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Wait, wait, don’t optimize yet! Secure a solid foundation with customer experience mapping across channels to better understand, predict and influence consumer behavior with success. Optimization is a buzzword that promises superior results. Yet most brands sabotage success due to flawed approaches anchored by inefficiencies. Prospects and customers are underwhelmed, channels operate in silos, leads aren’t nurtured, data is scrambled, and cross-channel attribution remains an unsolved mystery.
This one hour, interactive workshop will help attendees engage in an interactive exercise in mapping their customers’experience across channels from awareness to pre-sale, from sales to ownership, through to repurchase. Several examples and case studies will be shared from Acxiom’s experience with thousands of brands and billions of consumer interactions including a new connected capability model targeted at optimizing customer value at key interactions (or moments of truth).

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  • Blank represents W’s – Who, What, Why, Where, When
  • Challenge is keeping up. Don’t get left behind. Are you winning or losing?
  • Old media paradigm was “pay to play.” Manage a balanced portfolio and diversify risk/returns. Roulette wheel – spread your bets high and wide, because you never know what number will come up.Overlapping, interrelated effects of media via Paid.Social ROIPurpose: Most companies aren’t thinking about below distinction of below media. Reference McKinsey whitepaper.Four quadrantsPaid media – Display, TV, radio, paid search, affiliateOwned media – Website, email, Facebook, Twitter, blogDell sells on Twitter ($?)Best Buy’s TwelpforceSold mediaBabyCenter and P&GEarned media – If someone shares for you (PR on/offline)Behind each of the quadrants, reveal an example of a company that’s doing it and have quantifiable resultReference case studies that show quantifiable valueFind out who’s actually making money or reducing costsBig idea: companies that are able to get earned media can improve their ROI by order of magnitudeOrchestra concept (e.g. Audience singing as the choir)
  • Wall of Shame vs. Fame & Fortune.How companies embrace disruptive technologies / emerging media to gain a leapfrog competitive advantage.Alternative way of expressing an adoption curve of innovators vslaggers.Apple was valued at $222 billion (
  • Strategy roadmap. Narrow universe of opportunities.
  • Take someone from the audience and fill it out together
  • OMMA GLOBAL (September 26, 2011)

    1. 1. OMMA GLOBAL Wait, wait, don’t optimize yet! ACXIOM Corporation September 27, 2011CONFIDENTIAL - FOR REFERENCE ONLY
    3. 3. BARRY STAMOS ROLE AT ACXIOM  Global Practice Leader, Multichannel Engagement Strategy  Integrated Marketing Subject Matter Expert  Successful track record as expert guide to customer centricity BIOGRAPHICAL SKETCH  13+ years of experience in multi-channel marketing programs  Consulted over 100 of the Fortune 500 (all markets and industries) RECENT CLIENTS  Former Chief Strategist, Responsys, Founder / Chief Strategist, INBOX • Acer Group Marketing (sold to Responsys), Director of Strategy, Arthur Andersen • AT&T  Highly acclaimed author and speaker at 50+ industry conferences • Bing • Bloomingdales EDUCATION & CREDENTIALS • Citibank  Executive Board Member, Silicon Valley American Marketing Association • Fidelity  eBusiness Certifications (Levels 1-3), USC (Marshall Business School) • Hewlett Packard  Global Scholar International Economics & Politics, Cambridge University • Macy’s  B.S. Corporate Communications, Ithaca College) • SymantecCONFIDENTIAL - FOR REFERENCE ONLY 3
    4. 4. DID YOU KNOW? Acxiom serves 5,700 clients and actively manages 350 of the largest 500 marketing ecosystem worldwide.  Named No. 1 U.S. Agency in 2010 for third year in a row, Ad Age  Named No. 2 in “World’s Top CRM/Direct Marketing Agencies,” Ad Age  No. 9 in the “World’s Top 50 Agency Companies,” Ad Age  Forrester Research rating as a “Technology Powerhouse” with “...deep experience across a multitude of industries”CONFIDENTIAL 4
    5. 5. HELPING CRACK THE CODE FOR ______ CONSUMERS ENGAGE WITH BRANDS Acxiom’s unmatched knowledgebase includes: 107 million mobile users 204 million email addresses 3 billion links applied per day 8 billion emails delivered per month 10,000+ campaigns managed per month 500 million individual records available globally 1million authentications transactions per month 6 million interactive TV households 650 million social media profiles 35 million surveys per year 200 million cookied usersCONFIDENTIAL - FOR REFERENCE ONLY 5
    7. 7. COMMON ROADBLOCKS Shared Vision, Integration Across Goals & Objectives Marketing Channels Customer Conversations Business Case & ROI Model (Points of Friction) Investments Data Integration & Management (Time, Money & Resources) (Online & Offline) Privacy & Compliance Test Plans, Analysis, Reporting (Governance) Measurement & AttributionCONFIDENTIAL 7
    9. 9. • 25% of Ford’s marketing spend is on digital/social media • 37% of Generation Y had brand awareness of Ford Fiesta• software reports 24% social media leads before launch via social media convert to sales • products with reviews have 20% lower return Company pays for media space or forinaweb• Moonfruit spent $15k on social = 300% increase third Consumers create media and/or share medi rates (45% less for products with more than 25 reviews) traffic; 20% increase promote the product. party to in sales a your company created • MyFICO end-user created content accounts for 39% of all• eHarmony brand awareness increased 12% via email search traffic Example:• American Airlines display ad retargeting of site visitors • The Telegraph receives Example: 8% of daily traffic from social media achieved over 200% ROI Traditional media-television, magazine, new • Burger King Facebook app = 32MM free media impressions Retweet, blog post, consumer ratings ($400k value) spaper, display ads and reviews, backlinks, email forward • Blendtec 500% increase in sales with “Will it blend?” YouTube videos• @DellOutlet sold $3 Billion through Twitter • P&G -> (2MM visitors per month)• Intuit community (TurboTax) = 30% increase unit sales each • Carnvial Cruise Lines -> Funville (128k posts on the forum) year • Your company Cream Cheese -> The Real Women ofpl Kraft’s Philadephia invites other marketers to Company uses or creates its own new• Twelpforce reduced cost of sales support ($5 million Philadelphia (30k women) ace their content on its owned benefit) channels to advertise. • Nutrisystem Community (3MM members)• Charles Schwab Jive community members complete 80% media. • Weight Watchers Community (2.3 MM members) more trades Example: • Johnson & Johnson’s BabyCenter• Intel Channel Voice community decreases customer • NBC’s iVillage Example: Emails, website, Facebook fan page, conferences, saving $500k per Ad space on website and emails, catalog, corporate blog, retail stores• VW 2010 GTI 100% mobile launch product placements• Lenovo community website 20% reduction in call center activity 9
    10. 10. Space Race How will you advance with confidence… To Navigate The New Landscape?
