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  • Hello, please excuse me but as a citizen of Republic of Turkey it is impossible for me to agree with 14th 15th slide and at the following slides phrases are wrong. (correct versions: What is your name? Adınız ne?, I am a sports fanatic. Ben bir spor taraftarıyım.
    Please correct them. And thank you for your effort. Have a nice day! :) Seray
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Turkey Presentation

  1. 1. Operation Turkey!
  2. 2.  Whitney, we’re a little concerned that you’re feeling entirely too relaxed about your trip to Turkey. Traveling to another country is a big deal! We want to make sure you’re prepared!
  3. 3. Where’s Whitney going? Firstly, we think its important to point out that Turkey actually isn’t located on the continent of Africa! So where is Turkey?
  4. 4. So, where Is Turkey? Turkey is actually a part of two continents, Asia and Europe. The Black Sea is located at the north of Turkey and the Mediterranean Sea is located south of Turkey.
  5. 5. Geography of Turkey The western part of Turkey is flat and dry. Eastern Turkey is full of high mountains. There are a lot of farms located in the middle of the country.
  6. 6. Climate & Weather In Turkey The parts of the country that are near water have aMediterranean climate. Inside of the country the climate is very dry. In the beginning of November the weatherforecast for Turkey is mid to high 60’s and mostly sunny! Don’t forget your sunscreen!
  7. 7. Time Difference There is a 10-hour time differencebetween Turkey and California. It is10-hours later in Turkey. So when itis 3:30p.m here, and we’re starving for snack, it will be 1:30 in the morning where you are!
  8. 8. We know you love apples! But… We hope you’llbranch out a little andtry some Turkish foodon your vacation!
  9. 9. Native Food Of Turkey Turkish cuisine is largely the heritage of ottoman cuisine. One of the foods in Turkey is jalapeo biber polmosi. Another one is firinlanmis. The third one is bulagaria. The last one is banitsa. All these meals are very tasty. In case you’re wondering if they eat Turkey in Turkey, they do!Roasted grape tomatoes! Banista!
  10. 10. Government The Turkish President is Abdullah Gül. Heis 61 years old and has been the president since August of 2007. Gül is a member of the Justice and Development party.
  11. 11. Famous People Of Turkey There are many famous people from Turkey such as St. Nicholas, Perves Musharrak, Hrant Dink, Mustafa Kemalataturk, Mithridater VI and many more. St. Nicholas was a saint. He was born in 280 B.C.E and died in 345 B.C.E.
  12. 12. Famous People Of Turkey (continued) Mithridates VI (Emperor) was the king of Pontus (in modern day Turkey) during the 1st and 2nd century B.C. He was an enemy of Rome during the Mithridatic war.
  13. 13. Music Of TurkeyTurkish music is influenced by Byzantinemusic and Greek music. It also references tomodern European music.Oflaya Oflaya – Burcu Güneş is a goodexample of Turkish Music.
  14. 14. What should Whitney wear while visiting Turkey? The people in Turkey don’t show a lot of skin, which mean they don’t wear clothing such as shorts, skirts, and short sleeve shirts. It is illegal to be naked anywhere in Turkey! Women wear head scarves in different styles depending upon their relationship status.
  15. 15. Fashion Do’s and Don’ts . DO cover up ! DON’T show skin !
  16. 16. How will you make new friends, if you can’t speak the language?In Turkey 90% of the people speak Turkish.Others speak Arabic or Greek. Some basicwords in Turkish that we think you shouldpractice are: Hello = merhaba. What is your name ? = abunuzne ? I am a sports fanatic = BEN bir spor asiri dinci. In some of the cities & tourist areas, theyspeak English. People in the rural parts ofTurkey don’t.
  17. 17. Religion Of TurkeyThe main religion of Turkish people is Islam.They believe in one god. The ladies covertheir heads in hijabs because they are verymodest. They pray in mosques where themen and women are separated. They prayfive times a day. Islamic people don’t eatpork or gelatin.
  18. 18. Money & Currency of Turkey The currency of Turkey is the lira. One Turkish lira equals 0.5552 us dollars. With one US dollar you can get 1.8012 lira. A carton of milk is between 1.5 and 2 lira which is 4 dollars here, in the US.
  19. 19. Current Events in Turkey • Currently, the Turkish government is supporting young people to become entrepreneurs. • There is an upcoming holiday called Kurban Bayrami which is bringing lots of different people into the country. • Syria and Turkey are arguing over the fact that Syrians shot down a Turkish air force jet. • Gas prices in Turkey are rising. • Famous musicians from Turkey and Greece are coming together to get unity.
  20. 20. Final Words Of Wisdom Don’t talk about jets or Syria. Be ready to celebrate Kurban Bayrami! Don’t go naked in the streets! Don’t expect us to answer the phone if you call on Turkish time. We’ll be fast asleep. Leave the jello at home!
  21. 21. Bon voyage Whitney!