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Bucco Dress For Where You Are Going A

  1. 1. Bucco CoutureProper AttireFor where you’re going.Not where you are.
  2. 2. Things To Remember• Like it or not, the subtle messages you send with your clothing impact your success in the work place!• You only have one chance to make a good first impression!• The Clothes make the man/woman.• Successful people deal with successful people.• Your appearance tells others how you feel about yourself, which can define how they treat you.• Your corporate ladder climb will be easier if you look like you belong there.
  3. 3. First ImpressionsNumber your paper from 1-8 and write down your firstimpression of each picture.
  4. 4. What Influenced You?What made you want to talk to, meet or do business withthat person? Was it - – Apparent level of sophistication – Color of tie, shoes or dress – Well - groomed appearance – Over all attractiveness – Non - verbal signals – Level of confidence
  5. 5. What Do Your Clothes Say About You?• Appearance plays a big role in interviews• Appearance can give strong feelings of trust to a prospective client or employer• Appearance can give a sense of self- confidence, dependability and professionalism• Appearance can determine how people you meet will react to you
  6. 6. Colors:Do’s And Don’ts For Women And MenColors to avoid 1. Most pastels, especially yellow 2. Bright orange 3. Most shades of green “mustard” (bad bad bad !!!)Colors that work (later explanation on color) 1. Dark to medium ranges of blue 2. Gray / Black 3. Camel / Beige 4. Dark Brown / Burgundy / Rust
  7. 7. Deciding What To WearBased on several questions: 1. What industry are you in? 2. What is the proper dress code? 3. What is your current position and where do you want to go in the company? 4. What type of people do you work for and work with? 5. What type of clients are you working with?
  8. 8. Colors And Fabrics For SuitsNavy Suit 1. Quintessential power suit 2. Enhances the complexion of just about everyoneCharcoal gray 1. Complements most mens complexions 2. Accessorize with white dress shirt and dark tieStriped suit 1. Classy; choose based on your body type 2. Single, double, triple tracksGray Flannel 1. Favorite for cool weather locations 2. Medium-gray flannel is perfect for all backgrounds
  9. 9. Proportion And Body TypeClothing should complement you 1. It can conceal physical flaws 2. Highlight the positive 3. Apply a line, balance and harmony to your body type
  10. 10. The Heavy ManElongate the figure• Jackets – Cut with straight hanging or slightly shaped body lines – Two - button front coats with wider lapels• Trousers – Wear on natural waist, not below – Reverse pleat style more flattering• Fabric – Mostly solids – Vertical patterns
  11. 11. Slim Man: More Breadth AcrossYour Shoulders And Chest• Jackets – Single-breasted and three button jackets – Flaps or pockets add weight to smaller hip• Trousers – Pleated pants add thickness – Non-pleated are trimming• Fabric – Strong horizontal lines – Plaids, windowpanes
  12. 12. Short Man: Longer Leg Line• Jackets –Single-breasted, two-button with medium “V” –Avoid three-button jacket• Trousers –Cuffs • With: measure 1 5/8 inches • Without: break slightly on shoe front• Fabrics –Vertical patterns –Fine pinstripes, herringbones
  13. 13. Tall Man: Fully ProportionedClothing• Jackets – Double-breasted, single-breasted, three-button jacket• Trousers – Cuffs • Thigh needs to taper gently down to 1 ¾ inch cuff – Pleated or non-pleated• Fabrics – Small-patterned clothes – Stripes with width for symmetry and softness for refinement
  14. 14. Athletic Physique: Chest MeasuresEight Inches Or More Than His Waist• Jackets – Single-breasted. Two-button jackets generous lapels on upper chest – Avoid unnecessary waist suppression• Trousers – Cut full around the hip and thigh – Taper down to 1 ½ inch cuff• Fabrics – Smooth-faced fabrics – Windowpanes: longer in length than width
