Dia de los Muertos Ceramics slideshow
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  • 1. Dia de los Muertos- Dedication to the deceased Monday, September 2, 13
  • 2. Days of the Dead - Dedication & Sculpture 1. Dedicated to someone or a pet that has passed away - family, friends, or celebrity. 2. Create a sculptural skull from clay. Center is HOLLOW! Lisa Machado ’13 Stephanie Chen ‘13 Ceramics 2012 Monday, September 2, 13
  • 3. •Celebrated October 31st through November 2nd. •Corresponds with All Saints Day and All Souls Day, traditional Catholic celebrations. What is “Days of the Dead or Dia de los Muerto’s?” Monday, September 2, 13
  • 4. Joyous and sacred time Welcome the souls of the dead. Triumph over death and becomes a celebration of life. IT’S A CELEBRATION! Monday, September 2, 13
  • 5. The dead come as spirits from another world to be with their living relations Not to scare or haunt as Halloween Monday, September 2, 13
  • 6. Days of the Dead: MEXICO •Celebrated in many Latin American countries. •National holiday in Mexico. Monday, September 2, 13
  • 7. November first is for the departed children, los angelitos. Monday, September 2, 13
  • 8. November second is for the departed adults. Monday, September 2, 13
  • 9. • Although the Day of the Dead in Mexico has a public aspect, at the community level it is essentially a private or family feast. • The core of the celebration is within the family home. • A way of recognizing the cycle of life and death that is human existence. A woman spreading cempasúchil in her house to welcome her ancestors home. Monday, September 2, 13
  • 10. Ancestor and Community Allows people to talk about death and even finds humor in death. In this way Death loses some of its terror. These are all positive concepts. Love and Respect for the Dead and For Life. Monday, September 2, 13
  • 11. How To Start Start with a soft ball size ball of clay. Make 1 pinch pot Smooth out outside and inside http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_qt9QwmenMY Monday, September 2, 13
  • 12. What & how to design ideas Think of symbolism for the person. How would you describe the person - interests, career, family, "iends, etc. Represent person with imagery you add. Monday, September 2, 13
  • 13. Embellishing the skull High or low relief - Use what you have discovered in the last project! Do not depend on just adding details with glaze! Monday, September 2, 13
  • 14. How will you make yours unique? Monday, September 2, 13
  • 15. Alterations - Options A version or elaboration of the sku#? Monday, September 2, 13
  • 16. Extra Additions Adding more design elements on to the sku#. Monday, September 2, 13
  • 17. Monday, September 2, 13
  • 18. Monday, September 2, 13
  • 19. Remember 1. Slip & score & smooth 2. Hollow 3. Air hole (if needed) 4. Wrap up -unless finished 4. Clean ALL tools  &  table Monday, September 2, 13
  • 20. For Thursday, Sept. 5th • You must come with an idea on what your skull will be based on. Please write down 5 of your ideas. Include any materials you think you will be using or perhaps needed. • Sketch your ideas in your sketchbook using the medium of your choice (pen, pencil, colored markers, etc). • Remember part of being an artist is that your work has a concept and it is portrayed through your product. Monday, September 2, 13