its service offering. “We will years, investment in the business was mini- increase our technical aptitude in key markets mal,” he says. “Building supplier relation- so we can service customers as they grow,” ships, the asset base and service capabilities says Bradley. Nexeo will identify and focus requires significant investment.” on those products where it can differentiate Private equity firms have made their mark itself, he adds. on the chemical distribution sector. The top Another key area will be managing price three companies – Germany’s Brenntag, US- volatility. “In the last three to four years, the based Univar and Nexeo Solutions – all have chemical markets have been characterized by private equity ownership. one thing – volatility,” says Bradley. “We Global private equity firm BC Partners took must manage that volatility to meet our cus- Brenntag public in March 2010 in Germany, tomers’ needs.” ■ and has reduced its ownership to under 50%. For exclusive CEO interviews, sign up for our Univar is owned by global private equity firms free CEO Opinion e-newsletters Clayton, Dubilier & Rice, and CVC Capital July 18-31, 2011 | ICIS Chemical Business | 49ICB_180711_049 49 13/7/11 16:08:50
  • TOP 100 chemical disTribuTOrs Introducing the IcIs Top 100 chemical Distributors In our annual listing, we rank the leading global chemical distributors by 2010 sales. Plus, this year, we break out sales by geography ered strongly from the financial and economic joseph chang new york Distributors have recovered W crisis, with many companies showing solid e are pleased to once again in- strongly from the crisis, with gains in 2010 sales from 2009 levels. The troduce the ICIS Top 100 Chem- many companies showing ranking is based on calendar 2010 sales. ical Distributors – a global list- Our tables this year rank leaders by geo- ing of companies critical to the solid gains in 2010 sales graphic sales rather than by where companies chemical supply chain. This is our second joseph chang are headquartered. The regions are North Global editor, ICIS Chemical Business year featuring this ranking, and this time, we America, Europe, Latin America, Asia, and also break out sales by geographic region. Middle East and Africa. We give special thanks to the major chemi- ciation of Chemical and Petrochemical Dis- Note that we only included those companies cal distributor associations that made this tributors), and the Canadian Association of that broke out sales by geography, and that worldwide listing possible. We had tremen- Chemical Distributors (CACD) . sales by geography will often differ from total dous support from the US National Associa- We are privileged to welcome a number of company sales in the main Top 100 listing. ■ tion of Chemical Distributors (NACD), the new companies into the listing. We have also European Association of Chemical Distribu- listed companies with sales below the thresh- For the full Top 100 Chemical Distributors tors (FECC), ASSOCIQUIM (Brazilian Asso- old of the Top 100. Distributors have recov- listing online visit 50 | ICIS Chemical Business | July 18-31, 2011 www.icis.comICB_180711_050 50 13/7/11 15:38:02
  • ICB_180711_051 51 13/07/2011 09:57:15
  • INNOVATION = VALUE TECHNICAL EXPERTISE: Advancements in technology can improve your bottom line. USE TOMORROW’S SOLUTIONS TO SOLVE TODAY’S CHALLENGES. Univar’s partnerships with the world’s premier chemical producers offer us a front row seat to the newest breakthroughs in materials and technology. Our technical professionals specialize in formulation development from concept to application, and they’re here to show you how the latest innovations can provide answers to your most complex process and production issues. Univar delivers much more to you than a comprehensive line of chemical ingredients. Innovation, technical expertise — it all adds up to value. INNOVATION > TECHNICAL EXPERTISE > MARKETING > SALES > LOGISTICS > DISTRIBUTION | www.univar.comICB_180711_052 52 13/07/2011 09:57:47
  • TOP 100 chemical disTribuTOrs BRENNTAG GRoup Services: International marketing, facilities; 68 third-party warehouses, 1 2010 SAlES: €7.6BN President and CEO: John Zillmer distribution, logistics, production, rail terminals and tank terminals; ($10.1BN) Products: Alcohols, aliphatics, alkalis, scientific and technical services three locations that perform contract Mulheim an der Ruhr, Germany amines, aromatics, ascorbic acid, packaging activities catalysts, caustic potash, caustic NExEo SoluTIoNS CEO: Steven Holland soda, epoxy resins, glycols, mineral 4 2010 SAlES: $3.4BN ICC CHEMICAl Products: Coatings chemicals, food acids, oxidizers, performance poly- Dublin, Ohio, US 5 2010 SAlES: $1.7BN ingredients, oilfield chemicals, phar- mers, phosphates, silicones, sodium New York, New York, US maceutical ingredients, personal hypochlorite, solvents, surfactants, President: David Bradley care chemicals and water treatment sweeteners and texture modifiers Products: Adhesives and sealants, President: Naveen Chandra chemicals catalysts, gelcoats, inks and printing Products: Acrylonitrile, aromatics, Services: Just-in-time delivery, product HElM materials, lubricant additives, metal- glycols, plastics, solvents, specialty mixing, formulation, repackaging, in- 3 2010 SAlES: €4.2BN working chemicals, paints and coat- chemicals, olefins, oxo alcohols, ventory management and drum re- ($5.56BN) ings materials, personal care acrylates and sebacic acid turn handling, and technical support Hamburg, Germany ingredients, pharmaceutical ingredi- Assets: More than 400 sites in over ents, polymers, reinforcements, res- AZElIS 70 countries CEO: Dieter Schnabel ins, solvents, specialty and 6 2010 SAlES: €1.167BN Products: Feedstocks, organic and industrial chemicals and thermo- ($1.55BN) uNIVAR inorganic chemicals, polymers, poly- plastics Antwerp, Belgium 2 2010 SAlES: $7.9BN urethane products and specialty Services: Packaging Redmond, Washington, US chemicals Assets: Sixty-three owned or leased CEO: Joris Coppye NoRTH AMERICAN CHEMICAl DISTRIBuTIoN lEADERS 2010* Company Sales ($m) Company Sales ($m) Company Sales ($m) 1 Univar 5,800 34 Chemsolv 75 67 D.B. Becker 37.1 2 Nexeo Solutions 3,400 35 Industrial Chemicals Inc. 72 68 Miles Chemical 35.7 3 Brenntag 3,230 36 Coyne Chemical 70 69 Buckley Oil 31.3 4 Helm 1,440 37 K-Solv 69 70 Slack Chemical 30 5 Hydrite Chemical 370 38 Lintech International 67 71 Comet Chemical 29.9 6 Quadra Chemicals 303.7 39 Charkit Chemical 62.2 72 Min-Chem/Lawrason’s Group 29.7 7 Canada Colors and Chemicals 267 40 TCR Industries 62 73 Independent Chemical 28.2 8 EMCO Chemical Distributors 257.7 41 The Chemical Company 60 74 Chemical Distributors Inc. 27.9 9 Interstate Chemical 241 42 Walsh & Associates 59.4 75 GJ Chemical 27.5 10 L.V. Lomas 231 43 Tarr 57.2 76 Gulf Coast Chemical 26.8 11 KODA Distribution Group 227.7 44 Chemical Solvents 56.8 77 Industrial Chemicals Corp. 26 12 Archway Sales 210 45 Westco Chemicals 55 78 E.W. Kaufmann 25.11 13 ICC Chemical 205 46 Skyhawk Chemicals 53.2 79 R.E. Carroll 25.1 14 PVS Chemicals 197 47 Cole Chemical & Distributing 53 80 Veckridge Chemical 25 15 E.T. Horn 196 48 McCullough & Associates 52 81 Vivion 24 16 The Plaza Group 193 49 CONCHEMCO 51.9 82 PHT International 23.4 17 M.F. Cachat 187 50 Fitz Chem 51.5 83 Columbus Chemical 22.8 18 Grupo Pochteca 185 51 The DeWolf Companies 49.3 84 Coast Southwest 22.7 19 Superior Solvents & Chemicals 168 52 Ideal Chemical & Supply 49.2 85 Alchem Chemical 22.2 20 Wego Chemical 145 53 Quelaris Internacional 49 86 Schibley Solvents & Chemicals 21 21 Barton Solvents 138.5 54 Hubbard-Hall 46.8 87 APCO Industries 20 22 CSD-Startex 133 55 United Mineral & Chemical 46.6 88 Atlantic Chemicals Trading 16 23 Chemicals Inc. (Chemgroup) 121.1 56 dar-tech 44.6 89 TER GROUP 16 24 SolvChem 112 57 TH Hilson 44.2 90 Boehle Chemicals 14.5 25 AllChem Industries 110 58 BHS Marketing 43 91 Mutchler Pharmaceutical Ingredients 13.8 26 H.M. Royal 109.2 59 Chemisphere 42 92 ECEM European Chemical Marketing 13.3 27 Haviland 101 60 Webb Chemical Service 40.7 93 InterAtlas Chemical 10 28 Tanner Industries 92.3 61 Transchemical 40.5 94 KIC Chemicals 8.7 29 Tilley Chemical 85.8 62 Matteson-Ridolfi 40 95 T.Z. Group 8 30 Maroon 85 63 Ferguson Chemical Innovation 39 96 Arpadis Group 7.4 31 ClearTech Industries 81 64 TRInternational 38.7 97 P A.T. Products . 7 32 HB Chemical 80 65 Chem One 38.6 98 NovaSol Chemicals Group 4.7 33 Durr Marketing Associates 78 66 Connell Brothers 38.5 99 Advanced Chemical Concepts 4.4 *Sales are by region and may differ from the total sales figure in the overall listing. SOURCE: Companies, compiled by ICIS. July 18-31, 2011 | ICIS Chemical Business | 53ICB_180711_053-086 53 1/8/11 12:37:16
  • TOP 100 chemical disTribuTOrs Products: Acidifiers, antioxidants, plus Turkey, Morocco, Tunisia, Algeria, QuIMIDroga food and health ingredients, rheology South Africa, India, China, Malaysia, Business unit head: Mario Preissler 11 2010 SaleS: €575M modifiers, emulsifiers, surfactants, Australia and New Zealand Products: Specicalty chemicals and ($762M) actives, fragrances, active pharma- ingredients for the following indus- Barcelona, Spain ceutical ingredients and excipients, bIeSTerFelD tries: personal care, pharma, food monomers, solvents, coatings mate- 8 2010 SaleS: €837M and beverage, paints and coatings, General manager: Vicente Muñoz rials, resins, pigments, fillers, plastic ($1.21bn) graphics and electronics, polymers, Products: Chemicals and polyolefins, additives and elastomers Hamburg, Germany fibers and adhesives fine chemicals and intermediates Services: Specialized laboratory Services: Sourcing, marketing, sales, plus a full range of additives and analysis, sampling activities, blend- President and CEO: Birger Kuck research and development (R&D), ingredients for food, feed, pharma, ing and formulating, automatic refill- Products: Engineering polymers, acr- logistics, distribution, registration, cosmetics, detergents, coatings and ing, coloring gelcoat batches, ylates, standard polymers, rubber supplier auditing, Reach consultan- solvents repacking, drumming and rubber additives, additives and cy, market research, blending Services: Blending, packaging, dilu- Assets: Access to 135 warehouses, specialty chemicals for cosmetics, Assets: Eighteen innovation centers, tion, bulk and packed storage, dissolv- of which four are owned, outsourced pharmaceuticals, detergents, con- own distribution centers in selected ing, storage and delivery of bulk solids slitting and sewing facility for colla- struction, lubricants, oil drilling, so- markets, food ingredient blending and liquids, and global transport gen cases lar, electronics, coatings, adhesives, plant Assets: Five storage sites for liquid sealants and elastomers, food ingre- and packed products, plus six re- IMCD group dients, composites, plant protection Connell gional stocks for packed products, 7 2010 SaleS: €1bn products, fertilizers and pharmaceu- 10 broTHerS three tank cars for local bulk and ($1.35bn) tical raw materials for animal nutri- 2010 SaleS: $770M break-bulk liquid deliveries Rotterdam, The Netherlands tion and healthcare San Francisco, California, US Services: Blending, packaging, stor- CalDIC CEO: Piet Van der Slikke ing, mixing, chemical consultancy President: Ted Eliot 12 2010 SaleS: €568M Products: More than 16,000, in vari- and advisory services for Europe’s Products: Coatings and inks ingredi- ($753M) ous market segments including Reach regulation, legal compliance ents, plastic and rubber additives, Rotterdam, The Netherlands coatings, pharma, food, plastic and Assets: Mixing, blending and storage food ingredients, personal and rubber, personal care, lubricants, facilities for solid and liquid chemicals household care chemicals and other CEO: O.C. van Caldenborgh synthesis, detergents and cleaners industrial specialty chemicals Products: Solvent-based chemicals, Services: