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Dematic Logistics Review #1

  1. 1. Issue 1 POSITIVE APPROACH Pick more with Negative-PUT picking L GISTICS BUFFER STORAGE REVIEW Sequencing stock for high rate picking PRODUCT REVIEW Logistics technology & software updateNEXT: UKErgonomic Fashion &Apparel DistributionFERDINAND GROSS:GERMANYThe World’s First MultishuttleGoods to Person SolutionNEWEGG.COM: USA &ELGIGANTEN: SWEDENHigh PerformanceE-logisticsCOCA-COLA AMATIL: AUSTRALIADEMATIC DELIVERSRECORD PICK RATESFOR COCA-COLA DEMATIC LOGISTICS REVIEW Creating Logistics Results
  2. 2. WELCOME TO YOUR WINDOW TO WORLD’S BEST PRACTICE LOGISTICS Welcome to Dematic Logistics Review. We hope you find this publication and interesting and valuable resource for keeping up to date with the latest logistics and supply chain news, case studies, research, product, technology and software developments from around the world. I am delighted to introduce the first issue of our Dematic Goods to Person delivers the goods new global magazine Dematic Logistics Review. With systems already in operation and many more Dematic has provided many impressive logistics underway, Dematic is challenging convention solutions and in this issue you will find examples with the development of ‘Goods to Person’ (GTP) of best practice logistics. I am confident that order fulfillment strategies and technologies for through innovation and our proven track record high volume distributors. we will to continue to deliver outstanding logistics results for our customers throughout the world. Our Dematic Multishuttle® automated storage buffer, picking and sequencing system interfaced Investing in innovation with ergonomic workstations delivers safe, accu- As a platform for growth, we are increasing our rate, high-rate, high-productivity picking across a investment in Research and Development. wide range of industries and applications. Dematic sees significant innovation potential in Case studies on retail clothing giant Next from order fulfillment and will continue to focus R&D the UK and German industrial supplier Ferdinand investment in this area. Gross demonstrate the amazing accuracy, pro- ductivity and throughput possible with GTP. If GTP is new to you, make sure you see our exclu- sive GTP feature article, which outlines what GTP is, how it works and Multishuttle’s role in picking, buffering and sequencing stock to optimize order assembly efficiency and accuracy, while eliminat- ing travel and reducing the physical impact of pick and pack operations.2 DEMATIC LOGISTICS REVIEW
  3. 3. Contents Cover Story: Coca-Cola Amatil, Australia 4-6 Technology Feature: Goods to Person 7-9 Case Study: Ferdinand Gross, Germany 10-11 Case Study: Next, United Kingdom 12-13 Case Study:, USA 14-15 Case Study: Elgiganten, Sweden 16-17 Case Study: Leche Pascual, Spain 18-19 Case Study: Zuellig Pharma, Malaysia 20-21 Product, Technology & Software Review 22-23 About Dematic Dematic is one of the world’s leading suppliers of logistics automation sys- tems and solutions. As a systems integrator, Dematic delivers a full range of technologies and services, from individual products and systems to complete turnkey solutions as a general contractor, as well as complete after-sales support and service. Dematic provides automated material handling products, systems and solutions for retail and wholesale distri- bution, consumer direct, grocery, food and beverage, and manufacturing industries. Dematic’s products and services are based on a tradition of industry expertise that the company has acquired over decades of com- mitment worldwide. Globally the company employs around 3,000 people.Innovative E-business order fulfillment The DC features the world’s first application of De-We also profile how two leading e-retailers on matic’s patented Negative-PUT technology andeither side of the Atlantic – from software for maximizing the efficiency and opti-the USA and Sweden’s Elgiganten – tackle the mizing the safety of mixed pallet order assembly.challenge of high-volume, high-service direct-to- By pairing like orders, Negative-PUT allows pick-consumer distribution in the booming e-business ers to fulfill two or more picks with one, enablingsector. It is interesting to compare how Dematic’s high productivity rates of 1400 picks/hour to besolutions for customers differ significantly in the achieved through ergonomic and technologies applied, to best suit World’s first SAP software integration for SFSlocal market dynamics and each company’s busi- Dematic has also developed the world’s firstness needs and budget. interface to SAP EWS (Extended WarehouseAccuracy and traceability key drivers of System) and MFS (Material Flow System) forpharmacy DC design Swiss industrial supplier SFS Unimarket, elimi- nating the need for middleware, making SAP’s Roar Isaksen,Picking orders accurately and keeping track of President & CEO,them at all stages of the supply chain are key R/3 Enterprise Resource Planning system a true ‘end to end solution’. Look for details of this ex- Dematicdrivers in pharmacy distribution. The smallquantities required for many orders adds to the citing breakthrough in the next issue of Dematicchallenge. Logistics Review.Dematic’s integrated order fulfillment system for Our success illustrates the importance of knowl-Malaysia’s largest distributor, Zuellig Pharma, edge, innovation and the ability to deliver a ro-achieves the accuracy, productivity, throughput bust solution. Our team of logistics professionalsand traceability required through the use of smart is second to none in the industry.technologies, software and controls. With our unique mix of innovative products andHow a negative approach is achieving record solutions, superior planning and project manage-productivity for Coca-Cola ment competence, we are confident Dematic will continue to grow and help our customers prosperOur cover story reports on how Coca-Cola is now and into the future.achieving record picking rates at its new RouteTrade distribution center (DC) in Sydney. Roar Isaksen, President & CEO, Dematic DEMATIC LOGISTICS REVIEW 3
  4. 4. COVER STORY COCA-COLA AMATIL SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA Dematic’s David Rubie with CCA’s Major Projects Manager Grant McClean. RECORD PRODUCTIVITY FOR COCA-COLA Pickers at Coca-Cola Amatil’s new distribution center at Eastern Creek in Sydney are achieving phenomenal rates of more than 1400 picks/hour thanks to Dematic’s new Negative-PUT concept. Industry recognition for Dematic’s world Negative-PUT: Killing two birds with one stone “ breakthrough Dematic’s new Negative-PUT process optimizes Coca-Cola Amatil (CCA) was presented with the case picking productivity in mixed pallet order prestigious Manufacturing Logistics Award at the assembly by pairing suitable orders and fulfilling Supply Chain & Logistics Association of Australia’s them through ergonomically designed ‘Goods to recent national awards ceremony in Melbourne. Person’ pick modules. Dematic’s patented Negative-PUT software re-sequences orders to The award recognizes the achievements of CCA’s generate the highest quantity of negative pick supply chain remodeling program, Project Jupi- ter, which has substantially improved order fulfill- The net effect of opportunities and the optimum order fulfillment sequence for any batch of orders, creating sub- ment efficiency, reduced distribution and trans- Negative-PUT stantial productivity gains. port costs, and cut greenhouse gas emissions. is that around “Around 70% of the DC’s orders pass through the A key element of Project Jupiter was the