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Building an Active Online Community


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This presentation demonstrates how Facebook, combined with other social networking tools such as blog software, provide libraries with the opportunity to develop a virtual and engaging outreach …

This presentation demonstrates how Facebook, combined with other social networking tools such as blog software, provide libraries with the opportunity to develop a virtual and engaging outreach presence. This presentation will discuss how to maintain an online community using customizable Facebook Pages and importing RSS feeds. Librarians can update and inform students, faculty, and staff of new events, workshops, library services and resources. Challenges and ideas for marketing these tools are also presented.

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  • 1. Building an Active Online Community Presented by: Ligaya Ganster Bridget Schumacher University at Buffalo Libraries
  • 2. quot;Facebook is a social utility that connects you with the people around youquot;.
  • 3. It's not just a Fad! • More than 100 MILLION active users! • 4th most trafficked website in the world • Over 55,000 regional, work-related, high school, and collegiate networks
  • 4. Facebook Profile
  • 5. Facebook Groups •Admins can send messages to group members •Can be closed to certain members only •Ability to invite members to events
  • 6. Facebook Pages •Visible to audience outside of Facebook •Send updates to Fans •Add applications to enhance Page
  • 7. Groups vs Pages
  • 8. Anatomy of a Facebook Page Basic Features • Information • Notes • Discussion Board • Photos • Fans
  • 9. Anatomy of a Facebook Page Other Basic Features • Video • Wall
  • 10. Collaborate & Share!
  • 11. Facebook Applications More than 95% of FB members have used at least one application built on Facebook platform
  • 12. WorldCat & JSTOR applications
  • 13. Simply RSS application
  • 14. Google Application
  • 15. Custom Catalog Application My HTML
  • 16. Or get someone like him to do it….
  • 17. Applications Useful for Librarians • LibGuides Librarian • MyFlickr • • Books iRead • Slideshare • CiteMe • Librarian
  • 18. Creating a Page
  • 19. Insights
  • 20. Why do you need a Facebook Page when you already have a website?
  • 21. Importing Blog entries from UB Libraries homepage Buried Link
  • 22. The old Student Support “website”
  • 23. Notes Application
  • 24. “Student Comments”
  • 25. “The new style of marketing is characterized by conversation and community.” -Society for New Communications Research, 2008
  • 26. Marketing Ideas • Listservs • Student Associations • Advertisements • Signage/Flyers • Facebook Badge • Word of Mouth
  • 27. Pros • Free marketing and • Collaboration outreach made easy • Outreach to • Conversations international between users community • Consolidation of • Outreach to key website areas prospective students; high school students
  • 28. What Students are Saying… quot;Wow, that is really amazing this extension… Here in Europe universities are lacking of doing innovative stuff like this... I should really consider going for that exchange program with Buffalo my next semester.quot; - International Student
  • 29. Facebook & Int’l Markets Facebook took over the global lead in social networking sites in April 2008 Facebook had made quot;an effort to become more culturally relevant in markets outside the USquot; It's introduction to natural language interfaces in several markets has helped propel the site to 153% growth during the past year -comSCORE, August 2008
  • 30. Cons • Find or become the • Monitor and person with the skills constantly update the to create custom page application • Prepare and plan; • Network and stay must have everything updated with ready before you Facebook changes publish the page • Create a marketing campaign!
  • 31. QUESTIONS ????
  • 32. Further Questions? Ligaya Ganster, Bridget Schumacher,