Mixing and blending, pack- DKSH Services: Logistics, storage, ingredi- acids and alkalis, specialties, food aging, storage 9 2010 SaleS: ent technology ingredients, functional and aromatic Assets: Office locations and ware- SwFr749M ($796M) Assets: Thirty-six offices with ware- ingredients houses in most European countries, Zurich, Switzerland houses at every location Services: Blending, packaging, stor- age, reformulations, diluting, dis- persing, drumming, hydrophobing, european CHeMICal DISTrIbuTIon leaDerS 2010* sieving, tailor-made development Company Sales ($m) Company Sales ($m) Assets: Four production sites: Caldic 1 Brenntag 5,210 23 CSC Jaecklechemie 119 Chemie in Rotterdam, Europoort (stor- 2 Helm 2,946 24 VELOX 119 age and handling bio-ethanol and methanol with a capacity of 3 Univar** 1,900 25 ELTON 102.7 172,500m3), Caldic Chemie Produktie 4 IMCD 1,150 26 HARKE Group 101.3 in Zevenbergen (distillation and blend- 5 Biesterfeld Spezialchemie 876 27 GIUSTO FARAVELLI 92.7 ing activities), Caldic Deutschland 6 Barentz Europe 742 28 GRUPO BARCELONESA 90 (Furex), Link Silica in China (precipi- 7 Caldic 707 29 Arpadis Chemicals 88.5 tated silica). A total of 33 locations in 8 TER GROUP 570 30 NovaSol Chemicals Group 85.6 13 countries in Europe and Asia 9 Stockmeier Chemie 490 31 Moeller Chemie 70.2 10 ICC Chemical 440 32 Zeus Quimica 62.7 barenTZ europe 11 Indukern 414 33 Ilario Ormezzano 61 13 2010 SaleS: €560M ($742M) 12 Safic-Alcan 384.25 34 CHEMSERVICE 58.3 Hoofddorp, The Netherlands 13 Nordmann, Rassmann Group 357.7 35 FB Silbermann 51.6 14 Tennants 255.25 36 Andreas Jennow 43.2 CEO: Hidde van der Wal 15 Multisol 229.9 37 National Chemical 35 Products: Food additives, industrial 16 Eigenmann & Veronelli 229 38 GB-Chemie 34.8 chemicals, pharma ingredients, cos- metic ingredients and animal nutri- 17 Pluschem EEIG 210 39 My-Chem 31.3 tion products 18 Campi y Jove 205 40 SAMECA Produtos Quimicos 31.1 Services: Production 19 Atlantic Chemicals Trading 172.5 41 Wego Chemical 31 Assets: Two production/blending 20 Norkem Holdings 144 42 Nortex 30 facilities 21 ECEM European Chemical Marketing 143.1 43 PHT International 24.8 22 Haeffner 127 44 Petrochem Middle East 21 Ter group *Sales are by region and may differ from the total sales figure in the overall listing. **Includes Middle East and Africa. 14 2010 SaleS: €470M SOURCE: Companies, compiled by ICIS. ($623M) 54 | ICIS Chemical Business | July 18-31, 2011 www.icis.comICB_180711_053-086 54 13/7/11 17:23:51
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  • TOP 100 chemical disTribuTOrs Hamburg, Germany PETROCHEM Portugal (1), central Europe (2), ACETO 16 MIddLE EAST Brazil (5) and Mexico (5); five trucks; 22 2010 SALES: $378.5M CEO: Christian Westphal 2010 SALES: $592M 15 forklifts, three sites for ware- Port Washington, New Products: Adhesives, cosmetics ingre- Dubai, United Arab Emirates house construction York, US dients, food additives, fiberglass, gum rosin, natural waxes, paints and coat- Managing director: Yogesh Mehta STOCkMEIER Chairman and CEO: Albert Eilander ings materials, paper chemicals, plas- Products: Alcohols, aromatics, aliphat- 18 CHEMIE Products: Aldehydes, amines, cata- tic additives and specialty chemicals ics, amines, aromatics, ascorbic acid, 2010 SALES: €370M lysts, chelating agents, flavors and caustic soda, epoxy resins, glycols, ($490M) fragrances, food additives, ketones, PROTEA glycol ethers, solvents, surfactants, Bielefeld, Germany intermediates, pharmaceutical ingre- 15 CHEMICALS polyamides, phthalates, ketones, es- dients, pigments, plasticizers, resins (A division of Omnia Group) ters, monomers, additives President: Peter Stockmeier and specialty quats 2010 SALES: RAnd 4.2bn Services: Distribution, tank termi- Products: Cleaning chemicals, ($596M) nals, blending, drumming food additives, polyurethane (PU) HYdRITE Bryanston, South Africa Assets: Distribution facilities in chemicals, printing inks, solvents, 23 CHEMICAL Middle East, Egypt and India. Offices textile and water treatment 2010 SALES: $370M Managing director: Gavin in Dubai, Mumbai, Singapore, chemicals Brookfield, Wisconsin, US Brimacombe Shanghai Products: Solvents, aromatics, olefins, PRInOvA Chairman and CEO: John Honkamp inorganics, acids, chlor-alkali, mining IndukERn 19 (Formerly Premium Products: Chlor-alkali, foam control chemicals, refinery chemicals/addi- 17 2010 SALES: $570M Ingredients International) chemicals, food processing sanita- tives, water treatment chemicals, Barcelona, Spain 2010 SALES: $480M tion chemicals, inks and adhesives, foods additives, animal feed additives, Carol Stream, Illinois, US liquid sulfites, paints and coatings consumer care chemicals, personal Managing director: Daniel Díaz- materials, pulp and paper chemi- care chemicals, home care chemicals, Varela CEO: Don Thorp cals, organic chemicals, inorganics, coatings and polymer additives Products: Animal health and feed Products: Acidulants, amino acids, metal finishing chemicals, solvents Services: Warehousing, logistics, additives, industrial and specialty antioxidants, aroma chemicals, bo- and water-treatment chemicals blending, bulk-breaking, bagging, chemicals, pharmaceutical ingredi- tanical extracts, essential oils, fla- Services: Blending, manufacturing, drum filling, vendor site operation ents, food ingredients, flavors and vors, flavor enhancers, solvent reclamation, hazardous Assets: Warehouses and offices in fragances and agrochemicals preservatives, phosphates, nutri- waste removal, technical training, 18 locations, 52 trucks, 429 liquid Services: Technical and regulatory tional supplements, feed additives, customer product research storage tanks (including reactors consultancy, special products vitamins and sweeteners Assets: Five warehouses, 20 trucks, and blending tanks) with total capac- search, packaging Services: Particle-size reduction, 10 locations, 6m gal bulk storage ity of 8,200m3, rental storage tanks Assets: Nineteen storage and granulation, custom blending, R&D capacity with capacity of 10,400m3 blending facilities in Spain (6), solutions Assets: 10 North American distribu- M. CASSAb tion centers, four international distri- 24 2010 SALES: R597.5M LATIn AMERICAn CHEMICAL dISTRIbuTIOn LEAdERS 2010* bution centers ($358.6M) Sao Paulo, Brazil Company Sales ($m) QuAnTIQ 1 Brenntag 960 20 2010 SALES: R697.2M Directors: Victor Cutait Neto, Mario 2 quantiQ 418.5 ($418.5M) Sergio Cutait 3 M. Cassab 358.6 Sao Paulo, Brazil Products: Cosmetic ingredients, 4 Sasil 297.5 feed additives, food additives, 5 Bandeirante Brazmo 192.1 CEO: Edison Terra household chemical lubricant addi- 6 Indukern 152 Products: Methanol, distillate aro- tives, paints and varnish materials, 7 Biesterfeld Spezialchemie 111 matics, extract oils, xylene, mineral pharmaceutical ingredients, plastic spirits, mineral oil plasticizers, gla- and rubber additives, PU specialties 8 Makeni Chemicals 90.1 cial acetic acid, light aromatic sol- and textile chemicals 9 ICC Chemical 80 vents, hexanes and methyl ethyl Services: Blending, packaging, 10 T.Z. Group 38 ketone (MEK) storage, chemical analysis, 11 Metachem Indl. e Cial. 25.1 Services: Packaging, blending technical support, trading, delivery 12 Grupo Pochteca 24 Assets: Three warehouses in 24 hours 13 Wego Chemical 17 Assets: Six warehouses, 17 tanks 14 Mutchler Pharmaceutical Ingredients 11.3 SAfIC-ALCAn with capacity of 1,200m3, four feed 15 The Chemical Company 9 21 2010 SALES: €300M premix plants, one food premix ($397.5M) plant, 11 branches in Brazil, one in 16 Haeffner 7.9 Puteaux, France Argentina and one in China 17 ECEM European Chemical Marketing 7.3 18 Charkit Chemical 6.8 President and CEO: Martial Lecat nORdMAnn, 19 Industrial Chemicals Inc. 6 Products: Specialty chemicals 25 RASSMAnn 20 The Plaza Group 3 Services: Blending, packaging, 2010 SALES: €270M *Sales are by region and may differ from the total sales figure in the overall listing. storage ($357.7M) SOURCE: Companies, compiled by ICIS Assets: One plant, 12 warehouses Hamburg, Germany 56 | ICIS Chemical Business | July 18-31, 2011 www.icis.comICB_180711_053-086 56 13/7/11 17:23:57
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  • TOP 100 chemical disTribuTOrs ants, alcohols, amines, catalysts, ing chemicals, electronic chemicals, countries, 25 warehouses, five CEO: Edgar E. Nordmann chelating agents, chlor-alkali, esters, food additives and antimicrobials, blending plants, six testing labs Products: Additives for functional fatty chemicals, food additives, gly- metal and mining chemicals, paper fluids and sheet molding com- col ethers, hydrogen peroxide, inor- chemicals, semiconductor chemi- canaDa colorS pound/bulk molding compound ap- ganics, institutional maintenance, cals, lab chemicals, cleaning chemi- 34 anD cheMIcalS plications, filtration products, lubricants, nutritional and functional cals, pharmaceutical ingredients, 2010 SaleS: $267M functional fillers/additives, magne- ingredients, pigments, plasticizers, surface finishing chemicals and die- Toronto, Ontario, Canada sia, pharmaceutical and cosmetic polyglycols, resins, solvents, spe- sel exhaust fluid ingredients cialty quaterniums, surfactants and Services: Acid/base reactions, President: David Emerson thickening agents blending, packaging, chemical equip- Products: Coatings specialties, envi- Manuchar ment ronmental and water-treatment 26 2010 SaleS: €268.5M SaSIl Assets: 23 warehouses, 15m gal chemicals, food ingredients, inorgan- ($355.8M) 30 2010 SaleS: r495.6M bulk storage ics, mining chemicals, oilfield chemi- Antwerp, Belgium ($297.5M) cals, pharmaceutical ingredients, Salvador, Brazil reDa cheMIcalS polymer additives, pulp and paper President and CEO: Philippe 33 2010 SaleS: $272M chemicals and solvents Huybrechs President and CEO: Paulo Cavalcanti Al-Khobar, Saudi Arabia Services: Packaging, trans-loading, Products: Inorganic and organic Products: Caustic soda, sodium hy- storage, blending chemicals, including specialties pochlorite, hydrochloric acid, sulfuric CEO: Abboud Smadi Assets: Nine warehouses, 20 trucks Services: Packaging, storage acid, sodium bicarbonate, sodium Products: Specialty chemicals, oil metabisulfite, cyclohexane, formic field chemicals, water treatment caMpI Y Jove arKeM KIMYa acid, polyethylene (PE), polypropyl- chemicals, fire suppression chemi- 35 2010 SaleS: €196M 27 2010 SaleS $335M ene (PP), polystyrene (PS), polyvinyl cals, coatings chemicals and resins, ($259.7M) Istanbul, Turkey chloride (PVC), ethylene vinyl ace- construction chemicals, additives Barcelona, Spain tate, acrylonitrile-butadiene-styrene for plastics and rubber, engineering President and CEO: Levend (ABS) and copolyesters plastics and elastomers, personal Managing director: Ramon Jove Pons Kokuludag Services: Blending, packaging, stor- care and detergent chemicals, phar- Products: Coatings chemicals, adhe- Products: Solvents, aromatics, acryl- age, cargo transport maceutical ingredients, textile and sives, sealants, composite chemi- ic esters, glycols, acetyls, ethanol, Assets: 11,630m2 of warehouse leather chemicals, food ingredients, cals, home care chemicals, chlorinated solvents, surfactants, space, 6,235 tonnes of storage ca- feed additives and minerals and oth- detergents, lubricants, metalworking isocynates, phosphates, amines, pacity, 211 trucks, er specialty chemicals chemicals, cosmetic ingredients, polyvinyl alcohol, nitrocellulose and Services: 21 sales offices in 17 pharmaceutical ingredients, water titanium dioxide MultISol Group Services: Blending, packaging, drum- 31 2010 SaleS: £177.2M aSIan cheMIcal DIStrIbutIon leaDerS 2010* ming, storage, transportaion, cus- ($274.1M) tom’s clearance, financing Nantwich, Cheshire, UK Company Sales ($m) Assets: Shore tank terminal with 1 Helm 1,056 60,000m3 capacity, 1,000m3 in CEO: Paul Oliphant 2 ICC Chemical 815 warehouse space, 25 trucks, 40 Products: High-purity aliphatics, aro- 3 Connell Brothers 731.5 trailers matics, alcohols, specialty esters, 4 Dovechem Group 331 plasticisers, white oils, coalescing 5 Brenntag 287 DovecheM Group agents, advanced lubricant additives, 28 2010 SaleS: $331.0M fuel additive components, process 6 Petrochem Middle East 266 Singapore oils, Group II base oils, Group III base 7 IMCD 179 stock, Group IV hydrocracked base 8 Biesterfeld Spezialchemie 88.8 Managing director and CEO: Dato stock, dyes and markers and high- 9 Union Petrochemical 83.7 Andrew Ng performance lubricant packages 10 Caldic 45 Products: Solvents, acrylates, res- Services: Technical market develop- 11 TER GROUP 37 ins, plasticizers, pigments and rub- ment, blending, contract packing, 12 Ram Charan 29.9 ber chemicals toll manufacturing 13 ECEM European Chemical Marketing 26.5 Services: Blending, packaging, stor- Assets: Nantwich headquarters, age, logistics Greater Manchester operational 14 Safic-Alcan 13.3 Assets: Nine warehouses, 11 sales site, Paris headquarters, Sotteville 15 Atlantic Chemicals Trading 11.5 offices, 257 trucks, three blending Les Rouen operational site, Cape 16 Norkem Holdings 11 facilities, eight bulk liquid storage Town headquarters 17 Arpadis Group 7.4 facilities 18 Haeffner 6.6 hawKInS 19 HARKE Group 5.6 QuaDra 32 2010 SaleS: $273.6M 20 PHT International 5.2 29 cheMIcalS Minneapolis, Minnesota, 2010 SaleS: $303.7M US 21 The Chemical Company 3 Vaudreuil-Dorion, Quebec, Canada 22 NovaSol Chemicals Group 2.8 President: Patrick Hawkins 23 P A.T. Products . 