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  • Id207final Elizabeth G

    1. 1. ID 270 Distance EducationIntroduction to Interior DesignStudent CritiquesElizabeth Granger. ID 270 DE . B. Tone . Spring 11<br />
    3. 3. This board incorporates a mix of nature and fabrics. There is a harmony between natural items like plants, seashells and fabrics that mimic these colors and patterns. The room is laid out to have an organic feel not only in the natural flow of the furniture but also the use of nature. I also like that a lot of the fabrics draw inspiration from nature. I like how the designers ran a piece of tweed around it, it helps to show a balance between the two ideas. <br />
    4. 4. This room has interesting choice of fabrics because the color and look are very similar but the textures help to really separate them. I really like the chocolate brown, I think it adds a classic look with looking old. The layout and shape of the furniture is geometric. The room has mainly circles and squared throughout. <br />
    5. 5. I really like the colors chosen. I think that the earth tones are fitting for many different styles and can please many customers. Also, there are many pieces that would fit in well to the area if later down the line the customer wants to add something. The one thing that I didn’t think worked was that there wasn’t much contrast between four of the fabrics. They look the same and if there is too much of one color it can create a uniform look. <br />
    6. 6. I think this design could be really beautiful because there are so many different patterns here. It might seem like too much, but I think these fit together really well. But this room might need something more because it looks too solid. It could create a heavy, overwhelming feeling in the room. Light could add brightness to the room and make it feel not so solid. <br />
    7. 7. I like this room a lot. I think the colors are a great way of creating brightness with darkness. I also like the layout of the room, the furniture is very rectilinear. I think this had to be done because the room is a narrow space, circles might feel too much. Also, since this space is narrow the designer did a good job to create a nice rhythum between the living room and dining room. <br />
    8. 8. This room is something that looks extremely exciting. Since the apartment has a great view, there has been a huge emphasis on it and the large windows add a dramatic look. I like lots of windows and I think floor to ceiling are amazing. But there is a too much visual weight here between the large windows and huge, rock fireplace. It might be a lot going on here and could feel overwhelming in a tight place. <br />
    9. 9. I like this room because it has a strong plant life too it. Not only are there plants inside but the large window helps to bring in trees, making the plant life tactile. The choice of scale is interesting because there are these large windows, pillars and plants. It makes the room feel large but it doesn’t create a void. Also, I like that the room uses many different shapes. <br />
    10. 10. I love tall ceilings in a room and I like that the rafters are showing. This designer did a great job to fill those tall ceilings. I think that there is great proportion between furniture and the height of the room. Also there is a great amount of vertical and horizontal lines. I think this creates a clean look through out the room. The radial balance in the room is helpful to separate the living room and dining area. Even though it is one room it feels very separate. <br />
    11. 11. This is kind of a crazy room but I think it works. There isn’t much of form here, it has a little bit of everything from color to choice of furniture. The room has a very asymmetrical feel to it because the furniture laid out in a random way. Also the scene on the walls adds to that feeling. Even though we see a lot of straight line, there is a strong curvilinear to the room. The windows, lamps, tree, and chairs all have curves to them. Including the sheep. <br />
    12. 12. I think this room incorporates classic with modern. At first it looks like classic Asian style pieces but then there are modern elements. The layout of the room is very symmetrical. The chairs, ceiling lamps, and painting add a angular feeling to the room. Also, I like that there are many different materials used in the room. <br />
    13. 13. Types of AssignmentsI liked that the assignments made me be creative and really hands on. I particularly thought it was helpful to visual see so much. Instructions & CommunicationGreat communication! I found it really helpful that the instructions were detailed and examples were given with each assignmentAmount of work due each weekI thought the work load was reasonable for the course, I felt like it was a good amount. 2 of your favorite assignmentsI like the key term and Seattle loft assignments.2 of your least favorite assignmentsI didn’t like the quizzes and letteringWhat have you learned in this classI learned a lot about what words to use when describing a design and how to try different layouts to a room to see what works best. Would you have preferred to have taken this class in a tradition classroom setting?I think online was helpful because I was able to do things on my own time since a lot of the learning was what I could discover and see in the design world. Negatives and Positives of the class.Positive was how much fun it was to be creative and see what other people createdNegative was that the quizzes were hardWere the videos and CD Rom helpful?I felt that the CD was helpful but some of the videos were a little outdatedWhy did you take this class?Because it might help me in my future career as an architect Was this your first online class?noWhat is your major?ArchitectureAre you interested in pursuing a degree in Interior Design or taking more design classes?I really liked this course and might be interested in minoring in design <br />