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The light bulb
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  • 1. The light bulb By Serenity N. Jeffcoat
  • 2. When was the inventers birthday, and his name?
    • This inventor was borne on February 11 th 1847.This inventors name is Thomas Edison.
  • 3. What age did Thomas Edison start working?
    • Thomas Edison started working when he was 12 years old. He did not like to work, but he had to.
  • 4. His inventions!
    • Thomas Edison made more than 1,000 inventions.
    • He invented things.
  • 5. What kind of job did Thomas Edison have?
    • Thomas Edison invented stuff all he did was invent. He invented many things.
  • 6. What kind of things did Thomas Edison invent?
    • Thomas Edison invented many things. They where things people needed.
  • 7. What did Thomas Edison invent?
    • Thomas Edison invented the recording machine, the Morse telegraph, and the light bulb.
  • 8. Where these things helpful?
    • These things where helpful. The recording machine was helpful to record stuff like songs are maybe a book. These things are very helpful.
  • 9. How much money did he make?
    • He made 40,000 dollars on the Morse telegraph.
  • 10. Are these things still used today?
    • These things that Thomas Edison invented is still used today. They are helpful to see things.
  • 11. When did Thomas Edison die?
    • Thomas Edison died on October 18 th 1931.people was so very sad.
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