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A review on "The Orb Project Book"

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  • In a group of pictures taken recently at a wedding ceremony there were two taken with three and four dark distinct orbs around the bride. None of the other pictures had these in them. I've had many instances where I have personally taken pictures with orbs in them but none of this color (dark brown). The other ones I've seen were like the ones inthe Orb Project articles I've read about. Since I know this particular person walks in this world as a dark figure at best, could these dark orbs have some relative meaning as to the life she is leading that attracts the darkest of spirits. Given that I have a lot f knowledge about this particular person, this is the conclusion I came to which seemed the most logical, but I would appreciate your input into this. My email address is LCAPEACE@COMCAST.NET. Any response would be most appreciated. Thank you. Susie
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The Orb Project B

  1. 1. Publication date: November 2007DescriptionAfter literally stumbling into orbs appearing as brightas light bulbs in photographs he was taking at aspiritual retreat, Dr. Klaus Heinemann immediatelysensed that he was onto something profound. Therewas no choice but to convince himself that his notionwas on solid grounds. Heinemann looked at thousandsof pictures he had taken earlier, and thousands morewould be taken to test the hypothesis that these lightcircles are nothing less than emanations from Spiritbeings.
  2. 2. Orbs: The Veil is Lifting is the first full-length film thatbrings together scientists, spiritual teachers, andexperts to explore the orb phenomenon. What arethese Orbs? What does the presence of Orbs mean,and how do we experience them for ourselves?Through the lenses of science, skepticism, and first-hand experience, Orbs opens the conversation byaddressing questions about the possibilities of whatexists in the unseen. Viewers are then invited todraw their own conclusions and to explore their ownfirst-hand experiences.Orbs shows viewers how to take successful Orbphotographs with a simple digital camera, bringingthis phenomenon to everyone. The veil betweendimensions is thinning with our increase inconsciousness. Orbs offers real proof about what haspreviously only been speculated.84 minutes, ©2007
  3. 3. Meet the Authors……Klaus Heinemann, Ph.D., is one of two co-authors of The Orb Project. Born andeducated in Germany, Klaus holds a Ph.D. in experimental physics from the Universityof Tübingen. Klaus worked for many years in materials science research at NASA,UCLA, and as a research professor at Stanford University. He is the founder andchairman of a corporation that performs scientific research in computational fluiddynamics, materials development, and nanotechnology, under contracts from NASA.He also worked in the area of solar energy and water purification throughenvironmentally friendly methods, is the author of a university-level textbook on thetopic, and holds several patents in the field. Klaus has written and lecturedextensively on the commonly-perceived rift between science and spirituality.--
  4. 4. From Heinemann’s website:"I shall not commit the fashionable stupidity of regarding everything I cannot explain asa fraud." C.G. JungPast and Present Activities of Klaus Heinemann-- Born, raised, high school in Siegen, Germany-- B.S. (physics) at the University of München-- M.S. and Ph.D. in Appl. Physics, Univ. of Tübingen-- Contract Research Scientist at NASA-Ames Research Center-- Professor of Research in Materials Science at Stanford University-- Founder and Chairman of ELORET Corporation (contract research in space science)-- Author of over 60 peer-reviewed scientific papers and three books.These are "milestones" that he has long considered surpassed in significance by-- ... an incessant search for truth-- ... a growing awareness of the meaning of life, and-- ... a motto of practicing understanding/justice/respect/fairness in interpersonalrelationships
  5. 5. The process of spiritual discovery became the focus of Dr. Heinemanns life inthe early 1970ies, when he and his wife attended classes and seminars led bythe late Dr. Harry and Emilia Rathbun. Their work focused on the mission andbook by the late Dr. Henry Burton Sharman, Jesus as Teacher. The Rathbunsown lives demonstration that the messenger must be congruent with themessage has left a life-changing impression on Klaus.Other spiritual teachers who profoundly impacted Dr. Heinemanns life includethe Rev. Dr. Ron Roth , who, perhaps more convincingly than any other teacherhe had encountered at the time, emphasized that even the most profoundteaching has but little impact on a persons personal growth unless it sinks fromthe level of the mind to the level of the heart.See next slide.
