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  • app has become a buzzword. It now means all kinds of things. In general we can say that app is an application. It is small contained piece of software. Unlike a website that you go to with a browser, it is something you download to your device or computer. There are "apps"  for everything. Almost any mobile device a smartphone, a tablet, and an ereader uses apps. Apps come from different places depending on the device you want the app for web application - usually accessed or downloaded via the internet.  n January 2011, the American Dialect Society named “app” the word of the year for 2010. 
  • The thing about apps is once you decide on the device and get started, they are easy to find, easy to buy, easy to download and most (the good ones anyway, are easy to use). App prices can range all over the place. There are some special apps that range in the hundreds of dollars – the average price of an app is about a dollar to five dollars. A few of the more complex applications, like some of Adobe’s apps are in the ten dollar range.
  • What do you intend to do with it the most, might determine what device you buy? If you only intend to read books and magazines on it; look at the Nook or Fire If you want to play games, do a little productivity, take notes, keep calendars, watch movies, surf the web/ replace your laptop – look at the tablets.Want to take pictures, do video skype/ face to face time – look at tablets.If you have an android phone, might make sense to stay in the android/ google environment.If you already have a Mac – you might prefer an Apple device – you might already be familiar with some of the i… software – you can get those as apps – you might already have a cloud account.
  • This only covers the gamut of some devices. Now we’ve got ipad 3. Asus has a couple good tablets not included. The playbook is no longer. Samsung Galaxy Tablet is not even on here! It should be included and considered. PCWorld does do good comparison articles – good source for checking out and comparing devices. Chart is from PCWORLD article:
  • All computers need a framework in which to handle the software (or the case of mobile devices… apps). Mobile devices and tablets are essentially computers just in a different format. They are hardware with a processor and motherboard, memory, display… right? They gotta have something to make that software run. That is where the operating system comes into play. On a PC, you likely have Windows 7, vista, XP… maybe linux? On a Mac, you’ve Mac OS (operating system) – On a mobile device – an android phone, Samsung, HTC
  • Do your homework before you buy. Here’s a couple places to check out and get a good feel for the device before you buy it. PC WORLD is very good about having the latest articles on devices and comparisons.CNET – reviews are excellent, lots of information, thoroughly done. Usually includes a video demonstrating some of the features and flaws of the device. – online video broadcast shows on a variety of technology related topics – the Before you Buy is a new show on a bunch of the latest gadgets – good way to see the device and see it being used and get some opinions on it. Top Ten Reviews – some of the best and most thorough comparisons I have found – just be weary, the website is full of ads – watch where you click and make sure you are still on their site.
  • Depending on what device you have will determine, where you get your apps.
  • Each device/ app market differs a little in how you set it up. Each is the same concept you set up an account with them username and password and then you will buy credits that are then stored with your account or you might store a credit card there for buying the apps, music, books, etc…
  • Depending on what device you have will determine, where you get your apps. Almost all of these devices offer a “cloud” account. This is an account that provides storage on one of their servers (thus in the cloud). This allows you to purchase apps, music, movies, games, books, etc… and store them in the cloud. If your device breaks, gets stolen, etc…. Either your item, movie, music, book, etc… is in the cloud and you can still access it and use it again. Or there is a history of what apps you’ve purchased and you can download them from the store again. Image from – good article from lifehacker about 50 free apps
  • You can install the Amazon app store on any android device: your phone has Vcast or AT&T app center, you can still get to the android market through Google Play (android apps)
  • The app store on the ipad, ipod, iphone is accessible directly on the device, but on a computer you can just access an online preview catalog of all the apps that in the store. over 200,000 apps specifically designed for the ipad and even more for the iphone – the apple app store is the largest! Apple apps are submitted, reviewed and approved for the apple store.
  • 8GB - $199 4/18/201216GB - $249Cheap tablet great for ereading and light web surfing (facebook, check email)Modified Android Operating System Great screen for ereading  Expandable memory- add up to 32 GB w/ microSD™ card only 4GB available for content - you'll want an SD card no cameraFlash support about 11 hr battery life reading / 9 hr for movies No GPS ability No bluetoothNo 3/4G datamost limited selection of apps available - the big ones are there - remember when I say limited - there are still thousands available Browse the apps - are you going to be happy with what's available - check the prices - are you good with the prices? The interface focuses on the process of reading books. You power it up, unlock the screen, and select a book. A persistent menu at the bottom allows you to search for more books to buy or visit the web if you so choose. The browser is average at best.,2817,2397182,00.aspTravel apps for Nook: Evernote is available for Nook. Angry Birds - SpaceMarvel Comics and B & N partner for apps: 
  • Compare Kindles: Fire Guide: Prime: at Kindle Owners lending library info.7-inch tablet that links seamlessly with Amazon's impressive collection of digital music, video, magazine and book services in one easy-to-use package. It boasts a great Web browser, and its curated Android app store includes most of the big must-have apps (such as Netflix, Pandora, and Hulu). The Fire has an ultra-affordable price tag, and the screen quality is exceptional for the price.The bad: The budget price means no premium features (no 3G wireless, cameras, microphone, GPS, or location services), but the biggest issues are its paltry storage (only 8GB of storage--with no expansion slot), lack of Bluetooth, and limited parental controls. Screen brightness could be better, and the app selection doesn't match Apple's or Google's, at least for now. Also, you'll need an Amazon Prime subscription to take advantage of some of the more unique features. cloud storage for all your Amazon content Amazon Prime - borrow books/ rent movies Battery LifeUp to 8 hours of continuous reading or 7.5 hours of video playback, with wireless off. Battery life will vary based on wireless usage, such as web browsing and downloading content.SB 2.0 (micro-B connector)Audio3.5 mm stereo audio jack, top-mounted stereo speakers. 