construc- 20% of the Negative-PUT module, with about 35% of the or- tion of a new distribution center (DC) at Eastern Creek to service CCA’s 14,000 Route Trade cus- cases for mixed ders complete when they exit,” explained Grant McClean, CCA’s Major Projects Manager. tomers in New South Wales from Bega to Coffs pallet orders Harbour, an area covering about 1000km. “The net effect of Negative-PUT is that around are dispatched 20% of the cases for mixed pallet orders are dis- Route Trade customers range from corner stores without ever patched without ever being picked,” he said. and convenience shops to service stations, small grocery and fresh food outlets, as well as an in- being picked. Other key Dematic solutions include: creasing number of liquor shops and wholesalers, Grant McClean, Inbound Logistics: RO-RO auto truck unloading and account for close to half of CCA’s throughput Major Projects during the summer peak. Within just eight weeks of operation, CCA was achieving record-breaking productivity rates of more than 1400 picks/hour at the Eastern Creek DC thanks to an innovative new order picking “ Manager CCA More than 95% of the stock is delivered from CCA’s Northmead production plant. To ensure efficient goods receiving and minimize forklift operations, the DC features three roll-on, roll-off (RO-RO) au- tomated ‘skate-type’ truck unloading docks, each capable of unloading 22 pallets in under 15 minutes. methodology developed by Dematic. Pallets are automatically scanned, check-weighed and transported by integrated pallet conveyor to a pick-up station near their reserve storage put- away location.4 DEMATIC LOGISTICS REVIEW
  5. 5. NEGATIVE-PUT PICKING: HOW IT WORKSInbound Logistics: Three RO-RO automatedtruck unloading docks provide rapidturnaround of vehicles delivering to the DC.The integrated pallet conveyor delivers fullpallets with picking stock and empty palletsto the Negative-PUT pick module operators. Dematic’s new Negative-PUT system optimizes case picking in mixed pallet order fulfillment by taking advantage of a practice used by expe- rienced pickers to reduce their workload. Smart pickers occasionally notice that among the orders they have a couple with which they can ‘kill two birds with one stone’, or, in this case, complete two orders with one pick. However, the practice tends to be opportunistic and a systematic ap- proach can identify all negative pick opportunities. The productivity gains which can be made by matching like orders and picking them in a high rate pick module are very substantial. Dematic’s patented Negative-PUT software uses a number of complex algorithms to re-sequence orders to generate the highest quantity of negative pick opportunities and the optimum order fulfillment sequence for any batch of orders. Each time a new order is to be picked, integrated pallet conveyors au- tomatically deliver two full pallets (donor pallets) and two empty pallets (put pallets). Large screen workstations provide clear visual instruc- tions for the operators, with Dematic’s Negative-PUT software direct- ing the picker to take a quantity of cases from the first donor pallet and place it onto the first put pallet. They may then be asked to take a further quantity of stock and place it onto the second put pallet. They may then be instructed to remove a quantity of cases from the second donor pallet and place them to the first and second put pallets. In this example, the Negative-PUT process has completed four work or- ders with the minimum possible number of case movements. The stock quantity on the two donor pallets now matches that required to fulfill two orders, while the cases on the put pallets form the base pallets to which any remaining items required for the two orders will be picked conventionally. Check-weighers confirm the operator has picked the correct number of pallets, and the conveyor transports the pallets to the outfeed station.Large screens direct the pick moduleoperators to transfer stock from the‘donor’ pallets to the ‘put’ pallets. DEMATIC LOGISTICS REVIEW 5
  6. 6. Outbound Logistics: Faster, safer truck loading “The Auto Dispatch System (ADS) gives CCA the ability to pre-pick, assemble and stage orders,” explained Dematic’s David Rubie. The ADS features a Pallet Runner satellite stor- age system with 144 lanes, each capable of stor- ing up to 12 pallets, the typical capacity of CCA’s Route Trade delivery fleet. “This means the ADS can stage the orders for up to 144 truckloads at any one time, which provides a buffer of around 16 hours during peak periods,” said Mr Rubie. “Staging orders takes order assembly off the crit- ical path, ensures efficient, reliable truck load- ing, and minimizes truck turnaround time in the busy dispatch area.” Completed orders are taken to the ADS by OH&S Initiatives: A safer workplace forklift and pallet truck. Once loaded onto the The DC incorporates a number of innovative Voice directed ADS infeed, all pallet handling is automated. storage design features including wider than computing is used The ADS features a 144 lane Pallet Runner normal aisles, a higher first beam level plus for all other case satellite storage system, enabling CCA to additional space between and around pallets. picking activities. stage orders for up to 144 truck loads at any Wider aisles ensure safer forklift and pallet one time, providing a buffer of around 16 truck flow and more space around the pick face hours during peak periods. which provides quicker and easier access to stock whether it is at the front or rear of a pallet, reducing the potential for the picker to trip or stumble while reaching for and lifting cases. The remodeling of CCA’s supply chain has in- volved capital expenditure of $180 million and provides CCA with the ability and capacity to store and deliver forecast volumes until 2015. CCA opted for the semi-automated Pallet Runner for its outbound logistics because of its inherent flexibility, with throughput easily increased with the addition of extra Pallet Runner carts and forklift operators. Benefits CCA’s Eastern Creek DC has substantially improved the efficiency of CCA’s mixed pallet order fulfillment. As well as reducing distribution and transport costs, CCA expects the DC to provide consistent productivity and throughput gains of around 20% to 30%. Other key benefits and savings include: • Elimination of 20% of all physical case picks • Improved customer service through increased pick and invoice accuracy and pallet build quality • Fewer errors, reduced returns and damage • Substantial reduction in truck mileage from old supply chain to new, with significant reductions in greenhouse gas emissions • Automated RO-RO truck unloading with integrated pallet conveyor infeed • Innovative, ergonomically-designed, high-rate Negative-PUT module • Wireless Bluetooth-enabled voice-directed computing for order picking • Faster, safer, more efficient order staging and truck loading with ADS • Numerous OH&S initiatives aimed at maintaining a safer workplace • Integrated IT including WMS, Negative-PUT and voice-directed computing • Satisfies CCA’s NSW supply chain requirements until 2015.6 DEMATIC LOGISTICS REVIEW
