Marketing Feature Development Overview


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Overview of marketing feature development capabilities

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Marketing Feature Development Overview

  1. 1. C reativ e. Strate gic. Eff ectiv e. Marketing Design and Presentation Solutions Overview Marketing Collateral 2.0 is here… Documented Solutions can manage the task of highlighting your expertise as a solutions provider to your prospective clients and customers. Whether a case study is needed to provide context, a marketing feature, or a one page overview that explains your industry effectiveness—we understand the elements of communicating the ‘why’ and ‘how’ in terms of your excellence in the marketplace. Website content is vital to communicating the ‘whom’ and ‘what’ of your organization. With several years experience turning concepts into context, we can revise, reinvent, or compose new website content to communicate your message to the world. Standing in a room full of business stakeholders is no place to deliver an ineffective sales presentation. We are experts in working with sales staff to compose the right presentation to represent you and the solution your company is offering in a way that will impress your audience. Our presentation team works to give you the voice required to increase your chances of success—giving you the leverage needed to win more business opportunities. Creative. Strategic. Effective. We look beyond the conventional and escape the ordinary to create effective marketing material your sales staff can use. Documented Solutions is the turnkey source for all creative, and strategic documents required during the sales cycle. We are experts in developing persuasive and effective content that will help your company convey the message your client’s need to hear. Our team of consultants specializes in sales, marketing, and web, content collateral so you can focus on the task at hand—growing your business and serving more clients.Em a il: sales @docum ent edsoluti onsi  We bs ite : www.docum ente m  P hone: 248.978.3657
  2. 2. C reativ e. Strate gic. Eff ectiv e. The Marketing Feature…a tangible elevat or speech. This is your opportunity to hand deliver a 30- second speech without saying a word. With over 10 years of experience working directly with and for sales personnel at all levels of the organization, Documented Solutions is a trusted expert in conveying your solutions in a succinct and visual manner to capture your clients interest with regard to your company’s solution. The Case Study…Don’t just tell me, show me. If your company’s portfolio of satisfied customer testimonials are piling up, let Documented Solutions get the word out. Case studies allow prospective clients access to your real-life success stories. We are experts in composing compelling case studies to showcase your core competencies as they apply to any target market. From visual layout to the content telling the story—give us the details, and we will build a case for bragging rights. Website Content Development…The world is your audience, are you sending the right message? Aside from word of mouth, what you advertise on your website and how you say it are the first impressions made; all the more reason to present prospective buyers with clear, concise, and persuasive messaging. We are experts in composing the right content to attract and captivate your audience. We specialize in cutting edge, creative, and informative content leaving your audience with a clear perception of your services and the message you want to convey. Sales Presentation Design and Composition… Now that you are a finalist, it’s time to lay it all on the table. Usually, the person responsible for closing the deal is trusted with the task of composing a creative and strategic sales presentation. Leading the design, composition, and customization process effectively is what we do best—from idea to final presentation-- simply tell us what you want to say and we will do the rest. Our overall goal is to increase your chances of being awarded the business. Don’t let an ineffective sales presentation become a roadblock between you and your customers’ business.Em a il: sales @docum ent edsoluti onsi  We bs ite : www.docum ente m  P hone: 248.978.3657