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Artist influenced slideshow 2 d

  1. 1. Artist Influenced Design Project #2 Create a piece that reflects the artist’s style and form, but is your own creation. • Similar but different!Eugene Smith, Illustrator
  2. 2. NOT Copying! Influenced.• Remember you are not copying the artist, you are creating something influenced by the culture(s) and/or his or her style.
  3. 3. How to start?• Find an artist of your choice - any medium (photo, video, animation, illustration, design, etc.)• The artist can be from ancient to present time.• Locate a artist that you find interesting and whose work you would like to study and make your own version in a similar style.
  4. 4. Look in magazines or online (could be same artist you are doing the artist presentation on)• I. Research artist• A. Answer the questions below on a word document.• I. Who is the artist? Name, age, where is he/she from? Noel Norton,• II. What type of work does he/she do? why? Who or what are his/her Influences?• III. What type of techniques does he/she use when creating a piece? Ansel Adams, landscape photographer
  5. 5. Once research is done...• Save on your computer three images of the artists work.• Add images to word document. Ken Turner, animator & character designer, Tim Burton, animator
  6. 6. Start Sketching & brainstorming! Create your own version of the artist’s work. Emek, Illustrator,• Sketch in your band poster designer sketchbook or on computer:• 1. Two ideas for your project.• 2. How you will construct your project? -program, technique?
  7. 7. * Remember you are not copying theartist, you are creating somethinginfluenced by the cultures and/or his or sculptures Kimberly Cook
  8. 8. Simulating Street PhotographyHenri Cartier-Bresson via Time, Pbase, Alafoto and Watches 2012 SIMULATED STYLE by another. Photographer
  9. 9. Simulating People and Emotions in a setting. SIMULATED STYLE by another. Robert CapaPhotos via PBS, Time and Space in Text Photographer
  10. 10. So many possibilities! Choose an artist Choose an artist that interests you that interests you Warren Berger and that will and that will "a way of looking at the world challenge you! challenge you! with an eye toward changing it?"Nels Jacobson,a.k.a. Jagmo, hasbeen creating rockposters for 30years -specializingin graphic art forthe entertainmentindustry
  11. 11. GOOD ART TAKES TIME!!!• Don’t take the easy way out! Challenge yourself.• Project is due: Friday, February 8th.• Jan. 28th-Feb. 8th (5 classes) Chris Buzelli, Fairytale Existence
  12. 12. 5 classes = 7.5 hours! Patrick George, Editorial Illustration www.debutart.comVince Frost, Photography Winnie Ma, designer Crazy Uncle packaging.