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Final exam slideshow
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Final exam slideshow


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  • 1. Visual Arts - Final Exam Examples of Drawings: -Elements of Art and Principles of Design
  • 2. 2 drawings showing 2 Elements of Art or Principles of Design. 1 per drawing.
  • 3. You have used nearly all of the Elements or Principles in your projects so far! ZENTANGLE! 1.Pattern 2.Shape 3.Contrast 4.Balance 5.Value
  • 4. Extinct Animal Drawing 1. Line 2. Shape 3. Texture 4. Movement 5. Color 6. Emphasis 7. Unity Raissa Ly
  • 5. Stained Glass 1. Pattern 2. Form 3. Line 4. Repetition 5. Variety 6. Texture 7. Space Tasha Tsao
  • 6. Examples of Drawings you can do for final. *Remember you have to explain how you used the element/principle. Repetition: Circles are repeated to create patterns.
  • 7. Movement- The lines, shapes and patterns make your eye move down the line.
  • 8. Pattern: Repetition of circles that create unity.
  • 9. Contrast: Warm color vs. cool color make lines stand out. Line: Curvy wave flowing from the top to bottom
  • 10. Balance: Equal distribution of colors and lines on both sides of drawing. Symmetrical: Same on both sides. Asymmetrical: Different when you split in half
  • 11. Unity: Similar line type Emphasis: Darker & thicker lines in front stand out.
  • 12. Value: Light to dark range of colors.
  • 13. Geometric Shape: Circles, rectangles, squares, and rigid lines.
  • 14. Organic Shape: free flowing and curvy lines
  • 15. Space: Giving an illusion of depth or a sense of distance or dimension.
  • 16. Color: Light, dark, bold, or dull. Warm and Cool colors.
  • 17. Complementary Colors: Opposite on color wheel
  • 18. What could this be an example of?
  • 19. What could this be an example of?
  • 20. 1. Remember! You will have to identify which element or principle you are drawing and describe how you used it. 2. Plan your 2 designs in your sketchbook! *You may have your sketchbook out during the exam! * You may use pencil, pen, markers, colored pencils, cut paper, collage magazines.