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In today’s world, everything is connected, and we understand that
this connectivity is central to everything yo...
BT Diamond IP is the key to
centralising IP management.
Before the integration there
were errors, duplication of
Working with BT provides us with access to a wealth
of experience and expertise. We find them very
knowledgeable and custo...
A vision for change. Tools for the job. Expertise
to help you make it real. Together we can
creatively use technology, so ...
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Delivering a great performance


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Delivering a great performance is about how IT comes together for your people and customers. Not only is this more important than ever it is also much more challenging. The ‘optimal architecture’ for handling the complexity of today’s IT infrastructure is the intelligent hybrid network.

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Delivering a great performance

  1. 1. Data sheet In today’s world, everything is connected, and we understand that this connectivity is central to everything you do. IT is as much an art as it is a science, and when it’s done well, you can achieve stunning business outcomes. Delivering a great performance is bringing it all together for your people and customers. Not only is this more important than ever, it’s also much more difficult. We all know a great piece of music when we hear it, and in the same way, we instinctively recognise a good performance when using technology. Your experience of using technology at home influences your expectations in the workplace; you expect them to be in tune. Delivering a great performance And so that’s what we’re focused on; making sure that your people and customers get the same great experience, wherever they happen to be. An intelligent hybrid network offers the flexibility you need to guarantee this level of efficiency. You can match services to your specific needs, choosing various levels of performance and security. Hybrid cloud lets you scale in all dimensions with ease, as well as allowing you to offer a seamless performance across all devices that use your network. As carrier WAN and internet offerings have evolved, WAN architects have a wider range of services and price points from which to choose. Gartner Inc. ‘Is MPLS Dead?’, 17 June 2013, Lerner, A. & Rickard, N.
  2. 2. BT Diamond IP is the key to centralising IP management. Before the integration there were errors, duplication of allocations, no accountability and unnecessary delays. That’s simply not the case now. Ozan Ocal, OSS Integration Manager, Rogers Communication BT’s view: Networks orchestrate masterpieces When it comes to delivering a great user experience, organisations need a network that delivers the optimum performance at the lowest cost. Applications Performance Management should be much more embedded into the network to give visibility, optimisation and control of the end user’s experience. We understand that you need great connectivity to applications, whether they’re in your own Data Centre or the clouds of your choice over private or internet connections. Having the flexibility to use the network service that provides the right performance, security and cost to meet the applications business case is vital, and that requires a combination of optical, MPLS Ethernet and IP VPNs. And, of course, the internet. As we move to IPv6, in an age of connected devices and machines, automated systems are essential to manage IP addressing, the core of the digital dial tone. And in the age of Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) and cloud, you can’t just protect the perimeter fence. You need to build in security to provide intelligence, compliance and protection from internal and external threats. Not only that, you need to provide a network experience that’s seamless. Whether they’re on a mobile, a tablet or a desktop, you need to provide your people with everything they need, at their fingertips. Delivery of such a network needs to be as simple as possible, and once it’s in place, you can focus on delivering outstanding business outcomes. How we can help: From solo performers to the whole symphony BT covers all the options. With a complete range of network services, applications performance management and security services. Our BT Advise consultants bring real experience and insight and can give as much or as little help as you need to bring it all together for a great performance. Connectivity, to wherever your applications are In simpler days, you hosted applications in your Data Centre or on a server located at your user’s site. Today you need connectivity to applications, wherever they are. Some 90% of our largest customers will be using multiple cloud providers within the next two years. We build our networks to meet evolving customer needs: • BT Cloud Compute Data Centres, over the internet, dedicated access or over IP Connect • Microsoft Azure using ExpressRoute for IP Connect • A growing number of major, carrier-neutral exchanges and Data Centre providers. The flexibility to use the ideal network service We understand that network transport is critical. You need the flexibility of the right network when it’s needed. Gartner recently reported that, “Network architects should revise WAN architectures to improve performance for external cloud applications and resources. In most cases, hybrid WAN architectures will provide the best blend of performance and availability”1 . 1 Sources: Gartner. Forecast: Public Cloud Services, Worldwide, 2010-2016, 4Q12 Update Multiple managed services are layered onto the BT IP Connect global network, starting with BT Connect Acceleration. This WAN acceleration solution enhances the performance of critical enterprise applications, including the company’s EPR system. Lantheus Medical Imaging
