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product idea

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Product idea

  1. 1. Product Idea
  2. 2. Company Name: Mana Enterprise (Mana Japanese for magic) What does the company do?: Provides socializing to a sophisticated audience Mission Statement: Here to knock back the competitors, and to supply comfort to our audience. Types of product: Internet/Computer based products/items e.g. Websites or Games Previous work: Small individual blog site, pretty simple but quite successful. Small individual internet gaming site, more towards the young teenagers.
  3. 3. Final IdeasSocial Networking site Spacer/Space Place Needs to compete with other Social Networks like Facebook and Twitter Better; connection, layout, activities, games etc. Appeal to audience between 16 to 50+Game Co-op Campaign (Story) Free Roam RPG Compete with fast growing RPG industries like Bioware and Lionhead Has to appeal to a wide audience, both male + female, ages 15+
  4. 4. Social NetworkName: Space PlaceTarget Audiences: 16+ more towards the Formal (mature, politically aware further educated) audienceAppeal: Looks slick and neat, resembles clean, which can attract the target audience
  5. 5. Secondary ResearchConglomerate: MySpace News Corp: one of the 6 top conglomerates Advantages: Finance backing from others within the conglomerate Disadvantages: If one company within the group messes up, it may effect others in the group – Phone hacking scandal, News of the WorldIndie: Facebook Inc. Advantages: You are able to have more freedom, do it your way Disadvantages: If your having financial issues, you have to find your own way to fix it
  6. 6. (USP) Unique selling point(s) Space Place is different from facebook inlooks wise, its neater and the connection is much faster. It’s a bit more advanced from facebook and twitter with certain things such asmore freedom and extra features. This also includes games and activities.
  7. 7. SWOT Analysis Strengths: Social networking sites appeal to a wide range of audiences Weaknesses: Might end up being too late to introduce a new site due to the success of Facebook and Twitter Opportunities: Now-a-days everybody uses social networking sites for almost anything Threats: Competition between other social networking sites, Hacking, Viruses
  8. 8. Cost• Starting budget £3,000• Need Money:• Use to buy equipment to start up and improve work• Money for advertising on websites such as
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