Taiwan elearning smart school v1 brief


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Taiwan e-learning briefing

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Taiwan elearning smart school v1 brief

  1. 1. Taiwan e-Learning Project Joseph Tsai Institute for Information Industry May, 2012
  2. 2. Table of Contents1 Introduction of III2 Taiwan’s ICT Education at a Glance3 Progress in ICT and e-Learning
  3. 3. A Glance of IIIFounded in 1979 as a Government Sponsored Not-for-profit OrganizationHQ in Taipei, with Goal to Develop a World- class Information Industry in Taiwan • Facilitate the Development of Taiwan’s ICT Industry • Promote the Deployment of ICT in Public & Private Sectors32 years of Continuous Growth • Pivotal Contribution to the Development of Taiwan’s ICT Industry & Information Society 3
  4. 4. Operation & Business Focus ICT Information Industry SocietyGovernment Industry Professional ApplicationThink Tank Promotion R&D Cultivation Promotion International Cooperation 4
  5. 5. Organization Board of Directors Auditing Office President CTO / Vice Presidents Finance and ResourceSmart Network System Institute International Division Management Division Industry Development Planning & Evaluation Division Innovative DigiTech-EnabledApplications & Services Institute Augmentation Division Accounting Division Southern Industry Human Resource Advanced Research Institute Service Division Development DivisionCloud System Software Institute Information Technology Services DivisionCyberTrust Technology Institute Bachelor (18%) Digital Education Institute Master 1,900* College (5%) (69%) Market Intelligence & Other (1%) Consulting Institute Science & Technology Ph. D. (7%) Law Institute Source: III, 2012.01 *figure includes 460 contractors 5
  6. 6. Table of Contents1 Introduction of III2 Taiwan’s ICT Education at a Glance3 Progress in ICT and e-Learning 6
  7. 7. Taiwan at a Glance: ICT Infra & Education Economy and ICT infrastructure• 11th-Global ICT rankings, 2nd –Asian rankings, WEF GITR report (2012)• 3rd-Government ICT usage, WEF GITR report (2012)• 2nd -Global E-Government rankings, Brown University (2010)• 12th- Global E-Readiness rankings, 2nd -Asian rankings, EIU (2010)• NO.1 -Global ICT products OEM/ ODM centers Education• No. of K1-12 Schools and students :3,892 / 5,530,155• No. of College & University & students : 163 / 1,250,784• 2009 PISA Achievements  NO.5 in Mathematics  NO.12 in Science  NO.23 in Reading 7
  8. 8. ICT Infrastructure at K-12 Schools 100% Internet available at all K12 schools nationwide by 1999 Over 50% of K12 school classes can access to the Internet by 2007 Upgrade K12 computer classes (hardware and software) in 17 cities by 2007 (total 25 cities) Training 8,500 seed Smart class teachers and 650,000 teachers to develop courses and teaching practices and more Expect to achieve student/pc ratio at 5:1 by 2011 65% of K12 schools implement multimedia smart class Source : Digital Education Institute, III 8
  9. 9. Current Status of Digital DivideTAIWAN Digital Divide• 7th ranking by World Information Society Report, ITU, 2007• 86.4% of households have computer• 80.8% of households have Internet connections, of which 81.5% are broadband subscribers• More than 90% of the individuals who have finished college education have access the Internet• Among the Internet users in Taiwan, 65.1% know government agencies have dedicated websites Source: www.mediafuturist.com 9
  10. 10. Table of Contents1 Introduction of III2 Taiwan’s ICT Education at a Glance3 Progress in ICT and e-Learning 10
  11. 11. Current Status of e-Learning Industry1. Companies adopt e-Learning for training  61.6% of Top 500 companies adopt e-Learning  44.8% of employees in Top 500 companies using e-learning training increase job efficiency2. TW E-Learning Industry Value (in NT dollar) 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012f Learning 5.4 bl 7 bl 10 bl devices Smart 2 bl 5 bl 10 bl class Core 13.4 bl 15.3 bl 18 bl 21 bl 25 bl Business Total 13.4 bl 15.3 bl 25 bl 33 bl 45 bl Source : 2010 e-Learning Industry Whitepaper 11
  12. 12. TW e-Learning Project Progress TW e-Learning & Digital Archive Industry Value need to reinvent quality learning mechanics for next gen. Before the serious change of birth rate and aging population, we Business Learning devices Smart class Core Business Digital Archive 49.5 In NT billion dollar Industry 50 4.5 45 Legislation 40 36.3 Formal 3.3 Learning 35 Talent 28 25 30 Career 2.6 Learning Standard 25 17.2 21 Social 20 12 13.4 1.9 18 10 Learning Skill 15 Licensing 10 5 e-Chinese 12 13.4 15.3 2 mechanics 5 7 10 5.4 Digital 0 archive 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012f Industry Market Expansion Model Transfer School Development• Value Chain • Integrate channel & • Reinvent Business model• Talent training multi business • Global cooperation • Innovative Learning 12