2.5 CEO: Tony Infilise Products: Water treatment chemi- *Sales are by region and may differ from the total sales figure in the overall listing. SOURCE: Companies, compiled by ICIS Products: Acids, adhesives and seal- cals, agricultural chemicals, process- 58 | ICIS Chemical Business | July 18-31, 2011 www.icis.comICB_180711_053-086 58 13/7/11 17:24:02
  • NRC – Your European Distribution Partner for Specialty Chemicals We think internationally and Polymers. Thinking globally and doing business locally – these are the hallmarks of successful international distribution. For close to 100 years, our family business has been known for its commitment to tradition, cosmopolitan character and pioneer spirit. With our strong capacity for innovation and the reliability we show our partners, we distinguish ourselves and our eleven subsidiary companies within the industry. The NRC group – your partner for the distribution of chemi- cal and natural raw materials and additives, as well as specialty chemicals for use in the cosmetic, homecare, pharmaceutical, food, construction, coating, adhesive, plastic, rubber and polyurethane industries. Nordmann, Rassmann GmbH · Kajen 2 · 20459 Hamburg · Germany Phone: +49 (40) 36 87-0 · Austria · Bulgaria Czech Republic Germany · Hungary Poland · Romania · Serbia Slovakia · Slovenia Sweden · Switzerland www.prochem.chICB_180711_059 59 13/07/2011 10:04:47
  • TOP 100 chemical disTribuTOrs treatment chemicals, pulp and pa- R. Puntureri starches, esters, acidulants, vegeta- 2010 SALES $230M per chemicals, construction chemi- Products: Alcohols, caustic soda, ble oils, fibers, polyols, oleochemi- Hamburg, Germany cals, textile effects, polyurethane acids, solvents, ketones, glycols, cals, resins, pigments and colorants, chemicals and PVC additives ethers, esters, catalysts, plasticiz- naphthenic process oils and minerals President and CEO: Ramin Ghaffari Services: Warehousing, packaging ers, resins, hydrogen peroxide, adhe- Services: Storage, technical sales and Products: Vitamins, amino acids, and drumming, blending, dilutions, sives and sealants, chlorinated marketing with Canada-wide coverage, sweeteners, caffeine, taurine, carni- logistics solvents and fatty chemicals blending, delivery, third party logistics tine, preservatives, flavors and fra- Assets: Warehouses in Spain Services: Toll manufacturing, blend- (3PL) services, packaging, freight grances, potassium sorbate, (Barcelona, Madrid, Navarra), ing, hazardous waste services, tech- management, co-packing, retail dis- acesulfame-K, feed and food addi- Portugal (Lisbon), Morocco nical training, contract packaging, play and point-of-purchase display as- tives (Mohammedia), Tunisia (Port Rades safety training, river terminal serv- sembly, regulatory affairs expertise Services: Repacking, customizing, and SFAX) ices (tankage and logistics) Assets: Seven warehouses totaling global supply chain services Assets: Total storage of 23.5m gal, 619,327 square feet, 10 tractors, Assets: 13 offices worldwide EMCO CHEMICAL tank farms in six locations in the US, 17 trailers, two tankers, one fixed- 36 DISTRIBUTORS two river terminal locations in the axle truck EIGEnMAnn & 2010 SALES: $257.7M US, warehouse capacity of 530,000 43 VEROnELLI North Chicago, Illinois, US square feet, 150 tractors, 135 tank- KODA 2010 SALES: €173M ers, 60 trailers 41 DISTRIBUTIOn ($229M) President and CEO: Edward Polen GROUP Milan, Italy Products: Adhesives, coatings, elas- LEHMAnn & VOSS 2010 SALES: $230.0M tomers and sealant ingredients, lubri- 39 2010 SALES: €180M Garland, Texas, US President: Giovanni Bestetti cant additives, metalworking ($238.5M) Products: Adhesives, construction chemicals, cleaning and detergent Hamburg, Germany President and CEO: Robert Spadoni chemicals, cosmetic ingredients, chemicals, pharmaceutical ingredients, Products: Adhesives and sealants, detergent ingredients, food ingredi- personal care ingredients, resins, sol- Managing partners: Wolfgang Jarre construction chemicals, coating ma- ents, industrial chemicals, leather vents, inorganics and surfactants and Knut Breede terials, pigments, personal care chemicals, paper chemicals, phar- Services: Technical services, blend- Products: Carbon blacks, high-per- chemicals, resins, surfactants, addi- maceutical ingredients, plastic addi- ing, contract packaging, terminaling, formance compounds, inks and ad- tives, plasticizers, food additives, tives, PU chemicals, rubber waste services hesives materials, masterbatches thickening agents, rheology modi- chemicals, surface coatings and Assets: Public warehouses in for plastics, rubber chemicals and fiers, acids, amines and lubricant textile chemicals Minneapolis, Minnesota and coatings additives Mishawaka, Indiana, US; fleet of 25 Services: Technical sales, warehous- PLUSCHEM EEIG power units and 60 trailers L.V. LOMAS ing and logistics, formulations, lab 44 (European Economic 40 2010 SALES: $231M services Interest Group) TEnnAnTS Brampton, Ontario, Assets: Fifty regional warehouses, 2010 SALES €165M ($218M) 37 DISTRIBUTIOn Canada 20 trucks, six regional technical labs Dublin, Ireland (And associated group dis- tribution companies) President: Kevin Russell ATLAnTIC President: Alan Looney 2010 SALES £165M ($255.3M) Products: Cellulosics, surfactants, 42 CHEMICALS Products: Specialty chemicals, fine Manchester, UK hydrocolloids, synthetic polymers, TRADInG chemicals, food and feed ingredi- ents/raw materials, inorganic chemi- Managing directors: Andrew Mitchell MIDDLE EAST AnD AfRICA CHEMICAL DISTRIBUTIOn LEADERS 2010* cals, pharma intermediates, and Stuart Alexander solvents, coating additives, plastic Products: Acids and alkalis, animal Company Sales ($m) additives, rubbers, plastics and ad- feed raw materials, fatty acids, alco- 1 Protea Chemicals 596 hesive raw materials hols and esters, flotation reagents, 2 Petrochem Middle East 301 Services: Storage, repacking food additives and flavors, general 3 REDA Chemicals 272 Assets: Two warehouse locations chemicals, Greenox AdBlue, personal in Barcelona and Paris, third-party 4 ICC Chemical 175 care chemicals, pharmaceutical prod- warehousing in the UK, Ireland, 5 Helm 111 ucts, polymers, resins, solvents, spe- Italy and Germany cialty products, surfactants and water 6 Campi y Jove 54.5 treatment chemicals 7 Multisol 44.2 ARCHWAY SALES Services: Warehousing and storage, 8 Arpadis Chemicals 39.9 45 2010 SALES: $210M repackaging, blending, formulating, 9 Biesterfeld Spezialchemie 33 St Louis, Missouri, US relabeling 10 Atlantic Chemicals Trading 11.5 Assets: 20 sites (including ware- 11 HARKE Group 5.6 President: John Baumstark housing and storage), own vehicles Products: Coatings, adhesives, seal- 12 ECEM European Chemical Marketing 4 ants and elastomer (CASE) ure- InTERSTATE 13 Indukern 3 thanes, specialty resins, pigments, 38 CHEMICAL 14 Haeffner 2.65 flame retardants, specialty additives, 2010 SALES: $241M 15 Norkem Holdings 2.6 fillers, adhesives and sealants, Hermitage, Pennsylvania, US 16 The Plaza Group 2 amines, lubricants, plasticizers, sur- *Sales are by region and may differ from the total sales figure in the overall listing. factants, thickening agents, corrosion SOURCE: Companies, compiled by ICIS Chairman, president and CEO: Albert inhibitors and biocides 60 | ICIS Chemical Business | July 18-31, 2011 www.icis.comICB_180711_053-086 60 13/7/11 17:24:10
  • ICB_180711_061 61 13/07/2011 10:05:43EMCO 2012 ICIS Ad.indd 1 7/11/11 11:23 AM
  • TOP 100 chemical disTribuTOrs Rex Features Services: Repackaging, blending, PVS CHEmICAlS ECEm EUROPEAN BANDEIRANTE bulk storage, public warehousing 48 2010 SAlES: $197m 50 CHEmICAl 52 BRAZmO Assets: 16 warehouses Detroit, Michigan, US mARkETING 2010 SAlES: R320m 2010 SAlES: €147m ($194.9m) ($192.1m) GRUPO POCHTECA President and CEO: James Amsterdam, The Netherlands Maua, Sao Paulo, Brazil 46 2010 SAlES: $209m Nicholson Mexico City, Mexico Products: Agricultural chemicals, CEO: Barend Barendse Managing director: Fabio Rios biofuel process chemicals, Products: Acrylic acid, butyl acrylate, Faberland Executive director: Eugenio caustic soda, food additives, green 2-ethylhexyl acrylate, ethyl and me- Products: Additives, titanium dioxide, Manzano chemicals, heat transfer chemicals, thyl acrylate, methyl methacrylate specialty resins, carbon black, Products: Coatings, lubricants, food hydrogen peroxide, household, in- (MMA), methacrylic acid, butyl meth- aliphatic and aromatic solvents, oxy- ingredients, inorganic chemicals, dustrial and institutional cleaning acrylate, hydroxy acrylates and genated solvents, tailor-made blends, solvents, polymers, silicones and chemicals, metal finishing chemi- methacrylates, isocyanates, coat- household and personal care chemi- specialty chemicals cals, mineral acids and water treat- ings and adhesives chemicals cals, silicas, specialty loads, amines, Services: Blending, packaging, ment chemicals agricultural chemicals, white oils, storage and logistic solutions, WEGO CHEmICAl & plastic and resin additives, epoxy product application and develop- E.T. HORN 51 mINERAl resins, mining chemicals and phar- ment labs 49 2010 SAlES: $196m 2010 SAlES: $193m maceutical ingredients Assets: 100+ unit fleet, 230,000m2 La Mirada, California, US Great Neck, New York, US Services: Blending (solid and liquid), of facilities in 34 cities, 14m liter packaging, storage, agency sales (in- bulk storage capacity CEO: Gene Alley Co-principals: Bert Eshaghpour dent sales), fractioning, technical as- Products: Paints and coatings chem- and Edward Khalily sistance, formulation, third-party THE PlAZA GROUP icals, composite chemicals, elas- Products: Agricultural chemicals, logistics 47 2010 SAlES: $198m tomers, adhesives, electronic cosmetics ingredients, personal Assets: 11 branches covering Brazil, Houston, Texas, US chemicals, lube/metalworking flu- care ingredients, detergent chemi- 20,000m2 of warehouses, 1,200m2 ids, food and nutrition ingredients, cals, compounding chemicals, food, of application laboratories, 90 tanks President: Randy Velarde cosmetics/personal care chemicals, feed and beverage ingredients, oil- with 9,000m3 of capacity, 1,000 Products: Acetone, aromatic solvents, household, industrial and institu- field chemicals, mining chemicals, intermediate bulk containers (IBCs), benzene, ethyl acetate, isopropyl alco- tional (HI&I) chemicals and animal plastics and resins additives, pulp truck fleet hol, methanol, phenol, specialty poly- wellness ingredients and paper chemicals, textile chemi- mers, toluene and xylenes Services: Toll blending/production cals, pool and water treatment m.F. CACHAT Services: Market development, com- and packaging of food, nutritional chemicals 53 2010 SAlES: $187m plete customer service, logistics, rate and animal wellness items Services: Logistics, warehousing, Lakewood, Ohio, US negotiation, inventory management, Assets: 12 warehouse locations, outsourcing administration, and assurance four trucks. Assets: 30 warehouse locations President: John Mastrantoni 62 | ICIS Chemical Business | July 18-31, 2011 www.icis.comICB_180711_053-086 62 13/7/11 17:24:18
