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Presented at the TSIA Europe Conference - August 2011

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  • Customers expectations of your service is changing Where they want to be serviced is changing How they want to be serviced is changing Millennials are Social Media is a big sentiment amplifier about your service and your brand
  • If we look at the Milleniall generation who is today driving change…. *They are talking about you!
  • “ This is the ‘digital native’ generation, who have grown up with technology and integrated it into their daily lives and interactions. They don’t want to have to wait on hold to interact with your business …”
  • Consider the background of RIM and BlackBerry. Our first 20 years or so were primarily dedicated to our Enterprise customer and as such RIM Customer Support Operations (CSO) grew up supporting Enterprise customer in a people-based support model Enterprise growth was steady and incremental and of course so did the requirement for customer support However…. The introduction of consumer smartphones in 2006 disrupted our traditional support model, and our focus on “Enterprise” We soon realized the customer demographic was different in many ways: No IT admin to refer to, so our customers were going online to look for tips/tricks etc. Costs of supporting these people sky-rockets (for us and carrier) if these customers can’t get help online. Issue complexity was low (customers want to know the basics, tips/tricks and how-to) , With leaps in growth in this market the volume onset was rapid And- of course with the increase in volume – comes increased costs.
  • Reduce volumes in call centers Rather than engaging with a contact center agent via the phone, for instance, a certain percentage of customers may resolve their issues in the online community with no or little interaction from the company. Trends show that call volumes decrease after the deployment of the community. Increase agent productivity Research shows that agent productivity increases with access to the content in community postings. The reason is that the traditional content developed for knowledge management databases is based on “known” problems or customer issues and their “ known” solutions. However, research shows that more than 90% of customers’ issues haven’t been unearthed, and the organization doesn’t have answers for them. (forrester – roi of online communities 2009) Customer Relationships: If a company reaches out to a customer in the location, manner and time that the customer desires the customer feels more empowered. This drives increased intimacy, and can build loyalty and cement relationships between the company and its customers. When customers receive poor service, they tend to stop buying from that company. On the other hand, research shows that community users are more satisfied customers, more likely to recommend products to others, so their influence is large and they are less likely to defect to competitors.10 In essence they buy more, to the tune of up to 40%; they also buy more often, and for longer periods of time than noncommunity users. (forrester –roi of online communities) Instant Gratification: It is possible to defuse negative customer interactions through the act of a fast response. This drives higher customer satisfaction, and can close negative threads of conversations online before they go viral. Customers Help Each Other: Social networking can decrease company requirements for support. Forums and blogs are full of consumers posting and answering questions in a peer-to-peer environment. Company responses can be shared and copied in these channels. See also Appendix A for additional statistics on benefits of community forums. Outbound Alerts: Social networks give us a low cost way to make sure our customers receive information in a timely manner. Product Ideation and Issue Identification: With increased web monitoring focused on trends and marketplace issues the company will have access to increased customer feedback and the ability to identify issues earlier than previously as customers discuss issues with peers often before contacting the company directly. Cost savings and sales due to increased loyalty, low cost to communicate to customers and the ability for customers to help them selves Lenovo 20% in reduced call volume Dell 3M in sales on Twitter 25% of Ford’s budget is on SM – and they are coincidentally the only car company that didn’t take a federal bailout.
  • Engage with potentially millions of people What if people say negative things about brand How do you scale?
  • Learn to use BB: Reduce churn of Blackberry products Decrease support costs for carriers and BlackBerry We aren’t Dell Or Zappos We knew that we would need to be prepared as we didn’t currently have the organizational flexibility to adjust to the fast paced social environment. Charlene Li Sandbox – clearly defined boundaries, rules (no throwing sand) Guidelines Process People and their role Framework for prioritizing work
  • We aren’t Dell Or Zappos We knew that we would need to be prepared as we didn’t currently have the organizational flexibility to adjust to the fast paced social environment. Charlene Li Sandbox – clearly defined boundaries, rules (no throwing sand) Guidelines Process People and their role Framework for prioritizing work
  • To do this we recognized that our customers want a variety of ways to get content and different modes of “self service” Support Forums - Peer to peer support forums. Customer ask questions, # Accepted Solutions Growth of Community Engagement (posts/thread, # of unanswered threads, kudos)
  • @BlackBerryHelp YouTube Support videos
  • 45000 on spanish account
  • Positive feedback from our customers from all avenues we participate on Whether we have helped them change their ringtone – or gave them inside info they are appreciative of the connection to BB Alert system has given us a new way to reach out to our customers – Facebook example
  • Before we get into what we do at RIM in social media, we need to go back and look at how things worked before social media.
