Turshih test 5th grade


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Turshih test 5th grade

  1. 1. Variation A<br /><ul><li>Grammar: Choose the correct answer.
  2. 2. Hulan and Anar are from Ulaanbaatar.
  3. 3. are b. am c. aren’t d. is e. isn’t
  4. 4. Is this Tsogoo’s computer? Yes, It is ……..computer.
  5. 5. his b. him c. he d. she e. hers
  6. 6. There…… ……..meat in the fridge.
  7. 7. is/a b. are/an c. is/some d. are/some e. is/an
  8. 8. Saran lives……. …………big ger.
  9. 9. on/an b. in/a c. under/a d. next to/an e. in front of/a
  10. 10. Dorj has got four brothers and a sister. He……a big family.
  11. 11. is b. have got c. was d. has got e. had
  12. 12. I can’t speak English but I…….speak Russian.
  13. 13. am b. have c. can d. can’t e. do
  14. 14. …...your parents work at the weekends?
  15. 15. Is b. Are c. Does d. Did e. Do
  16. 16. Be careful! You are……..too fast.
  17. 17. driving b. drive c. drives d. to drive e. drove
  18. 18. Winter is………..autumn.
  19. 19. cold b. colder c. colder than d. cold than e. the coldest
  20. 20. Why……you late yesterday? We waited for you for an hour.
  21. 21. Was b. were c. wasn’t d. weren’t e. are
  22. 22. Reading: Read and choose the best answer.
  23. 23. My best friend’s name is Bold. He is twelve. He is tall. He has got a round face. He has got dark hair and brown eyes. Bold lives with his grandma, dad, mum, two brothers and a younger sister. Bold and I always go to school together, because we’re classmates. In our free time we usually play basketball and volleyball. He is good at sports. He’s my best friend.
  24. 24. There are ……..people in Bold’s family.
  25. 25. five b. six c. seven d. four e. eight
  26. 26. Bold and ……are classmates.
  27. 27. Tuya b. my sister c. I d. dad e. grandma
  28. 28. I go to school with……………..
  29. 29. Bold b. dad c. mum d. sister e. teacher
  30. 30. Communication: Match the following questions with the answers.
  31. 31. How old is your dad? 1. At 10 p.m
  32. 32. How many people are there in your family? 2. Every Sunday
  33. 33. What time do you go to bed? 3. He’s 35.
  34. 34. How often do you play basketball. 4. Five
  35. 35. Complete the sentences using the verbs.
  36. 36. wash 2. go 3. have 4. like 5. get up </li></ul> I usually ….(a)…..at 7 o’clock in the morning. Then I.....(b)…..my hands and face. I go to the kitchen and……(c)……my breakfast. I usually have bread with butter and drink milk tea. I ….(d)…..to drink milk very much. After breakfast I ….(e)…..to school.<br />Variation B<br /><ul><li>Grammar: Choose the correct answer.
  37. 37. Is Bolor from Mongolia?
  38. 38. Yes. She……….
  39. 39. are b. am c. is d. does e. do
  40. 40. Is that your book? Yes, it’s………..
  41. 41. a. mine b. our c. my d. her e. him
  42. 42. …………two books in my bag.
  43. 43. a. There is b. There are c. It is d. This is e. They are
  44. 44. They have got ……….bedrooms, a living room, a kitchen and …..bathroom.
  45. 45. 3, an b. an, 3 c. a, 3 d. 3, a e. 3,-
  46. 46. She………….the phone now. She is not at home.
  47. 47. can’t answer b. can’t answered c. can to answer d. can’t to answer e. can answers
  48. 48. I ……….three brothers and a sister.
  49. 49. has got b. have got c. am d. do e. is got
  50. 50. I usually ………my homework after dinner.
  51. 51. does b. doing c. do d. did e. am doing
  52. 52. We ……..basketball now.
  53. 53. .is playing b. are playing c. play d. played e. plays
  54. 54. A leopard is…………than a bear.
  55. 55. fast b. fastest c. faster d. the fastest e. the faster
  56. 56. She is seven now, so last year she……..six.
  57. 57. was b. were c. wasn’t d. weren’t e. is
  58. 58. Reading: Read and choose the best answer.
  59. 59. My name is Tuya. I am a student. I usually get up early so I can run before school. If it’s raining outside I usually go to the gym. I have a lot of hobbies and interests. I like riding horses. There is a stable (морины жүчээ) near my home so I often ride a horse there. On Sunday I don’t go there because I visit my grandmother. She lives far from my home. I usually take a bus to get there and it takes me half an hour. I like spending time with my grandmother.
  60. 60. Why does Tuya get up early.
  61. 61. She gets up early to go to school.
  62. 62. She gets up early to go to the gym.
  63. 63. She gets up early to visit her grandmother.
  64. 64. She gets up early to ride a horse.
  65. 65. She gets up early to exercise before school.
  66. 66. How often does she visit her grandmother’s house?
  67. 67. Always b. Every Sunday c. Sometimes d. After school e. It doesn’t say
  68. 68. How long does it take her to go to her grandmother?
  69. 69. 1 hour b. 2 hours c. 30 minutes d. 15 minutes e. It doesn’t say
  70. 70. Communication: Match the following questions with the answers.
  71. 71. How do you spell it? 1. Yes, he is.
  72. 72. How old is your brother? 2. Three
  73. 73. Is he from China? 3. No, he hasn’t.
  74. 74. Has he got any brothers? 4. T-A-B-L-E
  75. 75. Complete the sentences using the verbs in the box.
  76. 76. buy 2. do 3. go 4. meet 5. help</li></ul>I have a lot of things to do tomorrow. First, I am going to ….(a)…my mother with the housework. Then I am going to…(b)…my homework. After that I am going to…(c)…my friends and …(d)…shopping. We are going to…(e)…a present for Tsetseg’s birthday.<br /><ul><li>Variation C
  77. 77. Grammar: Choose the correct answer.