  7. 7. TECHNOLOGYGOODS TO PERSON ORDER FULFILLMENTMost order pickers actually spend much moretime travelling between picks than they do picking– even if they are equipped with forklifts or pallettrucks – adding significantly to distribution costs.DEMATIC GTP F0RFASTER, SAFERORDER FULFILLMENT “Goods to Person order assembly High Rate Put Stations for fast moversSo imagine how much more efficient, productive Dematic High Rate Put Stations can be an idealand safe your order picking team would be if solution for fast moving product lines. Directed bythe goods they needed to fulfill orders came to Pick-to-Light (PTL) or Voice, pickers fulfill batchesthem, instead of them having to go, find and of orders without having to leave their workstation.transport the goods. This is only possible where sophisticated sequenc- Directed by PTL ing software and controls seamlessly supply theThe principle of Goods to Person (GTP) picking isnot new. But changes in government regulations, or Voice, pickers right stock to the Put Station, precisely when it is fulfill batches of needed to match a corresponding order. Humancombined with advances in technology and soft- errors are virtually eliminated and productivity isware, are increasingly making GTP a very attrac- orders without optimized, with pick rates of up to 1,000 items pertive option for many distribution operations. leaving their hour possible. This is suited to high volume ap-Dematic’s innovative semi-automated GTP distri- plications where the same product line is neededbution solutions comprise two key sub-systems: workstation. to fulfill several orders, such as for retail grocery, This is only apparel or publishing outlets.• Ergonomically designed, manually operated Pick and Put Stations for high rate order fulfill- possible where High Rate Pick Stations for slower movers ment (1,000+ picks/hour across several hundred sophisticated The High Rate Pick Station is also suited to the re- line items): and sequencing quirements of slow moving product lines within a• Automated buffer storage systems which se- software DC. Fed by Dematic’s new high throughput Multi- quence and transport the required items to shuttle storage and retrieval engine, these stations Pick and Put Stations in the correct order to and controls can deliver pick rates of up to 700 lines per hour. facilitate efficient order assembly. seamlessly This means one person at a pick station can doErgonomic Pick and Put Stations supply the right the work of up to ten people in a traditional picking environment. Furthermore, the space efficiency ofDematic has developed and implemented Ergo- stock to the the GTP solution means the building footprint maynomic Pick and Put Workstation configurations workstation, be reduced by up to 50%.capable of fulfilling multiple orders concurrently. precisely when How Dematic Pick and Put Stations workWorkstations can facilitate split case picking, with it is needed Empty order totes and full inventory totes carryingdesigns including the use of Pick-to-Light (PTL)displays or voice-directed computing to further to match a the goods for picking are transported by an inte-improve accuracy, productivity and throughput. “ corresponding order. grated conveyor system, arriving concurrently at the workstations in the exact sequence required to fulfill the next order(s). Minimal manual handling and effort is needed by the operator to pick and place the required items to the order(s) being picked, with the conveyor system transporting order totes to dispatch and the inventory totes back to storage. DEMATIC LOGISTICS REVIEW 7
  8. 8. TECHNOLOGY GTP ORDER FULFILLMENT Dematic Multishuttle®: Automated storage buffer and order sequencing Picking goods efficiently through Ergonomic Work- stations is one thing; supplying the goods needed to fulfill orders in the correct sequence to facilitate order assembly is the other half of Dematic’s Goods to Person (GTP) solution. Dematic’s Multishuttle is a new generation solution for automated storage and retrieval of cases, totes and trays. Designed to enhance the interface be- tween bulk storage and functions like order assem- bly, the Multishuttle dramatically increases speed, accuracy and throughput. With sophisticated controls and performance en- hancing software, the Multishuttle can interface with a wide range of storage media and handling containers. Its inherent flexibility enables it to be easily adapted to any shape or size of building, in- cluding existing facilities. Multi-function Multishuttle Dematic’s Multishuttle extends the range of appli- cations possible with automated storage systems, allowing a completely new range of automated so- lutions to be developed. The Multishuttle differs from conventional ASRS The Shuttle Cars DEMATIC MULTISHUTTLE (automated storage and retrieval systems) in that instead of a single crane per storage aisle, the The shuttle car is a SYSTEM OVERVIEW transportation device Multishuttle uses intelligent self-propelled carts designed to store and throughout different levels of the storage system. retrieve goods in multiple The carts ‘shuttle’ goods in and out of the very levels of storage racks. space-efficient storage system, interfacing with an Each shuttle car runs on rails and is equipped integrated conveyor system, which transports and with grippers used to delivers the goods to the pick face in exactly the handle a wide range of correct sequence to facilitate efficient order as- cartons, trays and totes. sembly and load building. An incremental encoder and sensors ensure highly Dematic Multishuttle: How it works accurate positioning and The Multishuttle buffer storage system houses all collect power from running rails via a bus bar. of the stock required to assemble the next batch of orders. As items are being picked and sent to the pick face, new items are automatically inducted to replenish the storage buffer. It provides a vital interlink and buffer between bulk storage and order fulfillment, ensuring the necessary stock to fulfill orders is always on hand, improving order fill rates and customer service levels. The Multishuttle can operate in two configurations – Captive and Roaming.8 DEMATIC LOGISTICS REVIEW
  9. 9. Multishuttle differs Dematic Multishuttle Captive for high volume, from conventional high throughput ASRS in that instead The “Captive” format is ideal for high throughput of cranes servicing applications such as order picking and order con- each aisle, intelligent solidation buffers. A dedicated shuttle is used at self-propelled cars each storage level in every aisle so that retrieval ‘shuttle’ goods and put away are handled simultaneously, with up in and out of the to 600 double cycles per aisle per hour possible. system, interfacing with an integrated Intelligent controls enable complex sequencing, conveyor system. which contributes to flexibility and building store- friendly orders. Dematic Multishuttle Roaming for low to medium throughputs The efficiency of the Multishuttle design is such that the performance of a conventional ASRS can be equaled with just a few shuttles. Dematic’s Roaming Multishuttle meets the needs of low to medium throughput applications while providing maximum flexibility. In the roaming con- figuration, shuttles are not dedicated to a single storage level, but can move between different lev- els via shuttle lifts. As throughput requirements increase, the system capacity can be boosted with the addition of extra shuttles. Real time logistics and software integration Tote Lift Scheduling and sequencing stock to fulfill a large Dematic high speed lifts are located in front of each aisle. In the Captive number of orders at the same time requires smart system they have the function software and integrated controls. of picking up goods from buffer Dematic’s DC DIRECTOR interfaces with the conveyors and delivering them to the outfeed level. By handling two at a user’s host computer system, typically a ware-time, each lift offers double throughput house management system (WMS) or enterprise and optimal system performance. resource planning (ERP) software suite.In the Roaming system the lift transfersshuttles between levels and the infeed/ Order information downloaded from the host is outfeed conveyors. processed and sequenced by DC DIRECTOR to ensure the goods required to assemble orders Infeed and Outfeed Conveyors arrive at the pick face in the correct sequence. This includes reverse stacking of containers or pallets Goods are fed into and taken to ensure the heaviest goods are located at the away from the Multishuttle bottom, or in reverse drop sequence for delivery of by highly efficient conveyors that can be located at a single mixed orders to multiple locations. level or, when throughput Dematic Goods to Person (GTP) solutions demands, at multiple levels of the Multishuttle system. Dematic is progressively developing the GTP con- cept with several of the world’s leading manufac- turers, retailers and distributors implementing sys- tems with varying degrees of complexity. For real life applications, see the following case studies on Germany’s Ferdinand Gross and UK clothing retailer Next. DEMATIC LOGISTICS REVIEW 9
