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Using FlexUnit 4 with Flash CS5
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Using FlexUnit 4 with Flash CS5


Using FlexUnit 4 with Flash CS5

Using FlexUnit 4 with Flash CS5

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  • 1. Using FlexUnit 4 with Flash Professional CS5
    Ben Schmidtke
    Digital Primates
  • 2. Who Am I?
    Ben Schmidtke III
    Consultant - Digital Primates IT Consulting Group
    Flash Platform Developer for 11 years
    Adobe Certified Instructor & Developer
    Currently primary focus is enterprise Flex application development
    Mentoring clients to become better developers and help overcome complex project requirements using the Flash Platform
  • 3. Who Are You?
    A Flash ActionScript developer who spends a significant amount of time in Flash Professional CS.
    You are interested in FlexUnit 4 and learning ways to use it with Flash Professional application development.
    You may or may not have experience with unit tests.
    If this doesn’t describe you then go and enjoy another session. People fitting the above description will get the most out of this session and I personally want you to get the most from your MAX experience.
  • 4. What Is This Session About?
    Overview of FlexUnit 4
    Why we should consider using FlexUnit 4 with Flash CS5 Projects
    ActionScript Development Workflows For CS5
    Building a testable class using Flash CS5
    Workflow and testing using Flash Builder 4
    Workflow and testing using only Flash Professional CS5
    Sneak peak of the FlexUnit 4 panel for Flash CS5
  • 5. What Is Not On The Agenda?
    There is a lot of functionality in FlexUnit 4, we will not be covering a majority of it’s features.
    There are numerous articles on FlexUnit 4 that go into greater detail regarding it’s full functionality
    For more information visit www.FlexUnit.org
    Our time will be spent less on FlexUnit features and more about how to use it with Flash Professional CS
  • 6. A Common Assumption
    One of the most common false assumptions is that:
    “FlexUnit is only for Flex.”
    This is incorrect!
  • 7. FlexUnit is a Mystical Beast? Possibly…
    A poorly named testing framework that supports unit and integration testing for ActionScript or Flex projects
    A pluggable testing architecture which facilitates the use of multiple test runners and multiple test listeners
    Resulting in FlexUnit 4 being able to:
    Be used with a Flash Professional CS5 Project
    Be used with a Flash Builder 4: Flash Professional Project
  • 8. Brief List of FlexUnit 4.x Features
    Used with ActionScript 3 and Flex projects
    Use of Metadata tags: [Test], [Suite], etc.
    Test environment support [Before], [After], [BeforeClass], [AfterClass]
    Exception Handling
    Async testing: per test & timeout support
    Hamcrest assertions
    Suites & Parameterized Testing
    Theories, Datapoints and Assumptions
    And more!
  • 9. Why Should We Be Unit Testing?
    Developer responsibility to ensure the code written works 100% of the time, all the time.
    Responsibility to the client
    Responsibility to fellow developers
    Responsibility to the budget
    Responsibility to the brand
    Flash brand is under increased scrutiny over stability of the platform and the quality of the developers
    “Flash crashes … ( insert random browser or operation system ) ”
  • 10. Strive To Be Better Programmers
    80% of your time as a developer is spent identifying and correcting defects
    Software mistakes cost the US Economy about 80 billion dollars a year
    An error found after release can cost 100x more to fix than during early development
    The point is that we need to do a better job of finding errors and we need to find them sooner
  • 11. ActionScript Development Workflows For CS5
    When writing a Flash application there are two main workflows available to us within the Adobe software when working with ActionScript
    Native development in Flash Professional CS
    New workflow using Flash Builder 4 for ActionScript development
  • 12. Workflow Considerations
    Native Flash Professional CS5 Development
    No dependency on other programs
    ActionScript editor is lacking in many areas
    Hybrid Development using Flash Builder 4
    Possibly better ActionScript editor and code generation tools
    Constantly having to switch between tools
  • 13. Multiple Workflows Allows For Multiple Implementations
    There are multiple ways to use FlexUnit 4:
    Native Approach in Flash Professional CS5
    Building a FlexUnit 4 application in CS5 to test your application
    Requires manual setup and additional work
    No dependency on having Flash Builder
    Hybrid Approach using Flash Builder 4
    Using existing FlexUnit 4 functionality in Flash Builder to test the Flash Professional project
    Arguably the easiest solution
    Dependency on having Flash Builder
  • 14. Limitations of Flash Professional CS5
    No built in support for FlexUnit 4
    No panels
    No visual feedback for tests run
    Unable to support additional compiler arguments
    Required for custom MetaData tags
    No templates for Tests and Theories
  • 15. Limitations of Flash Builder 4
    Flash Builder does not know how to compile FLA’s
    Flash Builder needs to modify the application to:
    Support MetaData tags
    Compile & Run the tests
    Provide visual feedback regarding success / failures
  • 16. Thinking Small In The Project
