Windows Phone 7 and Windows Azure – A Match Made in the Cloud


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  • Windows Azure National ArchitectWindows Azure MVPHelp customers nationwide with their Windows Azure projects. This can include architectural design sessions, training, development, evangelism, etc.Reach me via email, Twitter, or my blog.
  • Looking at Windows Azure & Windows Phone as if they’re dating.Do I know you? Asking a little about each other.
  • ConnectivityWiFi and mobile data connectionsNearly anywhere you are you can get connected to the internetEasy to develop forIf you’re comfortable with Silverlight, XNA, and generally .NET, you’re ready to goFamiliarSilverlight.NETVisual StudioMarketplaceWP7 rapidly growing in marketshareLegion of Microsoft developers ready and able to write for the platformBest Feature – TransparencyNot hiding the important information (using Live Tiles & Push Notifications)
  • Cloud is connectivity. If you can get to the internet, you’re on!Easy to developWindows Azure is a PAASMany Windows Server features same or similarRuns on Windows Server, likely to run on Windows AzureDevelopment environments – many options to choose from. Many languagesScalability – increase capacity within minutes4.5 million mobile devices worldwideBest Feature – Levels the playing field.Anybody can have the infrastructure and features previously reserved only for those with the capital to spend. Startup that needs 50 servers – go for it!
  • Data storage options – applicable to WP7/mobile computing.Windows Azure Storage100 TB Max / account3 replicas for High AvailabilityBriefly explain tables (structured data), blobs (unstructured data like pics and movies), and queues (role communication, “work ticket”)SQL Azure150GB Max / account
  • Are they who they say they are?
  • Find out a little about the person – their name, where they live, their age, etc. Claims
  • Dinner went well . . .time for a second date.Let’s talk a little about blob storage.Just like using the proxy for table storage, we can route requests for blob storage through that same proxy.
  • Windows Phone 7: Need a place to store and retrieve pictures.
  • First 2 dates have gone well. WP7 and WA need to exchange numbers – do that with Microsoft Push Notification Service.
  • Picture goes here
  • 1 XL VM = $.48/hr4 SM VM = $.48/HRAdd 1 XL VM = $.96/hrAdd 1 SM VM = $.60/hrDifference of $3,153.60/yr
  • More at
  • Windows Phone 7 and Windows Azure – A Match Made in the Cloud

    1. 1. Windows Phone 7 and Windows Azure – A Match Made in the Cloud Day of Azure Saturday, March 24th 2012
    2. 2. About MeMichael S. CollierNational Architect,Windows
    3. 3. The Perfect Match?Contestants• Windows Azure• Windows Phone 7Dimensions of CompatibilityThe Dating Game• Do I Know You?• Dinner (setting the Table)• Movie (featuring “The Blob!”)• Following UpSpeed Dating• Scalability Image courtesy of Steve Marx
    4. 4. Profile: Windows Phone 7• Connectivity• Easy to develop for• Familiar development environment• Growing marketplace• Best Feature: Transparency
    5. 5. Profile: Windows Azure• Cloud == Connectivity• Easy to develop for• Familiar development environments (.NET, Ruby, PHP, Java , etc.)• Scalability• Best Feature – Levels the Playing Field
    6. 6. Dimensions of CompatibilityWindows Phone 7 Windows Azure• Connectivity • Cloud Connectivity• Easy/Familiar • Easy/Familiar Environment Environment• Marketplace • Scalability• Transparency • Levels the Field
    7. 7. Windows Azure: Behind the ScenesWindows Server 2008 / R2.NET Framework 3.5 SP1 & 4.0Runs on Windows Server -> Runs on Windows AzureVirtual Machine – image/instance replicated as neededAutomatic load balancing (web roles)Fabric Controller• Resource allocation• Recovery