  10. 10. FERDINAND GROSS LEINFELDEN-ECHTERDINGEN, GERMANY MULTISHUTTLE DELIVERS FOR FERDINAND GROSS Leading German fastener and connectivity technology supplier Ferdinand Gross has transformed its supply chain performance following the installation of Dematic’s new Multishuttle Automated Storage and Retrieval System (ASRS). Multiple benefits of Dematic Multishuttle® Transforming the Kanban supply chain Incorporating both types of Dematic’s Multishut- Customers utilizing Kanban have benefited the tle for the first time Worldwide, Ferdinand Gross most from Ferdinand Gross’ enhanced supply has achieved remarkable service improvements chain, with order fulfillment times being cut from including: an average of one week to a single day. • A reduction in order processing times, from up Previously, customers’ shipping containers had MULTISHUTTLE to three and a half hours to as little as 30 minutes a fixed label, showing article number, article de- ROAMING scription, amount and customer name. Once the FERDINAND GROSS • The ability to extend daily order cut-off deadlines customer emptied the container, Ferdinand Gross LEINFELDEN-ECHTERDIN by three hours would collect and return it to the DC, ready to be • Reducing order fulfillment times for Kanban cus- refilled and shipped out again. tomers from one week to one day. With the new system, customer containers can Multishuttle helps deliver new levels of now be relabeled for filling with any product rather customer service than waiting for the original empty container to re- Improving customer service was a primary ob- turn to trigger the order. Consequently, return trips jective of Ferdinand Gross’ logistics systems up- with empty boxes can now be bundled, reducing grade at its distribution center (DC) in Leinfelder- the number of trips to and from the customer, fur- Echterdingen, Germany. ther cutting transport and handling costs. The Multishuttle brings the total number of shelf Dematic Multishuttle storage locations within the DC to 120,000, which Dematic Multishuttle is a versatile new technology is necessary to house the company’s massive for fast, accurate, automated picking within high- product range of 72,000 standard parts, 24,000 density storage systems, making it ideal for sup- customer specific parts and 11,000 tools perma- porting a wide range of manufacturing and lo- nently in stock. gistics applications, from kitting and product as- MULTISHUTTLE Being able to extend the incoming order cut-off sembly to order picking and distribution. Instead CAPTIVE time by three hours provides customers with con- of using cranes in each aisle to pick and trans- siderably greater ordering flexibility, and reduced port goods, Multishuttle uses multiple intelligent distribution costs. self-propelled carts, which can roam throughout the different levels of the storage systems. At a delivery deadline established by the customer, Increased throughput is achieved by adding extra all pending orders in the system are bundled into carts. The carts automatically ‘shuttle’ goods in and a single shipment. out of the densely packed storage system, inter- The later order dispatch window made possible facing with an integrated conveyor, which delivers by Multishuttle allows better bundling of individual the picked items in exactly the correct sequence orders, reducing the number of packages to be to facilitate and significantly improve the produc- consigned, and associated transport and other tivity and accuracy of product or order assembly. costs.10 DEMATIC LOGISTICS REVIEW
  11. 11. Thomas Erb, Chief Executive Officer, Ferdinand Gross, Thomas Erb, Chief Executive Officer, Ferdinand Gross, Ferdinand Gross XXXXXX, XXXXXXXX XXXXXX, Inset: A schematic overview of the Multishuttle system. Inset: A schematic overview of the Multishuttle system. Multishuttle roaming Ferdinand Gross implements world-first Multishuttle Captive applications are designed Dematic Multishuttle for low to medium The Multishuttle Captive area manages order pick- throughput and offer The Multishuttle at Ferdinand Gross has highly ing of items from the Roaming section, shelf stor- the advantage of flexible dynamic picking with unsurpassed flexibility, due age system and picking-related logistics.NGEN, GERMANY growth when required. to its unique installation. This project features the Here, each level in the aisle is equipped with its own world’s first installation of Dematic’s two Multi- shuttle. The shuttles retrieves tote boxes from stor- shuttle versions – “Captive” and “Roaming” – in age positions and convey them to a lift at the end of a single storage system with identical shuttles the lane. The lift vertically transfers the boxes to the in both areas. Up to 30 shelf levels are provided outfeed conveyors, which lead to ergonomically- within the high density Multishuttle, which is con- optimized picking stations. Here, sequencing to tained in an area measuring around 12m high, customer specification is possible, i.e. delivery of 20m wide and 30m long goods from inventory in the precise sequence that The Multishuttle consistently provides picking per- they are needed for picking for the order. formance in excess of 1,000 picks per hour, typi- A total of 12 shuttles are operational in the Captive cally processing around 40 tons each of incoming area, servicing 5,000 storage positions at a rate of and outgoing goods each day. 514 double cycles per hour. Multishuttle Roaming Multishuttle Benefits The Multishuttle Roaming system is dedicated pri- • Space-efficient expansion of storage capacity marily to the fastest moving items, improving avail- by 60,000 positions ability and flexibility. • Improvement in order fulfillment times, Ideal in very high throughput applications, The Roaming system delivers significant optimiza- extending order cut-off deadlines by three hours Multishuttle captive has tion and cost-savings compared to conventional • Improved service performance thanks to the shuttles located automated small parts picking systems. In the additional Multishuttle Captive lane at every level in all aisles, serviced by Roaming area, 20 shuttles service 59,000 stor- • Automated sequencing to customer high-speed lifts. age positions at a throughput rate of 615 double specifications and individual labeling cycles (parallel put-away and pick operations) per • Ergonomic order assembly workstations for hour. Every aisle contains one shuttle, with the improved operator performance and safety carts transferring between levels via a lift in a mat- ter of seconds. The self-propelled shuttle carts • One employee processes the entire order, run on rails to the selected storage position, and improving accuracy and traceability put-away or retrieve the required goods. • Modular concept, allowing for future expansion. DEMATIC LOGISTICS REVIEW 11
