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  • Value of Social MediaThe click through rate on a tweet plummets within two hours of being posted. Facebook fares slightly better thanks to newsfeeds and sharing mechanism which keep people clicking for a few hours. The clicks on the Facebook post on the slide dramatically decreased in just a few hours and are next to nothing by hour 7.Get Satisfaction posts, on the other hand, gain value over time because of the ability to engage with content and other usersSource:this blog post by for Get Sat above based on traffic to this topic in the Pampers community: blog post by
  • – 75% reduction in support ticketsBy creating a scalable self-serve support experience, Get Satisfaction deflects customers away from higher-cost support channels, such as phone or email. At the same time, the Get Satisfaction Anywhere platform extends your reach into a broader cross section of customers who normally would not use traditional support channels. All of this while providing consumers with a faster, more satisfying service experience.
  • Over the ten-month public beta process, more than 100,000 people downloaded Snagit on Mac. Over 445,000 people engaged in dialogs on Get Satisfaction, and about 1,200 unique topics were generated by users. "We've calculated that to capture the scope and diversity of feedback we've gathered on Get Satisfaction using our traditional UX research methodology, it would have cost us $300,000- $500,000 dollars." - Sylvania Dye, User Experience Designer at TechSmith.TechSmith has been able to gather this feedback without having to hire a new quality assurance specialist and a user experience designer.Dye estimates that this has saved the company about $100,000 annually for both positions, including salary, benefits, and taxes.An unexpected benefit of using Get Satisfaction is that the Snagit team can use the community to test and refine marketing messages before taking them public.
  • Improve Customer Acquisition through More Targeted CampaignsLeverage Social Content to Drive More RevenueImprove Your Brand SEO“Users of the community are 25% more satisfied and more loyal than those customer that are handled exclusively through traditional channels.”Jake Larsen, Monavie Customer Center Managing Director
  • 90-9-1 Rule - 1% rule states that the number of people who create content on the Internet represents approximately 1% (or less) of the people actually viewing that content (for example, for every person who posts on a forum, generally about 99 other people are viewing that forum but not posting).Community Health Analytics – Enables you to identify the top 1% to make them brand championsEnables you to identify what the 90% who visit your community are viewing but don’t leave a post data and reporting helps you report your community's success and customer sentiment to all business units in your organization. From the top level executives to front line employees responding to inbound needs and opportunities, everyone can see how your customer community is reducing support costs, generating new product ideas, building brand awareness, solving customer problems, and accelerating customer acquisition and revenue.
  • Get Satisfaction for Salesforce Integration - Available on AppExchange for Salesforce users.New Topic Object – Through this integration,  a new object is created in Salesforce called the Topic Object. This object is linked to four distinct topic types from the Get Satisfaction support community, which allows customers to ask a question, report a problem, share an idea, or give praise.Bi-directional and real-time – As customer conversations and topics in the support community evolve, the Salesforce record is dynamically updated. Agents can respond to customer topics from within the Salesforce workflow and responses are captured both in the Get Satisfaction support community and in Salesforce.360º Customer View – Get Satisfaction topics are associated with a customer identity (email, Facebook, or Twitter handle), so the application will populate community conversations inside the matching Salesforce contact and account records.Case Management integration - Customer inquiries can be routed from the Get Satisfaction Social Support community automatically or by an agent to open a support ticket in Salesforce Service Cloud for agent follow-up.Advanced Workflow – Custom workflows, notifications and topic routing mechanisms for the management of the social enterprise are powered by
  • An entirely new widget architecture that empowers companies to:- Embed community anywhere- Present contextually relevant conversations- Easily match corporate brand- Configure function, content & headings without IT support
  • Get satisfaction overview V2

    1. 1. Increased Value over TimeTime period: 2 hoursTime period: 7 hoursTime period: 11 months
    2. 2. The Cure for Social Fatigue McAfee
    3. 3. Social Support Deeper Engagement for Faster Resolution Marketing SupportWeekly Support Requests Before Community Launch After Community Launch Product Development
    4. 4. Product DevelopmentEngage your customers tobuild your best products Marketing Support Product Development
    5. 5. Social Marketing Engage your mostpassionate customers Marketing Support Product Development
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