  6. 6. Co-founders Paul Funfsinn (left), Spiritual Leader and Director of Celebrating Life Ministries and Ron Roth (right), Spiritual Shepherd EmeritusOur Vision:Celebrating Life is a growing and active interfaith spiritual community that nourishesitself and the global community through the Divine Presence in the form of lovingservice, devotion, and prayer. We provide healing services, spiritual growthprograms, and gatherings for our spiritual family to experience, harness and expandthe loving presence of the Holy Spirit in our individual and collective ministries.Celebrating Life Ministries also offers healing services, education programs, sacredtravel opportunities, and semi-annual retreats to the general public. From:
  7. 7. Other publications:"Expanding Perception - consciousness, wisdom, compassion, love," he presentshow even a person with a formal natural sciences background can come to theexpanded perception/view that "there is more to Life than life."Expanding Perception” follows Klaus Heinemann’s earlier book “Consciousness or Entropy?” and presents with thoroughness and clarity howconclusions from modern scientific understanding, from the Big Bang to darkmatter, from to the Bell Theorem to neutrinos, revitalize ancient wisdom teachingsabout consciousness, compassion, and love.Quotes from "Consciousness or Entropy?""The attainment of consciousness is not predestined for those who are highlymentally gifted.""Knowledge may often impede the development of a persons consciousness."From:
  8. 8. Meet the Authors……Míċeál Ledwith, Ph.D., D.D., LL.D, is one of two co-authors of The Orb Project. He wasa professor of systematic theology for sixteen years at Maynooth College in Ireland,and was subsequently the president of the university for ten years. For seventeenyears, Míċeál served as a member of the International Theological Commission. Hehas lectured extensively throughout Europe, South Africa, Japan, Australia, Mexico,and North and South America. He was recently featured in the movie,What the Bleep do We Know? Míċeáls forthcoming book is a three-part work entitledForbidden Truth.--
  9. 9. Michael Ledwith From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia (Redirected from Miceal Ledwith)•Dr. Michael Ledwith (also spelt Micheál Ledwith), a native of County Wexford,Republic of Ireland, is an author and teacher at Ramthas School of Enlightenment,Yelm, Washington, which describes itself "as a school of ancient wisdom".He was a Catholic priest of the Wexford Ireland Diocese of Ferns from 1967 to 2005. Hewas a member the senior staff of St Patricks College, Maynooth, County Kildare,Republic of Ireland for 16 years holding posts of Lecturer in Theology, Registrar, Dean ofTheology and Vice President before becoming President in 1985, with the rank ofMonsignor until he resigned unexpectedly in 1994.(Content snipped)Ledwith was appointed during the tenure of Tomás Cardinal OFiaich Primate of All Irelandand Archbishop of Armagh, himself a former President of the College who had servedLedwith on the College staff until his appointment to Armagh in 1977. Ledwith was alsosupported by OFiachs successor, Cahal Cardinal Daly, who having been a Bishop since1967 was well-versed with his career at the College. Ledwith was regularly spoken of as afuture bishop and indeed Archbishop of Dublin especially in 1988 whenCardinal Desmond Connell was appointed.
