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Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) is not really about the device itself, but it is about data This presentation focuses on Bring Your Own Device as an IT trend. This trend presents organisations with a dilemma; they want to gain the benefits of embracing BYOD, but also balance it with minimising any potential risks, particularly around maintaining security and managing cost. It outlines the key BYOD challenges customers face and how BT can address them.

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BT BYOD Solutions

  1. Control, Connect,ExperienceBeyond Your Device
  2. BT GS Portfolio 2BYOD is happening…… and its effects are being seen84% of IT managersthink that adopting a BYOpolicy gives competitiveadvantageOf all IT managers, 60%think that the use of smartdevices has helpedproductivity withinthe organisation48% of employees say that they areallowed to use their personal devicesfor work purposesA further 6% aren’tallowed, but do it anywayFor organisations with a BYO policy, 54%say they are facing a challenge managing thepolicy across different countries due toregions having significantly different policies56% of organisationshave noticed a decrease inperformance of at leastsome applications due tothe increased demandupon bandwidth
  3. BT GS Portfolio 3CIOs are telling us they want to…1Aberdeen GroupDevelop a cost-effective corporatepolicySmart device use has led to increasein bandwidth demand across 84%of organisationsCreate a network to cope withsmart devices32% of organisations plan toprovide guest wi-fi accessGive customers connectivity onmy premisesJust 26% of employees recognisethat using their device in a workcontext is a risk to company securityProvide secure access, whereveryou are, whatever deviceCreate a network to cope withsmart devicesDevelop a cost-effectivecorporate policyBadly managed BYOD could cost youabout 33% more than a company-owned approach1
  4. It’s not just us saying it….IDC annual EMEA Enterprise Communications Survey for2013 revealed quite a dramatic change in the priority ofCIO and ICT executives respondents. For Europeancompanies interviewed updating network infrastructure isnow the most important priority.3IDC2013 to Be the Year of BYOD and MDM. Perhaps amore important hope for 2013 is that enterpriseswill begin to see „bring your own device‟ (BYOD)as an opportunity rather than a threat. There can nolonger be any doubt that the mobiledevice is king. Current AnalysisThe Top Emerging Technologies To Watch: Now Through2018 Tablets will eclipse PCs as individuals‟ computer ofchoice. By 2016, there will be 760 million tablets in use andalmost one-third will be sold directly to businesses. Thisinflux of tablets into individuals‟ hands will impact oncustomer-facing and employee productivity applicationsand processes.4Forrester1 Gartner – Plan Now For the Hyperconverged Enterprise Network – May 20122 Ovum multi-market BYOD survey, 20123 IDC Survey May 2013According to Ovum 80% of BYOD management goes un-managed (57.1% of employees are bring their own deviceto only 11.9% of those survey had been askedto sign a corporate policy. 2 OvumCompanies will need help to create a WLAN that supportsguest users, employees with their own devices who needaccess to critical company assets, and employees withcorporate-owned devices. The access decision will requiremore than user credentials and fingerprinting the device.Other criteria – location, business policies etc – need to bepart of the equation.4ForresterIn the next 2 years 80% of customers will have toupgrade the WLANs they just put in place.1GartnerThe adoption of BYOD levies additional demands – beyond the wireless LAN (WLAN) – throughout the comms infra-structure. Access, protocol and traffic demands may affect Internet gateways, firewalls, address allocation, LANs andWANs, and all other subsystems participating in communications. 6Gartner4 Forrester Networking Predictions for 20135 Ovum – October 20126 Gartner – Solving BYOD’s Impact on Communications Infrastructure, – Feb 2013
  5. BT GS Portfolio 5In our view it’s about…Optimising your network to enhance employee and customer accessFocusing on the information, not the deviceUsing the device for work, not just bringing it to workA complete solution, not a single productOpening up the possibilities, not closing them downThe barrier between business and consumer is beginning tocome down…people are going to become networked all thetime,…I think we are just at the beginning of this revolution.”Ian Livingston, BT CEO,CNN Marketplace Europe, 2012“
  6. Behind every great device, you need agreat networkControlDefine what peoplecan access based onwho they are, wherethey are and whatdevice theyare usingConnectWireless networksthat are fit forpurpose andkeeping upwith demandExperienceA seamlessexperience witheasy accessto informationand applicationsWith the right control and connectivity you candeliver a great user experience on any device
  7. Control via Deviceand ApplicationManagementOur complete solutionFit for purposeinfrastructureWirelessinfrastructureIdentity andAccess controlApps forcollaboration andcost reductionSecurity for BYoDControlConnectExperience
  8. What’s includedNew Mobile Deviceand ApplicationManagement servicescontrol access to appsand contentOne Voice Anywhere andManaged Mobility Expensescontrol mobile costsBT Advise Quick Start –prepare your organisationfor smart devicesBYOD ready infrastructureBYOD Strategy & PlanningBT ConnectGlobal Managed Wireless LANincorporating Guest accessBT WiFiLocation Services topersonalise the experience(Cisco WLAN & MSE)5.6m global hotspotsIdentity & Access controlwith enhancedreporting, ensures thatyou only let in the peopleand devices youwant, where and when youwant them(Cisco ISE, Prime)Connect applications –visibility & control of deviceperformanceIn Q3, Accelerationfor devices – fastertransactions, lessbandwidthBT Assure Secure Webensures malware/ unsuitablecontent can’t access anorganisations networkMobileXpress Cloud Secureprovides secure remoteaccess via the cloudControlConnectBold = newExperience