  • Coyne Chemical has over 143 years of experience in providing the Mid-Atlantic region with premier service and quality of specialty ingredients and additives. Experienced customer service, extensive training, packaging and delivery “CHOICES”, and a broad product line is the core of our family business. Our Coyne knowledgeable sales staff Chemical Specialty Ingredients and Additives ... Since 1868 is available to provide user specific solutions to virtually any challenge. Connect with Coyne.ICB_180711_063 63 13/07/2011 10:08:59
  • TOP 100 chemical disTribuTOrs Products: Adhesives and sealants, Assets: 11 distribution facilities, 52 2010 SaleS: $152M catalysts, food additives, inorganics, President and CEO: William Mays tractors, 75 box trailers, 55 bulk Paris, France ketones, pigments, plasticizers, res- Products: Acids, adhesives and seal- tankers, 2.5m gal bulk storage ins, surfactants, thickening agents ants, alcohols, amines, chlor-alkali, Managing directors: Hugo Galletta Services: Storage, packaging, techni- esters, fatty chemicals, flavors and nOrKeM (Americas), Henri-Marc Perrin (Europe, cal support fragrances, food additives, glycol 57 hOldingS Middle East), Jason Yu (Asia Pacific) Assets: 11 warehouses ethers, hydrogen peroxide, industrial 2010 SaleS: £102M Products: Semiconductor chemi- gases, inorganics, lubricants, pig- ($158M) cals, oilfield chemicals, water treat- Marubeni ments, plasticizers, polyglycols, res- Cheshire, UK ment chemicals and coatings, 54 Specialty ins and solvents agrochemicals, flame retardants, cheMicalS Chairman: MJ Smith food and beverage ingredients, per- 2010 SaleS: $178M SuperiOr Products: Iodine and iodine salts, sonal care chemicals, active phar- White Plains, New York, US 56 SOlVentS & zinc oxide and zinc salts, manga- maceutical ingredients, organic cheMicalS nese sulfate and manganese salts, chemicals, inorganic chemicals, President: Yoshihiro Ono; Managing 2010 SaleS: $168M copper salts, barium carbonate, cit- specialty and fine chemicals Director: Sean Macdonald Indianapolis, Indiana, US ric acid, chrome salts, potassium Services: Custom manufacturing, Products: Acids, amino acids, carbonate and hydroxide, sodium packaging, blending, technical sup- coatings materials, food and feed ad- President: Ray Roembke silicofluoride, food chemicals, phar- port, regulatory support, market re- ditives, crop protection chemicals and Products: Alcohols, amines, cata- maceutical intermediates and feed search, logistics fertilizers, organic/inorganic chemi- lysts, chlorinated solvents, esters, chemicals cals, pharmaceutical active ingredi- glycol ethers, institutional mainte- Services: Blending, packaging, man- 2M hOldingS ents, plastics, polyurethane nance, ketones, plasticizers, polygly- ufacturing, liquid suspensions, liquid 59 (2M Holdings: Banner chemicals, specialty chemicals and cols, solvents, surfactants, aqueous solutions Chemicals SURFACHEM) vitamins cleaners, unsaturated polyester res- Assets: Factory in Spain 2010 SaleS: £80M ($150M) in and fiberglass Runcorn, UK; West Yorkshire, UK MayS cheMical Services: Manufacturing, solvent alcan; 55 2010 SaleS: $172M reclamation, blending, contract 58 internatiOnal Indianapolis, Indiana, US packaging netwOrK CEO: Mottie Kessler U RING Q ALITY CH CTU E A MI UF CAL MAN S est. • Major supplier of the following liquid Chemical Supplier chemicals*: SM OR S! F OVE R 60 YEA R - Phosphoric Acid - Potassium Acetate - Potassium Carbonate - Potassium Formate * Partial listing. Please contact for additional chemicals. • NASi has FCC and NSF Certified products available. • NASi manufactures liquid chemicals for various industries (i.e. oil/gas, anti-icing, detergents/cleaners). BeCAuSe • NASi is proud to be an NACD Chemical Supplier Affiliate. quality CreAteS TM CONTACT US AT: (800) 622-4877 ext. 305 value w w w. n a s i n d u s t r i a l . c o m 64 | ICIS Chemical Business | July 18-31, 2011 www.icis.comICB_180711_053-086 64 13/7/11 17:24:26
  • TOP 100 chemical disTribuTOrs Products: Oilfield, precision engi- AlGOl chemIcAlS cals, paint and coating additives, cSD-STARTeX neering and electronic cleaning 61 2010 SAleS: €109.5m food and health ingredients and 64 2010 SAleS: $133.m chemicals, personal care, car care, ($145m) metal treatment chemicals, person- Conroe, Texas. US home care ingredients, pharmaceuti- Espoo, Finland al care ingredients and lubricant ad- cals, paint and coating ingredients ditives President: Jim Lombardi and pigments Managing director: Raul Henriksson Services: Drumming, blending, stor- Products: Aromatics, aliphatics, Services: Blending, packaging, stor- Products: Paints and coatings age ketones, glycol ethers, glycols, age. samples management chemicals, construction chemicals, Assets: Three warehouse facilities surfactants, silicones, chlorinated Assets: Five distribution centers, specialty polymers and additives, with tank farm for acid and lyes, sol- solvents, esters and acetates, including China rubber chemicals, metal surface vents, 20 trucks base oils, specialty lubricants, treatment chemicals, food and feed amines, inorganics, alcohols ARPADIS additives, pharmaceutical ingredi- BARTON SOlVeNTS and plasticizers 60 chemIcAlS ents, mining chemicals and water 63 2010 SAleS: $138.5m Assets: Three warehouses, 22 2010 SAleS: €111.3m treatment chemicals Des Moines, Iowa, US trucks, 34 trailers ($147.5m) Services: Blending, packaging, stor- Antwerp, Belgium age, laboratory services President: David Casten chemIcAlS INc. Assets: 15 sales offices, 14 ware- Products: Industrial chemicals, ethyl 65 (chemGROUP) Chairman: Laurent Abergel houses and two laboratories across alcohol – pure, articles and specialty 2010 SAleS: $121.1m Products: Solvents, polyurethanes, 10 countries denatured ethyl alcohol (SDAs), oils, Fairfield, Ohio, US acrylates and monomers, glycols, plasticizers, solvents, food ingredi- ethanolamines, phosphonates, res- hAeFFNeR & cO. ents, specialties and surfactants President: Marty Wehr ins, pigments and additives and syn- 62 hOlDING Services: Bulk and package delivery, Products: Acids, chlor-alkali, alcohols, thetic resin intermediates 2010 SAleS: €109m custom packaging, custom blending, solvents, surfactants, hydrogen per- Services: Blending, packaging, stor- ($144m) hazardous waste transportation, oxide, soda ash, sodium hypochlorite, age, polymerization Asperg, Germany technical support amines, industrial gases, water treat- Assets: Two warehouses – one in Assets: Six Midwest bulk and pack- ment chemicals, borates, sodium Manage, Belgium, and one in CFO Juergen Martin; CE0 Derk Proff age locations, rail access, delivery formate and magnesium hydroxide Gondecourt, France Products: Water treatment chemi- fleet of 74 trucks and 124 trailers Services: Blending, solvent reclama- July 18-31, 2011 | ICIS Chemical Business | 65ICB_180711_053-086 65 13/7/11 17:24:32
  • TOP 100 chemical disTribuTOrs tion, storage, technical training, VeLOX ArINOS QUIMICA toimaging chemicals, glass-etching safety training 67 2010 SALeS: €90M 69 2010 SALeS: $115.8M acids, chemical intermediates and Assets: Seven warehouses, 21 ($119M) Osasco, Sao Paulo, Brazil raw materials trucks, eight vans, seven tankers, Hamburg, Germany Services: Blending, formulating, 3.15m gal bulk storage, 320,000 CEO: Mateos Dias grinding, packaging, storage square foot warehouse President and CEO: Bernard Products: Resins, pigments, aro- Assets: 14 warehouses Goursaud, Owners Max Schlenzig, matic and aliphatic solvents, isocy- CSC Francois Minec anates, polyols, flavors, surfactants, HArKe GrOUP 66 JAeKLeCHeMIe Products: Specialty additives, pig- alcohols, acrylates, specialty chemi- 71 2010 SALeS €85M 2010 SALeS: €90.2M ments, fillers, resins, antioxidants, cals, acids, food additives, specialty ($112.6M) ($119.6M) accelerators, flame retardants, bind- coatings and additives Muelheim an der Ruhr, Germany Nuremberg, Germany ers, fibers and rubber chemicals Services: Drumming, warehousing, Services: Repacking, storage, sam- sampling, logistics, repackging, por- Owner: Thorsten Harke CEO: Robert Spath, Bernd Kurth pling, business development tioning USP products (solids and Products: Cleaning and detergent Products: Acids, alkaline solutions, liquids), waste management, blend- chemicals, coatings, electronic solvents, solids, specialities, food SeLeCTCHeMIe ing, hazardous materials handling chemicals, food ingredients, health and nutrition ingredients, feed addi- 68 2010 SALeS: Assets: Two warehouses in Recife and functional food, industrial chem- tives, water treatment chemicals, Swfr110M ($117M) and Itajai, Brazil, USP white rooms icals, personal care ingredients, coatings chemicals, adhesives and Zurich, Switzerland pharma excipients, phosphates, sealants and cleaning chemicals SPeCIAL plastics, speciality films, specialty Services: Warehousing, inventory CEO: Peter Kaufmann 70 MATerIALS CO. chemicals, synthetic polymers, wa- management, technical expertise, Products: Active pharmaceutical in- 2010 SALeS: $115.3M ter-soluble films and water treat- field service, blending, repackaging, gredients, pharmaceutical excipi- New York, US ment chemicals waste disposal, trucking ents, nutritional ingredients and Services: Packaging, storage, blend- Assets: Storing, filling and trans-ship- feed ingredients President and CEO: Adam Feldman ing, mixing, refilling, consulting, ment site, warehouse ad laboratory Services: Consulting, regulatory Products: Phosphorous derivatives, sales marketing for quality assurance, seven tank affairs, formulation support, VOC-compliant solutions, paper and Assets: Warehouse, packaging ma- wagons for chemicals, 15 trucks logistics pulp chemicals, cyanide salts, pho- chines, filling stations, tanks Ideal Chemical & Supply has been a successful supplier for more than 75 years The Best Kept Secret in the Industry because we work hard to meet your needs, After 14 years, Special Materials Company (SMC) has transformed from a small start-up to a $120 MM+ global solve your problems specialty chemical company combining expertise in and enhance your manufacturing, distribution and efficient supply chain business. The word management. ‘service’ is not a cliché SMC serves a diverse range of industries worldwide, including to us; it’s a fundamental Oil & Gas, Paint & Coatings, Metal Finishing, Textiles, Paper, business principle. Electronics, Chemical Intermediates and Photo Imaging. Responsiveness, flexibility, SMC is small enough to give every customer order a high dependability, and priority and large enough to have a low cost supply chain. consistency make us the ‘Ideal’ choice. Let Special Materials Company Be Your Preferred Supplier Providing a competitive advantage… 66 | ICIS Chemical Business | July 18-31, 2011 www.icis.comICB_180711_053-086 66 13/7/11 17:24:39
  • Our chemical is everywhere around you. Distributing Chemicals from the biggest world suppliers, the M. Cassab is present in our everyday life. With international recognition, the businessC group has many units divided since distribution andM trading until retail and services.YCM In any chemical demand, M. Cassab always hasMY efficient and modern solutions for your business.CYMY For this reason we are always near you. Where youK less expect we are there to improve and promote quality to your life. Our specialty is ensure your life´s quality. Av. das Nações Unidas, 20.882 São Paulo - SP - Brasil CEP 04795-000 - +55 11 2162 7651 ICB_180711_067 67 13/07/2011 10:10:11