  12. 12. NEXT YORKSHIRE, ENGLAND NEXT & DEMATIC PIONEER NEW ERA IN ORDER FULFILLMENT Next, one of the UK’s leading retailers, has achieved a dramatic increase in distribution productivity and capacity at its distribution center (DC) in South Elmsall, West Yorkshire following the commissioning of a new Goods to Person order fulfillment solution.12 DEMATIC LOGISTICS REVIEW
  13. 13. 300% improvement in pick rates The High Rate Put Stations, in contrast, minimizeDesigned and implemented by Dematic, the High the time taken by staff travelling between storeRate Put Stations have delivered a near-threefold orders. Operators are fed with a continual supplyincrease in order picking rates, along with far of products, and the ergonomic design of the sta-greater peak capacity to meet changing business tions ensures that high productivity is combinedrequirements. with minimal physical demands on operators.High Rate Put Stations: Ergonomically optimized Thanks to Dematic’s innovative design, Next’s op-for performance erators now achieve pick rates up to 1,000 items per hour depending on the order profile. An addi-One of the first such systems to be implemented tional benefit of supplying stock to pickers is thatin the UK, the High Rate Put Stations at Next rep- errors are substantially reduced, improving accu-resent a step change in order picking efficiency. racy and customer service levels.Dedicated to the company’s fast moving clothing, Optimizing operator managementfootwear, accessories and home product lines, 20stations fulfill orders for up to 24 stores each. Dematic’s Labor Management software plays a critical role in ensuring the full potential of the sys-At each High Rate Put Station, an operator is di- tem is realized. Individual operator performancerected by pick-to-light (PTL) displays to fulfill a figures are expressed as a ‘percentage efficiency’,series of orders, fed by a seamless, sequenced where 100% efficiency is calculated dynamicallysupply of product from storage. by the software using standard times for eachProduct is automatically delivered to the station’s task undertaken by the operator.central picking point from Dematic’s existing auto- The software is also used to manage a bonus pay-mated storage and retrieval system. ment scheme, which rewards operators for per-Each station holds up to 24 order totes destined formance in excess of 100%, thereby addressingfor one of Next’s 500 plus retail outlets. the tendency for operator productivity to ‘level off’ when it reaches designated performance targets.The PTL displays at each location indicate howmany items must be put into each of the order Equally, the software ensures that managers andtotes, allowing a single operator to work on up to supervisors have the real-time information ne-24 store orders at the same time. cessary to intervene quickly where individual staff members are falling below expected standards.When an order tote is full, the display instructs theoperator to push it on to a take-away conveyor for Benefitstransfer to dispatch and loading onto vehicles. • 300% increase in pick rateTripling picking productivity per operator • Up to 1,000 items per hour per operatorBefore the introduction of the High Rate Put Sta- • Fast, responsive systemtions, Next employed a manual order picking sys-tem for its fast moving product lines. • Very high accuracyGiven the scale of the company’s product range, • Ergonomically optimized pickingoperators had to travel significant distances be- • Improved OH&Stween static pick locations. Seasonal peaks in de- • Enhanced operator management.mand could only be met by significantly increasingthe number of pickers employed. DEMATIC LOGISTICS REVIEW 13
  14. 14. NEWEGG.COM EDISON, NEW JERSEY, USA BUILDING A NEW DC FOR NEWEGG.COM INTERNET RETAILING With up to 600,000 visitors each day to its website, consumer electronics and communications products online superstore, is the United States’ second largest online-only retailer, generating net sales of more than $2 billion per annum. “ Efficient distribution facilitates rapid growth Newegg’s success is largely based on providing “Our business had grown so dramatically over the its customers with a superior purchasing experi- past couple years that we needed a new DC to ence. It offers: keep up with it,” said Bob Zelis, Vice President Lo- gistics, • The industry’s broadest product selection of more Dematic’s than 40,000 items “The New Jersey DC consolidates two smaller op- automation erations into one large automated facility to better • A very user-friendly website solution covers service the eastern states, where we have a sig- • Fast and efficient order processing, with 98% of nificant customer base. orders shipped within one business day. our entire “To optimize fulfillment for our customers, we now The company has been ranked within the top ten operation from have inventory placed in three DCs throughout the retailers in the US for customer service, with more picking through country. By locating our DCs in California, Tennes- than eight million shoppers rating Newegg as one see and now New Jersey, we are able to service of the best online retailers in the world. to shipping. all of our US customers by way of ground service, Internet retail distribution at its best Everything and get them the best possible shipping cost. Or- Inventory capacity, accuracy of order fulfillment goes through ders received by 3:00pm local time are handled same day enabling customers to receive their and speed of order processing are critical to main- the conveyer goods within three business days.” taining Newegg’s high-profile market position, with system except its latest distribution center (DC) in New Jersey Dematic’s end-to-end logistics solution representing Internet retail distribution at its best. for larger, “After an intensive review of our needs and suppli- A showpiece of state-of-the-art logistics, the bulkier items ers, we settled on Dematic to handle the design 33,660sqm DC incorporates some of the industry’s like televisions. and system integration for all of the materials han- most efficient high-speed materials handling sys- tems, including energy-efficient conveyors, pick- ing systems with pick-to-light and zone routing, pop-up sorters and serialized tracking. Designed by Dematic, the DC supports Newegg’s “Bob Zelis, Vice President Logistics, dling equipment,” added Mr Zelis. “We wanted the latest technology to move our products through the DC, so we could capitalize on the fastest and most efficient systems. Demat- ic’s automation solution covers our entire opera- tion from picking through to shipping. Everything existing DCs in California and Tennessee. The company also operates five DCs in China. goes through the conveyor system except for larg- er, bulkier items like televisions.”14 DEMATIC LOGISTICS REVIEW