  3. 3. Working with BT provides us with access to a wealth of experience and expertise. We find them very knowledgeable and customer focused, and the new network’s performing exactly to our expectations. Malcolm Green, Head of Network Communications Infrastructure Team (CAT9) NATO Communications and Information Agency BT offers a complete range of network services so you can select the right service for the job: • Optical Connect — for high performance, high capacity bandwidth connecting the heart of your organisation • Ethernet and IP Connect (MPLS Ethernet and IP VPNs) — where you need guaranteed performance for important sites • IP Connect Web VPN (internet VPN) — to connect smaller and remote sites • Internet Connect (dedicated internet access) — for your web presence. Applications Performance Management Our Applications Performance Management services ensure end users get the apps performance they expect. You’ll improve your end users’ experience, reduce your costs and get the visibility you need. We’ve recently helped international chemical group Solvay achieve their objective to improve quality and reduce costs. We helped by designing a network that matched their specific challenges and requirements, as well as providing a managed service of application performance that guarantees delivering application Service Level Agreements (SLAs), dynamically, over a hybrid MPLS IP VPN and internet network. Digital Dial Tone — IP Address Management How do you make the idea of digital dial tone a reality, when every device has multiple addresses and the notation is as abstract to most people as sheet music? You could follow the traditional approach of using spreadsheets, but when something goes wrong and everything stops working, what do you do? This is where our market leading Diamond IP service comes in. Built-in security Almost all (97%) Fortune 500 companies have been hacked, and it’s likely the other 3% have too (they just don't know it), so said Peter W. Singer, director of the Centre for 21st Century Security and Intelligence at The Brookings Institution. Most of our customers agree; to deliver a great user experience, you need to build security into every element. We’ll help with: • BT Assure Threat Monitoring • BT Assure Managed Cloud Security • BT Assure Denial of Service Mitigation (UK only) • BT Advise Assure — security consultancy With one central contact person for questions regarding our internet access we are not only saving time but also can decrease costs. The savings of the new virtual firewall compared with an internal solution can be estimated around 30%. Thomas May, Group Manager, Global IT Infrastructure, Elster Group To support company efficiency, the IT department was asked to optimize the Quality of Service delivered for business applications while reducing telecom costs by 30%. Vincent Best, Global WAN Manager, Solvay
  4. 4. A vision for change. Tools for the job. Expertise to help you make it real. Together we can creatively use technology, so you can deliver stunning business outcomes. That’s the art of delivering a great performance. That’s the art of connecting. Here’s proof: Striking the right chord with management Working with BT, creative use of technology can deliver stunning business outcomes. Our vision and ability to execute mean we’re the ideal partner to help you deliver a great performance. • We bring you choice. BT operates a global MPLS network serving 198 countries/territories, offering IP VPNs in 198 countries, Ethernet VPNs in 50 countries and dedicated internet access in 39 countries. And in addition, using the global internet, we provide access in around 200 countries and Internet VPN’s in 183 countries. • We can help your applications fly. Our applications performance management service is used by more than 650 customers with over 49,000 managed end points, giving users a great experience. • We are investing to deliver the next generation of integrated service. To help you deliver your business objectives. At the heart of this is what you see — service, end-to-end, as well as all the operational impacts — tailored in a way to suit you — meaning better control and improved confidence. • We realise the importance of security. We have one of the world’s largest security practices, with more than 1,300 security professionals. And 12 Security Operations Centres monitoring over 300,000 devices for more than 1,000 customers worldwide. • We’re always looking to the future. We’ve spent over £4 billion on R&D in the last five years; with 18,000 employees leading innovation and more than 5,000 patents and applications. • And we’re delivering this to our customers today and every day. Improving operations for our customers “Few companies can offer such world-class, global, innovative and sustainable solutions to help us achieve our ambitious vision and, in this context, we are delighted to be able to continue our partnership with BT.” Paulo De Sa, VP Infrastructure Services, Unilever “It’s something of a cliché that outsourcing lets you focus on your core business, but in our case it’s absolutely true. Without the excellent all-round support we get from BT Global Services, it would be difficult to stay at the top of our game.” Derek Rhodes, Ph.D. Chief Information Officer, Lantheus Medical Imaging What next? Tune up with BT So where to start? If you’re at the strategy and planning stage, our BT Advise workshops are an ideal starting point. It’s a one day workshop that aims to deliver a comprehensive report, making recommendations that address the key challenges faced by the CIO. The report is based on a mix of independent analyst research and specialist Advise consulting skills, linking technology to business issues. This can help inform your next steps forward. Alternatively, if you’re ready to strike up the band, we have introductory offers that allow you to deliver a great experience. • IP Connect with Connect Applications If you're considering an IP Connect Global network or re-signing an existing contract for £3 million or more, we’ll include application-aware network performance monitoring as standard. It will give you better visibility and understanding of your existing applications environment, help you identify performance issues, improve end user experience and your return on investment. • Up to 100Mbs of internet access with IP Connect’s Internet Gateways Try the Internet Gateways already built into IP Connect Global, they are considerably more cost effective than buying separate Dedicated Internet Access. To get you on your way, you can have up to 100Mbs of Internet Access free of charge for 90 days, where you have spare capacity on your existing IP Connect Global accesses. • IP Connect with Assure Intelligence built-in If you are considering an IP Connect Global network, with connectivity in the US, then try Assure Intelligence. In the age of Bring Your Own Devices, when security threats are dynamic and just guarding the perimeter fence is no longer good enough, Assure Intelligence monitors your network from inside out. 1 ‘Is MPLS Dead?’, 17 June 2013, Lerner, A. & Rickard, N., Gartner, Inc. Offices worldwide The telecommunications services described in this publication are subject to availability and may be modified from time to time. Services and equipment are provided subject to British Telecommunications plc’s respective standard conditions of contract. Nothing in this publication forms any part of any contract. © British Telecommunications plc 2014 Registered office: 81 Newgate Street, London EC1A 7AJ Registered in England No: 1800000