    8. 8. Windows Azure: Behind the Scenes Web Role Worker Role• IIS7 (Automatic Setup) • Executable – Windows Service• Requires at least 1 input endpoint • Serve as a host – Web server, database, etc.• Ideal for web applications • Generalized development• ASP.NET • Long running or intermittent• Fast CGI + PHP tasks
    9. 9. The Key to Any Good Relationship - CommunicationWindows Phone Windows Azure• WCF • HTTP• OData • ASP.NET• JSON • WCF• POX • WCF Data Services (OData) • Node.js request response direct
    10. 10. Data Storage OptionsWindows Azure SQL Azure• Automatic scalability • Turn key SQL database• REST-based API • Tabular Data Stream (TDS)• Tables, blobs, & queues • DataSync (CTP)• Automatic geo-replication • SQL Azure Reporting Services (CTP)
    11. 11. Windows Azure Service BusRobust messaging and routing servicesAbility to connect services across networks• Defeats NATs and firewalls• Great for hybrid application scenarios!Uses ACS for securityExamples at
    12. 12. Do I Know You? – Identity ManagementNo need to build your own identity management• Another component to maintainLikely not a distinguishable part of your applicationDeal with user management• User support• Password management (including resets)
    13. 13. Do I Know You? – Identity ManagementRoll Your OwnASP.NET Membership Providers• Table Storage• SQL AzureIntegrate with Facebook, Windows Live, etc. via AccessControl Services• Leverage ACS to handle authentication• Claims-based approach
    14. 14. Windows Phone and Access Control ServicesDEMO
    15. 15. The First Date – Table TimePhone provides limited storageWindows AzureNon-relational data storageMassive scalability (100 TB per Storage Account)WCF Data Services (OData)Security• HTTPS• Account Name and KeyAccessibility• Direct – Secure you key?• Web service (proxy) TABLE
    16. 16. Second Date – A MovieBlobs provide mechanism for storage & retrieval ofunstructured data.Private by default.Public read for web/phone apps.Web role -> Blob?Extra stress on the role instance
    17. 17. A Better OptionGet a little closer with Shared Access Signatures• Secure, limited access direct to Blob storage.• Create/Get Blob Container• Create SAS• Return SAS to WP7• WP7 will PUT data to Blob using the SAS• WP7 will GET data from Blob storage
    18. 18. Second Date – A Movie: CDN EditionWindows Azure CDN• 24+ edge cache servers worldwide• Better user experience• HTTP/HTTPS CDN CDN CDN CDN CDN CDN
    19. 19. Windows Phone 7 and Windows Azure Storage ServicesDEMO
    20. 20. Don’t call me . . . I’ll Call YouAbility for app provider to indirectly push data to phone.Application alertsExchanging Numbers
    21. 21. Microsoft Push Notification Service2. Register channel with app My Cloud App
    22. 22. Scalability OptionsDecompose – scalable work units Worker• Web role(s) Worker Role Web Worker Role Worker• Worker role(s) Web Role Web Role Worker Role RoleWeb Worker Role Role Role RolePlan for scale out and in• Smallest unit that gets the job done.• Direct financial impact
    23. 23. NuGet PackagesQuickly build new apps with advanced features and updateexisting apps Windows Phone Windows Azure – Phone.Identity.* – WindowsAzure.Notifications.* – Phone.Notifications.* – WindowsAzure.Storage.* – Phone.Storage.*More at
    24. 24. Windows Azure Toolkit for WP
    25. 25. Windows Azure & MobilityScalable mobile apps for iOS, Android, and WPWindows Azure platform• Compute allows the app to quickly scale• Storage with tables, blobs, and SQL Azure• Messaging via storage queues or Service Bus• CDN provides content worldwide with low latency• Traffic Manager deploy globally & optimal routing• Identity authenticate users via social & corporateWindows Azure toolkits and NuGet packages
    26. 26. Get Started!
    27. 27. ResourcesWindows Azure Toolkit for Windows Phone 7 Azure Training Kit Phone 7 Training Kit Bertocci Marxhttp://blog.smarx.comWade Wegner
    28. 28. Friday, August 3rd The Ohio Union@CloudDevConf The Ohio State University Speakers – Early April Registration opens in early