  10. 10. Ledwith also became Chairman of the Committee of the Heads of IrishUniversities and a member, from 1980 to 1997, of the distinguishedInternational Theological Commission, which set up by the Vatican in 1969 toadvise the Pope on theological matters.[edit] References^ News report on abuse payment 2002^ Debate report 2005[edit] External linksSt Patricks College, Maynooth Co Kildare IrelandRamtha School of EnlightenmentThe Orb Project book, co-authored with Klaus Heinemann, Ph.D.Dr., Ledwith presents "The Orb Phenomena" at Body Soul & Sp
  11. 11. •Conflict with religion/teachings? I also found this editorial:;id=298 My personal story of betrayal, and I am sure many Catholics have one, concerns my dealings with one Monsignor Miceal Ledwith. (Miceal is Gaelic for Michael.) This priest, who seemed to be one of the holiest and most knowledgeable I ever met, turned out to be the greatest disappointments of my life…. …It was not until Miceal was invited back to Saipan in 1997, after his first visit there with me for a Marian Conference in 1996, that questions began to arise. Rumors and accusations of thinly-veiled New Age references in his talks and teachings had begun to reach me and I was appalled. I couldn’t believe that my friends were so wrongly misinterpreting statements and ideas that, to me, listening with trusting ears, sounded simply profound.•He is also listed on the “Shock Philosophy Institute” website for a series of 6 monthcourses:
  12. 12. What the BLEEP Do We Know — First released in theaters in 2004, WTBDWK!? went onto become one of the most successful documentaries of all time. Now distributed in over30 countries, it has stunned audiences with its revolutionary cinematic blend of dramaticfilm, documentary, animation and comedy, while serving up a mind-jarring blend ofQuantum Physics, spirituality, neurology and evolutionary thought.Its success has spanned a massive extended DVD set ("Down the Rabbit Hole") acompanion book, study groups, a resource outlet (BLEEP Store), and a host oftransformational films that continue to appear around the world.--
  13. 13. As reviewed on one website: comments on What the Bleep Do We Know?Subject: Miceal Ledwith (aka Micheal Ledwith)Date: Dec. 17, 2005Sender: Ann CoxI was intrigued by much of What the Bleep, but I am healthily dubious of thelinks to Ramtha as a self referencing cult (Ledwith, Ramtha herself andDispenza). Coming from Ireland, I am very mindful of allegations againstMicheal Ledwith (Miceal Ledwith). In recent years, allegations of this sorthave uncovered more and more proven low standards in high places in theIrish Catholic Church, where there were many instances of the hierarchybehaving in a shamefully self protective manner. As president of St. PatricksCollege (the only remaining Catholic seminary in the country) Ledwith wasindeed in a position of power, and if he was an abuser (still unproven) it doesnot surprise me that he would seek out another avenue within a selfreferencing cult
  14. 14. Other works:"Orbs: Clues to a More Exciting Universe" DVDNow from one of the largest collections of orb photographs in the world comesthis outstanding selection of 500 images. In his personal collection MicealLedwith has more than 100,000 orb pictures. Using a fascinating series ofthese images he illustrates the enormous variety of orbs which it is possible foranyone to photograph. He discusses the best techniques, equipment, and skillsto use, and the mistakes to avoid. This DVD will make orb photography acompelling new experience for anyone who has even the simplest digitalcamera. Based on his extensive study of both orbs and the roots of our questfor meaning, he draws some thought-provoking conclusions on what the orbphenomenon suggests about the nature of the universe and our place in it.It is a message of hope, comfort and inspiration for all those who cherish thedivine within. DVD Running Time: 55 minutes.“The Deep Deception Series” DVDThe insights of leading edge science indicate a very different understanding ofGod and our place and purpose in creation than the ways of thought with whichwe were traditionally familiar. … The separation of time conditioned modes ofthought and viewed about the nature of realty, as well as how we understandGod and human destiny, is a painful but very rewarding process for any personseriously interested in finding the answers to lifes great questions. DVDRunning Time: 57 minutes.