  13. 13. Outstanding eLearning Value Chain in TW Strong service on integration of software and hardware, providetotal solution and partner with overseas company to take projects. Integration Cloud service System Mgmt. Consultant Smart Class provider Integration service service provider Software Service Test Library Edu. matl. Smart Class Edu.Tech. Database mgt. database designer Instruction Software design Tools & Content Platform E-learning Software providers providers Instruction Prof. training Hardware Internet Conference eBag Media tablet Smart phone Projector Interactive W Board ePen eReader All in one PC RFID product 13
  14. 14. Leading Research at e-LearningSmart Classroom for Effective Leaning • Interactive Learning • GameBase LearningEducation Cloud for Global Service • Language Learning Cloud • Simulation Courseware Cloud • Education Management Cloud
  15. 15. Consultant Service Partner with III, Your one stop solution provider in Taiwan Master Plan Training Enterprise School ICT Education Learning Training Administration Integration Device1. Training mgt sys 1. RFID sign sys 1. LMS 1. eWhiteboard2. Learning path sys 2. Conference sys 2. Course dev. Soft. 2. Visual projector3. LMS 3. School workflow 3. WTB teaching 3. IRS4. 360 degree sys 4. Cloud ed. service 4. E-Bag feedback 4. School ERP 5. Media interaction 5. Learning tool5. Performance sys 5. Digital Library platform 6. Visual Audio6. TTQS Sys service 6. Mobile Learning equipment7. Learning Map sys 6. Class platform 7. Online Assessment 7. Conference equ. 158. More 7. More 8. More 8. Digital Lectern and more
  16. 16. Call for Strategic AllianceWe want to work with local partners to transform hardware andsoftware experience and together structure education environmentFocus on Your Core Competencies, Partner for the rest . Taiwan e-learning companies have a strong and complete ecosystem. Virtual Strategic Integration Alliances Core Competencies Customer Outsourcing Partnership 16
  17. 17. Delegation Members Briefing 17
  18. 18. Over-Paradigm products and services e-Learning course Consultation developing e- services toolsLearning coursepackages Designing the custom digital contents and providing total solutions Over the past 11 years, O-Pa has produced more than 11,000 hours e-Learning courses to more than 200 companies and organizations in worldwide.
  19. 19. Multimedia eBook and App Cases Green Page Age 3 to 8Children / Life Education Travel & Learn City Tour-guide Marketing / Sales Customer Service Catalogue
  20. 20. About HiKids Co.In 2002, HiKids beat its competitors in a race to apply the growing trend ofdigital learning to the planning and development of interactive learningsystems for children. To offer children’s online courseware that is excellent inboth quantity and quality, HiKids integrated the 7 learning areas of the Grade1-9 Curriculum implemented in Taiwan and launched an original product: TheHikids Preparatory Network. 20
  21. 21. Company ProductsIn addition to the original HiKids Preparatory Network that hasbenefitted an accumulated 300,000-odd Taiwanese families,HiKids recently presented innovations in two product lines forchildhood education:. WAWA-G: A System for Nurturing Gifted Children;. WAWA-G Video-Learning System: air kindergarten / air elementary School.The unparalleled output of both product lines made HiKids thelargest designer-maker of e-learning systems as well as theleading brand in children’s e-learning industry in Taiwan,thanks to the significant and in-depth courseware content. 21
  22. 22. The Solution Includes ... equip (material) enable (teacher)Courseware (Digital courseware..) Teacher Training & Teaching Resources empower (student) Online Homework, Test, Software, Summer Camp 22
  23. 23. equip the materialMultimedia CD + Printed Textbook • 課堂中:光碟+課本 教師使用投影機投影光碟內 容,學生使用課本 • 下課後:光碟+練習冊 23
  24. 24. •2009.11.23 Aiptek launched world’s first children’s color ebook- Storybook inColor •2011.10 Anheart spinoff •2011.11.22 Launched 2nd generation- Storybook TouchCopyright © 2011 AIPTEK International Inc. All rights reserved.
  25. 25. Storybook Touch Low Radiation 、 Features 8 inch LCD no WiFi Touch Panel Ceramic Built-in 200 Stereo StoryBooks & Speaker 200 Classics Smart Cover to Expandable SD hold Card for Stories 5 SD cards of Mild brightness、 Stories Anti-Glare ProtectionCopyright © 2011 AIPTEK International Inc. All rights reserved.
  26. 26. ASIAWORLD Main Business• e-Resources Business  Database  e-journal  e-book• e-Learning Business  e-Learning Platform  e-Classroom  e-Content• e-Publishing Business  e-Book : – L&B :Library and Book  Customized e-content services• e-Services Business  Integrated services for library
  27. 27. Contact person : Joseph Tsaicctsai@iii.org.twhttp://teldap.twhttp://www.epark.org.tw 27