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Bsc update 082011

  1. 1. Business Service Center (BSC) Update August 2011
  2. 2. BSC Vision Efficiently deliver exceptional service and solutions in a rewarding environment.
  3. 3. BSC StrategyInvesting in the growth of our employees while maintaininga motivated workforceenables us tocontinually improve key processes, leverage informationtechnology, and improve collaboration within the UNTSystemwhich drives our ability toleverage our size and improve cost effectivenessensuring that wedeliver exceptional services and solutions to our customers
  4. 4. Who we support• University of North Texas• University of North Texas at Dallas• University of North Texas Health Science Center• University of North Texas System
  5. 5. What services we provide (moved from campuses)•Human Resources •Employment, Benefits, Training, Records, Information Systems•Payroll •Time and Labor•Purchasing•Payments•Travel•HUB Administration
  6. 6. BSC – Number of Services Breakdown Before BSC After BSC Transition Transition Centralized with Campus Current Centralized Campus Specific RepPayroll 49 38 11 0Human Resources 74 25 21 28Purchasing and 93 57 24 12Payments ServicesTotal 216 120 56 40 BSC services = 176 = 81.5% Campus = 40 = 18.5%
  7. 7. BSC – Number of Positions Transitioned Before BSC After BSC Transition Transition Current Campus BSCUNTHSC Payroll 8 0 8 HR 19 11 8 PPS 37 15 22UNT Payroll 11 0 11 HR 36 13 23 Provost-HR 8 6 2 PPS 66 8 58Totals 185 53 132 BSC = 132 = 72% Campus = 53 = 28%
  8. 8. High-Level TimelineNov Dec Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug September Project Planning Project Team Formation and Training Assess Services for Migration Design the Organization Design Service Delivery Standardize/Streamline Processes Training for Customers Communication BSC BSC Transition Operational Began 9/1/11 6/1/11
  9. 9. UNT System Business Service Center BSC Executive Team DRAFT: August 2011 Donna Asher Associate Vice Chancellor for Business Services Joey Saxon Executive Director Business Service Center Operations Donna Shell Connie Ross Director Director Human Resources Payroll Carolyn Cross Eddie Reyes Director Director Purchasing HUB Coordinator Susan Sims Ruth Moors Director DirectorPayments and Travel General Accounting Leonard Bates Debbie Reynolds Director DirectorInformation Services Client Services and Organizational Development
  10. 10. BSC Promises to Our Customers• Provide professional and friendly service• Continually improve and innovate• Provide accurate and knowledgeable information, to include education• Meet or exceed service level agreements and do what we said we will do• Treat them as a partner
  11. 11. How to Treat as Partner• Hold regular meetings with campus constituents (e.g. BSC Liaisons, leadership groups, etc)• Seek input into process redesign projects• Train on new/changed processes• Provide accurate and timely information• Be accessible• Be a resource• Maintain open communication
  12. 12. Progress to Date• Identified services for delivery• Conducted customer and employee surveys• Finalized draft organizational chart• Began process reviews • Vendor Setup • ePro requisition processing • HR Onboarding
  13. 13. Immediate Next Steps• Officially transfer BSC employees to UNT System 9/1/11• Finalize Location• Implement Knowledge base system (sophisticated FAQ system)• Develop Website• Determine other processes for redesign opportunities• Develop training for customers
  14. 14. Contact Information Donna Asher, Associate Vice Chancellor for Business Services,, cell: 817-925-7825 My Assistant: Mary Atkins, Executive Assistant, 940-565-2482
  15. 15. We look forward to serving you! Questions?