  15. 15. “The Hidden Years: How Jesus Became A Christ” DVDThe early Christian Church spent several centuries of tortured controversytrying to explain how God could have become man in Jesus the Christ.According to the teachings of Ramtha, and upheld by a thorough investigationof all the historical sources, that is precisely what Jesus came to exemplify andfacilitate for everyone. Miceal Ledwith’s lifelong study of the available sourceshad identified many gaps in the religions’ understanding of God and our placein the world. In particular it became clear that the Christian religions do not, asthey claim, carry the revelation of a previously unknown message; but arebased on fragments or a much older and rare wisdom. One fact that oftenperplexed Dr Miceal Ledwith was that more than 80% of the life of Jesus ismissing from the New Testament. And what Jesus did between the ages 12-30seemed to have no impact the dramatic events of the three year ministry in hishomeland that followed. Inspired and guided by Ramtha’s teaching, this DVDpresents what was accomplished during the transformative journey of his socalled “hidden years” in Egypt, India and Tibet, which all came to fruition in thedramatic events of the three year ministry in his homeland and shaped thecontent of his teachings there. The message of Jesus when placed in thiscontext makes much more sense than an eighteen year apprenticeship at acarpenter’s shop in Galilee. Running Time: 3 hours 40 minutes.From:
  16. 16. Agree or disagree? Statements from the authors: GENERAL INDICATIONS FOR AUTHENTICITY A. Dust particles or droplets must be within a few inches of the camera to cause false positive’ B. Orbs are photographed in rapid motion in which speed is calculated at several hundred miles per hour C. Orbs appear as very high density (Low density are suspect) D. Extraordinary location of orb proves authenticity
  17. 17. Agree or disagree? Statements from the authors:ORBS AND OUR PERCEPTION OF COLOR Objects can react in one of three ways to light --Absorption: Totally absorbs the light so that is nothing is reflected back resulting in black --Reflection: Reflects back all wavelengths of light shone on it resulting in white --Scattering: object has a rough rather than smooth surface and will scatter the different wavelengths of light with different degrees of success --The scattering object will be perceived as having the color or combination of colors corresponding to the wavelengths best reflected
  18. 18. Agree or disagree? Statements from the authors:Fluorescence:Some objects absorb light energy transmitted from a source and thenrelease visible light of a lesser energy when the original source stops transmitting --Light from fluorescing orb hits the CDD (charge-coupled device thatacts much the same as the film in cameras) just milliseconds after the lightreflected from other objects hits while the shutter is in the process of closing --Fluorescing light may indicates not just a frequency of energy(light) but possibly other actual realms This means, then, that orbs are not composed of some etherealsubstance like ectoplasm. If the process of fluorescence aided by the attraction offree electrons thru ionization is what enables the orbs to be photographed theymust be electromagnetic in nature and must be energy fields of some kind
  19. 19. Agree or disagree? Statements from the authors: OTHER EXAMPLES? (From St. Augustine, Florida)
  20. 20. Effect of the book:Customer review ( several years, I have viewed orbs as evidence of the paranormal, ghosts, in a simplerword. I am now starting to rethink this perspective. After reading this book, which I wasgiven to by a friend who has dealt with the paranormal for almost all of her life, I canhonestly say that theres much more to this phenomenon that I realized.First off, I no longer feel that orbs are evidence of deceased individuals. The may bebeings living in an entirely different dimension, and through the technology embeddedin our digital cameras we are able to see this energy crossing over.The book itself was very well written, included a multitude of evidence comparing bothgenuine and artificial orb photographs, and approached the topic from two verydifferent sides. The first part of the book explores the evidence itself, focusing on thetechnology and possible ways in which were experiencing/documenting thephenomenon. The second half of the book, approaches the subject from a much morespiritual approach, seeking mankinds enlightenment.
  21. 21. Effect of the book:Customer review ( customer review:Written by a physicist and theologian, it follows their own extensive experiments in orbphenomena. Since they used two very different experimental approaches, this led tosome similarities (and some differences) in their interpretation of their outcomes. Andin some respects, they left more questions raised than answered, which is, I guess, oneof the outcomes of fairly rigorous exploration of a field that exists beyond our physicalsenses.Be warned, this is not a woo-woo New Age book. It does contain excellent informationon how to photograph orbs, as well as how to recognize fake orbs (and when thephotographer might have accidentally chosen a setting that would cause him/her totake fake shots). It also contains some very interesting theories about what these thingsare, and why theyre here. in fact, Miceal Ledwiths groundbreaking discovery that orbsare captured on the camera not by reflected light but by what is know in physics asfluorescence opens the way for scientific tools towards an entirely new understandingboth of what orbs are and the realms they inhabit.