  • Michelle community building building a successful online community requires the company to: Listen Give members a voice Gather insight and use feedback Listening requires acknowledgement and not always solutions – I hear you… Speak Create a connection Be human Offer value to the community Consistently have a presence in the community Periods in which RIM did not participate resulted in a slowing of community growth and community depth We restrained ourselves from answering questions so as to allow experts (Super Users) to emerge We participated in the community “just enough”. We engaged with members without taking over the community. We recognized that we had to “give to get” so we found ways to participate and engage with members without taking over every thread. We wanted the community members to build out the community, and for member experts to become apparent. Engage community members and encourage participation • Personalize interactions while reinforcing corporate priorities • Act transparently • Engage respectfully • Act as a real-time first line of defense for online issues Engage Give members a reason to visit Generate word of mouth We thanked community members for their positive contributions Embrace Allow community to contribute Create direct channels / VIP access for key members We funneled customer concerns internally We also listened to their concerns by ensuring it got to the right people… New product launch Into product marketing, development We refrained from getting defensive when a member was unhappy; we do not delete or censor
  • Contests WES Beta Opportunities =positive feedback = engagement = word of mouth
  • Arrange opportunities for your offline interactions - Invite them to Conferences or onsite tours, BBM Groups, conference calls Get personal – Let them get to know you (within reason) and get to know them. Take an interest in the personal details they share
  • Connect directly with your users – Provide direction, respond to questions, and ask questions Be visible within the Community - Post regularly, become ‘known’ and reach out to users proactively
  • TSIA Connecting with Customers Online

    1. 1. Connecting W Customers ithOnline – The BlackBerry WayBaldev Solanki@bsolanki
    2. 2. The Changing Customer
    3. 3. Our customers are constantly changing. They demand direct, timely and professional service where theycongregate. They will promote or damage our brand byamplifying the positive or negative support experiences across their social network. They will provide frank feedback if we are brave enough to listen and act. Social media channels amplify this…
    4. 4. An Opportunity to Share Brand Experiences 47% share positive brand experiences online 40% have criticized a brand on a blog or social network 86% of Millennials will share their brand preference onlineSource: StrategyOne/Edelman Survey
    5. 5. Support Via Multiple Digital Channels <1%of Millennials would call customer 96% of Millennials have joined a socialservice when seeking support on a network – they are no longer picking product issue up the phone to seek help Source: Customer Experience for the Millennial Generation Source: StrategyOne/Edelman Survey
    6. 6. “Customer service should not be viewed as a cost but as a powerful marketing tool” Source: Zappos
    7. 7. Meanwhile, at BlackBerry
    8. 8. Customers were changing RIM Confidential – Internal Use Only
    9. 9. These customers were talking about BlackBerry On ForumsOn Facebook On Twitter RIM Confidential – Internal Use Only
    10. 10. So what did we do? 10
    11. 11. Our choice: Join the ConversationThese conversations are going to occur whether you like it or not. Doyou want to be part of that or not? My argument is you absolutely do.You can learn from them. You can improve your reaction time. Andyou can be a better company by listening and being involved in thatconversation. ~ Michael Dell RIM Confidential – Internal Use Only 11
    12. 12. Benefits to Participating•Reduce volumes in call centers•Build customer relationships and loyalty.•Defuse negative customer interactions•Help customers, help each other•Low cost alert system, and trend identification•Improved Product ideation RIM Confidential – Internal Use Only
    13. 13. Social Media can be a scary place RIM Confidential – Internal Use Only
    14. 14. Identified our Objectives• Empower our BlackBerry brand evangelists to support each other• Provide users with self-service options• Reduce how-to calls• Learn from customers by gathering and listening to feedback in online communities• Help consumers learn to use their BlackBerry and become better users! RIM Confidential – Internal Use Only
    15. 15. Be Prepared• Create guidelines for employee engagement• Define processes• Determine cross-departmental roles and responsibilities • Marketing • Support • R ecruitment • B2B /Developer Relations RIM Confidential – Internal Use Only
    16. 16. BlackBerry Support Forums Self-Service RIM Confidential – Internal Use Only
    17. 17. Help Blog Corporate Blog RIM Confidential – Internal Use Only 17
    18. 18. Twitter: @BlackBerryHelp Social Media Customer Service RIM Confidential – Internal Use Only
    19. 19. We followed a few rules Don’t just monitor. Listen. Acknowledge that you hear the community. Route issues, ideas, trends internally.
    20. 20. Today @BlackBerryHelp Has …300,000+ followers And, is BlackBerry’s most popular Twitter site
    21. 21. And … 600+average tweets per day
    22. 22. And … 15full-time BlackBerry staff
    23. 23. They love us!just want to give a big thanks to the@BlackBerryHelp team for always being so helpfuland responsive....you’re awesome!! :D@BlackBerryHelp Not sure how your going tobetter yourselves! Your customer service alreadyseems top notch!. Shorty Award Winner RIM Confidential – Internal Use Only
    24. 24. W learned a lot from the community e
    25. 25. Cornerstones to Building a Community RIM Confidential – Internal Use Only
    26. 26. Find W to Delight Your Fans ays RIM Confidential – Internal Use Only
    27. 27. Take it offline
    28. 28. Engage Users Directly
    29. 29. Lessons from the trenches•Pilot First•Talk in the language of the business•Measure success and share stories•Build partnerships Internally & Externally•Be prepared to be wildly successful ! RIM Confidential – Internal Use Only 29
    30. 30. In Summary• Advocates are an invaluable resource – they are an important part of your brand’s social media strategy and the secret to developing a successful connection with your customers• Listening is the key – you need to do it right in order to create a meaningful network for your brand• Define your role and establish presence – participate in their conversations and talk to them on their terms• Create a support system for your community – empower and equip your advocates so they can become an extension to your brand’s voice RIM Confidential – Internal Use Only 30
    31. 31. THANK YOU!