    11. 11. Shared Vision 12
    12. 12. MOMENTS OF TRUTH Customer Value • • • • • • • • • • • Strategic • • Impact • • • • • • • • • • • • • Time • • • • • • • • • Moments of Truth • • Channels • • • • • • • • • • • • •
    13. 13. MOT MAP EXCERCISE Events (X) Signals (Data Feeds) Insights (Multi-Dimensional) Conversations (Reach/Engage) Value Add (+/-) • Relocation • Referring search/URL • Relationship profile • Proper audience selection and • Efficiency Ratio • Job Change • Website clickstream • Interaction history recognition across media • CPM • Marriage • Tweet/blogging • Brand advocacy • Fusing insights for unique • CPA • Travel • Display ad click-through • Product propensities treatments (creative/copy/offer) • CLTV • Family • Preference update • Media preferences • Personalized & coordinated • Digital Sales • Seasonal • Call center • Channel preferences engagement (omni channel) • Net Promoter Score • Holidays • Inactivity • Geodemographics • Automatic recalibration based on • Referrals • Likes FB Page • Site search • Interests & attitudes actual consumer behavior • Regional Metrics • Recommends • Email clickstream • Monetary indicators (continuous earning system) • Attrition • New Category • Ratings/reviews • Social indicators • Login frequency/recency • Social sentimentCONFIDENTIAL - FOR REFERENCE ONLY 14 14
    14. 14. VISUALIZE HOW DISNEY DELIVERS MAGIC …aGUEST “DAY-IN-THE-LIFE” • Inclusive of all addressable channels • Moves from multi to integrated channels • Reflects inbound and outbound • Builds upon ‘central nervous system’ approach • Seeks ‘game-changer’ economic opportunities
    15. 15. CAPABILITIES SOLUTIONS STACK Multi-Channel Enabled Engagement Marketing Personalization (Real-time) Ecosystem Preferences (Explicit/Implicit) Feedback Mechanisms Campaign Management Campaign Mgmt Workflow & Setup Trigger Management Business Rules Analytics/Decision Mgmt Content / Offer Mgmt Business Rules / Decision Mgmt Trigger Management Enterprise Integration Predictive Modeling Analytics & Optimization Consumer Insight & Linking Linking Hierarchy Management Digital / Device LinkageOperational Data Store(s) System of Record Cross-Enterprise Integration Operational Data Store Distributed Data Sources (Channel, LOB, Transactional, Subscription, Vendor, Partner, Analytics 3rd party)
    16. 16. WIN WITH THE WINNERS Addressable Market >Targeting > SegmentationACXIOM POV
    17. 17. PRIVATE CLIENT NETWORKYour Audience, Addressable Anywhere, Reached with Certainty Client Safe Haven Channel Product Propensities Just Your Audience Online Display TV Channel Preferences Anonymous Match 180 MM Profiles 59 MM Households Media Preferences Match Mobile Call Center 86 MM Users 73 MM Numbers Anonymize Enhance Advertiser Publisher Audience Audience Social Apps 650 MM Profiles Customer Behavior Real Time Data Exchange External Insights Delivery Integration Email Print Attitudes/Personas Partnership Ecosystem 70 MM Addresses 144 MM Households
    18. 18. ADDRESSABLE AUDIENCES AMEX’s addressable high-value prospect counts by channel: Addressable Channels Postal Email Display TV Mobile Social Print Call Center Search TBD TBD TBD TBD TBD TBD TBD TBD TBDAddresses Addresses Users HH’s Users Profiles Subscribers Phone # Keywords # Experiments Lab
    19. 19. SUCCESS FACTORS Vision Data Insights Planning Implementation AccountabilityStrictly Confidential 20 20
    20. 20. THANK YOU. Barry Stamos Global Practice Leader Multichannel Engagement Strategy +1 312.572.9330CONFIDENTIAL - FOR REFERENCE ONLY