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Welcome to BK

  1. 1. Welcome to BK
  2. 2. We Send Every Signal to Your:• Email• Cell Phone• Our Private Twitter Feed
  3. 3. Here is What You Need to do to Experience BK Properly:
  4. 4. 1 Make Sure That @bkforexadvisors.comIs Accepted as Trusted Email
  5. 5. 2 Send us Your Cell Phone NumberWith {Country Code + Phone Number}if You Want to Receive Signals by SMS
  6. 6. 3Ask to Follow Us On Our Private Twitter Feed @bkfxflow***NOTE: Only BK subscribers will be accepted
  7. 7. If You Want To Make Sure To Get Timely Signalsis Much Better Than Email or SMS. We Post There First
  8. 8. Here Are the Instructions on How to Follow on Twitter:
  9. 9. First Go to Twitter and Create An Account https://twitter.com/
  10. 10. After Creating an Account, Log in and Request to Follow: https://twitter.com/#!/bkfxflow Wait for Us to Confirm Your Request.
  11. 11. After Your Request Has Been Accepted, Go to YourHomepage and Click “FOLLOWING” to Go to Page That Displays a List Of Who You Are Following
  12. 12. Scroll Down to BKForex Advisors and click on the Icon. A Drop- Down Menu Will Appear and Click “Turn on Mobile Notifications.”
  13. 13. Make Sure You Have Your Phone Number Saved to Your Twitter Account.If Not Follow the Following Steps on the Next Slide:
  14. 14. Go to Your Homepage and Click onfor a Drop-Down Box. Then Click “Settings”
  15. 15. Click “Mobile” on the Menu on the Left and Enter Your Mobile Phone Number.
  16. 16. You May Be Prompted to Confirm YourMobile Phone Number By Inputting a CodeThat Will Be Sent to You via Text Message.
  17. 17. Let’s Get Acquainted
  18. 18. At BK We Provide 3 Types Of Signals: •BK FLOW •BK SWING •BK CALENDAR
  19. 19. BK FLOW Signals 1 to 2 Trades per DayIssued between 4 AM-12 Noon ET (8:00-16:00 GMT) Currency Pair EURUSD
  20. 20. BK FLOWTrades Are Entered on a Stop Limit Allowing You Ample Time to Prepare
  21. 21. Here is a Typical BK FLOW Trade Sequence:
  22. 22. BK SWING Signals 1 to 2 trades per day Issued at either: 5PM ET (Asia Open) 2AM ET (London Open) 7AM ET (New York Open)Currency Pairs – all major pairs and crosses
  23. 23. Here is a Typical BK SWING Sequence:
  24. 24. What is the Difference BetweenBK FLOW and BK SWING?
  25. 25. In BK FLOW We Trade 1 UnitStop is -50 Target is +33
  26. 26. In BK SWING We Trade 2 Units Stop is -60 Target is +50 BUT…When We Report The Results Its -120 or +100
  27. 27. BK CALENDAR Signals 8-12 times per week Emailed at 5 PM ET for next 24 hour periodBK Calendar Calls are our Fundamental Views on Upcoming Economic Data
  28. 28. How to Trade Calendar Signals Calendar calls are done at solely at your own discretion. They represent our bias onthe upcoming economic data, but are not to be considered direct trade recommendations.We do not include Calendar Calls in our track records for BK, do not trade them in our BKaccount and we will not send you updated alerts on these trades. If you wish to participatein Calendar calls we suggest that a position should be entered no earlier than 20 minutesbefore the economic data is released. The times are listed with each Calendar Call.Following is a list of our suggested guidelines for BK Calendar calls.Suggested stop is 30 pips. Suggested target for first half of position is 20 pipsTrailing stop should be used on rest of positionIf the data forecast is wrong, trade should be exited immediately.An alternate option would be to wait for the number to be released then enter in thedirection of the move with half of the targeted pips. Please note that trading economic events can be extraordinarily risky. Volatility,spreads, slippage and trading platform outages due to heavy volume can result in muchlarger losses than our suggested stops. You should only use risk capital in trading theseevents and understand that leverage can work for you as well as against you in theseconditions.
  29. 29. Example of Calendar Signal:
  30. 30. If You Have Any Further Questions Please See Our FAQ Section or Email Us At contact@bkforexadvisors.com