Dick family Genealogy


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Dick Family history for Atchison and Holt Counties

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Dick family Genealogy

  1. 1. Louis Jacob Dick Born October 1857 in Safnern, Bern Canton Switzerland. Son of Jakob and Marie Luise Herrmann Dick Immigrated to America December 1882 Died 1928 Amazonia, Missouri
  2. 2. Elizabeth Schpubach Herrmann Maternal grandmother of Louis Dick Heinrich and Elizabeth Herrmann grandparents, raised Louis Dick. Louis’ mother died when he was an infant.
  3. 3. Jakob Dick, Father of Louis Dick, and his second wife Maria Siegenthaler Dick with son Adolph Dick. Jakob Dick Maria Dick 1834-1885 1840-1927 Jakob and Maria had eight children: John Dick b. 1863 Fred Dick b. 1865 Mary Anita Dick b. 1867 Gottfried Dick b. 1870 Adolph Dick b. 1872 Lina Dick b. 1873 Jean-Rudolphe Dick b. 1875 Bertha Dick b. 1877 John, Fred, Gottfried and Adolph immigrated to America.
  4. 4. Stone Home Built by Louis Dick Louis Dick was a stone mason and built this home in the Boston area of Amazonia.
  5. 5. Side view of the home built by Louis Dick in Amazonia.
  6. 6. Louis sold the home in Amazonia and relocated to Forbes, Holt County.
  7. 7. Family Gatherings Gathering of family of Louis and Mary
  8. 8. Family Gathering An early reunion
  9. 9. Goldie and Ruby Dick Daughters of Emil and Edna Sipes Dick The girls were raised by their father and Dick grandparents. Goldie Dick b. 1911-1968 Ruby Dick b. 1913-
  10. 10. Freda Dick 1881-1948 Freda was born in Lyss, Bern Canton, Switzerland. She and brother Louis immigrated with their parents in 1882.
  11. 11. Louis Dick 1882-1961 Louis Dick was born in Lyss Bern Canton, Switzerland.
  12. 12. Emma Dick 1883-1971 Emma was born in Andrew County, Missouri, the first of the Louis and Mary Dick children born in America. Her birth date of August 6, 1883 indicates that Mary was a few weeks pregnant when they sailed from Switzerland.
  13. 13. Emil Dick 1885-1984 Emil Dick was born in Andrew County, Missouri.
  14. 14. Minnie Dick 1887-1968 Minnie Dick was born in Andrew County, Missouri.
  15. 15. William Dick 1889-1965 William was born in Holt County, Missouri.
  16. 16. Fanny Dick 1892-1971 Fanny Dick was born in Andrew County, Missouri.
  17. 17. Julia Dick 1893-1976 Julia Dick was born in Holt County, Missouri .
  18. 18. Clara Dick 1896-1986 Clara Dick was born in Holt County, Missouri.
  19. 19. John Dick 1898-1976 John Dick was born in Holt County, Missouri.
  20. 20. Flora Dick 1904-1986 Flora Dick was born in Holt County, Missouri .
  21. 21. Mary Dick 1907-1996 Mary Dick was born in Holt County, Missouri. She is pictured in front of the first home, in Holt County.
  22. 22. Edward Dick 1901 -1982 Edward Dick was born in Holt County, Missouri.
  23. 23. Louis & Mary Dick Family circa 1910 Front row: Louis Flora, Mary Louise, Mary and Edward Back row: Fannie , John, Julia, Clara
  24. 24. Early Photo Magic
  25. 25. Keg Party Circa 1914 Back row: Louis, John, William and Emil Dick, Casper Bisig, Grandpa, and ??. Front row: Pluma (Louis’ wife), Minnie, Emma, Clara and Grandma Mary.
  26. 26. Take in Holt County, Missouri Edner Brunner, John Dick, Emma, William, Mary, John O’Neal, Front row: Goldie, Marion Caples and Ruby.
  27. 27. Working the Teams Flora, Edward and John working with the teams in Holt County, Missouri.
  28. 28. June 1956 Charlotte Ann Miller Katie Caples Vivian (Julia’s Daughter) Ruth Ellen Joseph Max Leon Thomas
  29. 29. Time to relax Grandma and Grandpa enjoying a moment on the porch of the second family home in Holt County, Missouri.
  30. 30. Caples family circa 1924 Julia and Robert Caples Marion (Bud), Robert (Babe) and Katie