  9. Networks will have to change to support theintroduction of smart devicesCreating the network tocope with smart devicesBenefits• Determine access to corporate resourcesby user, function and device• Enable simple, affordable access• Enhance commercial flexibilityBT Connect Intelligent networking and secureremote access solutions have enabled AngloAmerican to bring together their remoteoperations, with BT Connect Applicationsensuring business critical applications areprioritised.They are also implementing a BT One Voiceplatform to deliver substantial savings, simplifymanagement, and enable collaboration.We provide managed wireless LAN solutions to enable aflexible BYOD environmentOur next-generation identity and access policyplatform, gives you control over who is accessing yournetwork.ControlConnect Experience
  10. Giving customers connectivityon my premisesControlConnect ExperienceBYOD is for your customers too.We provide network guest access to give yourcustomers connectivityIdentity and location solutions give you theinformation on where your customers are……letting you personalise theirexperience.Benefits• Increased customer satisfaction and loyalty• Flexible coverage to deliver a morepersonal experience• Self service provisioning, saving timeand money“We became the first UK department storeretailer to offer free wi-fi access to customers inall our shops. We want to offer our customers afully omni-channel, multi-platform shoppingexperience and capitalise on the increaseof m-commerce. BT helped us to do that.”Andrew Layton, Omni Channel,Development Manager, John Lewis
  11. Providing secure access, whereveryou are, whatever deviceEmployees want to access corporate informationon any device, wherever they are.ControlConnect ExperienceWe enable you to secure the device,secure the applicationand secure access to your network, from any location.Benefits• Enable simple, cost effective mobile access• Enforce corporate mobility policy• Control simple access to corporate applications• Increase productivity through selfservice applicationsA secure remote accesssolution at Sandwell Metropolitan BoroughCouncil has enabled Welfare Rights Officers tocarry out their work from remote locationswithout travelling back to the office.They have saved time through lesstravel, reduced duplicate recording of casenotes, and improved personalproductivity, which is allowing each officer tosee around 100 extra people per year.
  12. A cost-effective corporate policyControlConnect ExperienceThe real advantage to BYOD comes from changingthe way people act, communicate and coordinate.We design a network to meet new connectivityrequirements……with solutions to help you manageyour costs.Benefits• A network that keeps up with demand• Define and implement a BYOD strategy• Define and enforce security policies• Achieve savings of up to 30 per cent onmobile billsA global manufacturer of eyewear products hada challenge to reduce costs in theirmarketing, traditionally done via a high qualitypaper catalogue.Our solution let the customer test an onlinecatalogue where the network delivered contentto iPads for their sales people based in fivedifferent countries. We recommended a MobileDevice Management (MDM) solution to controlcatalogue distribution/updates; applications anddevice functionality; inventory management;and is password protected.
  13. Embracing collaboration andproductivityControlConnect ExperienceCollaborative working increases productivity andmake employees happier.Benefits• Speed up decision making andimprove productivity• Reduce employee downtime• Increase employee satisfactionWe give your users the tools and applications forquick and easy collaboration no matter where they are andon any deviceWe can also help you save up to 45% onyour voice costs……using BT One Voice anywhere.Leading international printing inkmanufacturer hubergroup hadsubsidiaries in several different locations, eachwith different communications systems.Worldwide collaboration was essential tosuccess, but it often took several phone callsbefore colleagues made contact.BT One Enterprise Lync, a Microsoft Lyncsolution hosted by BT, now allows everyone inhubergroup to see in an instant where theircolleagues are and how best to reach them.They can also make contact with a single click.
  14. Why BT• We are a leader in Gartner, Global Network Service Provider MagicQuadrant, 2013• BT LAN Connect Global – support 1,000 customers LAN Infrastructure globally• BT Connect available in 197 countries• We are a market leading service provider for our Connect Applications portfolio,6,000 managed endpoints in 90 countries• We can reduce voice, mobile and roaming costs by 45% withOne Voice anywhere• Our secure networking experience includes monitoring more than 300,000customer devices from our 12 Security Operations Centres around the world• We provide secure mobile access in more than 150 countries• We have 5.6 million Wi-Fi hotspots across 110 countries• We are only one of four Global certified Cisco Partners, with 1,525certified people.
  15. BT GS Portfolio 15• We make networks work for you wherever youare in the world• We make it work so you get the best performanceand value from your network whatever you need• We make it work for you, with a choice ofdelivery, market leading vendors andcommercial options• We make it work for the future to give ourcustomers a roadmap for consumerisation.We make it work