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FS6 ppt.(jaysons.gomezbsed3a)

  2. 2. QUADRILATERALS  A quadrilateral is a four-sided polygon with four angles.  Any four-sided shape is a Quadrilateral.  But the sides have to be straight, and it has to be 2-dimensional.  Quadrilateral just means "four sides" (quad means four, lateral means side).
  3. 3. Properties of QuadrilateralsProperties: Four sides (or edges) Four vertices (or corners). The interior angles add up to 360 degrees:
  4. 4. Types of QuadrilateralsThere are special types of quadrilateral:  Some types are also included in the definition of other types! For example a square, rhombus and rectangle are also parallelograms.
  5. 5. Types of Quadrilaterals RECTANGLE means "right angle" and show equal sidesA rectangle is a four-sided shape where every angle is a right angle (90°).  Opposite sides are parallel and congruent .  The diagonals bisect each other.  The diagonals are congruent.
  6. 6. RHOMBUSA rhombus is a four-sided shape where all sides have equal length. Also opposite sides are parallel and opposite angles are equal. Another interesting thing is that the diagonals (dashed lines insecond figure) of a rhombus bisect each other at right angles.
  7. 7. SQUARE means "right angle" show equal sides A square has equal sides and every angle is a right angle (90°)A square can be thought of as a special case of other quadrilaterals, forexample: a rectangle but with adjacent sides equal a parallelogram but with adjacent sides equal and the angles all 90° a rhombus but with angles all 90°
  8. 8. PARALLELOGRAM A parallelogram is a quadrilateral with opposite sides parallel. Also opposite angles are equal (angles "a" are the same, and angles "b" are the same). It is the "parent" of some other quadrilaterals, which are obtained by adding restrictions of various kinds: A rectangle is a parallelogram but with all four interior anglesfixed at 90°. A rhombus is a parallelogram but with all sides equal inlength. A square is a parallelogram but with all sides equal in lengthand all angles fixed at 90°.
  9. 9. TRAPEZOID A trapezoid is quadrilateral which has at least one pair of parallel sides It is called an Isosceles trapezoid if the sides that arent parallel are equal in length and both angles coming from a parallel side areTrapezoid Isosceles Trapezoid equal British USA A quadrilateral with A quadrilateral with no Trapezoid one pair of parallel sides parallel sides A quadrilateral with A quadrilateral with no Trapezium one pair of parallel sides parallel sides
  10. 10. KITE A kite is a quadrilateral whose four sides can be grouped into two pairs of equal-length sides that are adjacent to each other. Kite quadrilaterals are named for the wind-blown, flying kites, which often have this shape Two pairs of adjacent sides of a kite are equal in length One pair of opposite angles (the ones that are between thesides of unequal length) are equal in size. One diagonal bisects the other. Diagonals intersect at right angles.
  12. 12. QUADRILATERALS References: http://www.mathsisfun.com/quadrilaterals.html http://www.math.com/school/subject3/lessons/S3U2L3DP.htmlhttp://www.mathsteacher.com.au/year7/ch09_polygons/04_quad/quad.htm http://www.mathopenref.com/rectangle.html
  13. 13. God Bless! “Hope is the only thing stronger than fear.” -President Snow- (The Hunger Games)Created by: Jayson S. Gomez BSED 3A
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