  15. 15. Newegg operates on a ‘just in time’ inventory “Newegg is very tuned in to the comfort of the peo- Left: Bob Zelis, Vicemodel. It does not accept back orders. Once it has ple who work in its DCs,” said Dematic’s Stewart President Logistics,sold out of a product, it instantly takes that item Resnick. Newegg.comdown from its website. Inventory is closely tracked “Ambient noise was a concern, but our new con-all the way through the system using serialized veyors are very quiet compared to conventionaltracking. If a customer has a problem with a prod- systems. Modularity, interchangeability of parts,uct, Newegg can track that specific item right back ease of maintenance, and low energy usage wereto the receiving purchase order. additional features that Newegg liked.”Fast efficient order fulfillment and tracking Integrated warehouse controlOrders are also tightly tracked through the system. Integrating with Newegg’s Warehouse Manage-They are received through the company’s main ment System (WMS), Dematic’s warehouse con-server in California, and routed to the DC closest trol system (WCS) - SortDirector, provides ad-to the delivery address. After an order gets to the vanced graphic systems monitoring for the entireNew Jersey DC, it is assigned to a barcoded tote. conveying, zone routing and sortation operations.The tote is automatically transported through a dig-ital zone-routing pick system equipped with pick- A full graphical layout of the system clearly dis-to-light (PTL) technology, only stopping in zones plays the operating condition of the system com-where goods are required for the order. ponents using color coding, giving operators highly detailed and accurate, real-time control ofWith the PTL system, the operator scans the bar- product movement and reporting.coded tote. Digital displays located in front of eachstock location from which items are required light At a glance, users can identify system statusup, letting the operator know which stock keep- and easily diagnose any material handling equip-ing units (SKUs) to pick and how many, optimizing ment issues.productivity and accuracy, and improving occu- Benefitspational health and safety (OH&S). • High volume order processing capacity withHigh-efficiency, low-noise conveying further scope for expansionThe DC utilizes Dematic’s latest energy-efficient • Fast order processing – 98% of orders shippedconveyor design, which significantly cuts opera- within one daytional noise and maintenance requirements, andalso reduces reliance on oils/lubricants and com- • High accuracy and improved customer servicepressed air. The conveyor system also has the • Enhanced delivery – 98% of shipments receivedfunctionality to automatically turn itself off when it within three daysis not needed, reducing power consumption by up • Better productivity and workplace 30%, and further cutting maintenance require-ments and costs. DEMATIC LOGISTICS REVIEW 15
  16. 16. ELGIGANTEN JÖNKÖPING, SWEDEN HELPING SWEDEN’S Elgiganten’s Daniel Lundby & Andreas Thimour. ELGIGANTEN MANAGE E-GROWTH The sale of electronics over the internet is booming, especially for Elgiganten, with a new pick and pack solution from Dematic helping Scandinavia’s leading electronics retailer keep on top of 50% annual growth rates in its e-retail business. Dematic’s integrated solution for Elgiganten The e-business boom in electronics poses signifi- Dematic’s integrated logistics solution enables El- cant order fulfillment challenges. giganten’s central Nordic warehouse in Jönköping, Rather than processing mostly multi-product ord- Sweden to gain close to 100% pick accuracy and ers for traditional distribution, Elgiganten now meet increasingly rigorous demands for picking handles a constantly increasing volume of single efficiency and quality. customer orders for just one or a couple of items. The warehouse distributes over 4000 products to To accommodate Elgiganten’s ever growing pro- the group’s 247 megastores in Norway, Sweden, duct range and rapidly changing distribution re- Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Greenland and the quirements, Dematic’s integrated logistics solution Faroe Islands, and also fulfills the rapidly growing provides the necessary flexibility to meet the com- volume of direct-to-customer orders. pany’s expanding e-business and support its ag- gressive growth plans, which include significantly increasing the number of outlets in the Nordic re- gion over the coming years.16 DEMATIC LOGISTICS REVIEW
  17. 17. New flexible pick and pack solution Vocollect voice picking integrated by Dematic“Our e-business channel has been growing at a rate The Vocollect Voice terminals maintain wireless “ of 50% per annum, and our product range is also real-time contact with the voice control system expanding rapidly. We initially contacted Dematic and warehouse management system (WMS). The with a view to developing a Split Case Module to bet- terminal reads out the location and quantity to the ter handle these types of orders,” explained Elgig- picker, who confirms the completed assignment anten’s Development Manager, Andreas Thimour. by reading the last three numbers of the product’sThe Dematic Split Case Module is an ‘island of au- The areas EAN code. This ensures the correct product istomation’ within the 100,000sqm warehouse. picked, virtually eliminating picking errors. Dematic wasIt is a zone-routing system in which order cartons “The last detail is important because many products responsible for are valuable and, in some cases, will be dis-are conveyed to the relevant picking zones whereproducts for the orders are located. Zones that work perfectly. patched directly to the end customer,” explained Andreas not have product required for the order are They haveskipped. To improve the speed, efficiency and re- Voice picking has delivered wide-ranging benefits:sponsiveness of order fulfillment, the warehouse been extremely • Productivity up to 35% over paper or RF pickingis divided into several picking zones. professional, delivered high • Almost 100% picking accuracyFast and slow movers are picked in separate areasso that the system and organization can be geared quality, and • A reduction in the time spent training new staffdifferently to optimize productivity. • Greater job safety and reduced staff turnover. were quick Voice-directed computing to respond to Flexible use of manpowerWarehouse staff are verbally directed to pick items “Since implementing the system in May 2008, wesuch as mobile phones, MP3 players, curling irons challenges as have continued to optimize and improve its effi-and digital cameras by voice-directed computing. they arose. ciency,” said Project Manager, Daniel Lundby.The pickers wear a small belt-mounted voice ter- Daniel Lundby,minal and headset with microphone. They receiveclear vocal commands and confirm tasks verballyvia a Voice terminal. Voice picking lets the pickerskeep their hands and eyes free at all times, makingit faster and easier to pick the right products in theright order, and safer by letting the user concen- “ Project Manager, Elgiganten “The areas Dematic was responsible for work per- fectly. They have been extremely professional, de- livered high quality, and were quick to respond to challenges as they arose,” said Mr Lundby. “Productivity and efficiency is maximized with Dematic’s order fulfillment system enabling ware-trate on product handling. house staff to be easily redeployed to other dutiesGone is the need for pick lists or RF terminals, in other parts of the warehouse,” he said.which require pickers to use their hands and eyes “We can also increase throughput by increasingto read, navigate and confirm tasks. the number of pickers in the zone routing system during peak periods like Christmas.” Elgiganten’s tips to consider when implementing new warehouse solutions Elgiganten’s Daniel Lundby and Andreas Thimour highlight five key considerations when implementing new warehouse solutions: 1. Chart and analyze the product structure beforehand 2. Be especially aware of system integration between the PLC and WMS interfaces. Establish early dialogue and aim for the simplest interfaces possible 3. Be clear about what you want to achieve and the stability of the work situation 4. Be sure to communicate relevant information to operators. This can be done by training ‘superusers’ on all shifts and by ensuring that they are actively involved in the project from start to finish 5. Establish as clear a transition as possible from the implementation team to daily operation, by involving the operational organization. DEMATIC LOGISTICS REVIEW 17
