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Final proposal

  1. 1. Amy Poole Final ProposalStyleThe style forour magazine will feature both colloquial and formal language within it because wewant the audience to be ableto relate to the content as we are targeting a younger audience whoare interested in light hearted stories such as the latest news featuring student productions whichneed to be descriptive to have any impact on the audience as it the requirement to make aneffective article. To do this we will be using informal colloquial language with stories such asentertainment, sports and reviews of college productions in order make the article effective and getthe audience to visualise the content within the article through the writers words and the layoutmanagers vision. We as a group also decided that we would also target the other end of the scale ofour audience who said previously they wanted to be informed with hard news subjects suchasexaminations tip and important education stories we will do this through formal language. This willbe effective whenusing the two tones through the informal and formal aswe will be trying toconvey effective tones within the article that has an impacton theaudience whether it is highlightingthe seriousness of the subject or a light-hearted approach. This will also have an important impactusing this particular style within the article and convey this within the article ie. ParentZone as itwill add to the deeper meaning behind the article which is critical as this is one of the purposesbehind writing the article to make it effective.The style of the articles will vary from each other due to the fact some need to explore a deeperempathise more than others such facts as with the parent zone article. This article will cover twopages because it needs full exposure of the topics being discussed as it will be covering reallyimportant subjects such how to write a perfect personal statement and when parents evening iswhich needs the audience full attention as they have to be able to read this and follow the steps inorder to make their personal statement stand. Whereas some minor yet important stories needsingular pages as their structure and style I.e Christmas switch on in Solihull because within ourresearch some people said that they like singular articles because they didn’t want too muchinformation for them to remember. This will be effective as the singular page won’t take up toomuch space whilst also focusing on maximising the detail of the content within the article which isimportant both visually and structurally within the article.The front cover for the magazine will be glossy and attractive through the Christmas theme beingdisplayed as we found out within our research that people preferred the Christmas theme to theEducation theme. However some students within the college did suggest that there should be anelement of the latest education news. We will includethis information through a couple ofcoverlines that will be in bold colour which will be either green or white to make the text standout.We aim as a group to have a medium close up of a festive picture to symbolise our theme thatwe have all decided inorder to empathise on our theme and create continuity throughout ourmagazine relating back to what particular edition of the magazine is i.eDecemeber/January .Thestyle of the front cover as I have said will feature a Christmas element i.e through the colour schemeof our title inbox which will be green to symbolise it’s Christmas while also paying homage to collegeas this is part of their logo which will make our magazine look professional as we are establishing ourtarget audience as Solihull Sixth Form students and the client is SSFC.Page 1 of 4
  2. 2. Amy PooleNumber of columns per pagesFor our articles we have decided that there is likely to be 2-3 columns for the articles within themagazine due the fact when doing our research thetarget audience said they didn’t want to beoverthrown by too much text which wouldn’t make the article itself look professional as it would becluttered. What this structure will have on within the article is that it will still allow more content ofthe article to be shown whilst the three columns will provide us with a structure to experimentthrough the use of placing the images to create an effective magazine article to suit the style andfeel of that particular subject being covered. The effective the columns will play within ourmagazine article is simple they will help us produce a professional magazine through making surethe article is clear and presentable for a target audience to read while also allowing room for otherfeatures to be displayed i.e title of the article which might go across the two pages in some stories.Font –type sizeThe main title for the article and front cover will be size 28 because it will maximise the exposurebeing discussed within the article and front cover. This is important to understand this because weas a group will be able to keep continuity through using this font size in order to make sure that itdoesn’t look out of place which wouldn’t look professional. What is also important to understandisthat each story i.e article which features a bright bold colour for the title to highlight a new featurewhich will be Times Roman which may look clear and precise. However this font style may changelater on in due course as it may not seem the right choice for the direction of the article.Within the content of the article the text will be between a big and small text(18-25font) the reasonfor this is inorder for the audience to clearly read the subjects discussed. Again this is likely tochange in the future depending on how long the article will eventually be as the font of the textplays an important role in structuring the article which can help when placing other features such aspictures within the article and captions. The colour scheme will be bold and effective which we willneed to continue throughout our magazine to maintain continuity which will be eye catching andimportant for the magazine.Length- TextThe length of the article will vary between 700 -1000 words because it all depends on the article andhow much content is included in the article e.g within our articles such as the Parent Zone as it willbe long to cover enough detail to the audience attention i.e Exams ,UCAS, Personal statement andkey dates. Whereas singular articles such as reviews will have less cluttered paragraphs with moredescriptive words within the short length which also be will be effective.First ParagraphWe have decided not use a lot of bold font other than in our titles because this will distract attentionaway from our stories and we want to keep our readers interested and focus on the content .Sothis will appear small in size to allow space for the article to cover in detail more of the story thanjust look at pages of titles and we can use any extra space for our images.Page 2 of 4
  3. 3. Amy PooleThe first letter of the first paragraph is going to be dropped capital because this a code andconvention within the magazine industry that they use. We want to follow that suit to make ourproduct effective and professional to meet the clients brief of the product.Captions:We will use captions to showcase emotions and storytelling through the images and quotes directlyfrom the title in order to create an effective impact towards our audience for them to understandthe deeper meaning of the article. The font size for this feature will be not too small or big as wedon’t want to take too much attention away from other titles featured within the product whether itis in the coverlines or in our article.Some of our font will be italic e,g the introduction of our articleand special tips such as in the Parent Zone I will use italics to showcase top tips for Exams.This will beeffective as I will create an easy guide for students to follow which is important and helpful whenusing this particular style to create an effective clear layout for my article. The style for some of thecaptions will be informal and formal depending on the nature of the article because we within thegroup want to use the captions to create a specific deeper meaning such as within the article ofParents Zone this will be informal and formal to target both audiences parents and students throughcaptions like Revise, Revise /Study Till you drop.EquipmentThe equipment we will use for our group production are as follows:Camera and wires- We will use this to take our photos for our articles, we will need permissionsheets booked beforehand in order to highlight where we are going. We will also use wires to uploadimages on the computer who where I will manipulate images.Voice recorders- I will use this to make notes from interviews set up with people involved in mystories to build up the whole picture of the article.Photoshop- I will use Photoshop to manipulate the images to create a magazine front cover toachieve a professional standard with my work.InDesign-I will use this create to an article to professional standards through importing imageswithin the article.Computers/macs- I will use them to manipulate images in special software and then export themafter making them.DeadlinesProposal –Thursday 29th NovContingency- Thursday 29th Nov or Monday 3rd DecGroup Pitch – Tuesday 4th DecStories complete- Monday 10th DecSub editor – Thurs 13 DecPage 3 of 4
  4. 4. Amy PooleFront cover – Tuesday 11 Dec (TO BE CONFIRMED BY ALL OFAll articles finished for layout- 1st week New YearGROUP!!!)Page 4 of 4