Sheldon's Preventing suicide
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Sheldon's Preventing suicide



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Sheldon's Preventing suicide Sheldon's Preventing suicide Presentation Transcript

  • Preventing SuicideWays to help people not commit suicide
  • PEOPLE try to commit suicidebecause of being depress sometimes and not getting attention.Ways to help that is going to suicidal prevention centers or talking to council about your problems.
  • REASONS TEENS MAY WANT TO COMMIT SUICIDE Here are that have recently undergone life changing events such as pregnancy, loss of loved ones, terminal illnesses, and blindness are a very at risk group. Other at risk factors in youth suicide prevention and teenage suicide prevention are those who are overachievers/perfectionists highly aggressive teens or youths and those who moved around a lot and have beesome resons why teens may be feeling suidial or instance, teens or youths n separated from people they were close with
  • WAYS TO HELP PEOPLE FROM COMMITTING SUICIDEWays to help them is a sucidial faciltyor a good council and communication AND attention from parents.
  • People likely to commit suicide include those who are experiencing a major loss, of a loved one, unemployment or divorce, are experiencing major changes in their life, such as teenagers and seniors, are having a serious physical or mental illness, such as the death re abusing alcohol or drugs, have made previous suicide threats.
  • Places to go when you have suicidal thoughtsYou can go to suicide prevention center.OR you can go to rehab if you on drugsand want to commit suicide. Or a camp that keeps you occupied.
  • Things you should do so you don’t commit suicide You should not be in love with someone until the pointwere yall would commit suicide over eachother when things go wrong You should think before you do something. You should always occupie yourself And you should always express your feelings.
  • Ways to be aware of a person with that suicidal You should be aware of A suicidal person because of the way of there acts. Also there movements . Next, the way people talk and there expressions, and the way they react when something exciting happens. They will act depress and sad a lot .
  • Ways to make sure they do not commit suicide Have no weapons are nothing that they can harm themselves with around there sight. Also keep them in supervision . Are you can just put them in a suicidal center. You can also have things that you know they like around them like video games
  • Things you should do when you’re feeling suicidal When you are feeling suicidal thoughts you should tell someone that can get you help. Or you should always beround good friends that cares about you. Also you should keep yourself occupied with things you like to do likeoutside activities . You should overcome things like suicidal thoughts also being aware of what’s going on.