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Letter to the judges

  1. 1. 1550 Owens Store RoadCanton, GA 3011518 April 2012Judges, Senior ProjectCreekview High School1550 Owens Store RoadCanton, GA 30115Dear Judges:My name is Shane Bowers and I go to Creekview High School. When the Senior Project wasintroduced, I immediately began thinking of projects I could do that would somehow relate toeither of the career choices I was interested in. I considered teaching an elementary school classor doing something with the C.A.R.E.S. program (Creekview Athletes Reading to ElementarySchool Students) that I am already participating in because I was interested in going intoChildhood/ Elementary Education. I also considered planning a wedding shower or a babyshower for members at my church because I was interested in Event Planning as well. In the end,I chose to plan and conduct a Parent’s Night Out at my church, which gave parents theopportunity to have a night to themselves while volunteers and I watched the children. Though Ifocused on Event Planning, this project combined elements from both careers, and I was eager toget some experience in both fields. While the project fit my possible career choices at the time, Ihave since changed my goals and am looking forward to pursuing a career in Radiology.In my research paper, I explored the importance of budget in Event Planning and the effects ithad on both clients and planners. I found that many people, especially parents, are willing to gointo debt while planning an event for the entertainment and status that goes along with it. I alsodiscovered, however, that there are also several ways to dramatically reduce the costs of anyevent. While planning the Parent’s Night Out, budget became a very important factor to me andhelped me realize just how important it is to event planners. I ran into a problem with budgetwhile trying to purchase all of the materials for my event, because I did not have a definitenumber of children to buy for. I had to estimate how much of each material I would need to buyand hope that it was enough. Other obstacles that I encountered while planning the eventincluded a child that had severe allergies to peanuts, children that did not register for Parent’sNight out until the day of the event, and my facilitator’s wife’s battle with breast cancer, all ofwhich were overcome and taken care of.The Parent’s Night Out related to Event Planning and Childhood/ Elementary Education, whichallowed me to sample both careers at once. My research paper, however, was focused completelyon Event Planning and how budget is involved. Through my research and my experience, I foundthat Event Planning is not a career that I want to pursue, and neither is Childhood/ ElementaryEducation. Both careers would require that I be outgoing, energetic, and extremely driven. WhileI can be driven to finish or accomplish tasks, I am rather quiet and shy, the exact opposite ofwhat these jobs need. After Parent’s Night Out, I was talking to a mother who was picking up her
  2. 2. child about her career as an ultrasound technician, and after hours of research, I plan to pursue acareer in Radiology at the College of Coastal Georgia this fall.The Parent’s Night Out was a good idea and turned out great, but it is not something I wouldchoose to plan again. It gave me the experience that I was looking for, and was fun for thechildren and the parents, but showed me that planning and taking care of children are not for me.I am glad to have accomplished the project, however, I did not particularly enjoy it. Thank youfor your time and allowing me to share my senior project with you.Sincerely,Shane Bowers