  • TOP 100 chemical disTribuTOrs SOLVCHEM H.M. ROYaL Services: Laboratory analysis for 72 2010 SaLES: $112M 74 2010 SaLES: $109.2M water and surface treatment CEO: E Bernard Haviland Pearland, Texas, US Trenton, New Jersey, US Assets: Nine warehouses, 30 trucks, Products: Pool and spa chemicals, cool room (-18°C): Seveso II high- commodity chemicals, surface fin- Executive vice president: Mark President: Joseph Royal level compliant ishing specialty chemicals, solvents, Hacas Products: Polymers and resins, aromatics, wastewater treatment Products: Epoxies, silicone emul- processing aids and plasticizers, ELTON GROUp chemicals, food packaging and phar- sions and vinyl acetate monomer performance additives, flame retard- 76 2010 SaLES: €77.5M maceutical chemicals (VAM) ants/smoke suppressants, films ($102.7M) Services: Custom chemical blend- Services: Manufacturing, blending, and wrapping tapes, curing agents, Avlona, Greece ing, packaging, compounding, tech- technical training, customer product fillers and reinforcements, rheology nical support, laboratory services, research, contract packing, safety modifiers, pigments and dispersions President and managing director: private labeling training and rubber to metal adhesives Nestor Papathanasiou Assets: Eight trucks, 10 trailers, 10 Services: Sales development, rela- Products: Coatings materials, adhe- GRUpO tankers, four railcars tionship management, warehousing sives, construction chemicals, plastic 78 BaRCELONESa Assets: Two warehouses, 15 sales and rubber additives, cosmetic ingre- 2010 SaLES: €71.5M aLLCHEM offices, 12 stocking locations dients, detergent chemicals, pharma- ($94.7M) 73 INDUSTRIES ceutical ingredients, paper chemicals, Barcelona, Spain 2010 SaLES: $110.0M GaCHES CHIMIE textile chemicals, photovoltaics, water Gainesville, Florida, US 75 2010 SaLES: €80M treatment chemicals, food and bever- President and CEO: Enric Collell ($106M) age chemicals and agrochemicals Products: Commodity chemicals, spe- CEO: Josh Feldstein Toulouse, France Assets: Warehouses with a total of cialty chemicals and formulations Products: Industrial chemicals, pe- 26,000m2, 20 trucks, six tank trucks Services: General purpose chemi- troleum additives and water treat- President and CEO: Pierre Gaches cals distribution, blendings, formula- ment chemicals Products: Organic and inorganic HaVILaND tions development and packaging. Services: Private label packaging chemicals, aeronational specialties, 772010 SaLES $101M Logistic services: chemical products Assets: Warehousing and packaging composites, silicones and water Grand Rapids, warehousing and specialized trans- facility in Corsicana, Texas treatment chemicals Michigan, US portation. On a tailor-made and/or br4.cgn The best results start with the best partnership. Group Company Formitex. Bandeirante Brazmo is a well known Brazilian chemical distributor. Our prominent position was only conquered with providers and clients who seek excellence. If your company is looking for the best in chemical solutions, join us. Our solutions: 68 | ICIS Chemical Business | July 18-31, 2011 www.icis.comICB_180711_053-086 68 13/7/11 17:24:46
  • Distributor + Manufacturer + Formulator It all adds up to unmatched, one to one service. It’s why our clients know they can always rely on us to deliver what we promise. Hawkins, Inc. distributes, manufactures and formulates bulk and specialty chemicals for our customers in a wide variety of industries. We began our operations primarily as a distributor of bulk chemicals with a strong customer focus. Industries and areas of focus include waste water, energy, food, agricultural and pharmaceutical. ‘ † ‘—– ‘”‡ ƒ„‘—– ƒ™‹• ƒ† ‘—” ’”‘†—…–• ’Ž‡ƒ•‡ …ƒŽŽ 1-800-328-5460 today. Or visit us at We bring so much more to the tableICB_180711_069 69 13/07/2011 10:10:45
  • TOP 100 chemical disTribuTOrs outsourced basis when required GiuSTo Faravelli maKeNi Assets: Eight warehouses and distri- 80 2010 SaleS: €70m 82 ChemiCalS President: John Tilley bution centers in Spain, Portugal ($92.8m) 2010 SaleS: $90.1m Products: Food ingredients, pharma- and France, with 70,000m2, Milano, Italy Diadema, Sao Paulo, Brazil ceutical ingredients, personal care 56,000 pallets and 14,212m3 in- chemicals and ethanol stalled capacities; production plant CEO: Luca Benati CEO: Rubens Medrano Services: Packaging, liquid blending for food blending, production capa- Products: Fine chemicals, food addi- Products: Acids, alcohols, adhe- Assets: Two facilities with 186,000 bilities for liquid/liquid, solid/liquid tives, raw materials for cosmetics, sives, construction chemicals, square feet, 350,000 gal bulk stor- and solid mixtures; sulfuric acid nutraceutical ingredients and phar- chemical formulations, cleaning and age, 22 power units, 18 tank trucks, dilution plant; and 25 trucks for maceutical excipients detergent chemicals, coatings, caus- 15 box trailers, one railcar specialized transportation Services: Blending, packaging, tic soda, food additives, personal storage care ingredients, pharmaceutical marooN NovaSol Assets: Four warehouses ingredients, paint and varnish chem- 84 2010 SaleS: $85m 79 ChemiCalS Group icals, plastics and paper chemicals, Avon, Ohio, US 2010 SaleS: $93.5m TaNNer petrochemicals and solvents Wezembeek-Oppem, Belgium 81 iNDuSTrieS Services: Blending liquids, packaging, CEO: Mark Reichard 2010 SaleS: $92.3m storage of liquids and packed prod- Products: Adhesives and sealants, CEO: Thomas Hoesch Southampton, Pennsylvania, US ucts, specialized and dedicated trans- compounding chemicals, construc- Products: Acrylates, methacrylates, portation fleet, physical/chemical tion chemicals, graphic arts materi- specialty monomers, plasticizers, President and CEO: Stephen B. laboratories, supply chain manage- als, paints and coatings materials, specialty solvents, process and per- Tanner ment, just-in-time deliveries, labeling plastic additives and rubber chemi- formance chemicals, additives, inter- Products: Aqua and anhydrous Assets: Three warehouses, 28 stain- cals mediates, denaturants, oil and gas ammonia less and carbon steel tanks, 22 Assets: One warehouse specialty chemicals Services: Safety training, trucks Services: Import/export, storage, storage, storage tank repairs/ uNioN packing, blending, vendor-managed maintenance TilleY ChemiCal 85 peTroChemiCal inventory, consulting, Reach repre- Assets: 18 distribution locations, full 83 2010 SaleS: $85.8m 2010 SaleS: $83.7m sentation, marketing services fleet of tractors/trailers Baltimore, Maryland, US Bangkok, Thailand 70 | ICIS Chemical Business | July 18-31, 2011 www.icis.comICB_180711_053-086 70 13/7/11 17:24:56
  • The Distribution Division of Ashland, Inc. is Now a New Independent Company: Nexeo Solutions To Our Valued Business Partners: On April 1, 2011 Nexeo Solutions, LLC – formerly the distribution division of Ashland Inc. – launched as an independent company focused exclusively on the business of connecting suppliers and customers of Chemicals, Plastics, Composites and Environmental Services. That new level of focus positions us to serve you better than ever. Nexeo Solutions proudly offers the products of the world’s leading producers. With our extensive distribution network, we can stand ready to support your business and help you achieve your goals. And we aspire to do more than just deliver products from loading dock to loading dock. We will leverage our efficient infrastructure and the expertise of our people to add value – customizing your orders to fit your needs and delivering with the speed, reliability and professionalism you deserve. We want to be your partner in connecting to the opportunities that are emerging every day. We are Nexeo Solutions. Let’s get to work. .EXEO 3OLUTIONS ,,# s s WWW NEXEOSOLUTIONS COMICB_180711_071 71 13/07/2011 10:11:13
  • TOP 100 chemical disTribuTOrs hB CheMICal lab services, safety and environmental Managing director: Virat 87 2010 sales: $80M Vice president and chief operating consulting, rail services Suwannapasri Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio, US officer: Chip Welch Assets: Five warehouses, 25 trucks, Products: Solvents, aromatics, lubri- Products: Inorganics, organics, met- 40 trailers, 1.5m gal bulk storage cants and additives President: Jeffrey Rand al working chemicals, water treat- Services: Blending, packaging, Products: Coatings materials, plastic ment chemicals, lubricants, waste The CheMICal storage additives, polymers and rubber disposal chemicals, food ingredients 91 COMPanY Assets: Three warehouses, 35 trucks chemicals and pharmaceuticals 2010 sales: $74M Services: Blending, transloading, ware- Jamestown, Rhode Island, US ClearTeCh durr MarKeTInG housing, trucking, packaging, bagging 86 IndusTrIes 88 assOCIaTes Assets: Nine offices in the US, CEO: Nick Roach 2010 sales: C$81.0M 2010 sales: $79M one office in Mexico, trucks, tank- Products: Plastics additives, agricul- ($81.0M) Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, US ers, railcars tural chemicals, intermediates, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada specialty chemicals, alcohols, ac- President: David Durr CheMsOlV ids, esters, plasticizers, emission/ President and chief operating officer: Products: Fiberglass, fillers, extend- 90 2010 sales: $75.0M pollution control chemicals and Randy Bracewell ers, flame retardants, pigments, or- Roanoke, Virginia, US bio-chemicals Products: Acids, alkalis, chlorine, ganic peroxides, polyester resins, Services: Logistics, blending, pack- coagulants, oxidizers, phosphates, rosin-based resins, smoke suppres- President and CEO: L. Glenn Austin aging, procurement services, stor- carbons, plus related equipment for sants, stearates, titanium dioxide, Products: Solvents, plasticizers, sur- age, JIT inventory management, application, measurement and UV stabilizers, water-based resins factants, glycols, polyethylene gly- consignment, transloading monitoring chemical products and and epoxy resins cols, chelates, acrylates, Assets: Eight storage facilities, rail- processes Assets: Four warehouse locations metalworking fluids, water treatment cars Services: Blending, packaging chemicals, process oils, freeze con- Assets: Nine sales offices and/or IndusTrIal ditioning agents, phosphates, chlor- CharKIT warehouse/packaging/manufactur- 89 CheMICals InC. alkali, acids and reagents 92 CheMICal ing facilities in seven major cities 2010 sales: $78M Services: Solvent purification and re- 2010 sales: $71.0M across Canada Birmingham, Alabama, US covery, blending, packaging, transport, Norwalk, Connecticut, US pcc 72 | ICIS Chemical Business | July 18-31, 2011 www.icis.comICB_180711_053-086 72 13/7/11 17:25:06
  • The most direct route into Canada. Looking for a specialty chemical distribution partner in Canada? Look no further than L.V. Lomas. With over fifty years of success, Lomas has continuously held its position as a top tier specialty chemical distributor in Canada. With product and market specialists, world class Principal partners and national logistics expertise, our dedication to delivering excellence in service to our customers is what separates us in the Canadian market. If your company is looking to drive growth in the Canadian market, contact us and let us show you how. Toronto Montreal Vancouver Portland Seattle 800 575 3382ICB_180711_073 73 13/07/2011 10:19:25
