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Digital campaign oldspice

  1. 1. Digital Campaign By: Brittany Trull
  2. 2. Company Overview:Male hygiene productsManufactured by Procter & Gamble since 1990 Products: ● Antiperspirant ● Deodorant ● Body Wash ● Body Spray ● Fragrance
  3. 3. Challenges:● Losing share in male body wash market: ○ Main competitor Dove Men+Care body wash was launching a campaign to be aired during the 2010 Super Bowl Goals:● Gain new customers as well as maintain current customers.● Compete with Doves Men+Care campaign ○ Needed to create more buzz
  4. 4. Target Market Men: age 18-39 Women: age 25-39 Some media content will be targeted at one or the other group specifically, while some will appeal to both audiences.● With research to show that nearly 70% of women actually purchase men’s hygiene products, Old Spice needs to keep women 25-39 in their target.● The campaign should focus on the aspects of being a “man’s man” in order to appeal to men● Also needs to grab the attention of the women purchasers by creating desire for their man to be the “man’s man” that Old Spice creates.
  5. 5. Digital Strategy: To maintain and increase market share.● Make connections with users● Encourage and gain interaction● Drive traffic to and from website● Promote current traditional marketing● Increase sales, ROI, and market share● Increase entertainment, content, engagement, and product knowledge
  6. 6. Suggested Digital Strategies: To maintain and increase market share.Social Media:Current: presence on Twitter, YouTube, Facebook & Google+ ○ Youtube: 280,000,000+ video views & 300,000+ subscribers ● "The Man Your Man Could Smell Like" raised over 100 million views on YouTube ○ Facebook: 2,000,000+ likes ○ Twitter: 200,000+ followers #OldSpiceProblemsFuture: ● Maintain viral video creation and presence on YouTube ● Cohesive integration among all social media channels ● Add link to Google+ page on all sites ● "Power-Up" conversational content on posts and tweets ● Create viral conversational video for "Smell is Power" campaign ● Create Brand Page on LBS network, such as Foursquare ● Develop conversational strategy around #OldSpiceProblems to be implemented across all channels
  7. 7. Suggested Digital Strategies: To maintain and increase market share.Internet Marketing:Current: ● Banner ads, interactive media ads, and search engine advertising with Google AdWordsFuture: ● Target and attract main purchaser of male hygiene products; women: ○ Expand Google AdWords keywords and ad copy ○ Create Google Display Network Ads ○ Develop interactive media ads that appeal to women
  8. 8. Suggested Digital Strategies: To maintain and increase market share.Mobile:Current: ● Mobile Banner AdsFuture: ● Implement QR codes into campaign to connect consumers across offline and online media ● Create interactive mobile pop-up/banner ads ● Create & market mobile application
  9. 9. Metrics:Google AnalyticsConversion trackingWebsite page rankSite visitorsTraffic sources YouTube video viewership Subscriber, likes, and follower engagement
  10. 10. Budget:P&G supplies large marketing budgets, however,the budget is set for the digital strategy tosupport traditional and other new mediachannels. $1.5 Million● Majority of budget is allocated to video production and mobile application development