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Instant globalisation demands the elimination of physical factors as a barrier to the rapid sharing of information. This is especially the case for any event that has the eyes of the whole world on it and generates huge demand for real time data. The Olympic Games has to be the ultimate example of ‘global information’. 2012 was arguably the first fully ‘social media’ Games. Some 961 terabytes of information were carried across the network, with peak network traffic at just over 6.71 gigabits/second. Outside the sporting arena, the growth of global business will soon set similar challenges. The network must have the capacity and the resilience to cope.

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  • “If forced to choose, two out of three college students would choose an internet connection instead of a car”“Aircraft are becoming speedy wi-fi hotspots, and Delta expects that its $3 billion investment will see 1,000 aircraft in its fleet able to connect to the net by 2015”“In January 2010 astronauts sent the first tweet from the void above”“On average, exports across the world are between 20 and 30 per cent, as a percentage of GDP. There’s still a lot more room to expand”
  • London 2012 website had 431 million visits – more than the official websites for the Vancouver Winter Games and the FIFA World Cup in 2010.961 terabytes of information carried across the networkThe peak traffic across the network was just over 6.71 Gigabits/second
  • Business continuity & geo resilience - Alex Ingles

    1. 1. Instant Globalisation Alex Ingles COO BT Latin America
    2. 2. Globalisation Before Now • Collaborative cross-border work Emailing Video conf / Telepresence • Integrated supply chains Batch transfers Real-time integration • The Internet Downloads Streaming • Mobile devices Syncing Always online Requires Enabled by Higher bandwidth Better security Lower latency Higher resilience Larger reach Proactive management World-wide telecoms infra-structure 2 World-wide telecoms infra-structure© British Telecommunications plc Instant Globalisation 2
    3. 3. BT Global Presence in 37 countries ... ... customer connections in 170+ But what about the Olympics?© British Telecommunications plc Instant Globalisation 3
    4. 4. The most connected Olympic Games ever But the infra-structure was already there, right?© British Telecommunications plc Instant Globalisation 4
    5. 5. Wrong! It was an incredible effort. 80,000 connections across 94 locations Up to 60Gb of information carried each second 1,800 new wireless access points 5,500m of internal cabling 16,500 telephone lines 14,000 mobile SIM cards 10,000 cable TV outlets 1,000,000 man-hours Over 800 people on the ground at Games’ Time 7-fold increase in traffic from Beijing 2008 to London 2012© British Telecommunications plc Instant Globalisation 5
    6. 6. My experience at the London Olympics Wimbledon Lord’s Cricket Ground Earls Court© British Telecommunications plc Instant Globalisation 6
    7. 7. My experience in Latin America© British Telecommunications plc Instant Globalisation 7
    8. 8. What about the future? 1870 1964 2012 2016+ ? On-demand networked IT services© British Telecommunications plc Instant Globalisation 8