Paparazzi and their impact


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  • -Origin: 1960’s film “La Dolce Vita” -Took place in Rome during 1950’s -the film chronicles seven days of journalist “Marcello Rubini” and his photographer friend “Paparazzo” as they cover various tabloid stories of movie stars. -Paparazzo – would go to great lengths in order get the pictures needed for the stories and his intrusive character is now synonymous with being the origin of the name “Paparazzi”Paparazzi- used to describe annoying photographers for the tabloids. Also comes fromSicilian term = “paptaceo”  oversized mosquito or buzzing insects –fits perfectly for the group of paparazzi
  • -the paparazzi have slowly made their mark and now have become the masses main outlet for "news" in the entertainment industry-News stations like CNN andMSNBCthat had once placed celebrity news on the subheads to stories of major importance have now begun to overshadow real news with headlines on how big Tyra Banks' behind has gotten.-The main reason why media influence is mostly negative is due to the paparazzi. The photographer's job is to get the most unflattering picture and catch celebrities doing unusual things. Photographers need to sell their photos, and gossip magazines need to sell their magazines. Unfortunately, this is done by showing celebrities lives unfairly and sometimes not always being truthful.Magazines will make much larger profits if the cover has an unflattering picture as well as a story to go along with it that is often times short of the truth.-Irreverent gossip blog sites have emerged over the past few years as celebrity gossip power players -such as Perez Hilton-The concept of paparazzi has become so enormous that it has become a career for many -Certain entertainment industries have hired members of the paparazzi to get that “perfect shot” before anyone else -ex: Celebrity babies (Suri, Blue Ivy, etc).
  • *Industry Insider : Owen Beiny From Paparazzi Agency Wenn-Positives: -Taken to a new level – fast paced -More fun to have to do research on breaking news -Adrenaline rush when you get the shot you want -While some celebrities say that it is an invasion of privacy, they would have much lower status/popularity if it weren’t for the paparazzi – Helping their career -Lucrative -There is a sense of pride when a magazine buys your pictures as apposed to someone else’s -Negatives: -Physically Exhausting -Since a photo opportunity can happen at any time, you are always “on call” -Bad connotation
  • -There’s more to it -stick with one agency and make contact -Photographers get info from “tipsters” who are placed around to let photographers know when there is a photo opportunity – Compared to bird watching
  • Michael Jackson:-known as the king of paparazzi -has been bait for the paparazzi for most of his life from beginnings of Jackson 5 up until his untimely death -paparazzi created every story in the book to cater to the public’s interest and jackson’s own word couldn’t save him -examples of headlines: “Michael Jackson sleeps in a hyperbaric chamber” “Michael Jackson buys the Elephant Man’s remains” these are just a few of the many createdAs a result of all these stories Jackson retaliated through various songs such as “Leave me Alone” and “Privacy”Britney Spears: -Britney found herself completely surrounded by the paparazzi when she was right smack in the middle of not only a divorce, but also a custody battle -At a time in her life when she needed her privacy the most, the paparazzi seemed to be always on her -She says that it got to the point where it was just too much, and this lead to her downfall – We all think of that infamous moment where she shaved her head
  • -First civil anti-paparazzi law – -Went into effect in California: January 1, 1999 -Protects celebrities against physical invasion of privacy where a trespass occurs, as well as constructive invasion of privacy, where no trespass occurs but an audio- or video-enhancing device is used to violate a reasonable expectation of privacy.-September 30, 2005 -another anti-paparazzi bill signed into law - bill to punish Paparazzi for assaults and altercations caused by their attempts to photograph celebrities-January 1, 2010 -new anti-paparazzi law put into effect signed by Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger in California - prohibiting paparazzi from taking illegal photos of people, especially celebrities who have a reasonable expectation of privacy.-The new law allows for civil penalties against members of the paparazzi and media outlets that sell and buy unlawfully obtained photographs and video footage of people, including celebrities and their families.
  • Paparazzi and their impact

    1. 1.  “Celebrity hunters,” usually not professional press nor legitimate photographers, who use aggressive and intrusive tactics to videotape, photograph, record, or otherwise invade the privacy of the rich and famous and their families for purposes of financial gain from the sale of their illegally-obtained paparazzi photos and paparazzi video images.
    2. 2.  “La Dolce Vita” “Paptaceo”
    3. 3.  Become the masses main outlet for “news” in the entertainment industry The main reason why media influence is mostly negative Irreverent gossip blog sites
    4. 4.  Positives: › Fast Paced › Research › Adrenaline Rush › Boosting celeb’s status › Lucrative › Pride Negatives: › Exhausting › Demanding at all times › Bad connotation
    5. 5.  Misconception: › That the paparazzi lose sleep due to the moral aspect of it  Its their job It’s an industry: › There is more to it  Tipsters
    6. 6. Britney Spears VPrincess Diana V ^ Michael Jackson Lindsay Lohan >
    7. 7. “Ain’t the pictures enoughWhy do you go through so muchTo get the stories you needSo you can bury meYou got the people confusedYou tell the stories you chooseYou try to get me to loseThe man I really am”
    8. 8.  As a Result there have been many anti-paparazzi bill’s that have been signed into law, especially in the State of California.
    9. 9.  media-5205845.html?cat=41 lyrics/privacy-lyrics.html zi.html parazzi-photographers-agency-wenn/562 hollywood- paparazzi/story?id=15499870#.T56xAu1chSW