  78. 78. What……..the capital of Mongolia?
  79. 79. It……..Ulaanbaatar.
  80. 80. is/isn’t b. is/are c. are/is d. is/is e. are/are
  81. 81. This isn’t my book. It’s ……….
  82. 82. his b. him c. he d. her e.my
  83. 83. There………ten fingers in my two………..
  84. 84. is/hand b. are/hand c. is/hands d. are/hands e. are/a hand
  85. 85. The carpet is …….the floor.
  86. 86. under b. behind c. in d. on e. next to
  87. 87. No, I…….hear you. Speak loudly, please.
  88. 88. can b. can’t c. am d. am not e. do
  89. 89. Tom ……tall and thin. He ……got long blond hair and brown eyes.
  90. 90. has got/has got b. is/has got c. is/have got d. has got/is e. is/is
  91. 91. Who……..she lives with? She live with her parents.
  92. 92. do b. doing c. is d. are e. does
  93. 93. It is very hot today. So I………wearing my jacket.
  94. 94. is not b. are not c. am not d. do not e. does not
  95. 95. An elephant is ……animal.
  96. 96. the heaviest b. heaviest c. heavier d. heavy e. heavier than
  97. 97. The weather is nice today, but yesterday it……..cold.
  98. 98. is b. weren’t c. was d. isn’t e. we
  99. 99. Reading: Read the text and choose the correct answer.</li></ul>Every Saturday, my grandma and I clean home. We like to sing when we wash. We like to dance when we sweep. We clean the car together. We do the washing together. We go to the store. We buy food. Grandma likes fruits, me too. We carry the food home. In the evening we cook dinner. I love my grandma.<br /><ul><li>What happens on Saturday?
  100. 100. A boy and his grandma eat sandwich.
  101. 101. A boy and his grandma clean together.
  102. 102. A boy and his grandma ride in a car.
  103. 103. A boy and his grandma go to the countryside.
  104. 104. A boy and his grandma do the homework.
  105. 105. What do they buy?
  106. 106. bread b. yoghurt c. fruits d. meat e. cola
  107. 107. What is “Saturday”?
  108. 108. Monday b. the 6th day of the week c. month d. Sunday e. year
  109. 109. Communication: Match the following questions with the answers.
  110. 110. Where do you live? 1. Yes, It’s 88120767
  111. 111. What’s your address? 2. In Darkhan
  112. 112. Can you spell the street name? 3. P-E-A-C-E
  113. 113. Have you got a telephone number? 4. 6, Peace Avenue, Darkhan
  114. 114. Complete the sentences using the words.
  115. 115. sunglasses 2. caps 3. T-shirts 4. shorts 5. hot </li></ul>Summer is…(a)…and sunny. So many people wear…(b)…instead of trousers and …(c)…instead of a long-sleeved shirt. Some people wear…(d)…to protect their eyes from the bright sun. Also they wear…(e)…on their heads and sandals on their feet.<br />Variation D<br /><ul><li>Grammar: Choose the correct answer.
  116. 116. How old…….your brothers?
  117. 117. is b. are c. aren’t d. isn’t e. am
  118. 118. This is my………….pencil.
  119. 119. son b. son’s c. sons d. son is e. sons’s
  120. 120. Can I have some ……?
  121. 121. banana b. a banana c. bananas d. an banana e. banana’s
  122. 122. We sleep ……the bed.
  123. 123. In b. on c. under d. behind e. under
  124. 124. …….five people in my family. They are my father, mother, two brothers and me.
  125. 125. There is b. Are there c. There are d. Is there e. They are
  126. 126. I can……….basketball. very well. How about you?
  127. 127. playing b. to play c. plays d. is playing e. play
  128. 128. I always …….in the school library.
  129. 129. studies b. studying c. study d. am studying e. is studying
  130. 130. The bell………… . Let’s go to the classroom.
  131. 131. ringing b. ring c. are ringing d. is ringing e. rings
  132. 132. Mary is…………..girl in my class.
  133. 133. nice b. nicest c. nicer d. the nicer e. the nicest
  134. 134. I………….at home at 5 o’clock yesterday.
  135. 135. were b. be c. is d. was e. am
  136. 136. Reading: Read and choose correct answer.
  137. 137. A lot of children in Britain do activities in their free time. Some popular things are sports, playing a musical instrument and going to dance classes. There are many sports centers in most towns. Children play basketball, volleyball, football and table tennis. Schools usually organize some activities and most of them have sports teams. These teams play matches against other schools after school or on Saturday.
  138. 138. The text is about:
  139. 139. Sports b. Music c. Schools d. Sports teams e. Free time activities
  140. 140. What is the most popular activity?
  141. 141. Singing b. Dancing c. Playing sports d. listening to music e. Playing basketball
  142. 142. Children are:
  143. 143. Only boys b. Only girls c. All students d. Boys and girls e. Only babies
  144. 144. Communication: Match the expressions with the correct responds.
  145. 145. Hello! 1. I am very well. What about you?
  146. 146. How are you, Bat? 2. I am playing football here.
  147. 147. What are you doing here? 3. Hi!
  148. 148. Are you enjoying? 4. Yes, I am
  149. 149. Complete the sentences using the verbs.
  150. 150. goes 2. chatting 3. has 4. playing 5. working</li></ul>My friend’s name is Zorigoo. He is 13 years old. He likes…(a)…football with his friends in his free time. He sometimes …(b)… to the gym to do exercises. But he doesn’t like …(c)…hard in the gym. So, if he…(d)…time, he goes to the internet cafe to surf the net. He likes…(e)…with his old friends.<br />