  15. 15. The Proper Fit• Jacket – Even throughout• Shoulder – Should not ripple or strain between your shoulder blades• Sleeves – Extend to where the wrist breaks with the hand• Collar – ½ inch higher than jacket collar• Waist Button – Divide the body so that the torso and legs appear at maximum length• Vents – Overlap in the vents to prevent them from opening out
  16. 16. Business Attire For Woman• Matching suit jacket and knee length or longer skirt or pants conservative colors (navy, black, grey)• Long or short sleeve blouses• Dress shoes or dress boots with long skirts or pants only
  17. 17. Business Professional For Men• Invest in your suit! Quality makes a difference in the long run!• Nothing too flashy! Don’t try and send a fashion statement• 2 or 3 buttons always leave the bottom button un-buttoned• Make sure it fits, things you may not see others will• Shirts crisp white mainly• 3 piece: make sure vest covers waist line
  18. 18. Business Attire For Men• A mix between business casual and professional• Wear slacks and a sport coat• Nice collared shirt underneath but a tie is not required• Button down shirts work great with sport coat but classic collars are ideal for suits• Dress casual or Business shoe works for both professional and casual
  19. 19. Casual For Guys And Gals• Recognize that casual and business casual are not the same (remember you are still portraying an image for you and your business)• Don’t try the newest fashions or over dress• See casual dress as way to make a good impression• Make sure your clothes are wrinkle-free; hang them neatly and iron if necessary• “Casual” is not “sloppy”. Tuck your blouse or shirt in snugly, wear a belt to hold it in place, and tie your shoelaces neatly
  20. 20. Casual For Guys And Gals (Con’t)• Avoid “making a statement”. You are at work, not a fashion show. Khaki pants or skirt, a short-sleeved shirt, and matching shoes are always safe.• Avoid Wearing sleeveless shirts or blouses.• Don’t wear tight, baggy, or sexy clothing.• For men, pants that ride low, below the waist - Put on a belt.• For women, tops with plunging necklines - Keep the top buttons buttoned.• For everyone, any item that fits tightly enough to be sexually suggestive.
  21. 21. Ties• Silk or good quality (7 or more layer gives a more appealing knot). NO• A cheap tie can ruin a suit• Complement suit or shirt• Tip of tie should end near the center of belt buckle• Don’t let the tie speak for you! yes
  22. 22. Shoes and Belts• The color of your shoes and belt must match• Shoes can make or break the suit, so invest in some high quality shoes that shine and I suggest lace up with suits• Make sure they are highly polished• Socks need to be long enough to cover your leg when your legs are crossed
  23. 23. Accessories• Simple necklaces if showing; keep it simple• No rings other then wedding or subtle rings; nothing too flashy• Conservative watch• Cufflinks for shirts not to flashy but always a nice addition to your finished look• Earrings not too fancy but elegant
  24. 24. Facial Hair• No Facial hair if possible, if you must, trim it neatly NO YES
  25. 25. Tips• Each suit should have multiple looks• Clothing conveys your intentions• Dress for future destinations; not current positions• Accessorize properly; less is more• Match belt to shoes• Tie meets belt buckle• Wear over the calf socks; match suit or tie• Keep cedar shoe trees in shoes• One pair in every color
  26. 26. Other Tips• Clean fingernails• Minimal cologne• Empty your pockets to avoid clinking or bulges• Turn off cell phones and beepers• No gum or cigarettes• Keep hair clean and neat• Details- no missing buttons, lint or tags• Hands- clean, manicured fingernails• Fit- clean, pressed and proper fit• Breath- fresh, clean breath; use a breath mint
  27. 27. Wardrobe Custom Clothing Additional Custom Shirts Belts Lace Slip Casual Custom Clothing Shoe Collection Clothing # of # of up on Trousers Solids Black Black Tic SportColor Solids Stripes Patterns Plaids Checks A B C Strips Cordovan Cordovan Weave CoatsNavy Patterns Brown BrownGray Chili ChiliBlue/GrayEarth BracesTonesBlack Need BlackBlack/ Cordovan WhiteOthers Brown Patterne d Formal wear Tuxedo Dinner jacket Shoes Vest CB/B
  28. 28. Questions ?Ask Now Or Regret It Later Visit us at www.buccocouture.com