  • Yes even your operating system on your computer at home has to have an app store Windows 7 called these gadgets and you could download various small tools to your computer. Windows 8 is much more drive towards being a system for future tablets so they have app store and these apps will be available for Windows 8 on your computer.
  • So now how do you find apps? There are tons of app review sites for apple, android, nook and amazonThe apple store always has featured apps – this is a good way to learn about new apps. For the ipad one of my favorite ways to find great apps is iPad Today – weekly video broadcast done on
  • My favorite note taking app – Why? I have it everywhere? Got the desktop version loaded on both of my PC’s at home (there’s a Mac one too). I also have it loaded at work. On a different computer – access the account and all your notebooks via the internet – just login! On the ipad – yup there’s an app – on the android smartphone – yup there’s an app, on my ereader – yup for the Nook and the Fire. I can get to all my notes, which are all easily and neatly organized on any device – anywhere I can get to the internet – can’t get to your internet? I can still get to my notes on any of my devices with the apps, as current as the last time I synced everything. Firefox and Chrome add-ons – compatible with a ton of other great apps for added features and functionality. The addons allow you to capture web pages – graphics and more.
  • Great tool for storing and accessing and transferring any type of file easily and securely. You can get an app for just about any device. Free account is limited to a small amount of space for files.
  • You can download the Kindle Reader app for just about any device, including your PC
  • If you do any type of photo editing, graphic design, web design, production/design work, you know Adobe. You also know how much the suite can run you for a computer. Check out there touch apps for android and soon for ipad (some released now for iPad) – more coming. Reasonably priced at about $9 an app – they are pretty amazing, not as powerful as the suite but they can accomplish a lot for a tablet.
  • Pinterest is huge! Just become so popular. Not all devices have an official app yet. However there are apps for accessing pinterest and pinning items for about every device.
  • All about apps

    1. 1. Adult Community WorkshopsIllinois Central College
    2. 2. It is a buzzword!ApplicationWeb Application
    3. 3.  There’s an app for that! Even Sesame Street Knows That!
    4. 4. Easy to use.Inexpensive  range in price  avg. $1 – 5
    5. 5.  What do you want to do with it? How much do you want to spend on the hardware? Do you already have an app-drive device?  An ipad, ipod, iphone?  An android phone, android tablet? Are you a Mac or PC? No one device is perfect for every person, a personal device = personal choice.
    6. 6.  All devices have an operating system. The foundation that makes the device run and the software operate (the framework). Android: 4.0Icecream Sandwich, 3.0 Honeycomb  Nook – Modified Android  Fire – Modified Android  Samsung Galaxy Tablet Apple: iOS 5.0
    7. 7.  PCWORLD: CNET: – “Before You Buy” Top Ten Reviews -    http://cell- guide.htm
    8. 8.  Depends on your device. Markets/Stores for each device:  Apple  Google Play/Android  Amazon  Barnes & Nobles Nook  Windows  Blackberry
    9. 9.  Differs with each device Usually set-up an account (username and password)  May store credit card there or purchase “credits” that are stored there
    10. 10. An account with storage on their server: Android/ Google Play – through your Google account Apple – iCloud Amazon account  Amazon Prime subscribers Nook
    11. 11.  Different devices have different app markets or stores where you download the apps App Store  Many phone companies also have their own app store ▪ Verizon Vcast ▪ AT&T app center
    12. 12.  app store
    13. 13.  Google Play/ Android Market (
    14. 14.  Barnes & Noble App Store
    15. 15.  Amazon App Store
    16. 16.  Firefox: Chrome: Internet Explorer:
    17. 17.  Yes, Operating systems for your computer have app stores Windows 7 Gadgets Windows 8 app store Mac app store for Lion OS
    18. 18.  Series of online tools available through the account
    19. 19.  Apple store – featured apps – “iPad Today” Amazon: a paid app a day for free
    20. 20.  Evernote
    21. 21.  Dropbox
    22. 22.  Kindle Reader
    23. 23.  Adobe Apps
    24. 24.   7995?mt=8 Gotta have app for any smartphone that doesn’t have the unlimited data plan!  Data Usage app
    25. 25.  Inside Mobile Apps: PC World the best 49 apps for all phones: for_all_phones.html e_apps.html The 100 best apps for ipad:,2817,2362572,00.asp New ipad owner advice: iPad academy:  See tutorials: Best Android apps:
    26. 26.  Best family apps: app-lists Best apps to track data usage: your-smartphone-data-usage-with-apps how-to-track-your-mobile-data-usage-and- avoid-carrier-caps