  • TOP 100 chemical disTribuTOrs cal advice, analytics, product devel- more than 30 trailers, more than 15 President: Charles Hinnant opment, tank monitoring, production tank trailers President: Dennis Gilespie Products: Benzyl alcohol, of customized formulas, contract Products: Adhesives and sealants benzyl chloride, hydrazine hydrate, filling, single sourcing, support for K-Solv raw materials, advanced composite hydroquinone, personal care ingre- waste disposal 95 2010 SaleS: $69M resins, additives for paints and dients, electronic chemicals, water Assets: Warehouses, tank Channelview, Texas, US coatings, plastic, rubber and metal- and metal treatment chemicals, storage, 11 trucks with over 7.5 working, crosslinkers, personal care pharmaceutical ingredients, imag- tonnes, laboratory President: Russell Allen ingredients, resins, fillers, colorants, ing chemicals, flavors and Products: Alcohols, aliphatic hydro- printing ink materials, dyes, rubber fragrances CoYNe carbons, amines, aromatic hydro- adhesion promoters, lubricants, Services: Blending, packaging, 94 CheMiCal carbons, esters, chlorinated industrial and institutional (I&I) storage 2010 SaleS: $70.0M solvents, diesel fuel and diesel cleaner ingredients, building product Assets: 15 warehouses Croydon, Pennsylvania, US blends, gasoline and gas blends, chemicals and textile auxiliary glycols, glycol ethers, ketones and chemicals Moeller CheMie President and CEO: Thomas Coyne Sr styrene monomer Services: Contract packaging, ven- 93 2010 SaleS: €53.0M Products: Chlor-alkali, solvents, Services: Chemical blending, renew- dor-managed inventory ($70.2M) phosphates, water treatment chemi- able fuels blending, bulk storage, Assets: 10 warehouses Steinfurt, Germany cals, hydrogen peroxide, metal treat- packaging, lab testing ment chemicals, surfactants, acids, Assets: Terminal and warehouse ZeuS QuiMiCa Managing director: Rainer Berghaus paint and coating chemicals, phar- drumming and toting facility, 20 trac- 97 2010 SaleS: €47.3M Products: Benzyl alcohol, alcohols, maceutical ingredients, food, flavors tors and trailers, lab facility, vapor ($62.7M) methyl ethyl ketoxime, propylene and fragrance ingredients combustion control system, barge Barcelona, Spain and Porto, carbonate, nonylphenol, triethyl- Services: Bulk, mini-bulk, less-than- terminal and dock Portugal amine, paints and coatings materi- truckload (LTL) packaging; blending, als, special solvents, plasticizers, contract services, rail terminal trans- liNTeCh President (financial and administra- inorganic and organic acids, alkalis load services 96 iNTerNaTioNal tion) Nuria Mercado; CEO (business) and liquid specialties Assets: Four warehouses, four con- 2010 SaleS: $67M Ramon Vinas; general manager, Services: Storage, blending, techni- tracted storage facilities, 27 trucks, Macon, Georgia, US Portugal: Americo Ribeiro CHEMICAL An ISO 9001-certified chemical The Worlds Leading Source distributor in the US Northwest and Southwest. Tarr is focused Of Chemicals For Technologies on its customers’ specific needs whether they be proprietary blends, high purity packaging requirements or simply dependable delivery. Tarr leads the competition in a wide variety of industries including High Tech/semi- conductor, food/pharm/ cosmetics, coatings, HI&I and others. Tarr is large enough to support high volume requirements, yet small and nimble enough to understand and serve customized needs. Timely inventories, bulk tank farms and comprehensive Market Driven For The Right Chemistry delivery equipment exist to serve Tarr’s broad customer Packaging from 1 gallon to compartmentalized tankers. base. Tarr is a financially- Strategically located allowing convenient service in NJ, PA, NY, CT strong, local and privately- and surrounding areas with our company owned and operated option. owned and operated truck fleet. ✓To receive special pricing, mention this ad before July 31 Call today to discover the GJ Chemical advantage! 40 Veronica Ave • Somerset NJ 08873 • P 973.589.1450 • F 732.249.0082 See our full line of products and services at 74 | ICIS Chemical Business | July 18-31, 2011 www.icis.comICB_180711_053-086 74 13/7/11 17:25:13
  • ICB_180711_075 75 13/07/2011 10:22:30
  • TOP 100 chemical disTribuTOrs Products: Pigments, resins, coatings Gaglianico, Italy bUbblINg UNDER Services: Blending, waste services, additives, plastics additives, poly- Group director: Giancarlo Bigger is not always better in chem- chemical stripping, bulk terminaliza- mers, cosmetics ingredients, food Ormezzano ical distribution. Here are the play- tion ingredients, chemical intermediates, ers falling under the ICIS Top 100. Assets: Three warehouses, two mix- active pharmaceutical ingredients Products: Acetone, isopropanol (IPA), ing plants, over 1m gal tank storage and excipients etac, methylene chloride, toluene, CHEmSERVICE Services: Sourcing, marketing and methanol, acetic acid, formic acid, 101 2010 SalES: €44m TaRR sales development, local storage, caustic soda, monoethylene gylcol ($58.3m) 103 2010 SalES: $57.2m vendor inventory management (MEG), diethylene glycol (DEG), adi- Paderno Dugnano, Milan, Italy Portland, Oregon, US Assets: Offices in Barcelona and pic acid, citric acid and eth- President: Oliver Fox Porto; outsourced warehouses anolamines President and CEO: Skip Tarr and transportation Services: Blending, packaging, stor- Products: Agrochemicals, home and Products: Solvents, surfactants and age, drumming personal care chemicals, plastics, process oils TCR INDUSTRIES Assets: Two warehouses, two offices, rubber, paints and varnishes, paper Services: Blending, packaging, 98 2010 SalES: $62.0m six trucks chemicals, food and feed additives high-purity packaging, bulk La Palma, California, US and nutraceuticals storage, rail, trucking, contract WalSH & Services: Import/export, warehousing blending/packaging President and chief operating officer: 100 aSSoCIaTES Assets: Four warehouses, two trucks Assets: Four warehouses in Sam Rumfola 2010 SalES: $59.4m Oregon, Arizona, Washington and Products: Resins, pigments and St. Louis, Missouri, US CHEmICal California, bulk and package truck additives 102 SolVENTS fleet; rail siding Services: Warehousing, storage President and CEO: Ellen 2010 SalES: $58m Assets: Seven warehouses Murphy Cleveland, Ohio, US WESTCo Products: Food additives, ink materi- 104 CHEmICalS IlaRIo als, paints and coatings materials, President and CEO: Ed Pavlish 2010 SalES: $55m 99 oRmEzzaNo personal care ingredients, plastic Products: Organic solvents, aromat- North Hollywood, California, US 2010 SalES: €46.0m additives, rubber chemicals, seal- ics, aliphatics, methanol and spe- ($61.0m) ants and surfactants cialty solvent blends President: Alan Zwillinger Hubbard-Hall, Inc. CHE MIC AL DISTR IB UTIO N + MANAGEM ENT Hubbard-Hall, an ISO 9001-2000 certified Omni-Chem136 partner, brings hands-on expertise to the intersection of manufacturing and chemistry creating Cole Chemical’s experts work for you by analyzing economic value for every processes and implementing programs to increase customer for over 160 efficiencies to meet your strategic goals. Find out why years. A virtual chemical supermarket, Hubbard-Hall Cole Chemical has been trusted by Fortune 500 distributes over 5000 companies and start-ups alike for nearly 3 decades. chemicals and formulates specialty blends for custom applications, sold throughout the world by a network of regional distributors. tel 713.465.2653 fax 713.461.3462 1500 S. Dairy Ashford, Suite 450 Houston, TX 77077-3854 76 | ICIS Chemical Business | July 18-31, 2011 www.icis.comICB_180711_053-086 76 13/7/11 17:25:22
  • ICB_180711_077 77 13/07/2011 10:26:14
  • TOP 100 chemical disTribuTOrs Products: Food additives, nutritional ingredients, industrial chemicals, pharmaceutical ingredients and per- sonal care ingredients PHT 105 InTernaTIonal 2010 SaleS: $55M Charlotte, North Carolina, US President: Li Hong Yu Products: Crop protection intermedi- ates, pharmaceutical intermediates, fine and specialty chemicals Services: Manufacturing, sourcing, logistics, R&D, sample generation, quality assurance, CRO, import/ex- port services in the US and China Assets: Two administrative offices, one manufacturing plant Cole CHeMICal & 106 dISTrIbuTIng 2010 SaleS: $53.8M Houston, Texas, US Rex Features President and CEO: Donna Cole Products: Amines, butylated hydroxy toluene, electro-hydraulic control (EHC) fluids, ethylene glycol, diethyl- extenders, biocides, specialty sur- FITZ CHeM Ideal CHeMICal & ene glycol, drilling specialties, glycol factants, synthetic silicas, actives for 111 2010 SaleS: $51.5M 113 SuPPlY ether DM, ketones, methanol, nitric personal care, waxes, polyols and Itasca, Illinois, US 2010 SaleS: $49.2M acid, sodium bicarbonate, sodium polymers and industrial machinery Memphis, Tennessee, US carbonate, sulfolane, sulfuric acid Services: Technical sales and sup- Chairman Robert Becker; President and solvents port, warehousing Donald Deihs President: Sam Block Services: Chemical management, Products: Acrylic emulsions, thermo- Products: Acids, alcohols, amines, process improvements, blending, ConCHeMCo plastic acrylics, waterborne ure- chelating agents, chlor-alkali, glycol warehousing, packaging, storage, 109 2010 SaleS: $51.9M thanes, silicones, epoxies and epoxy ethers, hydrogen peroxide, inorgan- logistics, importing, exporting, chemi- Dallas, Texas, US curing agents, carbon black, tita- ics, ketones, polyglycols, solvents, cal business technology integration nium dioxide, organic pigments, cal- food Ingredients, personal care in- Assets: Four warehouses, 48 bulk President and CEO: Tommy Mrazek cium carbonates, clays, talc, silicas, gredients, textile care chemicals and terminals Products: Caustic soda, solvents, defoamers and dispersants, rheo- water treatment chemicals aromatics, aliphatics, xylene, tolu- logical modifiers, emollients and Services: Blending, contract packag- SKYHaWK ene, acetone, DETA, amines, glyc- emulsifiers and surfactants ing, customer research, regulatory 107 CHeMICalS erin 99%, diethyl ether, methanol, Services: Consulting, laboratory support, safety training 2010 SaleS: $53.2M IPA 99%, glycols, glycol ethers, citric services, just-in-time (JIT) inventory Assets: Warehouses at four loca- Houston, Texas, US acid and chlorinated solvents management tions with combined 170,000 Services: Custom blending Assets: Five warehouse locations in square feet of space, 1.5m gal of President: Clark Knickerbocker Assets: Bulk terminal in Texas City, the US liquid bulk storage, distilled spirits Products: Acids, alcohols, aliphatics, 40+ railcars plant, 15 tractors, 20 trailers, six amines, ammonia, aromatics, calcium THe deWolF tankers chloride, esters, glycols, glycol ethers, F. b. SIlberMann 112 CoMPanIeS ketones, lubricants, metal salts, phos- 110 €39M ($51.6M) (deWolF CHeMI- QuelarIS phates, specialties, solvents, urea Gablingen, Germany Cal, glenn) 114 InTernaCIonal and water-treatment chemicals 2010 SaleS: $49.3M 2010 SaleS: $49M Products: Industrial chemicals, Warwick, Rhode Island, US Caracas, Venezuela MCCullougH & solvents, acids and lyes,; 108 aSSoCIaTeS activated carbon, water treatment CEO: Paul Vanhauw 2010 SaleS: $52.0M chemicals, AdBlue, agrochemicals, President and CEO: Hank DeWolf Products: Polyols, isocyanates, sty- Atlanta, Georgia, US specialty chemicals, additives for Products: Personal care ingredients, rene-butadiene rubber, polyurethane President: George McCullough renewable energies and chemicals color cosmetics and household, in- additives, nitrile rubber, natural rub- Products: Specialty additives, pig- for laboratories dustrial and institutional ingredients ber, inks, adhesives, coatings, methyl- ments, fumed silica, resins, oleo- Services: Storage, mixing, blending, Assets: Six warehouses, three ene chloride, and specialty chemicals chemicals, silicones, specialty packaging, polymerization offices Assets: Seven warehouses July 18-31, 2011 | ICIS Chemical Business | 79ICB_180711_053-086 79 13/7/11 17:25:30