  22. 22. From “SPIRITS REVIEWS” by B. StarkGeneral thoughts on both: When I was first told of both the book and the video, I wasfairly excited. I thought that these sounded like reasonable, well thought outexamples of how orbs could be researched both scientifically and spiritually, and theentire set sounded as though they were a synthesis of the two. Even customerreviews indicated that these resources were extremely valuable and, indeed, thatthey were a scientific basis for paranormal investigators to work with spiritual ideals.I was disappointed upon reading and viewing both. The book, itself, starts out strong. It seems to utilize strong physics-oriented jargon that the author appears to gothrough great lengths to "laymanize" for the non-scientist. However, even in mycapacity as a religious studies educator, the terminology did not seem to ring true tomy eye. To me, it seemed as if the rules of empirical scientific law were a bit tooconvenient to the orb phenomena. The basic premise appears to be that orbs showup for digital cameras because digital cameras are a) faster (spirit energy is faster)and b) they need the energy/light from the flash to manifest. These are also thebiggest deterrents to digital photography because of the flash field, which is hyper-illuminated for many point-and-shoot cameras (they do advise certain brands, butstill....) and because digital cameras are so fast they can capture images in front ofthe lens -- including fast moving air pollution.
  23. 23. The book completely lost me when I read into the religion of Ramtha. This seems tobe another offshoot of spiritualism that is attempting to find proof with science, or atleast attempting to twist science in order to find proof. Ramtha, itself, reminds me ofthe old Seth series from the 1960s and 1970s where spiritualists channeled a higherlevel entity that guided its followers and gave clues into the afterlife.Please do understand that I, personally, am a believer that eventually religion andscience will fold back in on each other. Even today, neuroscientists are starting toacknowledge that thre may be some form of energy that underlies bio-energy, thoughthat is as close as they may come to admitting a soul for the next 20 years (New YorkTimes editorial, citation needed). However, even with this bias, I found the book andthe video hard to believe and ultimately I believe that both are simply being used tofurther the Ramtha agenda.Many of the orbs, I believe, can be explained. Though the authors attempt to explainfalse positives (dust, humidity, etc.) these explanations seem to cover the majority ofthe orbs as shown in the book. Many are outdoor images produced by a large groupof people moving about (singing and dancing, which the authors claim "attractentities". That may be so, but it also kicks up a heck of a lot of pollutants in the air).There are some speckled orbs which could be pollen (I do not know enough about theflora and fauna of the area where the images were taken). Even the husband of on ofour investigators who watched the movie suggested that one of the anomalies thathad me stumped, the "vortex phenomena", might be produced with odd wind currents(note: we still need to experiment with a mister, a hand held fan, and digital camerasto see if we can produce similar images).
  24. 24. There are a couple of images that I cannot explain (even hard core skeptics say thatthere is a "2% category" where orbs do not fall under any known explanation) butperhaps given time...I think that the final ax for me with this book was this history of the writers. In doingadditional research on them, I am impressed by their credentials. Both are highlyeducated men who have held a variety of important academic positions. However,both appear to have personal agendas to pursue, as based on outside observationfrom others, their own writings, and other publications. One of the two men appearsto be possibly embroiled in some sort of scandal which casts further doubt upon histeachings, though his involvement remains unproven and controversial figures havebeen attacked with such things in the past.Overall, however, I WOULD recommend the book and video to paranormalinvestigators if only to test out the ability to critically think for oneself. It also showsanother viewpoint on orbs and it may give some insight to those who follow the morespiritual path and who do believe that orbs are definite proof of the afterlife.
  25. 25. End Results? What kind of an impact doyou think that this book will have onparanormal investigation overall? Why?Special thanks to the SPIRITS of St. Petersburg who reviewed and discussed the bookand the movie. Also, a big THANK YOU to Mary N., who helped with the research forthis presentation.
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