The future of TV - SocialTV & Content


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The Future of TV
Présentation donnée dans le cadre du MIC (10/12/2012)

Short overview of future tendances about television with focus on Social TV / Second Screen.

One word to keep in mind : Content
Content is the core & main concept of the future of TV

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The future of TV - SocialTV & Content

  1. The Future of TV is … @edewitte Edouard De Witte – Deputy RTL NewMedia
  2. TV Consumption didn’treached the limits yet.
  3. Average daily viewing time FRANCE +15 min +2min +8min 230 SPAIN +4min 228 +4 min 220216 GERMANY +2 min UK2008 2009 2010 2011 NETHERLANDS +/-0 min *Excluding Malta, all individuals, Monday-Sunday Source: Eurodata TV / Television 2012 – International Key Facts
  4. More and Better TV than ever Today 375 more than channels 9 000 channels were launched in are available 2011 in the EU in the EU Source: MAVISE/European Audiovisual Observatory (Yearbook 2011)
  5. More and Better TV than everFlat screens have replaced the bulky TV 69.2%sets in nearly 70% of the EU HH +15%High-definition TV sets are also 62.5%conquering EU households +17%Connected TV sets are already present in 9.9%almost 10% of all EU households Source: IHS Screen Digest / Television 2012 – International Key Facts
  6. TV landscape cracks bydevices and disruptiveinnovations
  7. 6 and more major (r)evolutionsTechnology Social TV OTT TV TV Apps TV Measure Advertising• Super Hi-Vision • Twitter TV • Hulu • Connected TV • • Targeting• Ultra HDTV • Second Screen • Netflix • Apple TV • Panel vs Log • Real Time• Transparent • Gamefication • Google TV • Google TV • Real Time Bidding screen • EPG Social • Apple iTV • Walled Garden audience• Glasses Free • Google Glasses • Xbox 360 • Predictive • Multi-device … • Direct sales on HdTV •… •… •… click•…
  8. but don’t forget whatthe viewers seeks!
  9. Content is the main reason why STORY STORY
  10. The next 5 years – some predictions1. Cloud services will make « TV Everywhere » a reality2. EPG and Content discovery will move to the second screen3. Linear TV will not die  It will become social, participative… and will focus on live, local and event4. Second screen engagement will drive curated, interactive experiences and new monetisation models5. …
  11. Focus on Social TV
  12. The adoption of second screen Following a TV program has never been as interactive! 74% 51% 38%of surfers when they are of them declare using the of them declare using the watching TV Internet to search information Second Screen for discussing are Second about the TV show’s they are about the TV show on Social Screen users* watching* networks* Source : OVUM : a study about the Second Screen realized in 8 European countries)
  13. The rise of Twitter TV
  14. What is Second Screen for abroadcaster ? Electronic Program Guide Video snacking/ catch-up Chat and social interact Enriched TV experience
  15. Example - Belgium’s Got Talent
  16. Example - Belgium’s Got Talent Each Monday, 4% of TV viewers were connected with second screen apps or website (26.000 users) (TV audience : 714.000 CIM 4+) 250.000 Buzz , 18.000 comments published, 86.298 differents chat users, ... 38.650 Tweets (4.000 / day), each of them are categorized >100.000 votes for ½ finalists & finalists
  17. Thank youFor more information : or Twitter: @edewitte