    Writing testable code means writing small pieces of functionality
    Tests focus on testing small pieces of code
    “Good Lego’s make strong Lego castles”
    Many tests result in the testing of the project framework
    Build an ActionScript framework for your project
    Building corresponding tests to ensure the framework is bulletproof
  • 17. Walkthrough: Creating the Circle Class
    In this walkthrough:
    Using Flash Professional CS5
    Create a class that will have rules about a Circle
    Create a property for diameter
    Create a property for radius
    Make sure the class can be compiled into the swf
  • 18. Option 1: Using an ActionScript Library in FB4
    In Flash Professional CS5:
    Go to: “File > Publish Settings…”
    On the “Flash” Options Tab, Select “Export SWC”
    Publish the project
    In Flash Builder 4:
    Create a ActionScript 3 project
    Add the SWC built by Flash Professional to Flex Build Path
    Write tests
  • 19. FlexUnit 4 Terminology
    A piece of code that asserts something meets the expected results.
    Test Method
    The smallest unit of the testing framework
    Executes code and checks an outcome
    Test Case
    Collection of Test Methods that share a common test environment
    Test Suite
    Collection of Test Cases, and possibly other Test Suite’s
  • 20. Closer Look: What is a Test?
    A test is a piece of code that determines if a small portion of your project is working as intended
    In the example below, the test verifies the rules of a Circle by checking if (radius * 2) is equal to the diameter property on a circle object.
    public function testDiameter():void {
    assertEquals( (circle_r2.radius * 2), circle_r2.diameter );
  • 21. Walkthrough 2: Write a Test for the Circle Class
    Export & Add the Flash Project SWC
    Create a Test Case Class
    Write a Test Method for the radius property
    Run the test
    Review the results
    Look at a more complete example
  • 22. Notes on Hybrid Testing Workflow & Issues
    Have to publish the project to generate the SWC when changes are made to the FLA project.
    Classes and Assets Linkage:
    Classes must be referenced at least once in the project
    Assets & Fonts should be linked in via “Export for ActionScript”
  • 23. Option 2: Using FlexUnit 4 in Flash CS5
    Required to include FlexUnit4 SWC as a External Library
    Download latest build from FlexUnit.org
    ActionScript only version
    Optionally include additional libraries that work with FlexUnit4
    Hamcrest Library
    CI Library for use with Hudson or other Continuous Integration Systems
  • 24. Option 2: Using FlexUnit 4 in Flash CS5 Setup
    Setup FlexUnit 4 FLA project to run tests for Flash CS5 project
    Check “Export SWC” on Flash publish settings
    Required to use MetaData tags in FlexUnit 4
    Add FlexUnit SWC to ActionScript 3 Library Path
    Add Flash CS5 Project SWC to Library Path
    Write code to use FlexUnit core & attach a listener to report the outcome of the FlexUnit tests
    Write code for what FlexUnit tests, suites, etc. to run
  • 25. Walkthrough 3: FlexUnit 4 in Flash CS5 Setup
    Create FlexUnit CS5 Project
    Include required SWC’s
    Setup core & attach TraceListener
    Include tests used in previous examples
    Run FlexUnit Application application, review results
  • 26. Option 2: Pros and Cons
    The Pros:
    Can do all development and testing from Flash Professional
    No use of Flash Builder 4
    No use of the Flex Framework
    The Cons:
    Manual process of setting everything up
    Use TraceListener or create a UI for FlexUnit Results
    No templates or panels for assistance
  • 27. Two Problems For Available Workflows
    Option 1: Importing Project SWC into Flash Builder
    Dependency on Flash Builder 4 to use FlexUnit 4
    FlexUnit does not require Flash Builder
    Option 2: Bringing FlexUnit 4 into Flash CS5
    Requires a lot of manual work!
    Get/build the AS version of FlexUnit
    Build a FlexUnit Runner application
  • 28. Coming Soon: FlexUnit 4 Panel for CS5
    Automated process for using FlexUnit 4 in the authoring environment
    FlexUnit Project Panel
    Similar to another workspace project for FlexUnit in Flash Builder
    Easy creation of FlexUnit files
    Templates for: Tests & Suites
    Built in UI runner when executing tests
  • 29. A Look at the FlexUnit 4 Panel
    Overview of the project panel
    Target SWC’s to test
    Ability to separate the tests from the Flash Project
    Easy user interface for developing and managing tests
  • 30. How Does It Work?
  • 31. Future Development Flash CS5 Panel Support
    Support Results Panel
    Provide visual feedback about the results
    Detailed information for failed tests
    Ability to upgrade and add new FlexUnit supported SWC’s as new libraries are supported.
  • 32. Honorable Mention
    ActionScript editors supporting FlexUnit 4
    FDT 4 Support for FlexUnit 4
    Numerous community projects integrating with FlexUnit we can leverage:
    AS3Signals, Hamcrest, Mockolate, FlexMojos, FlexCover, PMD, JavaNCSS, FlexCPD, FlexMentrics
    And many more
    For more information: http://docs.flexunit.org/index.php?title=Community_Projects
  • 33. Resources
    FlexUnit.org – Wiki, Tutorials and More
    Adobe Open Source Site
    Latest Source
    Nightly Builds: http://flexunit.digitalprimates.net:8080/
  • 34. Q&A?
    Questions, comments or clarification?
    Blog: http://blogs.digitalprimates.net/excessiveRecursion/
    Twitter: http://twitter.com/stunnedgrowth