  • Get a clearer understanding of the global base oils industry “This courseon base oilsme more helped information has given and it has me to understand my customers’ demands and refineries’ perspective. It has given me a better idea of the market in general, who is producing base oils and where, how it is being shipped and trends in the market. So, it has been very useful for my job.” Damir Makhmudov, Manager, trade operations, DP Oil Changes to base oils manufacturing processes over the past two decades have led to increased complexities in the market. Understanding the fundamentals driving the market will help you stay on top of your game. ICIS training provides you with insights into the different base oils processing technologies, how different base oils qualities are produced and used, as well as what lies ahead for the global base oils market, ensuring you can effectively work in this challenging industry. To find out more about ICIS base oils training courses, visit ICIS_training_HP_ad2_V2.indd 1 05/06/2011 12:05ICB_180711_080 80 13/07/2011 11:20:42
  • TOP 100 chemical disTribuTOrs HUBBARD-HALL TH HILSoN CHemISpHeRe Brampton, Ontario, Canada 115 2010 SALeS: $47.6m 119 CompANY 124 2010 SALeS: $42m Waterbury, 2010 SALeS: $44.2m St. Louis, Missouri, US President and CEO: David Jackson Connecticut, US Wheaton, Illinois, US Products: Adhesive and sealant ad- CEO: Robert Schwent ditives, construction chemicals, cos- President and CEO: Andrew Skipp President: Lori Hilson-Cioromski Products: Solvents and ethanol metics and personal care Products: Cleaners, bright dips, wa- Products: Specialty additives Services: Custom blending, packag- ingredients, graphic arts materials, ter treatment chemicals, green and raw materials for the adhesives, ing, storage, transloading paint and coatings materials, plas- cleaners, caustic soda, acids and coatings, construction, consumer Assets: One warehouse, six trucks, tics and elastomers, rubber poly- solvents care, graphic arts, lubricants, 24 trailers, rail spur, 1m gal storage mers and chemicals Services: Blending, packaging, personal care and plastics Services: blending, packaging, storage, analytical services, product industries weBB CHemICAL storage design Services: Chemical resale 125 SeRVICe Assets: Three warehouses Assets: Four warehouses, two manu- 2010 SALeS: $40.7m facturing facilities, two laboratories, ANDeS CHemICAL Muskegon Heights, Michigan, US CHem oNe tank farm with rail siding 120 2010 SALeS: $43.4m 129 2010 SALeS: $38.6m Doral, Florida, US CEO: Brad Hilleary Houston, Texas, US UNITeD mINeRAL & Products: Alcohols, chlor-alkalis, ke- 116 CHemICAL President and CEO: Fernando tones, acids, aromatics/aliphatics, President and CEO: Terry Podlogar 2010 SALeS: $46.6m Espinosa surfactants and dairy chemicals Products: Feed additives, fertilizer Lyndhurst, New Jersey, US Products: Acrylic resins, alkyd resins, Services: Inventory management, ingredients, water treatment chemi- cellulosics, solvents and driers contract packaging cals, food additives and industrial President: Nurhan Becidyan Services: Storage, consolidation, Assets: 120,000+ gal bulk storage, chemicals Products: High-purity metals, organic export services 80,000+ square feet warehouse Services: Just-in-time (JIT) inventory, and inorganic colored pigments, spe- Assets: Two warehouses space, truck fleet delivery in pallet quantities and full cialty colorants, water treatment truckloads chemicals, resins, petrochemicals BHS mARKeTING TRANSCHemICAL Assets: Warehouse in Houston, Services: Technical training, custom- 121 2010 SALeS: $43.0m 126 2010 SALeS: $40.5m Texas; independent contract facili- er product research, safety training Salt Lake City, Utah, US St. Louis, Missouri, US ties in Laredo, Texas and Tampa, Florida T.Z. GRoUp President: Bruce Schechinger President: Daniel Croghan 117 2010 SALeS: $46m Products: Boiler and water- Products: Alcohols, aliphatics, D.B. BeCKeR Mexico City, Mexico treatment chemicals, cleaning and amines, aromatics, butanediol 130 2010 SALeS: $37.1m sanitation chemicals, food additives, (BDO) and derivatives, chlorinated Clinton, New Jersey, US President: Fernando Zavala industrial chemicals, oilfield chemi- solvents, caustic soda and potash, Products: Caustic soda, acids, acr- cals, paper chemicals, phosphates, esters, glycol ethers, glycols, ke- President and CEO: Daniel Canavan ylates, organic phosphonates, hydro- rubber additives and soda ash tones, phosphates, process and ink Products: Specialty chemicals, gen peroxide, soda ash, sodium oils, surfactants and vegetable oils resins, emulsions, additives, bicarbonate, sodium sulfate, cal- ANDReAS Services: Blending, packaging, stor- biocides, fungicides, pigments, cium chloride, silicones and silicon 122 JeNNow age, transportation, rail access color dispersions, waxes, molecular dioxide 2010 SALeS €32m Assets: Fleet of trucks and tankers sieve powders, catalysts and Services: Hazardous materials truck- ($42.4m) fillers ing, packaging, drumming Birkeroed, Denmark mATTeSoN-RIDoLfI Services: Blending, repackaging, Assets: Storage tanks in five locations 127 2010 SALeS: $40.0m storage in Mexico, five warehouses in Mexico, President and CEO: Peter From Riverview, Michigan, US Assets: Six warehouses on US East offices in Houston, Texas, US and San Products: Pigments, dispersions, coast Jose. 35 trucks in Costa Rica alkyds, rheologic additives, driers, President: Scot Westerbeek coatings materials, construction Products: Paint, coatings and ink mILeS CHemICAL DAR-TeCH chemicals and adhesives raw materials; adhesive and seal- 131 2010 SALeS: $35.7m 118 2010 SALeS: $44.6m ant ingredients; plastic and com- Arleta, California, US Maple Heights, Ohio, US TRINTeRNATIoNAL posite chemicals; lubricant and 123 2010 SALeS: $42.3m metalworking additives; pharma- President: Anthony Miles President: Walt Walburn Seattle, Washington, US ceutical and personal care ingredi- Products: Primary processing chemi- Products: Additives, titanium dioxide, ents; cleaning chemicals; cals, cosmetics/personal care resins, pigments, functional pigments, CEO: Anthony Ridnell polyurethane chemicals; resins; chemicals, food and beverage ingre- instrumentation and supplies Products: Acids, adhesives and seal- color pigments; filler pigments; dients, pulp and paper chemicals, Services: Warehousing ants, alcohols, amines, chlor-alkali, functional pigments and additives glass and refractory materials, paints Assets: Sales offices in Cleveland, chlorinated-solvents, esters, glycol Assets: Five public warehouse and coatings, soap and detergent Ohio; Buffalo, New York; Cincinnati, ethers, inorganics, polyglycols, res- locations chemicals, metalworking chemicals, Ohio; and Louisville, Kentucky. ins, solvents, surfactants and thick- electronic chemicals, agricultural Warehouse capabilities in Cleveland, ening agents feRGUSoN chemicals and water treatment Ohio; Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania; Services: Product marketing and 128 CHemICAL chemicals Buffalo, New York; Detroit, Michigan; sales, warehousing and storage, INNoVATIoN Services: Manufacturing, blending, and Cincinnati, Ohio chemical blending 2010 SALeS: $39m contract packaging, solvent reclama- July 18-31, 2011 | ICIS Chemical Business | 81ICB_180711_053-086 81 13/7/11 17:25:40
  • TOP 100 chemical disTribuTOrs tion, technical training, safety train- my-Chem sameCa, iNdePeNdeNt ing, hazardous waste removal, 134 2010 sales €24m 136 Produtos 137 ChemiCal customer product research ($31.7m) QuimiCos 2010 sales: $30.6m Assets: 78,000 square feet of ware- Buchholz/Hamburg, Germany 2010 sales: €23.5m ($31.1m) Glendale, New York, US house space, 30,000 gal bulk storage Oporto, Portugal capacity, 15 trucks, 10 trailers, eight CEO Ralf Meinecke President: Jonathan Spielman vans, four tankers, four Bobtail trucks Products: Phthalic anhydride, maleic CEO: Eduardo Moura e Sá Products: Personal care ingredients, anhydride, pentaerythritol, di-pen- Products: Native starches and deriva- pharmaceutical ingredients, nutri- NatioNal taerythritol, paraformaldehyde, sty- tives, food additives including vita- tional additives, food additives, fine 132 ChemiCal rene, tall oil products and other resin mins, sweeteners and process aids, chemicals, industrial cleaning and 2010 sales: €26.4m raw materials phosphates, coating chemicals, in- industrial chemicals ($35m) Services: Transport, storage, IT inte- cluding resins, pigments, fillers, addi- Services: Storage, packing, blending, Dublin, Ireland gration tives and thickeners; filtrations aids, custom particle sizing, product de- Assets: One warehouse including diatomites and other miner- velopment and technical and regula- President and CEO: Alan Looney als; detergents/personal care raw tory assistance Products: Chemical raw materials for BuCkley oil materials, including surfactants and Assets: 60,000 square foot ware- the pharmaceutical, medical, food 135 2010 sales: $31.3m colorants; inorganic chemicals such house, three tankers, five van trail- and industrial sectors Dallas, Texas, US as acids and salts; textile and paper ers, one straight truck Services: Marketing chemicals; additives and raw materi- President: R. E. Dodson als for PU foam, PVC, masterbatch miN-Chem/ GB-Chemie Products: Alcohols, aliphatics, aro- formulations and rubber 138 lawrasoN’s 133 2010 sales: €26.3m matics, chlorinated solvents, glycols, Services: Repackaging/drumming of GrouP ($34.8m) ketones, VOC-exempt solvents, base bulk chemicals 2010 sales: $30.02m Messe, Germany oils and lubricants Assets: Warehouses totaling 4,500 Oakville, Ontario, Canada Services: Blending, packaging, stor- square meters in three locations in; Presidents: Horst Ludwig, Juergen age, transportation Portugal, six trucks, two vans, two Martin Assets: Three distribution facilities, offices in Oporto and Lisbon, President: David Luciani Services: Storage, packaging 14 trucks Portugal Products: Composite-thermosets, Get a clearer understanding of the fertilizer industry from ICIS training “This course helps me me more my operations and it gives organise confidence, because you get to better understand all the important factors. It is definitely going to affect my efficiency at work. And, most importantly, my confidence. ” Jakub Krawczak Operations Manager Agronova Europe AG The fertilizer industry is global, with economic, logistic and safety challenges unrivalled in almost any other business. Understanding the issues that affect the trade and prices of fertilizers will help you to operate effectively in this market. ICIS training courses are time- and cost-effective, ensuring that you leave with information that will make a difference in your day-to-day working life. To find out more about ICIS fertiliser training courses, visit ICIS_training_HP_ad3_V1.indd 1 10/06/2011 09:40 82 | ICIS Chemical Business | July 18-31, 2011 www.icis.comICB_180711_053-086 82 13/7/11 17:25:47
  • Established in 1981, SolvChem is an independent distributor of organic and inorganic chemicals with facilities in Texas, Louisiana, and Southern California. SolvChem is a family-owned business driven by the following core values: safety, customer intimacy and continuous improvement. SolvChem’s services include custom blending, logistics, technical product support, and contract packaging. Our international division, SolvChem International, distributes specialty and commodity chemicals 6ROYFKHP ® HOLYHULQJ &XVWRPL]HG 6ROXWLRQV across Latin America. At SolvChem, we are committed to Delivering Customized Solutions. © Grain Processing Corporation Since 1943, Grain Processing Corporation has been Banner Chemicals Group: Flying the flag of excellence for 150 years developing and delivering the most consistent all- Banner Chemicals UK is a leading chemical supplier, trading since 1860; servicing the market place with products from leading producers. natural ethyl alcohol on the market…on time and UK Chemical distributor & supplier of bulk & packaged chemicals offering: hassle free. We start and end with purity, beginning • Distribution T: +44 (0)1928 597 000 • Processing F: +44 (0)1928 597 001 with pure dent corn and delivering ethyl alcohol • Packaging E: in the purest form available. In between is a full • Blending W: • Colour matching complement of analytical, organoleptic, regulatory Banner Chemicals Business focus: and customer service backing every order. Today, • AdBlue BlueCat SOLUTIONS GPC’s commitment to your personal care products • BIOCIDES • CONFORMAL COATINGS continues, with quality and value that you just can’t • Chlorinated Solvents: PCE, TCE (PERKLONE™, TRIKLONE™) • HYDROCARBON SOLVENTS measure in miles per gallon. • OIL FIELD APPLICATIONS • OXYGENATED SOLVENTS & INTERMEDIATES • PERSONAL CARE For more information, call or visit • PHARMACEUTICAL PRODUCTS • PIGMENT DISPERSIONS; PRISM CHEMICALS us at • • PRECISION & ELECTRONICS CLEANING SERVICES:BLENDING & CONTRACT PACKING 563.264.4265 • SPECIALTY CHEMICALS • SURFACE COATINGS & INDUSTRIAL • WATER TREATMENT B;BSHUVRQDOFDUHB1(:LQGG $0ICB_180711_083 83 13/07/2011 10:39:25
