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My creative portfolio.

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Creative Portfolio

  1. 1. Rachelle Boyle copywriter 0438 797 479
  2. 2. A little bit about who I am and where I’ve been. After completing a Certificate in Media Communications in 2007, I entered “Australia’s Toughest Brief” competition. My entry was lucky enough to win all three categories including a trip to the Caxton Awards where I secured freelance work with Design Street, Sydney. Shortly afterward I entered, “Using the power of the brand for the power of good” competition and was awarded the major prize of a partnership deal with Ogilvy. Since February 2008 I’ve worked full time at CumminsNitro, Brisbane as a junior copywriter. In that time I’ve written and produced print, radio, television and online concepts while completing AWARD school. Some of my work can be found in the following pages. Cheers.
  3. 3. TM Some of the brands I’ve worked on.
  4. 4. Australia’s Toughest Brief Competition. Creative on next page Hosted by The Australian, this international competition required an ad that would inspire people to enter politics. My entry was a print campaign with four executions - it was awarded all three prizes including: Best Print Entry, Best International Entry and Best Australian Entry. As part of the prize, I was awarded a trip to the 2007 Caxton Awards where I secured my first freelance copywriting job with Design Street, Sydney.
  5. 5.            
  6. 6.                    
  7. 7.                   
  8. 8.                    
  9. 9. In February 2008, Ogilvy issued a worldwide challenge to create a cause-related marketing campaign for Fanta, UK. My entry proposed that Fanta consumers donate bottles toward SODIS projects as tools for creating clean drinking water. After presenting the idea to Ogilvy at MIPTV in Cannes, “Fanta’s Unlikely Heroes” was awarded the major prize of a partnership deal to collaborate on the project.
  10. 10. CumminsNitro©VA9813/AUS Appeared in newspapers on April 1st, 2008.
  11. 11. On April Fool’s Day 2008, we took the opportunity to create a hoax that proved to be enormously popular. Entitled the ‘No Chair Fare’ it offered a half-price ticket if you agreed to stand for the duration of the flight. Over 1000 people were duped but were kept smiling with an offer of a sale fare. Our hoax gave people a good laugh and generated enormous free media coverage in radio, press and television channels including the Today Show. - Thousands of people pranked - Free national TV coverage - Free radio coverage - Free press coverage click to play
  12. 12. GET WHAT YOU WANT Forgotten Mother’s Day? Don’t worry we’ve got a three-step rescue plan: STEP 1. Cut out this wrapping paper, pick some flowers from the nearest garden and wrap them up. STEP 2. Go to and buy Mum a Virgin Blue gift voucher. STEP 3. Fly straight over to your Mum’s place and act like you’ve been planning this for weeks.
  13. 13. The popularity of round-the-world tickets inspired an innovative offering to help boost ticket sales for Virgin Blue. The Advance Australia Fare allows several domestic destinations to be booked on a single ticket for one, low price. This never-before- seen offer would attract the millions of international visitors wanting to see all of Australia’s attractions in the one trip. Offering simplicity and great value, the Advance Australia Fare is in the Virgin Blue tradition of innovative flair. NEW PRODUCT INVENTION
  14. 14. Personalised Plates Queensland wanted to promote their product in a topical manner so we created an updateable web page banner that appeared on a popular news site. Each morning a new combination appeared that had direct relevance to the feature story. The banner then invited people to create a combination and click- through to place an order. PPQ is happy with the results and are planning to use the banner again in 2009. Creative on next page
  15. 15. click to play Cinema
  16. 16. RADIO click icons to play
  17. 17. TVC script We open on a young guy lining up at a supermarket shopping counter. The line is horribly long but being the smart shopper that he is, he’s got a trick up his sleeve. After placing his basket on the floor he pinches his nose and covers it with the other then starts to speak in a nasal tone: VO1: Attention shoppers, Cenovis Once Daily Multivitamins are on special in aisle 3. The shoppers in front of him look around with interest then one by one, walk off in a similar direction. He picks up his basket and places the range of Once Daily packs on the conveyor belt. We see them roll along in front of the camera as the voiceover speaks: VO2: Get through your day more easily with Cenovis Once Daily on special this week at Woolworths/Coles. We finish on the packs rolling from left of screen on the conveyor belt and stopping frame. SUPER: “On special this week at Woolworths/Coles” (with disclaimer) Cenovis logo with ‘Spring to Life’ animation appears next to the packs.