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Japanese Customer Newsletter August 5th 2013 by Peter Hanami
Japanese Customer Newsletter August 5th 2013 by Peter Hanami
Japanese Customer Newsletter August 5th 2013 by Peter Hanami
Japanese Customer Newsletter August 5th 2013 by Peter Hanami
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Japanese Customer Newsletter August 5th 2013 by Peter Hanami


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Japanese Customer Newsletter August 5th 2013 by Peter Hanami …

Japanese Customer Newsletter August 5th 2013 by Peter Hanami

Published in: Business, News & Politics
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  • 1. JAPANESECUSTOMER.COM Japanese Customer Newsletter, August 5th 2013. By Peter Hanami Picture: Japanese electronic dictionary #1. Discount Airlines "The Japanese aviation industry has long been notorious for sky-high landing fees and fuel taxes, in a market that was controlled for decades by JAL and ANA, the country’s two dominant carriers. Japanese travelers have become used to paying high fares" Source: Japan's budget airlines hit turbulence By Hiroshi Hiyama, JUN. 24, 2013, Japan Today
  • 2. JAPANESECUSTOMER.COM #2. Labour Costs "Over the decade, unit labour costs rose 37 per cent in Australia, compared with 29 per cent in Canada, 21 per cent in the US and Korea, 6 per cent in Germany and minus 16 per cent in Japan." Source: Labour cost growth hits business hard, June 24, 2013 Tim Colebatch, The AGE #3 Music "AKB48 regularly sells over a million copies on the first day of a CD release, and their songs are a staple on Japan’s single charts together with music from squeaky clean boy band groups that emerge from Johnny’s Entertainment." Source: As CDs Spin On in Japan, Tower Records Rocks On, By Yuko Takeo, Wall Street Journal Japan, Japan Real Time, June 24th 2013 #4. Consumer affairs "sources of concern involving elderly consumers, telemarketing sales stood out. Complaints about such sales practices made up 19.5 percent of the total in 2012, up sharply from the 6.2 percent recorded in 2005." Source: Consumer problems involving senior citizens increasing sharply since 2007, June 23rd 2013, Japan Times
  • 3. JAPANESECUSTOMER.COM #5. Photo Tokyo suburbs on a sunny day Source: #6. English Education "Many Japanese university students do quite poorly in both TOEFL and the GRE, perhaps because the English language is taught in Japan primarily to pass university entrance examinations…. The average TOEFL scores of students from 30 Asian countries show that Japan ranked 27th, with only Laos, Tajikistan and Cambodia trailing behind". Source: Top students shunning Japan, BY TAKAMITSU SAWA Japan Times, June 24th 2013
  • 4. JAPANESECUSTOMER.COM #7. Studying abroad "A survey conducted in March 2012 by Disco, a Tokyo-based recruitment company, determined that less than one in four firms planned to hire Japanese applicants who had studied abroad. Even among major, blue-chip companies, less than 40 percent said they would employ Japanese who had attended a foreign university. " Source: Tangent: Julian Ryall on how Japanese employees educated abroad are denied opportunities by Japanese companies, Posted by debito , June 8th, 2013 * We and our content providers have tried to make the information on this website as accurate as possible, but it is provided 'as is' and we accept no responsibility for any loss, injury or inconvenience sustained by anyone resulting from this information. You should verify critical information. Articles, reviews, videos, photographs and my written comments are copyright. © Peter Hanami, 2005 - 2013. All rights reserved. Quotes belong to respective owners. Note links too many Japanese websites expire. * Don't forget to keep up to date with the latest news! Subscribe to our: * Videos * Newsletter * News Feed * Book Reviews Visit our store for all your Japan related products including books, food and gadgets!