  18. 18. LECHE PASQUAL ARANDA DE DUERO, SPAIN NEW LOGISTICS PLATFORM FOR LECHE PASCUAL Dematic and the project team at Grupo Leche Pascual have implemented an innovative, three-pronged integrated logistics solution to boost the dairy distributors’ supply chain performance and provide a platform for growth.18 DEMATIC LOGISTICS REVIEW
  19. 19. Leche Pascual Together the three automated warehouses provideEver since UHT milk in cartons became available, a total storage capacity of more than 50,000the history of Grupo Leche Pascual has been one pallets.of innovation and quality. Today the group has 12 All three facilities are linked by a mixed system ofproduction plants, almost 3,000 employees and, roller track conveyors, plus a total of 76 carriersin addition to its activities in Spain, has a presence moving along a monorail over 60 countries. Management of the physical flows of pallets,Aranda Operational Logistics Platform storage and retrieval at the silos, and movementsLeche Pascual, which celebrated its 40th anniver- between them via the cart system, is controlled bysary last year, has implemented innovative new Dematic software.logistics and data management systems to physi- Dual picking circuitcally link all storage and planning activities prior A dual picking circuit has been implemented forto order preparation and distribution at its new Benefits order provisioning: the first automated pickingAranda Operational Logistics Platform. system (APS) is located on the upper level of the • Concentration ofDistribution activities are performed within three platform, with the second semi-automated system all order picking,warehouses, two picking circuits and a dynamic on the lower level. previously spreadwarehouse plus loading bays. across various Both picking circuits feature a series of double-The various systems are connected by an auto- fixed tables, where complete pallets are set down facilities, into amated transport system, with the efficient concept and from which orders are picked. The carts of the single platformreplacing the use of forklifts. lower circuit and the overhead monorail carriers • Optimization ofGiven the complexity of the movements involved, feed the tables with new pallets, arriving from any warehouse spaceoverhead monorail circuits were selected as the one of the automated warehouse facilities. • Real time inventoryideal solution, complemented by 50/70 floor-level In the APS upper level, the storage and retrieval managementconveyor belts and elevators. of pallets, as well as picking, is automated. This • Simplified50,000+ pallets: three automated warehouses picking circuit prepares multi layer orders using product loading dynamic layer picking robots, irrespective of theThe automated warehouse for yogurts and and unloading, order scope or layer configuration. The objectivedesserts (104m wide, 30m deep and 28m high), minimizing is to absorb workload peaks and minimize theprovides a storage capacity of 20,000 pallets logistics costs and need for manual handling.across two zones. The first is equipped with four response timestranselevators and operates at room temperature. The lower level also features a dynamic ware- • Better control ofThe second also has four transelevators, and housing section with 15 lanes of double tables and stored productsoperates at 5ºC. a holding capacity of 2,100 pallets. Its purpose • Enhanced qualityThe new 14,500 pallet capacity buffer warehouse is to act as a buffer between provisioning and of processes and(55 x 21 x 35m), located between the UHT ware- loading the picked pallets and half pallets. customer servicehouse and the yogurts warehouse, absorbs any 21 high capacity loading baysstorage overflow from these products, as well • Improved The main loading and unloading area on the lower overall workingas products coming from other plants within the floor has 21 unloading bays, eight of which are environment,group. It is equipped with three double-depth equipped with an automated loading system (ATLS) eliminating thetranselevators, two operating at room temperature to enhance productivity and the efficiency of potential forand the third in a refrigerated area. goods receipt/dispatch. human error.The 15,600 pallet capacity UHT milk warehouse(76x35x21m) has a further eight transelevators. DEMATIC LOGISTICS REVIEW 19
  20. 20. ZUELLIG PHARMA SELANGOR, MALAYSIA Maikel Kuijpers, Chief Operating Officer, Zuellig Pharma Malaysia TRACEABILITY & ACCURACY KEY FOR ZUELLIG PHARMA To help Zuellig Pharma, one of Asia Pacific’s leading pharmaceutical and healthcare product distributors, and the largest in Malaysia, meet growing throughput and service level requirements, Dematic implemented an order fulfillment system at its 24,000sqm DC situated at Bukit Jelutong, outside of Kuala Lumpur. Zuellig’s order fulfillment challenge Dematic’s integrated logistics solution Since the new order fulfillment system has been The key to Dematic’s integrated logistics system operational, Zuellig has achieved a dramatic in- is its PickDirector software, a fully integrated crease in picker productivity together with signifi- order fulfillment system that seamlessly interfaces cant improvements in accountability and inventory with Zuellig’s host computer system. PickDirector traceability. Today, Zuellig handles more products uses wireless mobile terminals to direct split case, and orders, more accurately, at less cost. full case and pallet picking. Zuellig Pharma has experienced significant busi- It also manages an automated conveying system, ness growth in Malaysia in an industry which de- which provides zone routing through split case mands accuracy, traceability and speed. picking zones, together with check weighing and sortation of outbound shippers. Zuellig’s distribution is dominated by split case picking for a very large number of small orders, with Accuracy improved with paperless picking many for only one or two items. Picking and ass- The use of paperless picking technologies for or- embling small order quantities like these is labor der fulfillment has virtually eliminated picking er- intensive and costly, and presented the biggest rors throughout the operation, improving custom- opportunity for Zuellig to gain significant improve- er service and reducing distribution costs. ments in productivity, accuracy and accountability. With PickDirector, operators are instructed to fol- “In healthcare, it is vital that errors are kept to an low picking paths that minimize travel. absolute minimum. The extremely high level of accuracy provided by Dematic’s order fulfillment Hand-held and wearable RF terminals are used to system has allowed us to greatly improve our scan and validate each item and its batch number, overall distribution operations and customer serv- ensuring the highest levels of productivity, accur- ice levels,” said Maikel Kuijpers, Chief Operating acy and traceability during picking. Officer, Zuellig Pharma Malaysia.20 DEMATIC LOGISTICS REVIEW
