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Creation of an ethics program for a Law Firm

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  1. 1. Denise Baker & Roy Lunsford MGT/216 Organizational Ethics and Social Responsibly Adrienne Reddick May 12, 2010 Lunsford & Baker, P.A.
  2. 2. Agenda  Introduction  Moral & Ethical issues  Code of Ethics  Training  Monitoring  Enforcement  Conclusion
  3. 3. Introduction Lunsford & Baker, P.A. Our goal is to promote ethical, legal, and professional practices. Lunsford & Baker will always treat our employees, customers and community with dignity, honesty, fairness and respect.  Law firm that represents cases that involve personal injury  workers compensation  medical malpractice  automobile accidents  employment discrimination claims  American with Disabilities Act claims  50 employees  attorneys  legal assistants  legal investigators  legal auditors  support staff
  4. 4. Moral & Ethical Issues  Dishonesty  Breach of confidentiality  Fraud  Misrepresentation  Discrimination  Improper use of company assets  Theft  Dealing with ethical issues:  Developed a code of ethics  Leadership and human resources ensure they go though the proper procedures in hiring individuals with high ethical standards  Leadership provides support to individuals facing an ethical dilemma  The expectation for leadership is to maintain a culture that upholds ethical behaviors by leading by example and ensure all employees attend our required ethical training
  5. 5. Code of Ethics Positives Code of Ethics Builds trust internally & externally Increases awareness of key ethical issues Foster reporting of misconduct Clarifies where employees would go to seek advise Guides employees to make right decisions while performing their job Guide to decision making Encourages staff to seek advise
  6. 6. Code of Ethics Topics covered Equal employment Discrimination Proper Use Safety & Health Drugs & alcohol Confidentiality Conflicts of Interest Gifts/Entertainment Proper Use Obligation to report Consequences How to report Commitment to investigate  Reporting - E-mail, mail, integrity hotline  Very visible - Employee Portal, Postings, Newsletters
  7. 7. Ethics Training New Employee Orientation  First day of employment  Acknowledgment  On-site annual refreshers for employees Leadership  Legal education seminar twice a year  View various scenarios, case studies, etc.  Must identify, discuss, analyze and resolve ethical issues  This training may also be given more frequently if the company felt it necessary
  8. 8. Positives of Ethical Training Ethical Training Educate employees Reinforces the code Gather feedback, measure effectiveness & continually improve Encourage employees to become active
  9. 9. Monitoring  HR Consultant Company -Metrics based  Whistle Blowers(Sidebar Program)  Employees awarded for founded Ethical Issues
  10. 10. Planning and Policy  Legal firm Atmosphere  Different language and conduct with lawyers
  11. 11. Benefits  Lawyers-Tuition Paid For  All other staff-Grants for college education
  12. 12. Enforcement  Managers rigorously trained -pay is effected by metrics system  Staff is trained  Clear 1-2-3 process for violation of ethics
  13. 13. Broken Promises 3rd Offense Lawyers-Letter sent to BAR to disbar license
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