  31. 31. Dick Brothers Adolph, Fred and Gottfried Dick. Alfred Royce is in the background of this photograph.
  32. 32. Children of Adolph Dick Bertha and Carl Dick.
  33. 33. Brothers Gottlieb, Adolph, John and Louis Dick pose for photo while Mary and Louise Fenner Dick wife of John Dick.
  34. 34. Post card from the Bisig area of Switzerland.
  35. 35. Mildred Hill Brunner First wife of Everett Brunner.
  36. 36. Bisig and Dick Cousins Front row: Nettie, Vern, Frank, David Bisig and Bertha Dick. Back Row: Alfred Dick, Alfred Bisig, Carl Dick and Joe Bisig.
  37. 37. Cousins
  38. 38. The Bisigs and the Spuelers Emma and Casper with one of their sons. Albertina and Fritz Spueler. This was taken between August 1936 and May 1937.
  39. 39. Emma Zahnd Dick Wife of Gottfried Dick.
  40. 40. Brothers and their wives Bena (Mrs. Adolph), Emma (Mrs. Gottfried), Adolph and Gottfried Dick.
  41. 41. Wife of Carl Brunner Mildred Waggoner wife of Carl Brunner.
  42. 42. Vern and Dave Bisig
  43. 43. Frank, Alfred and Joseph Bisig
  44. 44. Emma’s Family Vern, Alfred, Meinrada, Emma and Casper Bisig.
  45. 45. Larry Bisig Family Grandson of Emma Dick Bisig. Larry and Barbara Bisig with Debbie and Jeff.
  46. 46. Nancy Kronegg Daughter of Christian and Clara Dick Kronegg. Hyde Elementary School.
  47. 47. Harold Daniel Brunner b.
  48. 48. Harold and Rowena Cooper Brunner This photograph of Harold and Rowena was taken in 1983.
  49. 49. Gretchen Brunner Daughter of Harold and Rowena Cooper Brunner.
  50. 50. Gwen Brunner Daughter of Harold and Rowena Cooper Brunner.
  51. 51. Mandy Leason Granddaughter of Harold and Rowena Cooper Brunner. Daughter of Gretchen Brunner.
  52. 52. Grandchildren Amanda and Michael Saxton grandchildren of Everett and Dorothy Israel Brunner. Photo taken by Olan Mills.
  53. 53. The big house This the big house, second home in Holt County. On Monkey Mountain. Some of the lumber from the original house was used to build this home.
  54. 54. Emil Dick This photo was taken at Green Acres in approximately 1983.
  55. 55. Louis and Mary Dick Family circa 1911 Back Row: Minnie, Freda, Julia, Clara, Emma, Fan nie, John, Bill, Louis and Emil. Front Row: Louis Jacob, Edward, Mary, Mary Anna and Flora.
  56. 56. The Kronegg Family Clara Dick Kronegg, Nancy and Christian Kronegg. Photo taken at Emma Dick Spueler’s truck farm off of DD Highway.
  57. 57. Adolph and Clara Dick Brunner
  58. 58. Brunner Family Left to right: Carl, Everett and Edner Brunner.
  59. 59. Dick Family Reunion circa 1944
  60. 60. Dick Family Reunion Savannah MO
  61. 61. Left to Right: Everett, Harold and Carl Brunner .
  62. 62. Clara Dick Brunner , sons Carl Adolph and Everett Robert Brunner. Taken at their farm home, the original Daniel Brunner farm, Lincoln township Amazonia, MO
  63. 63. Gottlieb and Minnie Dick Wiedmer. Alice Wiedmer, daugher of Gottlieb in center. Emerson Kretzer Sr, son of Minnie Dick and Alexander Emerson Kretzer behind Alice and Gottlieb. Children of Minnie and Gottlieb, Clarence Wiedmer, son of Minnie and Gottlieb on right. Pauline Wiedmer, daughter of Minnie and Gottlieb on back left.
  64. 64. Dick Family Reunion Savannah, MO 1983 1
  65. 65. Lewis and Fannie Dick Steeby Family
  66. 66. Left to right: Mary Dick Keeney Viola Reynolds , Mrs. William Dick Clara Dick, Brunner Kronegg Emma Kittleson Dick , Mrs Carl Dick on side. Ruth Powelson Bisig, Mrs. Joseph Bisig behind Clara. Lillie Reem Kretzer, left of Ruth. Dona Lea Wiedmer, Mrs. Clarence Wiedmer standing.
  67. 67. Dick Family Reunion Savannah, MO
  68. 68. Minnie Dick Kretzer Wiedmer Queen and husband William Queen with the family of Emerson Kretzer Sr and Lillie Kretzer, seated on couch.
  69. 69. Beauford and Pauline Steeby Family