  • The Omni-Chem136 Formula for Success is Grupo Pochteca materias primas Grupo Pochteca serves Mexico Central America and Brazil with 35 locations strategically located to provide top of the class service to industrial and food processing companies. A proud member of NACD and Omni-Chem136, Grupo Pochteca was awarded the 2008 RDP Excellence Award. Grupo Pochteca distributes products for more than 100 leading suppliers from the U.S., Europe and Asia to more than 8,000 clients in fields that range from cheese to high tech electronics and appliance manufacturing. Our team is committed to service, safety and value generation for customers and suppliers. If you are looking to sell your products in our markets or need world class supply for your local operations, allow us to be of service. Keep in touch with the industry Five specialist e-newsletters… the latest developments and key market highlights… Sign up FREE at 84 13/07/2011 11:27:53
  • TOP 100 chemical disTribuTOrs composite-thermoplastics, rubber Products: Isocyanates, polyols, poly- Partner: Kaushik Palicha fluids, monomers, ketones, plasticiz- additives, adhesives, waxes, flame acrylates, synthetic rubber, antioxy- Products: Rubber, rubber additives, ers and specialties retardants, pharmaceutical ingredi- dants, phenolic resins, plasticizers, plastic additives, pigments, con- Services: Testing, bulk storage, ents, mineral and industrial acids, catalysts, alkylphenols, mineral fill- struction chemicals and adhesives repackaging, liquid bulk handling, water treatment chemicals, pool and ers, flame retardants, additives, natu- Services: Storage, packaging, dry custom blending, purifying, and spa chemicals, janitorial and sanita- ral oils, natural and synthetic acids, dock sales, micronizing, testing, for- stabilizing tion chemicals and industrial spe- blowing agents, molecular sieves and mulary support Assets: Three locations in central cialty chemicals basic chemicals Assets: Nine warehouses in India, New Jersey, US, 500 stainless Services: Manufacturing, logistics Services: Handling liquids and sol- 18 trucks, four licensed commercial steel totes, 50 bulk storage tanks, Assets: Three warehouses in ids, packaging, storage, technical vehicles, one temperature-controlled full analytical laboratory, USP/NF Ontario, Quebec consulting, providing samples storage facility white room Assets: Two offices, three warehous- SLACK CHEMICAL es, two trucks CHEMICAL GULF CoASt 139 2010 SALES: $30.0M 143 DIStrIBUtorS INC. 145 CHEMICAL Carthage, New York, US CoMEt CHEMICAL 2010 SALES: $28.2M 2010 SALES: $26.8M 141 2010 SALES: $29.92M Buffalo, New York, US Abbeville, Louisiana, US President: Robert Sturtz Innisfil, Ontario, Canada Products: Acids, aqua ammonia, caus- CEO: Mark Russell President and CEO: Jim Fusilier tic soda, sodium hypochlorite, poly- President: James Stewart Products: Acids, alkalis, commodity Products: Glycols, methanol, eth- mers, hydrogen peroxide, magnesium Products: Solvents, aromatic and and proprietary chemicals, solvents, anolamies, coolants, lubricants, pro- hydroxide, salt, polyaluminum chloride, aliphatic hydrocarbons, chlorinated dry chemicals, reagent chemicals, duction chemicals, heat transfer solvents, talc, soda ash, diatoma- solvents, glycols, glycol ethers, gly- food and pharmaceutical ingredients fluids, solvents and specialty drilling ceous earth, paper chemicals and col ether acetates, ester acetates, Services: Dry and liquid blending, products potable wastewater chemicals amines, alcohols, ketones, VOC al- packaging, laboratory testing, ware- Services: Blending, field cleaning of Services: Blending, liquid/dry packag- ternatives, caustic soda and acids housing, process equipment sales glycol dehydrators, packaging, lab ing, customer pump-outs, customer Services: Blending, packaging, stor- Assets: 82,000 square feet of ware- services, pump repair design and of make-down units for age, drum and tote services, envi- house space, nine trucks, 20 tank- Assets: Six warehouses, one polymer application, warehousing ronmental services ers and trailers dockside methanol terminal, 21 Assets: Three warehouses in Assets: 40,000 square foot ware- delivery trucks, 90,000 square feet Carthage, Castorland and Saratoga house with laboratory, six stainless GJ CHEMICAL of warehouse space, 450,000 gal Springs, New York comprising compartment tankers, three tractors 144 2010 SALES: $27.5M bulk storage 350,000 square feet, bulk liquid and van trailers, rail siding, 50+ bulk Somerset, New Jersey, US storage totaling 420,000 gal storage tanks INDUStrIAL President: Diana Colonna 146 CHEMICALS CorP. NortEx rAM CHArAN Products: Acids and anhydrides, al- 2010 SALES: $26.0M 140 2010 SALES $30M 142 2010 SALES: $29.9M chols, aliphatic solvents, amines, Arvada, Colorado, US Moscow, Russia Chennai City, Tamil aromatic solvents, automotive Nadu, India chemicals, chlorinated solvents, President: Robert Wilson II President and CEO: Vladimir Yakushin epoxy resins, glycols, heat transfer Products: Acetates, acids, aliphatic July 18-31, 2011 | ICIS Chemical Business | 85ICB_180711_053-086 85 13/7/11 17:25:56
  • TOP 100 chemical disTribuTOrs and aromatic solvents, alcohols, metaChem Coast paint additives, pigments, preserva- biofuel chemicals, chelating agents, 150 industrial e 154 southWest tives, surfactants, thickeners, chlor-alkali, detergent chemicals, ComerCial 2010 sales: $22.7m urethane resins, waxes and zinc glycols and glycol ethers, heat trans- 2010 sales: $25.1m Placentia, California, US oxide fer fluids, hydrogen peroxide, metal Sao Paulo, Brazil Services: Storage, packaging finishing chemicals, oilfield chemi- CEO: Joseph C. Cimo Assets: three warehouse locations cals, organic and inorganic chemi- Managing director: Ricardo do Rego Products: Surfactants, silicones and cals, pharmaceutical chemicals, Freitas personal care ingredients. P.a.t. ProduCts surfactants and water treatment Products: Adhesives, agrochemicals, Assets: Two locations, five vehicles 159 2010 sales: $12m chemicals construction chemicals, food (vans, tankers, bobtail trucks) Bangor, Maine, US Services: Contract blending, and feed additives, paints and coat- warehousing ings materials, industrial specialty alChem CEO: Leo Coyle Assets: Three Warehouses, 22 tank- chemicals, plastic and PU additives, 155 ChemiCal Products: Silanes, phenolic resins, ers, 12 tractors, five vans, 700,000 lube oil additives and tanning 2010 sales: $21.2m water treatment chemicals, poly- gal bulk storage products Atlanta, Georgia, US urethane colors and chemicals Services: Blending, storage, import Services: Blending, packaging, Columbus and export assistance President: Bart Whittaker storage 147 ChemiCal Assets: Five warehouses Products: Coatings materials, institu- Assets: Six warehouses industries tional and industrial cleaning chemi- 2010 sales: $25.3m VeCKridGe cals, personal care ingredients and interatlas Columbus, Wisconsin, US 151 ChemiCal specialty chemicals 160 ChemiCal 2010 sales: $25m Assets: One warehouse, five tractor 2010 sales: $10.0m CEO: Richard Sheard South Kearny, New Jersey, US trucks, five trailers St. Catharines, Ontario Canada Products: High-purity acids, bases, specialty solutions and blends for President: Mark Veca sChibleY President and CEO: Alex Van Zijl the semiconductor, medical device Products: Inorganics (liquids and 156 solVents & Products: Paraformaldehyde, and analytical laboratory industries dry), acids, amines and peroxides ChemiCals hexamine, phenol, melamine and Services: Processing, purification, Services: Sourcing, warehousing, 2010 sales: $21m urea private labeling and packaging dilutions, packaging Elyria, Ohio, US Services: Blending, storage Assets: Facilities in Wisconsin and Assets: 25,000 square foot ware- Arizona in the US, and in Singapore house, five trucks President and CEO: Reed KiC ChemiCals Schibley 161 2010 sales: $8.7m e.W. KauFmann mutChler Products: Adhesives, coatings mate- New Paltz, New York, US 148 2010 sales: $25.11m 152 PharmaCeutiCal rials, fiberglass reinforcements, Bristol, Pennsylvania, US inGredients household and institutional prod- President and CEO: Ed Kort 2010 sales: $25.0m ucts, lubricant additives, plastic ad- Products: Acids, esters, fatty chemi- President: J. Brian O’Connor Harrington Park, New Jersey, US ditives and polymers cals, flavors, fragrances and food Products: Additives, catalysts, equip- additives ment, fillers, pigments and resins President and CEO: Laurie Mutchler aPCo Services: Blending, packaging, stor- Services: Storage, technical sales Products: Multi-compendial binders, 157 industries age, logistics Assets: One private warehouse, mul- fillers, starches, sugars, flow agents, 2010 sales: C$20m tiple public warehouses super disintegrants, solubilizers, ($20m) adVanCed emulsifiers, disintegrants, sustained Toronto, Ontario, Canada 162 ChemiCal r.e. Carroll release polymers, lubricants and ConCePts 149 2010 sales: $25.1m layering substrates Vice president: James A. Grierson 2010 sales: $4.4m Trenton, New Jersey, US Services: Regulatory and technical Products: Aromatics, aliphatics, Middleburg Heights, Ohio, US expertise glycols, glycol ethers, alcohols, ke- www.advancedchemicalconcepts. President: Robert E. Carroll III Assets: Corporate offices in the US tones, heat treating salts and quench com Products: Chlorinated paraffin, calcium and Puerto Rico, 32,000 square oils, stamping and cutting oils President and CEO: Craig Tungate carbonate, clays, blowing agents, alu- foot, 5 acre pharma park facility Services: Blending, packaging, Products: Surfactants, specialties, mina trihydrate, zinc oxides, plasticiz- storage caustics, alkalis, solvents ers, foaming agents, barium sulfate, ViVion Assets: Two warehouses, 20 trucks Services: Blending, tech support, petroleum products (aromatic oils, 153 2010 sales: $24m packaging naphthenic oils), magnesium oxide, San Carlos, California, US boehle Assets: Two warehouses stearates, soybean oils, lubricants 158 ChemiCals and ASTM (international standard) President: Edward Poleselli 2010 sales: $14.5m NOTES reference oils Products: Emollients, surfactants, hu- Sterling Heights, Michigan, US Currency conversion rates as of Services: Repackaging (capacity to mectants, preservatives, food acids, December 31, 2010: repackage 6,000–12,000 gal/week personal care, nutritional ingredients, President and CEO: Tedd Euro = $1.325 for aromatic, naphthenic, paraffinic food ingredients, fibers, sweeteners, Strobehn UK Pound = $1.5470 base and process oils), storage tableting aids, lubricants, gums and Products: Acrylic resins, color Canadian Dollar = $1.0001 Assets: Corporate office and ware- thickners, antifoams and oils dispersions, defoamers, epoxy Brazilian Real = $0.6002 housing in New Jersey, six other Assets: Six offices and warehouses, curing agents, epoxy resins, fatty Swiss Franc = $1.0633 warehouse locations in the US two trucks chemicals, lubricant additives, South African Rand = $0.1509 86 | ICIS Chemical Business | July 18-31, 2011 www.icis.comICB_180711_053-086 86 13/7/11 17:26:07