  21. 21. Intelligent conveyors keep goods on the moveThe space efficient multi-tier split case pickingarea consists of several picking zones serviced byan integrated conveyor system, which interfaceswith PickDirector.The intelligent conveyor system transports, routesand diverts orders to only those zones whereitems are required, bypassing those with no pick-ing requirements, reducing picker travel and orderprocessing time. Picked orders are automaticallytransported by the conveyor system to the down-stream checking, packing and dispatch areas.Global order induction boosts productivityand throughputDematic’s PickDirector supports global induction,which enables operators to start an order any-where within the system. This enables operatorsto “pull” work to them, rather than waiting for it toarrive, improving operator utilization, productivityand throughput.Pick locations for fast moving split case productsare arranged in compact zones of high-density car-ton flow racks, which provide a large online bufferof picking stock and separates pickers from re- “plenishment operators. Improvements in bulkWhen picking in the zone is complete, the picked Full pallet and full case picking instructions are dis-items are placed into totes, which are pushed onto tributed to operators working in the bulk area viaa powered takeaway conveyor. RF terminals. PickDirector automatically batches full case picking requirements by delivery routeSlower moving products are stored in shelving loca- In healthcare, into pallet-sized picking tasks.tions on the mezzanine level, achieving efficienciesby clustering multiple orders together for concur- it is vital that By picking the requirements for several orders withrent picking. errors are kept a single pass of the pick face, picker productivity is improved. Dispatch labels required for trackingWeighing-in with outstanding accuracy to an absolute and delivery purposes are automatically printed inTotes on the conveying system are automatically minimum. the correct sequence and applied, scanned andtransported over an in-line weigh scale, with Pick- validated during picking. The extremelyDirector checking that the weight of the contentsin each tote is correct and recording it for account- high level Real time tracking and management informationability purposes. Totes failing the weight check are of accuracy Apart from accuracy and productivity improvements,diverted to a Quality Control (QC) station for fur- Zuellig also benefits from the real time informationther inspection. provided by and management tools provided by PickDirector.Efficient and accurate dispatch Dematic’s It allows workload progress monitoring and pro- vides the ability to “drill down” and track:Beyond the weighing and QC station, totes are trans- order fulfillment system has • The progress of each orderported to a packing area, where operators packitems into cartons or bags for dispatch. allowed us to • Order and container contentsA PickDirector terminal is used to print dispatch greatly improve • Every pick performed by each operator.labels and track the items packed into each ship- This provides visibility and traceability across theping container. our overall entire operation, enabling Zuellig to accuratelyCompleted shipments are placed on a takeaway distribution record and monitor operator performance andconveyor and transported to the sorter, where operations other KPIs.they are automatically scanned and diverted into and customer Benefitsdecline conveyor lanes leading to security-cageddispatch areas. service levels. • Up to 50% increase in picker productivityThe sorter is installed overhead so that the space Maikel Kuijpers, • Increased throughput capacitybelow can be used for operational activities. “ Chief Operating Officer, Zuellig Pharma Malaysia • Better space efficiency • Higher accuracy • Inventory traceability • Supply chain accountability. DEMATIC LOGISTICS REVIEW 21
  22. 22. PRODUCT, TECHNOLOGY & SOFTWARE REVIEW DEMATIC MIXED CASE PALLETIZING SOLUTIONS AMCAP: Auto Mixed Case Palletizing Dematic offers automated and Automated mixed case palletizing (AMCAP) manual mixed case automatically builds mixed-product pallets, palletizing solutions. addressing the latest requirements by companies particularly in the retail, grocery, food and ErgoPall: Manual beverage, and manufacturing industries. Mixed Pallet With a sophisticated gripper, AMCAP can handle Assembly over 10,000 different items including small boxes, ErgoPall enables cans, and jars in cardboard trays, open and operators to closed cartons, beverages and sacks. ergonomically build Integrated software and materials handling mixed product pallets equipment control the constant cycle of feeding, or rollcages. grabbing and placing articles, achieving Incorporating the impressive throughput rates. Intelligent software same software and calculates the way the pallet needs to be built to controls as AMCAP, suit customer requirements. sequenced cases are Dematic’s PalletGenDirector uses 16 different delivered to operators attributes of the product (length, width, height, who simply slide the weight, crushability, etc.) as well as specific cases into position. delivery requirements (i.e. aisle position) to Lifting is virtually determine the build sequence for each pallet. eliminated and, as The necessary goods are picked, buffered and each layer of cases automatically delivered to AMCAP in the exact is completed, the sequence to facilitate pallet building, with the pallet or roll cage robots operating at a rate of more than 1,000 automatically drops mixed-SKU cases per hour. down, allowing Once stacking is complete, the completed pallet assembly of the is lowered through the mezzanine floor with a lift, next layer to begin, and has a label applied as it comes out on the significantly improving outbound conveyor. safety and throughput.22 DEMATIC LOGISTICS REVIEW
  23. 23. Your system can be upgraded with new versionsof controls and softwareModernization programs for materialhandling systems, facilities, & operationsDematic has introduced upgrades. For facilities,a suite of modernization the suite offers re-products and services lamping or lightingdesigned to increase upgrades, arc flashproductivity and analysis, and energyreduce operating management. Forcosts. The offering operations, the suiteincludes a wide variety includes operationsof solutions arranged assessments,in three categories: maintenance audits,material handling preventative maintenance Optimizing manual case picking with Laser Trucks+Voicesystems, facilities and services and resident Automating warehouse trucks and pallet movers with the latest laser guidanceoperations. For material maintenance programs. technology can significantly improve warehouse productivity and safety.handling systems, the For more information,suite includes sorter go to the Customer Dematic’s Laser Trucks+ eliminate many of the non-value adding tasks asso-repair/rebuild kits, Service page at ciated with case picking. Pickers don’t need to constantly get on/off or drive areplacement rollers,, and warehouse truck, letting them focus entirely on the task of picking.motorized roller retro-fit reference “Modernization Laser Trucks+ automatically retrieve new shipping pallets and deliver them tokits, powered pulley & Upgrades, Products the picker, and take away completed pallets to dispatch.upgrades, conveyor & Services.” Within the pick aisle, Laser Trucks+ automatically move with the operator toreplacements and the next pick location, enabling fast and safe mixed case order When combined with voice-directed computing, Laser Trucks+ have the potential to more than double picking productivity. DEMATIC LOGISTICS REVIEW 23