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UX Process


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The UX process presented for a university UXD module/assignment. …

The UX process presented for a university UXD module/assignment.

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  • User goals differ depending on the user group
  • User surveys; user interviews and talking to people who I knew created and bought cakes
  • Participants choose the card names I had written or created their own then placed them into their own titled catagories
  • From the card sorting made a basic navigation
  • Researching the similar applicationsPlanning user test: equipment; risks; book quiet room; find participantsLook at user goals of the application and base the testing tasks around itDid user tests with 2 participants - Evaluated results
  • Did 3 personas this is just one example
  • Re-did user journey later in the process
  • 3 rounds : 5 participants all together lots of interactionPlanning and filming-
  • Based on card sorting and paper prototype results
  • - Done on Sketchflow- Mostly interactive
  • Transcript

    • 1. Cake CreatorUXD Assignment Rebecca Topps
    • 2. Problem and solutionPROBLEMMy friend has recently started her own cake making business and she isreceiving more customers. She concentrates on character, occasional andchildren’s cakes – meaning they can often want very decorative and unusualdesigns. Therefore, when people are trying to explain exactly what they wanton the cake, it is difficult to understand how they are visualising the cake intheir mind.SOLUTIONA mobile application which allows customers to sign in and create a cakedesign – they can then send this design over to the cake maker via theapplication or email. Creating the application will allow cake makers to be ableto view what the customers are thinking more easily. Having it as an applicationmakes it accessible, however, due users most likely having a wide range ofcomputer skills it will need to be very easy to use.
    • 3. Requirements• Socialable platform for cake companiesand enthusiasts• Create own cake design with ease• Easy to understand and use for users ofall abilities• Correct amount of content for mobile
    • 4. User research “I use these to get ideas for new things and to look for inspiration. If a customer says a Mickey Mouse cake I Google images to pick out ideas that I could use for their cake but try and make it different.” “Occasionally, but I often leave the creative side of things up to the cake maker. I struggle to explain or think about exactly what I would like to go onto each cake”.
    • 5. Card sorting
    • 6. Navigation – from card sorting results
    • 7. User testing on similar applications• Research• Planning• User goals and tasks• Conducting the tests• Looking at the results
    • 8. Personas
    • 9. User journey
    • 10. User journey : re-visited
    • 11. Paper prototyping RESULTS CHANGES User likes that freelance bakers can also join in on the application as well as companies – good for advertising yourself Would browse companies to find items to buy not cakes Thought that ‘create your Separated ‘My profile’ profile’ was for users and not page by placing it onto for companies the main navigation Wanted options to save Will add save icons next recipes and companies to different articles/etc on application Thought opening with the Changed design back to design page was too confusing the original design and messy – participant liked which gave the user a the original first screen which few options shown on had 4 main options for the the main page and used user. an introduction page with the title
    • 12. Contextual enquiry
    • 13. Final sitemap (navigation)
    • 14. Visual designsAvailable at:
    • 15. Visuals user testing• Planning• 3 participants• Tasks and scenarios• Ask users to think aloud and try not to offer any guidance• Bandicam software and external mouse• Results and changes
    • 16. Evaluation• Used ISO documentation throughout• Paper prototyping influenced design the most• Set requirements should have been made earlier for the application• All user goals were met• With more time, would have been useful to source out a larger amount of participants• May build application in the near future